CSWA: ON TIME  hits a storied wrestling venue, the Norfolk Scope.

Rob Sampson vs. 
Cameron Cruise

Eli Flair vs. Kin Hiroshi

Hornet vs. Nathan Cross

Nathan Storm vs. Tsunami

Lance Liezure/Jessie Phillips vs. Simply Stunning

United States:  
Chris Lehew vs.
Shane Southern

Deacon vs. 
Lawrence Stanley

Handicap Match:
Evan Aho vs.
The Professionals

CSWA World:
Mark Windham vs. 
Tom Adler


 CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Shane Southern

Tom Adler


Unified Tag:
The Professionals

(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth)
(CUT TO:  The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut
CUT TO:  The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth
CUT TO:  Eli and Troy
“playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Tom Adler holding the Presidential title
CUT TO:  Dan Ryan and Chris Lehew before a flame-filled backdrop
CUT TO:  Apocalypse at the top of the ramp from ELVIS LIVES
CUT TO:  Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb
CUT TO:  Mark Windham and
Evan Aho going toe-to-toe from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Mike Plett holding up a lock of Troy Windham’s hair
CUT TO:  The Men Of Adventure standing victorious in the center of the ring
CUT TO:  Hornet hitting the Hornet Splash against Lawrence Stanley
CUT TO:  The “New PLR” standing in the ring at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp
CUT TO:  Cameron Cruise looking over the side of the stage at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Lawrence
Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags
CUT TO:  Shane Southern holding the United States
title in the air, over Dan Ryan’s body from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Lance Liezure clobbering Nate Logan with a chair at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The Intruders standing in the center of the ring at FISH FUND XIII, their gold laying on the ground and their hands in the air.
CUT TO:  JJ Deville doing the Fargo Strut
CUT TO:  Nathan Cross standing along the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised to the Crossovers
CUT TO:  GUNS with the Greensboro
title inside out
CUT TO:  Hip Hop Express “rolling” backstage
CUT TO:  A montage image of the New PLR, Intruders, GXW, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham,
Evan Aho , Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and The Deacon.)

(CUE UP:  “The Biggest and the Baddest” by Clawfinger – to a fairly decent heel pop)

Rudy Seitzer:  We’re kicking ON TIME off with a battle between a member of the PLR and an old enemy, we’ve got Rob Sampson taking on Cameron Cruise and Kevin Powers is joining his stable-mate, “Good God” and “Mr. Main Event” are on their way to the ring!

Billy Buckley:  These guys are only P and R and right now, Rude Man!  No L for the PLR, but I don’t think they care!

RS:  Well we’ll touch upon the PLR’s problems later, they had an in-ring confrontation with members of the GXW faction here in the CSWA, we’re also going to hear words from the GXW’s Mike Plett, we’ve got MARK WINDHAM defending the Heavyweight title, Shane Southern defends US gold against Chris Lehew, Eli Flair is on the card tonight taking on sensation Kin Hiroshi, Simply Stunning is in action and Deacon takes on Lawrence Stanley… and Kevin Powers has a microphone in hand!

KP:  I’ll keep this short… like GUNS.  Tonight, the PLR is going to set the record straight, and TONIGHT, later here on ON TIME… PEE EL ARE is going to “trump” everybody. 

Rob Sampson vs. Cameron Cruise

While the commentary focused on what could possibly be the motives of PLR later on tonight, Rob Sampson and Cameron Cruise put on a nice in-ring performance, with Sampson getting a lot of flashy moves in, while Cameron Cruise worked on the legs of “Mr. Main Event” to an extent, all the while trying his best to relish in cheers.  As Kevin Powers hopped on the rope for a moment, distracting Cameron Cruise, Rob Sampson hit a low blow and followed up with a devastating sitout powerbomb, then climbed up top for a giant splash.  Then "The Headliner" sealed the deal for Sampson in a mighty impressive victory for the PLR member, building up steam for the PLR on the road to BATTLE of the BELTS.

Winner:  Rob Sampson

Eli Flair vs. Kin Hiroshi

 The blue chipping Kin Hiroshi came out to a great pop from the crowd, but so did the veteran Eli Flair.  Billy and Rudy argued over the popularity of Kin as he and Eli worked the mat for a few moments, before letting go into a higher paced sort of action.  Kin’s past is discussed and also mentioned is his string of impressive bouts here in the CSWA.  This clean fight continued and Kin began to get the upper hand, keeping Eli grounded with an aerial assault, but Eli forged on and took Kin back down to size with a series of suplexes, and managed to get a two count.  Kin ran to the corner, bounced from the second buckle and came off with a handspring but Eli caught it, hit a German suplex and bridged for a three count that seemed to have come out of nowhere, and Eli accepted the cheers of a hard-fought victory, going so far as to raise Kin’s hand after the bout. 

Winner:  Eli Flair  

(CUT TO:  Commercial.)

(CUT TO:  A full-arena shot of ON TIME.  CUE UP:  “Know Your Enemies” by Rage Against the Machine – big time heel pop.)

RS:  Here’s a man who’s trying to sell locks of Troy Windham’s hair… a man who turned his BACK on the entire CSWA at FISH FUND last year, and continues to try and make a mockery of this entire company… Mike Plett can’t stick to his own business, and he’s running in night in and night out, and rest assured, Billy, it’s going to catch up to him!

(Plett takes his time getting to the ring, soaking up the jeers as he gets a microphone and looks around.)

