The Pros vs. Shane Southern & Troy Windham

CSWA Presidential:
Tom Adler vs. Craig Miles

"Craig, Chair. Chair, Craig"

Hornet vs. Steve Radder

"Asleep at the Wheel"

Cameron Cruise vs. Nathan Cross

"Making Changes"

Lance Leizure vs. Nathan Storm

Ryp Fandango vs. Rob Sampson



 CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Shane Southern

Tom Adler

Kin Hiroshi

Unified Tag:
The Professionals

(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth)
(CUT TO: The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut
CUT TO: The Professionals walking backstage, Mayfield flipping his cigarette towards a fan
CUT TO: Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO: Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO: Tom Adler holding the Presidential title
CUT TO: Dan Ryan and Chris Lehew before a flame-filled backdrop
CUT TO: Ryp Fandango making his debut at the most recent PRIMETIME
CUT TO: Kin Hiroshi being presented with the Greensboro Heavyweight Championship
CUT TO: Mark Windham and Evan Aho going toe-to-toe from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO: Mike Plett standing toe-to-toe with Hornet
CUT TO: Simply Stunning hitting a perfect double dropkick
CUT TO: Hornet hitting the Hornet Splash against Lawrence Stanley
CUT TO: The “New PLR” standing in the ring at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO: Cameron Cruise proposing to Mercedes Devon
CUT TO: Maxwell Diamond stepping out of a limousine over a battered Mark Windham
CUT TO: Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags
CUT TO: Shane Southern holding the United States title in the air, over Dan Ryan’s body from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO: The Intruders standing in the center of the ring at FISH FUND XIII, their gold laying on the ground and their hands in the air.
CUT TO: JJ Deville doing the Fargo Strut
CUT TO: Nathan Cross standing along the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised to the Crossovers
CUT TO: Shamon 'dancing' in the middle of the ring
CUT TO: A montage image of the New PLR, Intruders, GXW, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho , Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and Deacon.
CUT TO: A clip of Hornet and Mark Windham standing in the middle of the ring in each of their first three meetings.)

(CUE UP: “The Biggest and the Baddest” by Clawfinger)

Rudy Seitzer: Fans, we're pressed for time as we present an abbreviated version of ON TIME tonight. Billy Buckley's here with me as the CSWA hits the strand here in Virginia Beach! And in tonight's Main Event: it's The Intruders taking on Shane Southern and Troy Windham in a BATTLE of the BELTS XVII preview!

Billy Buckley: One problem with that, Billy... none of them are going to be on the same side! Merritt's crazy booking continues... he's not only splitting up The Intruders, but he's making them defend their titles too!

RS: That's one thing GUNS won't have to worry about, coming off his loss of the Greensboro Title to Kin Hiroshi at the last CSWA PRIMETIME!

ByB: It's not GUNS' fault that Kevin Powers and his little cronies have a death wish.

RS: Who knows, they might get to address it at the pay-per-view... if they can all make it through to that Top Contenders' Battle Royal. But to do that, they each have to avoid causing a loss for their team earlier in the evening. And that means that GUNS and The Professionals will be on different sides of the ring... just like Kevin Powers will have to face his own PLR teammates!

ByB: It doesn't make sense... I'm telling you.

RS: Folks, tonight, along with the Main Event, Tom Adler defends his Presidential Title against the other Intruder, Craig Miles. In anticipation of his World Title shot, Hornet faces former champ Steve Radder tonight as well. Plus, we've got three other matches. So before we waste any more time, let's get this show on the road!

Ryp Fandango vs. Rob Sampson

Ryp Fandango looked to make his in- ring debut against a more worthy opponent here at ON TIME, unfortunately he drew "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson to stand in his way. Sampson has had brief appearances in the CSWA in the past, but the well-deserved reputations of both men were established outside the CSWA boundaries. Ryp looked nonplussed, however, taking it to "Mr. Main Event" early on with a quick forearm to the chest at the initial lockup, and didn't look back once. He got Sampson off his feet quickly and kept him there for most of the match with a textbook, effective working-over of the knees and back. Sampson didn't seem to have his head in the match as he had only one spurt of truly effective offense as he reversed a backdrop attempt into a powerbomb. Ryp kicked out at two, however, and a slick go-behind with a Dragon Suplex scored the CSWA newcomer a three-count!

