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Karl Brown

Karl "The Dragon" Brown


6'0"    211 lbs.
Nottingham, England

Theme: "Rainmaker" by Iron Maiden
Finisher: Dragon's Bite
Setup Move:
Moveset: Arm Drag into armbar
Snap vertical suplex
T-Bone suplex
Diamond Dust (somersault diamond cutter from corner)
Somersault Powerbomb from turnbuckles
Top rope German Suplex
Bridging STF
Dragonsuplex to pin


Titles Held

Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Championship - 18th November 2005 to present

Chad Merritt Trophy Winner (TEAM Invitational Tournament) - 2005/6

Background Information

HISTORY: English born and bred, his first encounter with wrestling waswatching an American PPV on TV. He admired the strength and strategy in thematches, and decided he would make it into pro-wrestling. He attendeduniversity in England, moving to Japan and Canada during holidays to learn how
to wrestle. Learnt a lot from watching old matches featuring Bret Hart, Brian Pillman, Ricky Steamboat, Ted Dibiase and Jake Roberts. He carefully studied how to use the ring to his advantage, and quickly caught the eye of his trainers as having a natural talent, although he did scare trainers in Japan
by performing a top rope german suplex to the outside of the ring in a training match. Having played rugby when younger, he does have some injuries, noticably one to his left knee, but these only served to build a tolerance to pain.

Broke into wrestling with MCW, rising from obscurity to pick up victories over Andrew Dalton and Christian Sands in his first two professional matches. Lost narrowly in the Mayhem Mountain main event at Culture Shock to Adam Benjamin, plummeting through the top of the cell in the process. He was set for a rematch against Benjamin and Sands for the title at the next PPV, but the company unfortunately folded shortly before hand. Brown took his skills to Empire Pro and the National Wrestling League, quickly gaining experience and fans in each. In what many claim as a match of the year candidate in NWL, he took Maelstrom to a draw when the time elapsed just as Karl looked to have won the match. Finishing second in the WLS after a sudden death match loss to Maelstrom, Brown certainly showed what he could do.

In EPW, Brown has had mixed fortunes. He has often been in the hunt for the IC title since losing at Black Dawn 2004 to Adam Benjamin to decide the first holder, but has never been able to gain a match until recently. In his tenure thusfar he's squared off against many tremendous challenges, winning some, losing others, but always giving it his all. In an effort to better himself, he attacked and distanced himself from his former trainer, Shinji, in June 2004. After a rocky few months, he found his footing again in time to place third in the inaugural Natural Selection tournament organised by the HWF. He won the Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Championship in a match against JA when Sebastian Dodd, his scheduled opponent, had trouble getting to the arena towards the end of 2005, and has since gone from strength to strength. Not only has he been in high-profile matches in EPW, taking World Champion Lindsay Troy to a time-limit draw, but he also won the inaugural TEAM Invitational Tournament, besting Trevor Hawke, Steven Shane, Hida Yakamo, Mr Entertainment, and finally Viktor Molotov to lift the trophy.

He's always been one to keep to himself, for his own reasons, but the fans have always appreciated his work in the ring. He doesn't know where his path is going to take him - but he's going to enjoy every minute of the journey.

Other Info

APPEARANCE: Rather resembling an early '90's Brian Pillman facially, only more angluar. He's well toned, but not freakishly so, and his light blond/brown hair is normally kept short. His brown eyes seem to burn and always look focused. He has a scar on his left arm, but other than that no distinguishing features. In the ring, he normally wears green and white tights with white boots, and tapes his wrists white. He also wears a training jacket, green and white, with "The Dragon" in gold, flowery lettering across the back.

PERSONALITY: Tends to keep to himself. He can talk to anyone, and is remarkably intelligent, but rarely needs to show just how intelligent he is. His mood seems to fluctuate between a happy, more outgoing and respectful personality and a darker, almost depressed one.