MP:  Thanks… thanks for that rousing welcome.  You CSWA fans really know how to let a guy know you appreciate him…  (More booing at Plett’s sarcasm.)

MP:  Ol’ Wicked Sight here has a few issues to settle real quick.  First of all… to the P and the R… We don’t need your help with the Male Intrusion, and we damn sure don’t need your help… urinating… all over the CSWA.  So butt out before it costs you.  Take your big surprise and run with your tail between your legs, but most of all… stay out of our way.

Now… Merritt… that’s pretty smooth.  That was pretty smooth, that letter I got in the mail over the break.  And the gag you had on me to keep me shut up about it.  Well that’s over and I can tell the WHOLE world exactly why the GXW’s hottest star can’t show up on their A+ programming… Mike Plett has been BANNED from non-CSWA competition.  See, as bad as Merritt wants to get rid of the GXW, and the Intruders and PLR for that matter, he doesn’t want to lose Mike Plett.  He doesn’t want to lose Wicked Sight, the hottest star he’s made in a long, long time.  So this is my forum to tell the great fans of the GXW that I’m sorry… but the CSWA can take solace in knowing their ratings shall go up as the GXW tunes in to see me piss on the CSWA heritage for the fans of Xtreme!

Next up… Mr. Franchise.  CSWA’s finest, greatest American Hero… Hornet… let’s have a talk.  No, I’ll just come out and say it.  I’ve had your number for YEARS you Bugbrained Bonehead, so why don’t you realize that and back off?  My business with Evan Aho was MY business… I was using a fellow GXW athlete, Kin Hiroshi, to MAKE A POINT… Make a point to Stonefaced Aho, and you want to run in and stop it?  Think back to Yakima, Hornet, I could have ended your career then but I was too nice to do it.  Don’t think I’m that nice anymore, you should listen to Troy Windham.  He said it best… I CAN do what the others can’t.  With guys like THE CAREER KILLER Chris Lehew and Dan Ryan by my side, there’s no DOUBT I’m one of the most dangerous men in this company.  Troy Windham’s a wounded animal?  Big deal, I’m pawning off locks of his hair and playing with his head.  Hornet, you’re the big guy around here?  You’re the franchise?  Big deal, if you want to keep from being the first extinct star that I finish off, you should back off now.  As I sit here and slowly desecrate and sacrilege the CSWA, you’re one of the LAST ones I want here, because you’ll be more fun to destroy.  So let me have my Troys and Evans, and I promise you’ll get your turn soon enough.

(CUE UP:  “Know Your Enemies” again, as Plett rolls out of the ring.)

Nathan Storm vs. Tsunami

This battle of two hardcore posterboys left nothing on the table, or under it or around it for that matter.  The two cruiserweights started off with a blast, both going for a dropkick on the other, only to collide and hit the mat hard.  Storm kipped up and slammed into Tsunami, locking his arms and sending him over with a straightjacket suplex that appeared to leave the youngest ever Unified World Champion dazed.  Storm continued to pound away on the man from Japan , blasting him with a Northern Light suplex before following with a legdrop.  Storm maintained control until Tsunami was able to dodge out of the way of Storm’s top rope springboard clothesline he calls the PowerLine.  The former tag team champion kept Storm down with a rollover transitioning into a magistral cradle for a two-count.  Storm caught a kneedrop to the face as he tried to get up, sending him to the outside, where Tsunami risked life and limb diving over the top to catch his opponent with a twisting plancha.  Both men went down like a sack of bricks and would have been counted out, except Tsunami was able to roll in and break the count, dragging Storm with him.  As Tsunami tried to finish off Storm, he went to the top, only to find that Storm wasn’t alone…

RS:  Tsunami perches on top… it looks like he might be ripping off his former tag team partner’s five star splash!

ByB:  Wildstar should have killed him when he had the chance.

RS:  Wait!  Tsunami just collapsed from the top rope!  He hit the mat shoulder-first!

ByB:  He didn’t collapse you boob… THAT GUY just pulled his foot off.

RS:  Who is that guy on the outside crouching behind the apron!  He must’ve been under the ring or come out of the first row!  Either way, he’s just evened this match up.  Or maybe not!  Tsunami’s slowly getting to his feet, as is Storm.  They’re both up at the same time…. Double dropkicks and they’re both down again!  We could have a standing ten-count here!

ByB:  You mean nobody’s going through a table?  I feel cheated somehow.

RS:  That’s it.. .the referee is calling for the bell.  I don’t think Tsunami knows it, though… he’s still trying to climb over and cover Storm.  It looks like this one will be a double count-out.  But this other guy isn’t waiting for the decision!  He charges in and flattens Tsunami with a knee to the back of the head!  He pulling Storm to his feet and yelling at him to go up to the top rope!

ByB:  Hmm, it’s not a table, but it could still be fun.

RS:  The bigger man lifts Tsunami up in some sort of horizontal bear hug as Storm sets up on the top.  SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA.  Good grief!  Storm may not be the biggest guy, but with the torque he gets going with his body… the sheer speed and the drop from that top rope… Tsunami is out.  But they’re not done… they’re going to do it AGAIN!  No wait…. This other guy is just holding Tsunami’s feet down, as if he’s even conscious enough to be able to move.  This is ridiculous.  Storm’s up top again… FIVE STAR FROGSPLASH!  That’s the Five Star!  He did it just like Wildstar!

ByB:  That’s a message if I’ve ever seen one.