Winner: Ryp Fandango via pinfall

Lance Leizure vs. Nathan Storm

Leizure was at a disadvantage from the beginning, as Eric Wright accompanied Nathan Storm to the ring, which divided his attention from the get-go. Storm wrestled a defensive match, keeping Leizure off balance for most of the match, continually throwing him outside the ring just in front of Wright. While he didn't lay a hand on the Luscious one, his very presence was enough to distract him. Leizure fought back, however, and capitalized on a missed clothesline with a vicious spear! He sent Storm into the corner and landed a hard superkick that slumped the <> Cutter against the turnbuckle. When he hooked the leg for the pin, however, Wright hopped up onto the ring apron, trying to call Juarez' attention to Leizure's handful of tights. Manny saw there was nothing hooked and ordered Wright away from ringside, as Bishop came out of the crowd with a chair! The cheering of the fans alerted Leizure to his presence and he turned around just in time to punch the chair square into Bishop's forehead a la Borst! The distraction proved costly after all, however, as Leizure turned around into Storm's waiting arms and the Shot to Hell DVD on top of the chair. He kicked it out of the ring and hooked the leg just as Wright mysteriously hopped down from the apron, and Manny counted him the victory.

Winner: Nathan Storm via pinfall

"Making Changes"

(The lights dim and suddenly "Ego Buster" flashes very quickly across the big screen. Strobe lights come on across the arena as the opening riffs of "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins blares over the speakers. Dan Ryan steps out onto the platform to a mixed response from the crowd and as the lyric "Wanna Go For a Ride" is sung, he turns his attention from the crowd to the ring and walks down without turning his eyes from his destination. Ryan climbs in, heads to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope, staring out into the crowd from behind his sunglasses as they scream in varying degrees of support and derision. Finally, Ryan reaches down gesturing for a microphone and as he receives it he hops down into the ring and begins to pace back and forth.)

Ryan: "So, Virginia Beach..."

(cheap pop moment)

"I guess it's about damn time I made another appearance out here in the ring and said a few things."

"So let's get right down to the point. Everyone knows the circumstances under which my second tour of duty here in CSWA started. Everyone knows about what happened between Evan and I that led to this little....revolution of sorts."

"Well...as they say...things change."

"My problems with Evan Aho...the only real problem of relevance to me, are finished. We took care of our business on Primetime and as far as I'm concerned, it's over."

"So where does that leave me and the rest of this GXW invasion business? Well I'll tell you where..."

"I don't give a damn about it anymore."

(A bit of a shocked reaction from the crowd)

"I'm not interested in a hostile takeover. I'm not interested in 'Intruding' and tearing down this company brick by brick, and I'm not interested in gaining respect for anyone anymore."

"You see, six months gives a man a hell of a lot of time to do some thinking. And in that time I realized a few things. I realized what kind of man I am, what sort of man it takes to make it in this business...and most of all, I realized that you have to pick what's important to you in this life, in this business...and you chase after it. I'm not going to chase after meaningless goals any longer." (crowd pop)

"But you know...when I make a deal, I stick to it. I made a promise to certain men...to Michael Plett who put his ass out on the line to help with this...this 'invasion'....and to Chris Lehew...who came over here for no other purpose than to help defend a company that gave him a shot. I made these promises and I will honor them. And at Battle of the Belts 17...no matter if my friends....or my enemies...are standing by my side that night, I have two goals....to take out Kevin Powers for costing me against BUNS..." (slight cheer from the crowd)

"And to work my way into contention for the CSWA World Title."

"If you want to be known in this business...and if you want to honor what you believe in...you strive to be the very best. I used to waste my time thinking up worthless one liners and playing little mind games with the incompetent of this business...for my own personal amusement. I choose now to honor a memory through ...what I do...to make sure each day that what I'm doing makes me worthy of a life that was snuffed out..."

"I'll do what I need to do to achieve these goals....no matter who...or what...gets in my way. Starting at Battle of the Belts..."

"I'm gonna start making those changes..."

(Ryan tosses down the microphone and slides underneath the bottom ropes and heads up the ramp to the back)

Cameron Cruise vs. Nathan Cross

This was an important match for Cross, as a victory for the newcomer over the more experienced former CSWA titleholder would certainly be a boost of confidence and momentum headed into his first Pay Per View. Cruise, on the other hand, had been getting into it with Hornet, Troy Windham, and Craig Miles in the past few days. Suicidal tendencies aside, the match was a back-and-forth that told quite a tale for the future of the CSWA, as Cruise looked to prove his worth and that he deserved the respect he felt had been denied him so far, while Cross was looking to up the ladder in the CSWA.

