"It's That Time!"

Ryp Fandango vs. Bandit

Cameron Cruise vs. Eddie Mayfield

Nathan Cross vs. Aelieas Fierte

"Diamonds, A Girl and a Cuban"

GUNS vs. ?

Triple X vs.
Shane Southern


CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Tom Adler

Eddie Mayfield

Kin Hiroshi

Unified Tag:
The Professionals

It's That Time!

BILL BUCKLEY (V/O): "This program is protected by CS Enterprises copyright. Unlawful duplication and distribution prohibited."

(FADEIN: CSWA logo flashing across the screen.)

"To all you weak emcees"

(CUTTO: Mike Randalls, taking a chairshot to the head)

"And all you hardcore wannabes"

(CUTTO: Dan Ryan with Poison Ivy by the throat)

"If ya step into the ring, be prepared to swing!"

(CUTTO: Mark Windham with his hand raised after his match with Evan Aho)


(The music slowly fades out as the image transitions to John Simons in an empty studio. He's standing on one of those platorms with a waist-high rail around the edges. Behind him, two huge monitors display, the CSWA15 logo, one is black- on- red, the other is red- on- black.)

SIMONS: "Welcome, CSWA fans, to another edition of CSWA On Time, coming at you from deep within the heart of CS Enterprises Inc in Greensboro, North Carolina! We've got some super matches for you this week, including one that's set up a major SHOWTIME encounter! But before we do that, let's take a look at two of the major players, as we kick things off on the continued road to CSWA15!

(CUTTO: Ryp Fandango's mugshot in the lefthand screen, Bandit's in the right. CUTTO: The ring, surrounded by cheering fans.)

Ryp Fandango vs. Bandit

Ryp Fandango refers to himself as the future of the CSWA, and he certainly made his presence known against the crafty veteran Bandit! He played it smart from the opening bell, knowing full well that the Intruders could very well show up at any moment. They didn't, however, and Fandango went to work. He took the former Greensboro Champion down early and kept him on the mat from start to finish, systematically working over the knees and back of the big man. Bandit nearly came back near the end when he reversed a backdrop attempt into a DDT, but Ryp kicked out at two! Bandit looked toward the back as if expecting someone to come out, but he was all alone with the wily ring veteran. Ryp finished things off moments later with a fisherman suplex that earned the three count!

WINNER: Ryp Fandango

Cameron Cruise vs. Eddie Mayfield
Non-Title Match

(CUTTO: The studio, and John Simons.)

SIMONS: "We thought that was the end of it. Ryp with the victory over a cagy CSWA veteran, and the event moved on. But later on that night, as an injured Cameron Cruise headed for the ring to face off with CSWA Presidential Champion Eddie Mayfield...

(CUTTO: Overlays of Cameron Cruise w/Mercedes, and Eddie Mayfield with the rest of the Intruders behind him, wearing dark sunglasses. CUTTO: The ring, where the I's have already planted themselves.)

This one never even got underway, as Eddie stood in the ring, flanked by Craig Miles and Shamon dressed up as the "Secret Service," awaiting former champion Cameron Cruise. As the Crippler entered the arena with Mercedes Devon at his side, he was attacked by his man security guard, Bandit, from behind! Miles and Shamon "shielded" the presidential Champion as the referee tried to sort this all out, but it was a pre- match attack and he had little choice but to count the ten! Mayfield's hand was raised by a reluctant Patrick Young, which prompted Ryp Fandango to make an appearance!

And what an appearance it was, as he challenged the Professionals to a UNIFIED Tag Team Championship match, with Cameron Cruise as his partner! Since then, this match HAS been booked and this match HAS been finalized by Commissioner Merritt, and it will take place on the upcoming SHOWTIME!

WINNER: Eddie Mayfield via countout

(CUTTO: John Simons in the studio, Ryp/Cruise vs. the PROFESSIONALS on the monitors behind him)

SIMONS: "Can you imagine the possibilities? On one hand, potentially the greatest team in the history of the CSWA, and on the other, a pair of hungry up-and-comers with, in all honesty, nothing to lose and everything to gain. Their encounter at SHOWTIME promises to be epic!"

Nathan Cross vs. Aelieas Fierte

(Image on both monitors shifts to Nathan Cross)

SIMONS: "In the past few months, one man's name has become synonomous with CSWA ON TIME - and that's Nathan Cross! He's practically made a career here on ON TIME, with the culmination to this point being a draw with Greensboro Champion Kin Hiroshi on the last edition! He continued his dominance against Aelieas Fierte.

