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Sort of a Retirement Song



Eron the Relentless


6'4"    265 lbs.
Koshyn, Canada

Theme: Just Like you Imagined by Nine Inch Nails
Finisher: Rogue DDT
Setup Move: Knee to the stomach
Moveset: - brainbuster
- short arm clothesline
- spinning outer inner cresent kick
- top rope armdrag
- La majestrial
- rushing punch to the face
- snake eyes
- reverse DDT
- stumble piledriver
- vertical suplex into neckbreaker


Titles Held  
- jOlt World Championship
- fWo Internet Championship
- fWo International Championship
- TCW World Championship
- FFW World Championship

Background Information  

Other Info  
Eron the Relentless works in movesets. I have listed his movesets primarily for working the head. to find all of his movesets. He focuses on one style a match.

Current Storyline  

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