The innovative and popular rookie nearly put the Crippler away with a surprise reversal of a powerbomb attempt into a small package, but Cruise managed a foot on the ropes, much to the chagrin of Nathan's "Crossovers." Ultimately, the veteran Cruise was able to put his young challenger away when he telegraphed a backdrop attempt and Cruise hooked him for a tight Impact DDT. Even coming out on the losing end, however, it looked as if Nathan Cross was mere fits of experience away from a trip to the top of the promotion.

Winner: Cameron Cruise

"Asleep at the Wheel"

RS: Fans, we're back from commercial and ready to get this match between two former CSWA World Champions underway.

ByB: You're actually calling the Angry Canadian a 'former World Champion.'

RS: Because he was.

ByB: For like a minute.

RS: More like a few months. And he's not Canadian, he's from New York!

ByB: Yeah, around here, same thing.

RS: Which part? Never mind. It's Steve Radder's first time in a CSWA ring in a while. He's been on the d.l. while he took a break to get over some nagging injuries.

ByB: What, his wife?

("Bulls On Parade" by Rage Against The Machine plays as The Iceman steps onto the rampway to cheers. He rolls into the ring and begins to run back and forth, bouncing off the ropes, as if getting his steps down again.)

RS: It looks like it took a match against Hornet to bring Radder back a few weeks early. We haven't been told whether Radder will be back on the road full-time after this match, or whether he'll be taking some additional time off.

ByB: Should we care?

("Hero" by Chad Kroeger begins to play over the P.A. system, along with Hornet's entrance video CSWAvision. But there's no Hornet. At the same time, backstage but off-camera...)

(CSWA owner Chad Merritt is standing at the 'gorilla' position with a headset on. He's surrounded by four stage managers and road agents, who are apparently glad they aren't the ones being yelled out.)

CM: Of course he's not here. If he were here, I'd be pushing him out onto the ramp right now. Have you checked his dressing room? Well then DO IT!

(A stage manager, presumably the one being yelled at, bangs on the door to Hornet's dressing room while Rudy and Billy continue 45 seconds into their vamping. The door finally swings open, slamming against the wall. A bleary-eyed Hornet stands in the doorway.)

Hornet: What do you want?

Manager: Um... Mr. Hornet... Mr. Merritt. Um, your music's playing.

Hornet: What?! Why the hell didn't anyone give me my five-minute warning?

Manager: I did. I knocked on the door, but... um, sir, were you asleep?

(Hornet almost bowls over the stage manager, ignoring the question as he runs down the hallway. One quick turn around the corner brings him into the gorilla position. It's obvious from Merritt's face that he wants to stop and ask questions... instead, he glares as Hornet flies up the stairs toward the rampway.)

RS: We haven't been told of anything going on backstage, but if there is, you can be sure we'll get you back there as quickly as... wait, here he is. I'm not sure what was holding Hornet up folks, but we'll find out and let you know.

ByB: He was probably busy with Teri Melton, if you...

RS: Good grief, Billy.

Hornet vs. Steve Radder

RS: Radder's giving Hornet a 'golf clap,' presumably for joining us after waiting for 90 seconds or so. The former World Champion..

ByB: Which one?

RS: Hornet rolls into the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Radder rushes in and knocks Hornet down with a quick shouldertackle! There's a quick legdrop. Hornet to his feet, but Radder whips him into the ropes. Perfect dropkick! A quick cover! ONE.... TWO.... no!

ByB: The Canadian's coming out quick tonight. Or maybe Hornet's just coming out slow.

RS: He's from NEW YORK, Billy. I told you that.

ByB: Who, Hornet? I thought he was from Greensboro.

RS: That's enough, idiot. Hornet gets sent into the ropes again... this time Radder catches him with a leg sweep, and quickly follows with a roll over. Radder hits the ropes and drops a knee down on Hornet's head. Another quick cover... ONE... TWO... no! I don't think I've ever seen Hornet get completely manhandled from the outset like this, especially not from a smaller man.

ByB: He's getting old, Rudy. It's happens even to the worst of you. Sammy, Hornet... you...

RS: You're pushing your luck. It's not as if you're a spring chicken anymore either.

ByB: Sour grapes, old man. Sour grapes.

(A timer appears in the bottom right of the screen, showing the match 'fast forwarding' six minutes as the recap show continues.)

RS: Radder with another near fall! Hornet kicks out, but he's barely hanging on here. It's not looking good for the man who will be challenging for the World Title at the pay-per-view!

ByB: I say if he loses this then he should be forced to retire. Oh wait, we already tried that once...

RS: Radder drops Hornet with a DDT...and now he's setting Hornet up for that Absolute Zero slam! He hooks in the full nelson... Hornet's fighting. Hornet breaks loose! Standing switch! He's got the abdominal stretch hooked in on Radder in the middle of the ring!