(CUTTO: Ringside, where both men are already in the ring)

It was never in doubt. Nathan Cross has been on fire since he first came to the CSWA, and he showed his dominance again tonight. He was on top of Fierte from the start and didn't let up. Aelieas put up a valiant effort, but Cross held the control for the entire way through. He won the match after about eight minutes of systematic breakdown that worked the entire body - Fierte was just outmatched tonight. Cross gained the pinfall after a slingshot powerbomb, to a standing ovation from his Crossovers. Cross proved his worth yet again, and his rise to the top of the CSWA remains simply a matter of time.

WINNER: Nathan Cross

(CUTTO: The studio.)

SIMONS: What I wouldn't give to see Nathan Cross at CSWA15 in a rematch for the Greensboro Championship, or even daring to dream so high as to match up with Eddie Mayfield for the Presidential Championship.

Diamonds, A Girl and a Cuban

(The video walls light up again, with GUNS, flanked by the rest of the Intruders on one side, and Nathan Storm on the other, flanked by the <>X)

SIMONS: The rematch was signed quickly between GUNS and Storm, less due to the personal nature of their series but moreso due to the reputations of both men involved. And with the Exchange and Intruders banned from ringside it promised to be a much less cluttered match than their last one.

(He exhaled.)

SIMONS: Or so we thought. The action actually started before the show, as the Exchange showed up at the arena...

(CUT TO: The front of the arena. A black stretch limo pulls up with personalized plates that read MGNFCNC. A Mexican chauffeur runs up and opens the door. Out from the back, wearing suits are Tom Adler, Maxwell Diamond, J Bishop. Nathan Storm, carrying his gym bag, is in a <> Cutters T-Shirt and running pants, as he has a match with GUNS later on.

LIMO: Hey-- where's my tip? (The crew ignores him and begin to walk away.)

(From off-screen walks TERI MELTON, wearing her traditional three-piece businesswoman suit, holding a clipboard.)

DIAMOND: Well... if it isn't one of the ladies from the CSWA's Secretarial Pool! What can I help you with, ma'am? You want Tommy's autograph? (The <> Cutters all laugh.)

TERI: Well, Diamond, you should know me better than that by now... considering that I sleep with the man who sings all of your paychecks. I'm out here to take care of some business. (Hands Diamond the clipboard and pen. Adler and the Cutters look over his shoulder at the paperwork on it. The Mexican limo driver does the same.)

DIAMOND: Well, it'd better be important... 'cause WE are!

TERI: Once you sign here, what you are doing is petitioning the home office to reinstate WildStar and Tsunami as a tag team. And that will guarantee the Cutters a match with them in the near future.

DIAMOND: (going over the paperwork) Is that so? Well, I don't seem to see and clause--

(The Mexican Limo Driver interrupts Diamond.)

LIMO GUY: Hey, hey, chico-- mi apologia for interrupting, but I really need to know when I'm going to get my tip.

(Diamond and gang turns towards the Limo Driver.)

DIAMOND: Just wait your turn for your tip, okay, BOY? We have REAL business to take care of first?

LIMO: Hey, hey-- no problemo, mi amigo. (The gang all once again turn towards the contract. The limo driver pretends to slink away and then turns around and starts spraying all four of the alliance in the eyes with a spray. They start coughing and choking, clutching at their eyes. Bishop took most of the brunt, going immediately on his knees, scratching his eyes like an animal, screaming. The limo driver gets some cheaps shots on Bishop, looks around and then runs off.)

DIAMOND: (waving his mouth, trying to gulp air) AMBUSH! AMBUSH! (Adler and Nathan Storm blindly go after the limo driver when they get bumrushed from the back by WILDSTAR! WildStar flies into both Adler and Storm, shoving them head first into the limo. At the same time, Teri takes off her shoe and knocks Diamond out from behind, using the heel.)

WILDSTAR: (slugging away wildly on Adler, who has been busted open) I told you I'd get you, you SOB!

(CUT TO: The top of the limo. In his street clothes/mask stands TSUNAMI!)

NAMI: ALERT! DANGERMAN! ALERT! (Star drags Storm's legs onto the concrete about six feet from the limo. Nami perches and then does a textbook SHOOTING STAR PRESS onto Storm, whose head bounces off the concrete.)

TERI: (grabbing Diamond's hand, signs the contract) I always heard that diamonds were a girl's best friend... hmmmph. (She walks away with Teri and WildStar. CUTTO: The studio.)

SIMONS: What were the Dangerman and the Five Star Athlete doing there? It was announced that Nathan Storm would be unable to wrestle that night as the card began, but a quick cut to the CSWAvision showed a very unusual scene that proved an interesting night was ahead...

