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Xion Exodus


6'7"    260 lbs.

Theme: "Heretic Anthem" by Slipknot
Finisher: The Genesis
Setup Move: Stomach Kick
Moveset: Bear Hug
Reverse Indian Deathlock
Tiger Bomb
Pumphandle Slam
Big Boot
Knee Drop(From Turnbuckle)


Titles Held

PWF Hardcore Champion
PWF Intercontinential Champion
PWF Tag Team Champion
PWF North American Champion
PWF Rookie Champion

Background Information

Xion has been in seclusion for the past 3 years. Once a member the begotten e-fed Phoenix Federation Wrestling, Xion has been trainind intensly for his return to the squared circle. He longs to find his one time nemesis and long forgotten e-fed wrestler "The Gleaming Golden Man God" Jake Savage in order to take revenge. Xion lost the PWF World Title Match to Savage after Savage violently broke both of Xion's legs with the ring steps. Xion only wants to wrestle to prove to himself and the world that he is a champion, and he's willing to stop at nothing to get there.

Other Info

Xion is an EXTREME Heel. He only cares about himself. There is only one person he trusts, and he died.

Xion is backstage preparing for his match against the next jobber in line. Suddenly, Jake Savage appears and attacks Xion from behind with a chair.

"You want revenge?! Well you'll get it!!" Yells Jake as he continues to attack Xion with the chair. Xion fights back and manages to wrestle loose the chair from Savage.

"It's going to take more than a chair and a couple broken legs to keep me down Savage," retorts Xion.

Xion lunges towards Savage and spears him to the ground. Xion pummels Savage until a couple jobbers come and remove Xion.

"This isn't over Savage!!" yells Xion as he is led away. Jake Savage remains motionless on the ground.