ByB: Oh great, now he starts to fight. Blasted Canadians.

RS: Hornet lets go of the hold all of sudden and pushes Radder into the corner. Quick rollup out of the corner! ONE... NO! Radder kicks out, but Hornet's got the momentum. He pulls Radder up... BRAINBUSTER! Radder goes for the ropes, but Hornet blocks his path!

ByB: No timeouts in wrestling or hockey... shouldn't the Canadian freak know that?


ByB: New York City?

RS: You're possibly the dumbest person I know. Hornet pulls him back up and whips him into the ropes... huge clothesline. Radder's up, but into the ropes again... dropkick! Now Hornet pulls him up and sends him to the corner! He's backing up! HORNET SPLASH!!!!

ByB: Oh Canada...

RS: Steve Radder falls out of the corner, and Hornet's there to pounce. He hooks on the Scorpion Deathlock... and this one may have just become academic. Radder's fighting, but he's a long way from the ropes, and Hornet has it cinched in tight.

ByB: Canadians never give up. Well...that's cause they never fight, I guess.

RS: And there's the tap out. Hornet lets go of the hold and rolls outside the ring even before his hand can be raised by referee Patrick Young. I'm not sure what's going on with the former champ, but if he expects to be a five-time World Champion after BATTLE of the BELTS, then he's going to have to pick it up.

ByB: Well, either that or hit Windham in the head with a branding iron or something... no huge difference.

RS: We're at a hard break, folks. But when we return, it's the final two matches of the night, all featuring six men who have a date scheduled at BATTLE of the BELTS!

"Craig, Chair. Chair, Craig"

(As ON TIME returns from commercial, a backstage camera shows "Cocky" Craig Miles coming out of his locker room. He tosses a cigarette on the concrete floor ahead of him, his boot extinguishing a moment later. As he starts to come around a corner, Miles is greeted with a steel chair to the face. Blood gushes from his nose as the assailant throws the chair onto the concrete. The camera pans up, showing Cameron Cruise leaning against the wall and grinning.)

Cruise: Good luck in that match for the title, Craig. My title.

(As Cruise leaves, security arrives. Miles gets to his feet, although they try to keep him sitting. He pushes one of the "GG-Team" security members away, flinging blood in his direction. The camera cuts back out to the commentators.)

RS: That brings you back up to speed folks... as you just saw what happened during the break. We've been told that Craig Miles does not have a broken nose, although he could have a mild concussion. He has not been medically cleared... but it sounds like he's still planning to wrestle.

ByB: Eh, a concussion's like a hangover for Miles, it's something to get over.

RS: One of the trainers has tried to convince Craig to make a precautionary visit to the hospital, but he's refused. And in the absence of any hard data showing a concussion, it doesn't look like he's going to be held out of this match.

CSWA Presidential Title
Tom Adler vs. Craig Miles

Craig Miles, currently one-half of the CSWA Unified Tag Team Champions, came out still bleeding after refusing additional medical attention. Tom Adler came out with 'reporter' Eric Wright trailing behind. As the two entered the ring, Wright appeared to be arguing with referee Ben Worthington about Miles' medical condition... well, until Miles made a menacing move, which sent Wright scampering to get outside the ring.

Adler quickly nailed Miles from behind, almost sending him face-first into the turnbuckle. Miles avoided hitting his nose by getting a hand up, but Adler quickly belly-to-back suplexed him out of the corner, following with an arm bar. An arm bar slam gave a quick one-count to the Presidential Champion, but Miles quickly rolled outside for a breather.

Eric Wright walked towards Miles, but quickly reversed course after a menacing look from the tag champ. Instead, Wright leaned onto the apron holding a short conversation with Adler as Miles started to roll back inside. Adler charged with a knee, only to get knocked down with a clothesline from the Cocky One. Miles followed with a leaping elbow drop, then quickly got to his feet. Adler did the same, shaking off the blow, but quickly found himself whipped across the ring and set up for a huge stun gun maneuver from Miles. Gasping for air, Adler still retained the presence of mind to roll outside for a quick 'time out.'

Unfortunately for him, Miles decided to follow him out. Wright tried to put himself between the two, only to get shoved into the barricade by Miles. Still gasping for breath, Adler wasn't able to defend himself as Miles took him to the concrete with a side Russian legsweep, then set him up for a Pedigree onto the concrete outside. Miles quickly rolled back into the ring, breaking the referee's count. Wright quickly rushed to Adler's aid, although Adler seemed to wave the <> Cutters stablemate away.