RS:  But Wildstar and Tsunami aren’t a tag team anymore.  NC-17 is gone.  Dawn of a New Day has set.  They’re not even partners!

ByB:  Apparently Storm and his friend don’t care… I think they’ve got a grudge that goes back a ways.

RS:  And still they’re not done.  Storm is straddling Tsunami just pounding his face.  And now he’s going for the mask!!!  We’ve NEVER seen Tsunami without that mask on, not even in the back!  Somebody’s gotta stop this.

ByB:  Hmmm…this is getting GOOD!  He’s got it off!

(The camera pulls back.  Tsunami is conscious enough to cover the top part of his face, but we can tell that at least part of his face has been badly burned in the past.  Storm takes the mask and throws it on Tsunami’s chest, then turns to his partner.  They both stand directly in front of the camera and flash a sign… the sign of the <> Cutters.)

RS:  Wait a second… the <> Cutters haven’t been around for years!  Maxwell Diamond hasn’t stepped foot in the CSWA since the UWA closed down years ago!

ByB:  The Diamond Cutters?  What’s next, some 50 year old guy with bad hair?

RS:  Shut up, Billy.  You know exactly who Maxwell Diamond is… and he was around long before Page Falkenberg.  Folks, apparently we’ve got another stable here in the CSWA… and we know that where the <> Cutters are, Maxwell Diamond isn’t far away.  But who else has he gotten to?  We’ll be right back!


Hornet vs. Nathan Cross

Nathan Cross spent the beginning of the match trying to get an early advantage.  Hornet seemed distracted in the beginning, obviously wishing he was someplace else.  Nathan took control, surprising himself and all in attendance, as Cross hit some solid moves that electrified the crowd, including his "Cross-Overs”, who took to booing Hornet from the outset.  

Nathan continued to put the offense on with a collection of ground-based wrestling such as vertical suplexes, armdrags, and the like, along with the moves that get the crowd buzzing – hurricaranas from the top, spinning DDTs, and springboards off the ropes.  Nathan even threw in a few ‘solid right hands’ leading into a schoolboy that got a one-count.  Hornet amazed the crowd by… well, he just didn’t seem into it.  Cross, the kid who makes a point that he wants a fight, didn’t seem to mind Hornet’s lackluster performance, mostly cause he could get in plenty of extra offense to get the crowd pumped.  And besides, the crowd didn’t mind this because it was easily looking like the dark horse – Nathan Cross would defeat the heavy favorite – Hornet.  And Hornet didn’t seem to care.

Nathan hit his finisher, an inside-the-ring springboard moonsault, no… it’s not a schoolboy, and went for the pin.  The hand fell three times and the crowd exploded, but the referee didn’t call for the bell, instead calling for the match to continue.  Nathan was beside himself as he looked at Hornet… and his leg draped across the bottom rope.  Nathan gathered himself and attempted a suplex, but Hornet refused to go over.  The near pinfall lit a fire under his butt, and he appeared to be planning on burning Nathan Cross with it.  He did so by sending Cross over with a vertical suplex, stunning Cross.  Hornet continued the offense with some urgency.  He went at Cross with a variety of high impact power moves, given his size advantage.  Hornet then cinched in the Scorpion Deathlock and Nathan reached out with all he had… but it wasn’t enough.  His Crossovers screamed for him to fight, and he did so, pulling for the ropes, but Hornet pulled him back to the middle of the ring.  Would he give up the match, or potentially a career and his hidden goal?  He tapped.  He would live to fight another day.

Winner:  Hornet  

(After the match, Hornet is headed to his locker room.  CSWA owner Chad Merritt and some VP flunkie who looks about 17 appear to be 'giving the grand tour' to a potential contract signee.  As the VP and potential CSWAer walk towards the 'gorilla' area to check out the monitors, Merritt spots Hornet and walks over.  Hornet continues walking to his dressing room.)

Merritt:  Hornet!  Wait a second.

Hornet: (still walking)  What do you want, Chad ?

Merritt:  I just wanted to introduce you to someone.  But first, I’ve got something to tell you.

Hornet:  In case you missed it, I just got done with a match.  Can’t you just have Marsha call me on my cell phone tomorrow like you usually do when you have ‘something to tell’ me?

(Hornet starts to close the door with his name on it, but Merritt puts his body in the way.)

Merritt:  I’ve booked the Main Event for BATTLE OF THE BELTS.

Hornet:  Thrilling.  Am I supposed to be excited about the latest in your list of wrong ways to do an invasion angle?  Or are you going to have Windham defend the belt against a trained monkey?

Merritt:  Close enough.  Whether Windham makes it out with the belt tonight or not, he’ll be facing you at the pay-per-view.

Hornet:  You’ve finally lost your mind, haven’t you?

Merritt:  You know better than that, Hornet.  Just think, you and Windham one more time, possibly for the World Title.  It’ll be just like…

Hornet:  Just like the time Mickey Benedict decided to get involved?  Or just like the time Mark tried to break his brother’s neck?  Oh, excuse me, I guess we now know that wasn’t his brother… so it all excuses the fact that he didn’t even ATTEMPT to save the man’s life back at FISH FUND in 1998?  Or the fact that he left his wife and child high and dry?

Merritt:  What, outrage?  From the man who ended up having an affair with Windham ’s wife?  From the man who slept with Teri Melton because he was ‘on a break’ with Poison Ivy?  Outrage?  Coming from a man who cost me hundreds of thousands when he decided to throw a temper tantrum and ‘brand’ the World Champion on television?  Grow up.  This could be a huge payday for you…

Hornet:  And what, a buyrate bonanza for you in a time when ratings are sinking because you can’t get your act together?  If you thought that was a temper tantrum, Chad , then maybe you better rethink where your standing.