(CUTTO: Teri Melton w/ referee Manuel Juarez in the back.)

TERI: (showing him a clip-board) This contract you signed, Manuel, has guaranteed you a lot of money for your family back home. And it will also bring you closer to... well, someone you idolize VERY much. All you have to do is, later on, do whatever I tell you to do. Understood?


(CUTTO: The studio)

GUNS vs. ?

SIMONS: Evidently, the American Woman had a plan... and GUNS could conceivably be in for a long night as well!

(CUTTO: The ring, where GUNS had just finished entering the ring. He looked around for Storm, but there was obviously no sign of him, so he retrieved a microphone from Rhubarb.)

GUNS: Well, it looks like another one of CSWA's finest is too much of a coward to come in the ring and face off against The Strongest Arms In The World! That's too bad, also... because I bet I could get some really good torque tossing Nathan Storm out to you, the CSWA's fans, courtesy of Third Row, Inc. There's nothing like throwing around a skinny 155 pound cruiserweight who looks like Mary Lou Retton. But what can you do--

(CUE UP: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. CUT TO: WildStar and Tsunami-- in their ring gear-- come stepping out from the back, followed by Teri Melton. The crowd is going nuts for the first time Dawn has been together in two years. WildStar has a mic.)

STAR: Well, Guns-- big man. I don't think we've ever faced off in the ring. Sounds like you want to fight a cruiserweight? Wanna toss someone into the third row? My partner here--


STAR: well, he's itching to do some flying tonight. And I'm itching to tear someone's knee cartilidge... so I guess what we have is a (does the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE) FIVE STAR CHALLENGE right here, right now!

GUNS: Bring it on, you FIVE STAR MORON! I don't care who I face. Im taking out the pride and joy of the CSWA's tag division right here, tonight! The I's don't even NEED Mayfield or Miles to do the trick.

(GUNS stands in the ring, crouched low, not backing down from 'Star and 'Nami, but wary of taking the tag team on 2 on 1. From the back, grabbing the ring bell, is the Mexican Limo Driver from before. Next to the ring bell is Manuel Juarez, who starts screaming in delight. Guns doesn't see him, and the limo driver rolls into the ring and blindsides GUNS with the bell, knocking him out, 'Star and 'Nami roll into the ring and hold down GUNS as the limo guy climbs to the top and hits a SOMMERSAULT FROG SPLASH onto Guns.)

TERI: Manuel, count, now!

(An overexcited Manuel Juarez runs into the ring, beside himself in joy! He counts the easy 1-2-3, as the Mexican guy pins Guns, tosses his limo hat into his face and spits on him. 'Star and 'Nami raise his hand in triumph.


(All four walk off together. Juarez is applauding and bowing before Mexico's Greatest Man. Guns pops up, sees him, tosses him to the third row. CUTTO: The studio)

SIMONS: It wasn't over yet, either! After the shameful attack on GUNS, Teri Melton had the following to say in the back!

(CUT TO: The back. Standing in front of a banner that reads THE NEW DAWN in lava red are TERI MELTON, WILDSTAR, TSUNAMI and the unknown limo driver who sprayed helped take out Guns and the <> Cutters in the same night. All four are laughing.)

BILLY BUCKLEY: I'm standing in the back here with Teri Melton, Tsunami, the returning WildStar and a man who has managed to perpetrate a few attacks here tonight, Carlos Cor-- (Teri snatches the mic.)

TERI: For months now, I've been silent, collecting a large monthly paycheck with six figures on it because I pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and managed to destroy Lawrence Stanley's life. I managed to destroy Hornet's life. I managed to destroy Poison Ivy's life. And I became the most powerful woman in this company's history in the process. Well, guess what? THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH. I got lonely all alone in my penthouse office suite... so I planned to come back. I made some phone calls to some old friends. And tonight... tonight you saw the fruit of my actions! Tonight you saw the birth... of The New Dawn!

'STAR: Y'know, I've been itching to get back in the game for some time now. I flick on the TV, and what do I see? I see Tom Adler and the Scooby Gang attacking my best friend... and I also see Eddie Mayfield, Craig Miles and GUNS running around here calling themselves The Intruders. What, Eddie, you lost my number? You lost the number of the man who CARRIED the original Intruders to greatness years ago? The man who brought all the critical acclaim to Must See TV? The man who gave you your first (does the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE) FIVE STAR RATING? Well guess what? I'm back. I managed to punk out Adler and his goons... and The Fake Intruders all in one helping. That's (does the FIVE STAR HAND GESTURE) FIVE STARS and THAT'S the way it's gonna be.