Adler climbed to his feet and onto the apron, only to have Miles charge in with a high knee, knocking Adler to the floor and into the barricade. Miles went outside again, hitting Adler with a rolling DDT onto the floor, and then dropping him backfirst across the wide barricade. Leaving Adler laying stretched out, Miles quickly jumped onto the apron, measuring the Presidential Champ. As he came off the apron with an elbow, Adler, with an assist from Wright, was able to move out of the way, leaving nothing but steel and hard rubber for Miles to land on. Miles slammed into the barricade with his arm and head and came away a bloody mess, apparently busting open his nose again.

Adler quickly charged in, catching Miles with a superkick that almost took his head off. The Presidential Champ picked up Miles with a fireman's carry, rolling him back inside where he nailed him with his 'Death Lake Driver' and quickly made the cover to retain his title.

Winner: Tom Adler

The Professionals vs.
Shane Southern & Troy Windham

(CUEUP: "Ain't Goin' Down" by Garth Brooks, as SHANE SOUTHERN emerges from the curtain and makes his way toward the ring!)

RS: Fans, this one should be an absolute barn-burner! Don't forget to set your VCRs!

ByB: Hey, Rudy, if they're watching, they don't need to set the VCR, just press "Record."

RS: Shane Southern makes his way to the ring, shaking hands with the fans along the way. (CUEUP: "Song 2" by Blur as the crowd explodes!) And here's his tag team partner! Troy Windham makes his way down the aisle, and he gets onto the ring apron and vaults himself over the top rope into the ring! Windham high-fives Southern and then climbs to the middle rope to salute the crowd.

ByB: Yeah, these fans love Troy Windham, but they haven't seen me in a Speedo yet...

RS: That's about as frightening an image as I can think of – well, maybe other than seeing Sammy Benson in a thong. (CUEUP: Shrill alarm - followed by voice saying "INTRUDER ALERT!", followed by "Ride of the Valkyries")

ByB: Guess who's coming to dinner! And speaking of Benson, has he been o-fish-ally fired yet?

RS: "Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield emerges from the curtain, and then stops and points back - and here comes the former Enterprise World Champ, and more recently, the former Greensboro Heavyweight champion!

ByB: And if looks could kill, Rudy - well, I wish he'd look at you! No one actually believes Kin Hiroshi won that match anyway.

RS: Well, other than the people that see he has the belt, that is. The Intruders have made their way to the ring, and look at Troy Windham! He's doing his best Apollo Creed imitation, dancing around the ring, pointing at GUNS, screaming "I want you, chump!"

ByB: Does he have a death wish?

RS: The bell rings, and Troy Windham will start for his team. It looks like GUNS is going to start for the Intruders, but look at Eddie Mayfield! He's on his hands and knees. He’s begging GUNS to start this match, and GUNS looks like he's going to oblige!

ByB: Eddie Mayfield just saved Troy Windham's life!

RS: Mayfield and Troy standing toe-to-toe, talking trash, and they lock up! Collar and elbow tieup. Troy Windham gets the advantage, and he backs Mayfield up into a neutral corner. Will we see a clean break? Yes we do.

ByB: GUNS must have put the fear of God in Troy.

RS: Troy and Mayfield lock up again, jockeying for position, and once again Troy Windham gets the advantage and backs Mayfield into the corner, and again Troy gets a clean break, and Mayfield rolls to the outside for a breather!

ByB: It's hard work carrying Troy Windham, Rudy - he's put on weight since his feud with Eli.

RS: Mayfield lights up a cigarette and takes a drag before getting back into the ring with Troy - COME ON! He just blew smoke right into Troy Windham's face - AND WINDHAM SLAPPED HIM! Mayfield rubs his chin and smiles - HE SLAPS WINDHAM BACK! Troy now rubs his chin and talks to the crowd - AND RESPONDS WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND THAT DROPS MAYFIELD! Mayfield rolls out under the bottom rope, and GUNS hops off the apron to check him out! They're counting Mayfield's teeth!

ByB: This isn't hockey, Rudy! Eddie Mayfield's a Professional! His smile is his trade!

RS: Mayfield rolls back into the ring, and now - COME ON! He's pointing to Shane Southern! He wants a piece of the Cajun Sensation! Troy backpedals into the corner, and he makes the tag! Shane Southern into the ring, and he and Mayfield circle each other - GIVE ME A BREAK! Eddie Mayfield just turned and NAILED Troy Windham while he was standing on the apron, and now he takes a victory lap around the ring and makes the tag to GUNS!

ByB: A thing of beauty is a joy forever, Rudy. John Keats said that.

