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Ryan Aston

"The Phenom" Shawn Hart


5'11"    224 lbs.
Orlando, Florida

Theme: "I Touch Myself" by The Divinyls
Manager: Tiny, the "World's Strongest Fat Guy"
Finisher: Fujiwara Armbar
Setup Move: Hart Attack
Moveset: Inverted Atomic Drop
Tombstone Piledriver
Implant DDT
Discus Punch/Clothesline
German Suplex
Hanging Vertical Suplex
Headlock Takeover
Figure Four Leglock
Side Leglock
Sleeper Hold
Back Rake
Eye Jab
Low Blow


Titles Held  
WFW Heavyweight Title
BAD Heavyweight Title
eWu Heavyweight Title
CWWF Heavyweight Title
CWWF United States Title
IWF Entertainment Title
IWF Eastern Title
IWF Tag Team Titles (w/KRoW)
WWL Television Title

Background Information  

Other Info  
*Promos often feature cameo appearances by C-list celebrities and journeyman professional athletes.

*Occasionally tags with Indiana Pacers star RON ARTEST and/or former Dolphins RB RICKY WILLIAMS (Collectively known as the Disgruntled Athletes Makin' Noise, or D.A.M.N.).

*Known aliases include: the Shooter, Lazarus, PHAT Poppa Hump, The Muff Daddy, Phenizzle, Mr. XXX, the Hart THROB, Bubbles, Manly Spice, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister, Jam Master Jiggy, the Corona Man, Sweetcheeks, the New Sensation Dispersin' Education Makin' Girlies Feel the Phenomulation, and Steve Savoy.

*Uses his Hart Attack (Diamond Cutter/Ace Crusher) and Fujiwara Armbar maneuvers alternately as finishers.

*Enjoys a good corn dog.

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