(Merritt takes his arm off the door and steps back into the hallway.)

Merritt:  I’m not going through this again.  I may not be able to suspend you, and I may not be able to fire you, but I still have the ability to sign your matches, unless you’ve got some other ‘hidden clause’ in that contract you slipped by me.

Hornet:  I didn’t have to slip it by you, Chad .  You were so busy trying to spike a buyrate that you would’ve done anything.  Just like you are now.  We both know what could happen if Mark and I get in that ring together.  We may not be as practiced at destroying our bodies like Eli and Troy , but there’s no doubt that somebody’s going to end up hurt… bad.

Merritt:  I guess that’s between you two.  I was hoping you could set that aside for the chance at your fifth reign at CSWA World Champion.

Hornet:  I’m tired of playing that game, Chad .  You dangle the carrot on a stick and I chase it in circles, right?  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s anytime you try and push one way, it’s smart to bolt the other.

Merritt:  In case I wasn’t clear, I said I’m not going through this again.  You’ve got a main event match, on a pay-per-view, for the CSWA World Championship.  You wanna lose?  Fine.  You wanna beat the hell out of Windham ?  Great.  I don’t care if you don’t give a damn about the money or the prestige, or even about Windham .  And I especially don’t care how you feel about me… I’ve been listening to you beat that dead horse for five years.  Get over it.  You’ve got a match.  Do you… (Hornet slams the door) …understand?

(As Merritt storms off, Rudy and the potential contract signee come around the opposite corner.)

RS:  This is it.  Hornet’s dressing room. 

RF:  Thanks, Rudy.  I don’t know if he’ll even remember me.  (He knocks on the door.  It flies open.)

H:  Do you really wanna do this now, Chad ?!

RF:  Hornet?

H:  Ryp?  Ryp Fandango?  I’m so sorry, man. I thought you were Merritt.  (He reaches out his hand, which Ryp grabs.)  I can’t believe you’re here!  Last I heard you were with ICW before it changed names to…

RF:  Global.  Right.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years.

H:  What are you doing here?  Is Merritt trying to sucker you in too?

RF:  Looks like it.  No decisions have been made yet.

H:  Smart man.  I can’t believe you’re here, man.  Thanks for bringing him by, Rudy.

RS:  No problem.  I’m going to head over to the gorilla position and I’ll come back by in a while.  Ryp, I’ve already got your room set up at the Hilton whenever you’re ready, just let me know.

RF:  Thanks, Mr. Seitzer.  I appreciate it.

H:  “Mr. Seitzer?”  That’s Rudy… good ol’ Roodypoo!  Come on in and sit down, Ryp.  I don’t think we’ve even talked on the phone in what, five years?

RF:  Something like that, H.

H:  Can I get you something to drink?  I don’t have much in here.

RF:  No, I’m good.

(Hornet grabs a bottle of water for himself, pulls a couple of pills off the dresser and downs them.)

Hornet:  So, tell me what’s going on!

RF:  I was gonna ask you to do the same.  What’s up with this….


Lance Liezure and Jessie Phillips
vs. Simply Stunning

After Simply Stunning had made their way to the ring, “Feels So Numb” by Rob Zombie hits up and Lance Liezure made his way out to a decent pop, his hands raised in the air, but Jessie was nowhere to be found.  He looked around… and out steps Kevin Powers!  As the commentator’s speculation ran rampant, and the two men who have had a small-scale feud running for weeks made their way to the ring, the crowd seems to branch out against KP and Liezure, but the two are very decisive in their operation in the ring, with Liezure keeping up with SS in their fast-paced action, tagging in “Good God” at the end to secure a quick win – Powers hitting Kiss The Canvas on Wilcox to get the pinfall.

Winners:  Lance Liezure and Kevin Powers

KP:  Say what you will about Lance Liezure… this kid knows what he’s doing.  And when I got done kicking his ass around the ring, I realized he wasn’t a bad kid… Logan bailed and Lance Liezure is a damn good guy to fill those shoes.  P-L-R will be dominating, we will be perfect… this is JUST getting started, CSWA… this is JUST getting started G-X-W… and for DAMN SURE… that little midget-******* GUNS and his Male Intruding buddies had better watch out… because THE PLR… Kevin Powers and Rob Sampson and Lance Liezure… nothing will stand in our way.

ByB:  Did I tell ya?  Or did I tell ya?

RS:  It looks like the PLR has found its 'L'.  We'll be right back!

(CUTTO:  Commercial)

Shane Southern vs. Chris Lehew

(joined in progress)

RS: “The Career Ender” continues to work over the US Champion in the non-title match. I don’t know if Southern’s having an off night, or if Lehew has found a weakness to exploit.

ByB: Maybe he offered Southern twenty ‘crawdads’ to fry up if he took a dive.

RS: You know you’re not right in the head, right? It’s because your dad was on the road all the time… either that or the time I dropped you on your head as a kid. Lehew follows up that last swinging bulldog with twisting body attack and quickly goes for the cover, but barely manages a two-count on the N’awlins native.

ByB: Thanks for the accent there, Rud-ay.

RS: The GXW standout is taking it hard to Southern again. Northern Lights suplex… and a bridge! ONE….. TWO…. NO! Southern kicks out and quickly rolls outside the ring to catch his breath.