RS: GUNS steps into the ring and now he stands toe to toe with Shane Southern - OH MY! He piefaced Southern and knocked him to the canvas! SOUTHERN NIPS UP, and he NAILS GUNS WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND!

ByB: Playtime's over!

RS: Southern rocks GUNS with a flurry of right hands, and whips him off the ropes...

ByB: Or not!

RS: GUNS stops in his tracks, and pulls Southern in - SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! NO! SOUTHERN DUCKED IT AND ROLLED BEHIND GUNS INTO A SCHOOLBOY! ONE! Only a one count, but it got GUNS' attention! He gets to his feet and charges Southern - DROP TOE HOLD! GUNS staggers to his feet - ARM DRAG TAKEDOWN BY SOUTHERN! GUNS scrambles to his feet - DROPKICK RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! He hooks the leg - ONE! Only a one count again, and GUNS kicked out with authority!

ByB: Just another day at the beach!

RS: Southern stays on GUNS, catching him with a forearm shiver! He does manage to whip GUNS off the ropes this time, and leapfrogs GUNS as he comes off! GUNS comes off the far side, and Southern set himself - SUPERKICK! NO! GUNS saw it coming and held onto the ropes! Southern looks around - and GUNS charges forward and LEVELS Southern with a running clothesline!

ByB: Southern did a 360 in mid-air with that impact!

RS: GUNS pulls Southern up by the hair and HURLS him into the corner, and now he's unloading on him with a series of right hands to the ribs! Southern is in a world of trouble now! The referee backs GUNS off, and look at this!

ByB: I don't see anything!

RS: Eddie Mayfield wraps the tag rope around the throat of Shane Southern! He's choking him down! Troy Windham screaming at the referee, and now he goes to talk to Troy, which allows Mayfield to come into the ring, and he and GUNS are double-teaming Shane Southern!

ByB: Poetry in motion, Rudy!

RS: GUNS heads to the apron as Mayfield slaps his hands together, right before the referee turns around! The referee questioning the Intruders, and they say there was a legal tag! You can't just ask, ref!

ByB: Would the Intruders tell a lie?

RS: In a word, yes. Mayfield now continuing to work Southern over. He rakes Southern's face across the top rope and carries him to a neutral corner, and rams him headfirst into the top turnbuckle! Mayfield whips Southern across the ring - OH MY! Southern hit the corner hard face-first! He staggers backward, and Mayfield hooks him - BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! And now he aggressively begins putting the boots to Shane Southern, and SPITS in the face of Troy Windham!

ByB: Troy needs to mind his own business!

RS: Windham again into the ring, occupying the referee, and that allows Mayfield to pull Southern up and whip him toward the Intruder corner, where GUNS pulls the top rope down and Southern goes flying over the top and down to the floor!

ByB: Can't fault the Intruders for Southern's clumsiness!

RS: Mayfield still goading Troy while GUNS pummels Shane Southern on the outside! GUNS picks up the ring steps and drops them across Southern's back! GUNS rolls Southern back into the ring, and Mayfield begins dropping the knees across Southern's back! He's in a bad way right now!

ByB: He was in a bad way the minute this match was signed!

RS: Mayfield now whips Southern off the ropes - TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! GUNS golf claps from the ring apron while Mayfield takes a bow! These guys sure are proud of themselves!

ByB: Shouldn't they be?

RS: Mayfield now manages to turn Southern over - BOSTON CRAB! He's really cinching back on it! The end may be near for Shane Southern, as Troy Windham begins slapping the top turnbuckle trying to drum up crowd support!

ByB: Resistance is futile, Rudy!

RS: Not so fast, Billy! Southern's showing signs of life! He's inching his way toward his corner! He's pulling Eddie Mayfield along with him! Mayfield can't believe it! What amazing courage by Shane Southern! Southern continues his crawl toward Troy Windham, while Mayfield strains to maintain the Boston Crab! Windham's got those long arms, Billy, and he's reaching out! They're almost there!

ByB: I can't believe I'm seeing this!

RS: Southern extending his arm for dear life! Mayfield doesn't look like he'll be able to hold him! Here comes GUNS! The referee cuts him off, just as Southern makes a final lunge - HE MADE THE TAG TO TROY WINDHAM! GUNS bails out of the ring as Windham comes in and nails Mayfield! The referee is putting Troy Windham out of the ring! Are you kidding me?

ByB: Can't call what you don't see, Rudy! You said it yourself earlier!

