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Ashlee Ikeda

"The Rebel without a Cause" Wes Ikeda


6'4    254 lbs.
St. Louis, Mo

Theme: "The Enemy" - Godsmack
Finisher: Coast 2 Coast
Setup Move: It's Time to Go
Moveset: Full Nelson Suplex
Spinning Heel Kick
DDT (Like the Twist of Fate)
Swinging Neck Breaker
Super Kick


Titles Held

SWO World Title
EMF World Title (3x)
EMF IC Title
EMF Tag Team Titles (3x)
EMF Extreme Title
EMF TV Title
EBWF Tag Team Titles (2x)

Background Information

Wes is originally from St. Louis, Mo but ran away to Detroit, MI when he was 17. He's pretty much a brawler due to his street smarts and balls to the wall fighting style. He's married, has two kids, but that's not really all together important. He's spent most of his career trying to get out of the shadow of his more successful brother "The Badd Boy" Tony Ikeda.

Other Info

Music can be changed if it duplicates anyone else's.