ByB: He better be careful out there, you never know what’s around. Lions and tigers and bears… oh my!

RS: Did they pay you to say that, Billy? Cause Southern may have rolled out of the frying pan into the fire! Mike Plett and Dan Ryan are standing at the top of the rampway!

ByB: They’re just covering all the angles, Rudy.

RS: Southern rolls back inside, breaking the referee’s count, but Lehew is ready! He charges Shane with a modified baseball slide, then quickly locks in head scissors. Southern smartly grabs the ropes, but Lehew doesn’t want to listen to Ben Worthington’s call to break the hold. Worthington starts to try and pry Lehew’s leg off of Southern before he finally lets go. Southern rolls to the outside again as Plett and Ryan take a few steps down the rampway.

ByB: The Bourbon Street Boy better figure out that it’s time to get the heck outta Dodge!

RS: That made no sense whatsoever.

ByB: Guess that means I’m learning from you.

RS: Southern jumps back onto the apron, and he meeting Lehew’s charge with a shoulder to the gut. He springboards over the ropes… SUNSET FLIP! ONE….. TWO…. THREE!!! It might not be Southern’s finest hour, but he pulled it off like a champ! Lehew’s furious!

ByB: Not to mention Plett and Ryan!

RS: And now GUNS and Craig Miles have stepped out onto the rampway! We could have fireworks! Are two-thirds of The Intruders here to backup Southern or to join in destroying him?

ByB: He better worry more about the fact that Lehew’s in the ring with him.

RS: Southern quickly surveys the situation, and now he heads off through the crowd! Don’t let the southern drawl fool you… Shane just proved he’s one of the brightest guys around here.

ByB: Brains won’t matter if any of these guys get a hold of him.

Deacon vs. Lawrence Stanley

Stanley was in the ring when Deacon came down in his typical fashion, which is never typical.  The crowd popped from the point that these two men stepped forward for the ref to do the rules.  Both men stepped forward to size one another up, or in reality, give the crowd a moment to build in anticipation.  It worked, and when the two combatants started to circle, the crowd continued to grow.  They locked up, and Deacon easily shoved Stanley to the mat.  No question on anyone’s mind who had the power, even if Deacon wasn’t as strong as he’d once been.  Stanley got back up and Deacon waited for him in the center of the ring.  They tied back up, and when Deacon went for the power, Stanley dropped down and sent Deacon soaring over him with an adjusted armdrag.  Deacon got back up, and Stanley was in the center of the ring waiting.  Both men had accomplished their goals and the crowd was eating it up.

Deacon moved back to the center and Stanley went for a side step in an attempt to grab the shoulder.  Deacon ran into the ropes and after the rebound gave him that shoulder – a driving shoulderblock that sent Stanley down.  Deacon did not wait for Stanley to get back up, grabbing Stanley by the head and sending him back down with a short arm clothesline.  An irish whip, and Deacon nailed a high knee to the sternum that sent Stanley back down.  Deacon controlled the early part of the match with a variety of power moves.  He scooped Stanley up for a powerslam, but Stanley grabbed a Dragon Sleeper that surprised everyone.  Stanley held that move until Deacon lifted him up, almost miraculously.  Deacon dropped Stanley with a Samoan Driver and then both men hit the mat.  The crowd cheered mightily while both men tried to regain their composure.

Both men got to their feet and begin exchanging chops to the chest.  This went on until Stanley began to get the upper hand.  He whipped Deacon in who came back with a Shoulderblock that Stanley used the momentum from to drive Deac’s shoulder into the mat.  Stanley then went to work with a reverse armbar, wrenching up on the arm.  Lawrence threw a couple of shoulders into Deac’s shoulder, and then continued working on it with both holds that Deacon would eventually break or get to the ropes on, or he would do impact moves focusing on that shoulder.  Stanley latched on a reverse armbreaker.  Deacon fought to his knees and then his feet.  Stanley was surprised with an armdrag from Deacon.  Stanley was quick to his feet, but when he put Deacon in a headlock, Deacon did a belly to back suplex.  Both men were down for the count of 9 and then what was chops turned into trading punches.  Deacon threw 2 power hooks that rocked Stanley to the outside.  Deacon followed him out much quicker that he would’ve in the past.  He whipped Stanley into the railing, but Stanley reversed it and then followed that with a back elbow.  Deacon went to one knee when Stanley did a swinging kick to the head that sent Deacon down.  Stanley tossed Deacon back inside and followed that with climbing the ropes.  The crowd was going nuts in anticipation, most expecting Stanley to miss because this was definitely not his normal style of wrestling.  Deacon got to his feet and turned around just as Stanley came off with a “not perfect, but perfectly painful nonetheless” cross body block.  He was within an inch of winning the match when Deacon put his leg, LONG leg, on the ropes.  Stanley picked Deac up and whipped him into the corner.  Stanley raced in and caught a big boot to the face.  Stanley staggered into Deacon who was waiting with another boot that sent Lawrence down.

