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Ryan Strawsma
Rocko The Otter



6'2"    236 lbs.
Tacoma, WA

Theme: "Stones From The Sky" by Neurosis
Finisher: Brain Rocker Redux
Setup Move: The Phantom Train
Moveset: Double-Arm DDT
Northern Lights Suplex
Top-Rope Superplex
Running Tackle w/ Mounted Punches
Running Knee Lift
Texas Cloverleaf
Discus Punch
Repeated Russian Legsweeps
Fireman's Carry to Reverse DDT


Titles Held


Background Information

Rochester "Rocko" Daymon boasts some eight years of ring experience across various federations.

Daymon made his start in SCW where he feuded against competitors ranging from "DreamMaker" Daniel Wight, Lord Ariakan, Equtis Genesis, Devon Jackson, Clapper, and later Dan Ryan, Rob Sampson, and Christian Sands during the GXW invasion.

When SCW closed in 2002, Daymon migrated through various other federations, including GXW and EPW, where he established relations with other competitors.

Presently, Daymon competes regularly in NEW, WFW, and EUWC.

Daymon grew up in the Midwest until he was 17 when, for unknown reasons, he left home and travelled west, eventually ending up in Los Angeles. Here, Daymon found connections into the professional wrestling world, where he made his start.

He currently resides in Tacoma, Washington with his wife, Caitlyn Daymon, who competes in NEW, and two children: Kincaid and Garnet.

Other Info

Image: Caucasian, lightly toned male with defined bodily hair on the arms, legs, and chest. Dark brown hair, styles varying from shaggy and unkempt to short and spiked, usually changing every half year, and brown eyes. Daymon has a rugged face with weathered features, with a furrowed brow that gives him the appearance of always looking either pissed off or thinking deep thoughts. He has one tattoo in the center of his back, fist-sized, a hooped cross. Parts of his face and body are scarred from years of conflict.

Ring Attire: Daymon always competes in elbow pads, knee pads, wrestling boots, and fingerless grappling gloves, all black. His usual attire in the ring is typically cut-off jeans, but he sometimes alternates these with knee-length shorts in camo, khaki, or black denim.