RS: While Windham argues with the referee, Mayfield grabs Southern by the legs and drags him back toward the middle of the ring, and now GUNS comes in and helps him drag Southern all the way to the Intruder corner! Give me a break!

ByB: Maybe Windham should stop arguing and do what he's told and get out of the ring!

RS: Windham back on the ring apron, and now Mayfield makes a point of alerting the referee as he tags GUNS! He's so smug! GUNS comes into the ring, and he's unloading on Southern with a series of double axehandles to the back! It's like he's trying to drive Southern THROUGH the canvas!

ByB: That would be a neat trick!

RS: GUNS makes the tag back to Mayfield, who stands on Southern with one leg and flexes - WAIT A MINUTE! SOUTHERN GRABS MAYFIELD'S LEG AND TRIPS HIM TO THE CANVAS! Mayfield reaches out and tags GUNS, who charges back into the ring and kicks Southern right in the back of the head! He pulls Southern to his feet, and whips him off the ropes - POWERSLAM! That shook the ring! He covers, but doesn't hook the leg! ONE! TWO! TH-NO! Southern got a shoulder up!

ByB: I don't know if GUNS wanted to pin him there!

RS: GUNS pulls Southern to his feet, only to knock him back down to the canvas with a forearm shiver! He makes the tag to Mayfield, and then delivers a backbreaker to Southern! He holds him across his knee as Mayfield comes off the top rope - GUILLOTINE LEGDROP!

ByB: Hello, Lloyd's of London!

RS: Mayfield doesn't even go for the pin! Instead, he's rubbing Shane Southern's face in the mat! He pulls Southern toward the middle of the ring, and holds him up for Windham to see! Southern begins lunging for Windham, trying to make the tag - MAYFIELD RESPONDS WITH A SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Floats over into a pinning combination! ONE! TWO! THR-NO!

ByB: How did he kick out, Rudy?

RS: Mayfield doesn't seem so sure, and he makes the tag back to GUNS! He whips Southern toward GUNS, and GUNS catches him in a bearhug! Mayfield runs off the ropes - HART ATTACK CLOTHESLINE - BUT GUNS DOESN'T LET GO! SOUTHERN'S UPPER BODY SNAPPED BACKWARD VIOLENTLY, BUT GUNS DIDN'T GIVE HIM ANY GIVE!

ByB: Call the paramedics, Rudy!

RS: GUNS maintains the bearhug on Shane Southern, as Troy Windham begins to look very concerned! He hops off the ring apron, and he grabs a towel from the timekeeper's desk! He climbs back onto the apron, and he's gotta be thinking about putting a stop to this one! GUNS squeezing the life out of his tag team partner, and Troy looks at the towel, and then at the fans - and he's not throwing it in! He's waving it in the air, urging the crowd to get behind Southern!

ByB: Obviously, Troy has no compassion for his partner!

RS: The referee checks Southern's arm - it drops once! He checks it again - it drops for a second time!

ByB: One more time, and this one's history!

RS: He checks it again, and this one's in the books - NO! Southern holds his arm high! Where is he finding the strength? GUNS can't believe it, and now Southern begins unloading on him with his right hand! Another right! A third right! A FLURRY OF RIGHT HANDS, AND GUNS LOSES HIS GRIP! Southern has GUNS reeling, and now he runs off the ropes - FLYING FOREARM! HE CAUGHT THE STRONGEST ARMS IN THE WORLD RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!

ByB: He escaped a GUNS bearhug, Rudy! I don't believe what I just saw!

RS: Both Southern and GUNS are down! Southern's crawling toward the corner, but GUNS reaches out and grabs him! He's got Southern by the leg, as both men get to their feet - ENZIGUIRI BY SOUTHERN! HE CAUGHT GUNS RIGHT ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD! THIS PLACE IS COMING APART!

ByB: What? Did you say something? I can't hear you over the noise!

RS: Southern and GUNS are crawling to their respective corners! GUNS makes the tag to Mayfield... BUT SOUTHERN DIVES AND MAKES THE TAG TO TROY!

ByB: Oh, my ears!

RS: Troy Windham is in the ring, and he's all over Eddie Mayfield like a cheap suit! He whips Mayfield off the ropes - LARIAT! MAYFIELD DOES A 360 IN MID AIR! Mayfield staggers to his feet and misses a roundhouse right - JAB BY WINDHAM! JAB BY WINDHAM! JAB BY WINDHAM! He's winding up for the big haymaker, but GUNS reaches into the ring and hooks him by the arm! Windham turns his attention to GUNS, and Mayfield nails him from behind!

ByB: That's the price you pay for showboating!