Deacon took control with a running Lyger bomb that surprised everyone in the arena.  He tried a count, but only got a 2.  Deacon whipped Stanley to the ropes and hit a high leg clothesline.  Deacon climbed the ropes, and when Stanley got up, he turned to see Deacon fly from a perched position for a clothesline… that Stanley countered into another shoulder submission.  He continued to work on the shoulder again in an attempt to finish this match.  Stanley grabbed the shoulder and drove it into the corner.  Deacon grabbed Stanley and with his good arm, forcefully shoved Stanley over the top rope and to the outside.  With highlights of last week from Deacon vs. Hornet on everyone’s mind, Deacon did a live replay.  He hit the opposite rope, and then just as Stanley got to his feet, Deacon came flying over the top rope and on top of Stanley.  The crowd popped huge for this move.  Deacon rolled Stanley back in and then re-entered the ring.  Deacon hit a chokeslam and went for a pin that got a 3 count… at least until the ref looked up to see Stanley’s leg on the ropes.  After all this, both men appeared to be spent.  

Stanley recovered first, hitting Deacon with a huge legdrop, then wrapping him up with a beautiful cradle.  Deacon powered out at two, but Stanley quickly pulled the big man up to his knees.  He went for a huge kick to the throat, but Deacon caught the massive leg and turned Stanley around, pushing him to the ropes.  Deacon jumped to his feet, catching Stanley coming across with a hand to the throat and another huge chokeslam.  This time, Deacon powered Stanley to the mat for the full three-count.

Winner:  Deacon

Handicap Match
Evan Aho vs. The Professionals

(CUE UP: An annoying siren going off non-stop, into “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins. SFX: INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! CUT TO: A camera effect which just has a red siren flashing light into an infrared camera effect, with a “heat-sensor” vision of Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles, smoking cigs, walking down an unknown hallway with tag titles, laughing it up. A woman’s whispered voice says “COME AND GET IT.”)

(CUT TO: The ring, The Professionals walk in, strutting their stuff in matching peacock-style robes, cursing at the fans.)

RS: Bar the doors, Katie... because we have trouble!

ByB: These guys are absolutely despicable. These Intruders are ANYTHING but Professionals!

RS: Give me a break, guys. I will NOT hold your ashtray!

(CUE UP: A White Zombie-ish guitar solo. CUT TO: Evan Aho, taping up his wrists in the back. CUT TO: A camera close-up of Aho’s face as he walks towards the ring, right in his emotionless, controlled eyes. CUT TO: Aho, apprehensively walking out at the ring-- looking at Miles and Mayfield, stretching out his bandaged right shoulder.)

ByB: Now this match is going to be QUITE interesting. Evan Aho is quite possibly the best wrestler, pound-for-pound, in this league’s history. Not just today. But of all-time. Hornet. Mike Randalls. Tony the Technician--

RS: Who?

ByB: And a whole host of others could see their legacy SHATTERED by this young man, who has one World Title reign to his credit already. But now, now because of our megalomaniacal leader Chad Merritt, he has to face The Professionals... who have a chance to be the most dominant TAG TEAM in our league’s grand history.

RS: Unfortunately, they have a really good chance at that. And let’s not forget, old pal-- it was only a few months ago when Eddie Mayfield took Evan Aho to the absolute LIMIT before Aho retained his title. But a lot of people have speculated that Mayfield injured Aho to such a degree that eventually COST HIM his match and the title against current champ Mark Windham!

ByB: That match was a great, great match. But how can Aho survive against BOTH Miles and Mayfield? (The bell rings.) Aho is in the ring and he’ll be starting against his bitter rival, Mayfield... who is CACKLING, miming that he already hurt Aho’s shoulder.

RS: Mayfield just LOVES to play these head games, Bill. He considers himself to be an old-fashioned villain. I, personally, just consider him to be an ass.

ByB: Mayfield and Aho lock up. Mayfield ALREADY targets Aho’s injured right shoulder and has a hammerlock-- no, Aho grabs Mayfield’s leg and takes Mayfield down. Aho leans on the leg and drops an elbow on the knee and snaps back up in one fluid motion--

RS: Working on one of the pressure points of the human body. You control those pressure points, you control your opponent.

ByB: Mayfield counters though by raking Aho right in the eyes, getting a warning from Pee Wee Troutman in the process. Mayfield now gets up and cross-arm’s Aho’s shoulder, leaning into it-- but Aho grapevines the leg and... HE CRADLES MAYFIELD! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO!

RS: Aho is SO smart in the ring. He knows that The Pros are going to go right after his shoulder. And he knows that if he’s to escape this match alive... he’s going to have to get a quick pinfall early. He’s going to have to keep this match on the mat to win.

ByB: Aho now elbows Mayfield in the head with his left elbow and connects with a judo chop. Mayfield is backpedaling, trying to get Aho to chase him. Aho, however again grabs Mayfield’s leg and takes him down, laying in his forearm right across Mayfield’s nose. But Mayfield puts his foot across the bottom rope.


RS: I don’t know about that, Eddie, but I do know that Hot Property is a cagey foe for Aho who is just as clever in the ring. He knows where he is at all times.

ByB: Aho is forced back by Troutman, and Mayfield capitalized by going down low on Aho! Mayfield now whips Aho into the corner and follows with a splash. Mayfield hooks Aho-- Side Suplex!

RS: Mayfield’s trying to pick the pace of this match up. He knows the faster it goes, the more he’ll wear Aho down-- giving his team the advantage. But on the other hand, he’s not going to want Aho to hit any of his huge moves that can end a match at any time. But still a worthy strategy from The Professionals!

ByB: Mayfield now hooks Aho with a waistlock from behind and snaps-- no! Aho blocks with his leg. And Aho reverses behind-- TEXTBOOK GERMAN SUPLEX! AHO HOLDS ON AND DELIVERS ANOTHER-- AND THIS TIME HE HOLDS ONTO THE BRIDGE! ONE! TWO! THR--NO! Mayfield JUST kicked out.

