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Kevin Hunter
gxwzell (AIM), spyder_rulz (YIM)

Zell Hunter


6'1    242 lbs.
Yonkers, NY

Theme: "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed
Finisher: The "Side Effect"
Setup Move: The "Maverick Crash"
Moveset: 1. "Cabanarama" (Bearhug into DDT)
2. "Canadian Bacon Leaf Hold (Modified inverted Texas Cloverleaf)
3. "Tower of London" (Diamond Cutter with opponent draped on ropes)
4. "Dead Level" (Brainbuster)
5. Lariat
6. STO
7. Roaring Elbow/Discus Elbow Smash
8. "Picture Perfect Elbow Drop" (Diving Elbow Drop)
9. "Spyder Bite" (Twisting Michinoku Driver 2)
10. "Hangman's Clutch" (three-quarter chancery/STF Combination)
11. "Mario Stomp" (Diving Double Foot Stomp"
12. "Shining Black" (Running Enzuigiri to a kneeling opponent)


Titles Held

Global Xtreme Wrestling Cruiserweight champion
Summit Wrestling Alliance Unified Light Heavywegith champion
Summit Wrestling Alliance Unified Heavyweight champion
Omega Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight champion x3
Omega Wrestling Alliance Mid-Atlantic champion x2
Omega Wrestling Alliance Junior Heavyweight champion
Omega Wrestling Alliance International Tag Team champion x2
WfWA Oregon-PNW Tag Team champion
WfWA Massachusets-NGWA State champion
WfWa Lousisana-BWA Cajun Heritage champion
Frontier Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team champion x4
Frontier Wrestling Alliance Middleweight champion x2
Frontier Wrestling Alliance United States champion
R*Y*U Double Titles champion x3
R*Y*U Brass Knuckles Tag Team champion x2
R*Y*U Brass Knuckles Heavyweight champion x3
West Coast Wrestling Orginzation Contental champion (1st/Only)
Universal Wrestling Corporation World Light Heavyweight champion
Universal Wrestling Corporation World Tag Team champion x2
Universal Wrestling Corporation International Television champion x3

Background Information

The third child of the five Hunter brothers (the others are form Cairo Championship Heavyweight and Underground champion in the "Punisher" Matt Hunter, Eric Hunter, Frank "Foe Foe" Hunter and the late Timothy "Tidus" Hunter) and is a second generation wrestler as the son of "Jumping" Jack
Hunter from the 60's. When Kevin was five years old, his parents divorced with his father taking his two older brothers in Matt and Frank while the other three including Zell stayed in their native Yonkers. While growing up, Zell was close friends of Marcus Owens, Gem and Ricky Vercetti,
Nick Burman and several others as well as inheriting a love of wrestling which his mother agreed to let him become if and only if he graduated from High School which is what he did in 1993.

Zell went to Windsor, Ontario where he found a teacher in the form of Doug Chevalier along with his best friend in Rick Vercetti (who would later become "Maverick Nova" and later still "Ricky Nova") who taught the two young men how to be wrestlers before helping to get them signed to Thomas D'Amore's "Frontier Wrestling Alliance" based out of Windsor where both Zell and Ricky were given the gimmicks that they would wear for the next six years as the "Mavericks" in the form of Mavericks "Spyder" (Zell) and "Nova" (Ricky) which they were then placed as apart of the "Mavericks" stable there under Matt Hunter. Spyder's debut was in 1994 at the FWA's annual "Fright Night" PPV when Spyder along with three of the new Mavericks came out of the crowds and helped the "Master Metallics" in Mavericks Blade and Storm (Blade was also Zell's eldest brother in Matt Hunter) to win the FWA World Tag Team titles for a fourth time.

Over the course of the next six years, Zell would use the gimmick of Spyder or the "Insane Bump Machine" as he also became known as for doing moves that would lead to some of the most incredible bumps in the history of the Summit Wrestling Alliance's member-promotions and several other indy feds including World Wide Wrestling, World Internet Championship Wrestling, Omega International Wrestling and Superior Championship Wrestling. He was also dubbed the "Master of Toadcore Wrestling" due to his unusual ability to hit strings of cruiserweight moves no matter
what kind of match. Spyder and Nova would normally team up as the "Hardcore Hellions" in several promotions as one of the "branches" of the Mavericks until the infamous May 1999 PPV for the R*Y*U promotion in Yokohama Japan.

At said PPV, Maverick Blade demanded that Spyder give up his R*Y*U Double Titles which he had won the month before and Spyder said no and that while he idolized his brother, these were *Spyder's* titles and not the Mavericks which lead to a violent match later which was concluded when Blade attempted to hang his younger brother with a noose made of barbed wire which lead to the creation of the signature scar around his neck. Spyder lost his Double Titles but the seeds of what was to come next was planted. Spyder had a brief tenure in the newly formed Global Xtreme Wrestling and a hellacious match with Kin Hiroshi before leaving for Japan in order to "find himself" after the permenant break up of the Mavericks earlier that month.

Six months later in the still young Omega Wrestling Alliance promotion, Spyder made an appearence but he was now known as the "Messiah" Zell Hunter and using a "dark priest" gimmick which he helped Peter Graves run the OWA Wrestling School as well as help to train his future partner in
crime in Devon Slayton, the eldest son of the "Sandman" Marcus Slayton AKA "The Reaver". Hunter in 2002 would then return to Global Xtreme Wrestling as the "Messiah" for three months before dropping it and becoming the old fun loving goof that everyone knew and he quickly became the first and only GXW J-Crown Tournment champion and then a month later, the longest running GXW Cruiserweight champion (Six montths, three weeks, nine days) while attempting to woo Trynyty Wang of Twin Phoenix.

During 2003 a moment of utter despair occured when Zell's kid brother in Tim AKA "Tidus" was coming home from his debut match when he was hit by a drunk driver and killed. This threw Zell off of his game for weeks until close friend "Hellfighter" Patrick Shutt helped him get his mind back but this happened shortly after the GXW change to "Global Wrestling Evolution" and then it's closing. Hunter and Trynyty then left the States to wrestle for the Omega Wrestling Alliance and the Universal Wrestling Corporation before a death in Trynyty's family caused her to leave him to deal with the family issues. It was during this time that Zell's older brother Matt re-entered his life and into the "Gathering" stable.

While in Cairo Championship Wrestling, Zell was more likened to a "Younger Reaver" than the Zell of old due to the mounting mental stress that he had been under and the problems between Matt and Zell finally came to a ahead when Zell was brutally attacked with first a car and then a sledgehammer by his brother, almost shattering his right knee in the last months of 2005. Zell quietly retired to his home in Yonkers New York to rehab his knee and to also get a "reality check" and now after almost nine months, he finally feels like himself again and he wants to give the stomping grounds of several former GXW wrestlers a try.

Other Info

-Nicknames: Zell has had a few over the years:
"The IBM AKA The Insane Bump Machine"
"The Master of Toadcore Wrestling"
"The Suicide Bomb"
"The Bloody Phoenix"

Zell sports a unique tribal tattoo around the corner of his right eye
and has a rather signature scar that encircles his throat from a
previous hardcore match where he was hung by a noose made of barbed