RS: Mayfield nails Troy with a nasty forearm shot, and whips him off the ropes - BIG BACK BODY DROP! Windham staggers to his feet, and it's Mayfield who catches him with a jab! Another jab! Now a Mayfield Shuffle - followed by the big roundhouse right!

ByB: That's sweetness right there, Rudy!

RS: Mayfield kisses his fist - TROY NIPS UP! Mayfield turns around - TROY WITH A RIGHT HAND! ANOTHER RIGHT! He whips him off the ropes - HOT SHOT! He clotheslined Eddie Mayfield across the top rope! He hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! NO! Mayfield kicked out!

ByB: Southern's not the only one who can be resilient!

RS: Troy whips Eddie into the corner, and follows it up with a clothesline! He climbs to the second rope, and he's hammering away on Mayfield as the crowd counts along! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX!

ByB: Not so fast!

RS: Mayfield walking out of the corner holding Troy - INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! NO! Troy spread his legs to block the impact, and he hooks Mayfield - DDT! HE SPIKED HIM INTO THE CANVAS! HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! TWO! THR-NO!

ByB: GUNS looked a little concerned on that one, Rudy!

RS: Troy pulls Mayfield to his feet - NO! LOW BLOW UPPERCUT BY EDDIE MAYFIELD, AND THE REFEREE DIDN'T SEE IT! Mayfield now shoots in with a fireman's carry and has Troy up - SAMOAN DROP! Mayfield now gets to his feet, pulls Troy up, and places him on the top rope! Mayfield climbs to the middle rope, and SLAPS Troy in the face before hooking him for a SUPERPLEX - NO! Troy's fighting it, and he shoves Mayfield off the top rope!

ByB: Troy's got a great survival instinct, Rudy! No denying that!

RS: Troy now perched on the top rope, as Mayfield gets to his feet, and Troy comes off the top - SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Mayfield rolls through, and grabs Windham's legs! WIndham squirming, but Mayfield cinches him in and leans back - CATAPULTS WINDHAM HEADFIRST INTO THE CORNER!

ByB: Every hold has a counter, Rudy, and Mayfield's a true Professional - he knows 'em all!

RS: Windham is definitely in trouble, as Mayfield works him over! GUNS patting his Bionic Knee on the outside, and he's motioning for Mayfield - Mayfield whips Troy off the ropes - AND GUNS DRIVES THAT DEADLY KNEE RIGHT INTO WINDHAM'S BACK! Windham staggers out of the corner, and Mayfield comes off the ropes - ROCKER DROPPER!

ByB: Turn out the lights!

RS: Mayfield doesn't hook a leg! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! TROY KICKED OUT, but Mayfield just grins! He's not done! He pulls Troy Windham to his feet, and scoops him up - he's got him in position for the Screwjob! But before he drives Windham into the canvas, he's turning him so that each side of this arena can see him!

ByB: Look out, Eddie!

RS: Shane Southern sneaks into the ring, as Mayfield makes his fourth and final turn - PARTY'S OVER! SOUTHERN CAUGHT MAYFIELD RIGHT ON THE JAW WITH THE SUPERKICK! HE SAVED TROY FROM THE SCREWJOB!

ByB: It's gonna cost him though!

RS: Southern doubles over in agony, clutching his back, and that allows GUNS to come into the ring - BIONIC KNEELIFT! GUNS now pulls Southern to his feet, and he hoists him up in a GORILLA PRESS!

ByB: Here it comes! A souvenir for a lucky fan!

RS: OH MY! GUNS JUST HURLED SHANE SOUTHERN INTO THE THIRD ROW! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! But Troy's to his feet, and he dropkicks GUNS from behind, knocking him out of the ring! Mayfield pulls himself up, shaking out the cobwebs from the superkick, and Troy hooks him - SLACKNIFE! SLACKNIFE! SLACKNIFE! HOOKS THE LEG! ONE!

ByB: GUNS is getting up!


ByB: Here he comes!

RS: THREE! GUNS MADE THE SAVE A MOMENT TOO LATE, and Windham quickly rolls out of the ring and celebrates as GUNS questions the referee! Windham climbs over the guardrail and helps Southern to his feet among the ringside fans, and raises his hand! The CSWA has stood tall tonight against the Intruders!

ByB: Southern and Windham may have won the battle, Rudy, but they may have lost the war! Shane Southern took a beating tonight!

RS: Eddie Mayfield's on Dream Street, while GUNS is staring a hole at Troy Windham! This one is far from over, folks! But we’re out of time for tonight…we’ll see you all.. along with all these guys in the ring… at BATTLE OF THE BELTS!!