RS: Smart of Aho. He’s adapted his arsenal. These days, a lot of wrestlers use the German Suplex a few times in a row as an impact move. But Aho used it the old fashioned way-- right into a pinning combination. But he did it on the SECOND German Suplex, tricking Mayfield.

ByB: But it looks like that move may have aggravated his shoulder injury, as Aho is twisting his shoulder, trying to keep it loose. Aho now knees Mayfield in the shoulder-- DOUBLE ARM SUPLEX! Aho rolls over Mayfield-- he hooks the legs and flips forward--

RS: --Stunning in how he can put these combinations together.

ByB: AND CRADLES MAYFIELD AGAIN! ONE! TWO! THR--NO! Craig Miles just snuck into the ring and MEASURED Evan Aho breaking up the pin attempt. He just dropkicked Aho RIGHT on his injured shoulder.

RS: Miles saw from the outside that Aho was exposed going for all those pinfall attempts. Say what you want about The Pro’s, but they know what they’re doing inside that ring.

ByB: Mayfield now grabs Aho by that injured wing and whips him and HOLDS onto Aho’s arm! He’s trying to separate Aho’s shoulder! Now Mayfield tags Miles and holds onto Aho’s arm-- Miles just lays the boots RIGHT to that shoulder.

RS: This is when you’re going to see if Aho’s intense weight-training routine can hold up in the ring.

ByB: Miles comes off the ropes and knees Aho right on his shoulderblade. He now hoists Aho up-- Shoulderbreaker!  Another one! And a third! Miles now tags in Mayfield-- Miles holds up Aho’s legs while his head and injured arm are dropped across the top rope. Mayfield comes off the ropes and leapfrogs over Cocky Craig-- RIGHT ONTO AHO!

RS: This is perfect execution from our tag team champions.

ByB: Mayfield now hooks Aho-- Russian Neckbreaker! He tags in Miles again who bounces off the ropes and drops a knee onto Aho’s shoulder again!

RS: This is just tag-team-wrestling 101 from The Professionals. Of course, it’s easy to do that in a tag team matchup!

ByB: Miles now crouches down while Aho gets up-- COCKY LINE! COCKY LINE! HE JUST SENT AHO TO THE MAT WITH HIS CLOSESLINE! Miles runs to the middle rope and taunts the fans--

RS: Just wrestle, Craig. That’s all you need to do!

ByB: Miles now returns to Aho-- NO! AHO JUST SPEARED MILES! HE’S STRIKING MILES WITH EUROPEAN FOREARMS WITH HIS LEFT ARM! Repeatedly! Mayfield trying to come into the ring, Troutman blocks him--

RS: This is a con-job!

ByB: And Miles knees Aho in the groin while Troutman’s back is turned. Now Miles... HE JUST BIT AHO IN THE FOREHEAD DRAWING BLOOD. Now Miles is just STOMPING that hurt shoulder. He tags in his tag partner--and Hot Property comes in, dropping an elbow on Aho’s right shoulder.

RS: Keeping with their strategy the whole time. Aho’s going to have to dig down deep now. (CROWD: AH HOOO! AH HOOO! AH HOOOO!)

ByB: Mayfield now whips Aho into the corner and charges-- no! Aho gets out of the way! Now Aho hooks Mayfield-- BELLY-TO-BELLY! Aho’s starting to rise to his feet and these fans are going nuts! Aho’s up-- AND OH NO! CRAIG MILES JUST BLINDSIDED HIM FROM THE APRON WITH ANOTHER CLOSELINE! Troutman is LIVID, threatening to disqualify the champs!

RS: That was illegal and I can’t condone that, but it sure was effective!

ByB: Mayfield hooks Aho in a chicken wing and hoists him in the air-- OH NO! HE JUST DROPPED AHO SHOULDER FIRST! AHO IS SCREAMING IN PAIN!

RS: If his arm wasn’t hurt before, now his right shoulder is DEFINITELY injured.

ByB: Mayfield picks Aho up again-- but Aho counters with a left European shiver! And another! But Mayfield rakes the eyes!

RS: He’s got to remember the basics now. He’s fighting to survive now, not to win. He’s got to protect his right shoulder from these vultures!

ByB: Aho catches Mayfield with a headbutt to the stomach and hops up-- ROARING ELBOW THAT SENDS MAYFIELD REELING! Aho catches his breath and now bounces off the far ropes, spinning for another roaring elbow-- NO! MAYFIELD DROPS DOWN AND CATCHES AHO! NOOO! AHO JUST COUNTERED WITH A CARTWHEEL AND CAUGHT CRAIG MILES ON THE APRON WITH A ROARING ELBOW! But Aho spins-- SINGLE-ARM DDT FROM MAYFIELD! Now both men are on the mat, exhausted.

RS: Man alive, what a sequence that was! In their last match, Mayfield countered Aho’s Roaring Elbow with a drop-toe-hold. But Aho read that and used that to attack an unsuspecting Miles-- who has made his presence felt EVEN when he’s not the legal man. But that cartwheel hurt Aho’s shoulder even more, giving Mayfield an opportunity for the advantage.