CARLOS: YO SOY EL REY DE FABULOSO... I am Carlos Correjo. Mexico's Greatest Man. For years, I have DOMINATED Mexican wrestling. For years, I have DOMINATED Japanese wrestling. You name a title, I have won it. I've been waiting for the opportunity to come here to America... and when my two travelling buddies from overseas called, well, I answered. Y'see, I don't care how down and dirty I have to be. I don't care what I have to do. All I want to do is show everyone in this pathetic league (STAR: hey-- we're faces!) that I am the greatest wrestler who has ever lived. Men worship me in Mexico. Babies are named after me in Mexico. Women throw themselves at me in Mexico. I am their king. And today, today you gringos have a new king. THAT'S ME. Orale!

(CUTTO: The studio, where John Simons remains standing, looking at the screens until they slowly fade from footage of the New Dawn back to the CSWA15 logo.)

SIMONS: All I can say, is "Wow!" Teri Melton is back as an active participant in the CSWA along with the New Dawn! If they're anywhere near the Old Dawn - that is, Dawn of a New Day, then every single member of the CSWA roster had better be on their guard!


"Triple X" Sean Stevens
vs. Shane Southern

(CUTTO: The studio, where John Simons remains standing, looking at the screens until they slowly fade from footage of the New Dawn back to the CSWA15 logo.)

SIMONS: "All I can say, is "Wow!" Teri Melton is back as an active participant in the CSWA along with the New Dawn! If they're anywhere near the Old Dawn - that is, Dawn of a New Day, then every single member of the CSWA roster had better be on their guard!"

(Videowalls fade into Triple X Sean Stevens on the left, Shane Southern on the right.)

SIMONS: Triple X, Sean Stevens. Former SCW Superior Champion, former Presidential Champion, perennial top contender and standout all over the world. Shane Southern. Former NFW World Champion, former Greensboro and United States champion... deemed by many to be the de-facto leader of the new crop of CSWA superstar. The encounter between these two men would certainly have far-reaching effects on the CSWA as a whole, whether they were felt tomorrow or six months from now.

(CUTTO: The ring, where Ben Worthington has just finished giving the two competitors instructions for the night.)

Both men have had plenty of experience, both in and out of the CSWA and its 'affiliated' promotions. Southern started off with the advantage as he took Trip down and rode him with a reverse chinlock for several minutes, but Triple X fought his way free and reversed it into a hammerlock that kept Southern in the mat by the knees and head for a spell. He reversed and sent Trip into the ropes, but the wily Stevens ducked the clothesline attempt! Southern dropped down to avoid a flying crossbody, but Stevens hit the mat and rolled with impact, and the two men were once again face to face! The entire arena applauded the textbook mat wrestling that the two had just employed, and despite their war of words, shook hands in a gesture of respect! From that point on, it was clear neither man was interested in looking good at the expense of the other. Triple X's arrogance toned down to 'You're good, so I'm that much better when I win' and Southern's confidence toned down to 'You're good, and if I wasn't your opponent I'd have my money on you in a second.'

And it showed. There was nary a cheapshot, nary a low blow, nary a moment where temper was lost. Even when Southern had Trip down with a single leg Boston Crab, Trip looked enthused at the prospect of finding a reversal. When he did so, and slapped his own single leg Crab on, Southern took a second to applaud the cleverness before he broke out himself.

After twenty solid minutes of back and forth wrestling that had the arena on its feet, Triple X whipped Shane Southern into the corner, but Southern reversed it! Trip flew out of the corner and DRILLED the former United States champion with the XXX Factor superkick! That would've been the end of the match, had Southern not fired his own "Party's Over" kick at the same time! Both men were down, only slightly beginning to stir when Worthington counted the ten and declared the match a draw!

This earned a standing ovation from the people... until the Intruders hit the ring! Miles and Mayfield held Southern by the arms as GUNS pounded him in the ribs and chest with vicious closed fists! Bandit, the President's chief of security, held Ben Worthington back from doing a thing, but he should've paid more attention to Southern's opponent! Triple X pulled GUNS off Southern as he made the save for the man whose respect he'd just earned, and the tide started to turn until the exhaustion of the match and the fact that they were outnumbered left Stevens and Southern disadvantaged again...

...until Dan Ryan came seemingly out of nowhere! He was dressed in street clothes and fought back the Intruders with the two exhausted wrestlers well enough for Gregg Gethard's security team to separate the three men! Southern looked a bit wary at Stevens and Ryan, but accepted their hand in appreciation for getting his back, this time out.


(FADE to black)