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ON TIME in Greensboro
Mike Randalls v. Cameron Cruise


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Tom Siegel

'The Crippler' Cameron Cruise


6'4'    253 lbs.
Jacksonville, NC

Theme: "Headstrong" by Trapt
Manager: Mercedes Devon
Finisher: 1. Reality Check 2. Shipwreck 3. Cruise Control
Setup Move: Spinebuster or Impact DDT but for hyped up, special matches--sitdown PowerBomb aka Kidman Bomb
Moveset: Dropkick, Flying or regular clothesline, Suplex Variations, Neck-breaker Variations, Shoulder breaker, Missile Dropkick, Springboard Crossbody or Plancha, Bulldog, Brainbuster, drop-toe-hold


Titles Held  
CSWA Presidential Champion
EWI Intercontinental Champion
UPW United States Champion
TTW World Tag Team Champion (w/ "English Gent" Lawrence Stanley)
EPW World Tag Team Champion (w/ Joey Melton)

....and the winner of your heart. :)

Background Information  
Coming Soon.

Other Info  
Sometimes tags with Joey Melton as "The Cameron Cruise Project"

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