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Chad Merritt



6'5"    263 lbs.
Greensboro, NC

Theme: "Like The Sun" by I Mother Earth
Finisher: Scorpion Deathlock
Setup Move: Hornet Splash
Moveset: Boston Crab
Full Nelson
Abdominal stretch
Flying Body Press
Belly-to-back suplex
Heart kicks
Bench Press Slam
TR bulldog
Shooting star press (special)


Titles Held  
UNIFIED World Heavyweight Champion (3)
CSWA World Heavyweight Champion (4)
CSWA Unified World Champion
EN Superleague Champion (2)
ULTRATITLE Tournament Champion (1991)

(Full list to be added later)

Background Information  
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Current Storyline  
Upon his reascension to the big chair in the CSWA, owner Stephen Thomas made it clear that he considered dumping Hornet's contract as a priority. Unfortunately for him, the ironclad contract gave him little latitude, other than the fact that he could force Hornet to make appearances. Thomas forced Hornet to compete in Season 1 of the NFW, but couldn't keep him from taking the United States title away from Tom Adler and holding it for over a year.

The arrival of the mysterious Hacker in the CSWA didn't seem to affect Hornet any more than any other CSWA wrestler. At about the same time, "Vacant" appeared, a masked man who advised he would bring about the destruction of the CSWA. Vacant revealed himself as "Black Plague" Ruben Ross, but not until attacking Hornet brutally, diving off CSWAvision and leaving him unconscious. After another attack that cost Hornet the US Title, Thomas decided to take action, finding that cutting Ross's connection to the Hacker was more important than his vendetta against Hornet.

Hornet was included as part of the PRIMETIME POOLJAM Tour, but upon arriving in his cabin, he found two strange cabinmates: Poison Ivy and Teri Melton. The three were locked into the cabin on the CRUISE of DECEPTION by the Hacker and the Red Midget. The unlikely threesome looked for a way out, but also had to address their history together, especially Hornet and Ivy's on-again off-again romance from years earlier, and its untimely breakup based on Teri Melton's revelation that she was pregnant by Hornet (which was a lie). The three finally found their way out of the cabin and set up a plan to go after the Hacker -- but they didn't expect that desperation would lead him to the extent it did.

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