ByB: Mayfield up to his feet first as this crowd is stomping away... (CROWD: AH HOOO! AH HOOOO! AH HOOOO!) He has Aho by that injured right arm and whips him-- and holds onto the arm again! Mayfield IMMEDIATELY hoists Aho back up by that arm and whips again-- NO! AHO ROLLS OUT AND TAKES MAYFIELD TO THE MAT! Aho hooks the leg and spins-- THAT’S HIS CATTLE MUTILATION MOVE!

RS: All twisted up like a pretzel!

ByB: These fans are going nuts! A-Ho!  Miles rolls into the ring to break up the move-- NO! AHO DODGES SO MILES LANDS ON HIS TAG PARTNER! (The crowd ERUPTS.) Now Aho is crouched-- SPINNING CRESCENT KICK SENDS MILES TO THE MAT! But Mayfield DROPKICKS Aho, who goes propelling to the corner RIGHT onto that hurt shoulder!

RS: All three of these men are showing their wrestling I.Q. tonight!

ByB: Mayfield now chopping Aho in the corner. He hooks Aho-- Belly-to-Belly! NO! Aho swings around and has the advantage! And now he Belly-to-Belly’s MayfieldOOOOOOH! HE JUST THREW MAYFIELD RIGHT ONTO A CHARGING CRAIG MILES! MILES LANDED HARD ON HIS HEAD! HOW DID AHO SEE THAT DEVELOPING???

RS: He’s like Jason Kidd. He sees the entire ring at once. When he reversed the move, he saw Miles getting ready to pounce and beat him to the punch!


RS: Trying to regroup his team!



ByB: BUT MILES JUST DROPKICKED AHO! Mayfield was almost STRANGLED out there and his partner made the save! All three men are exhausted here. Troutman turns to go back to the ring-- NO! NO! EDDIE MAYFIELD JUST SHOVED TROUTMAN FACE FIRST INTO THE RING STEPS! TROUTMAN IS OUT COLD!

RS: Advantage, Professionals!

ByB: Mayfield now grabs a chair and slides it into the ring... Miles grabs and swings at Aho-- NO! Aho rolled out of the way! AGAIN Miles swings, but Aho drop-toe-holds Miles across the ring ropes!

RS: Aho knows that he has to bide his time to avoid being taken out for good!

ByB: Mayfield leaps onto Aho and is just punching him right on his busted-open face! Now Mayfield is RAMMING away on that shoulder! Miles is slow to his feet... he grabs the chair again... AND HE JUST CLUBBED AHO IN THE HEAD! AHO SLUMPS TO THE MAT! AND NOW MILES DROPS THE CHAIR ON THE GROUND!

RS: I do believe that we might be seeing the end of a career right here!

ByB: Mayfield’s signaling like he’s going to drop a piledriver onto that chair! And oh no... Miles is climbing to the top rope! They’re going to spike Aho’s shoulder into that chair!

MILES: His career is OVER!

RS: This is so unfortunate!

ByB: Miles on the top role-- WHAT!!??!? THE LIGHTS JUST WENT OUT! (The crowd goes NUTS as the arena goes completely dark, save some lighters being lit.) WOAH! THAT’S--- THAT”S!!!

RS: I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! (The crowd is going nuts as--)






RHUBARB JONES: The winners of this match... AND NEW (The crowd goes NUTS as Mayfield and Miles are DESPONDENT back in the ring.) CSWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... EVAN AHO AND JJ DEVILLE!

ByB: Let’s go back to the locker room, where Stan Parsons is interviewing the champs!

(CUT TO: Bill Buckley, Jr. is next to a bloodied, beaten Evan Aho and “The Original King of Cool” JJ DeVille, who is wearing a belly shirt that says AMATEURS on it.)

SP: Folks, I can’t believe it, but I’m with the team that has been announced as the new champs.

(JJ grabs the mic. Evan is out on his feet, completely out of it.)

JJ: I told you, Guns. I told you, Intruders. I told you that I would get back at you. I told you that I would GAIN SWEET VENGENCE FOR TOSSING ME TO THE THIRD ROW! And I did! I just cost you guys THE GOLD! YOOOOOWWWWWW! WOOOO! I told--

(CUT TO: CSWA Commissioner Chad Merritt comes out, looking quite miffed.)

CM: Give me the belts NOW. Give me the belts, JJ. And ESPECIALLY yours, Aho. I did not sanction this match. I did not sanction this a TAG match. You’re not the champs and you NEVER will be. ( Chad hands the belts to Manuel Juarez.) You-- bring these back out.

JJ: WHAT? WHAT? We WON those!

(CUT TO: Manuel Juarez, running out with the tag belts. Mayfield and Miles are on the ring walkway.)

SP: NOW what is this?

(MERRITT comes out with a house mic.)



(The crowd reigns down boos as Mayfield and Miles grab their titles back and just rush to the back. CUT TO: Stan Parsons, with JJ DeVille and Aho.)

JJ: No! That’s NOT fair! We won those-- OHHH GEZZ! (Mayfield and Miles bum rush JJ and Aho, cracking both of them with their titles, throwing Aho into a locker. Both are laying the boots to them.)


MAYFIELD: (ripping the mic from Parsons) These titles are OUR titles. They belong to US! The PEE ARE OHHS. Let’s go CELEBRATE our SUCCESSFUL DEFENSE, Craig! (They walk off, spitting on JJ and Aho.)

RS:  Cut to commercial.  Get the camera off these goons.  Now!

CSWA World Championship
"The Living Legend" Mark Windham
vs.  Tom Adler

RS: Folks, it’s just about time for the MAIN EVENT for the CSWA World Championship! Mark Windham was able to hold off one of the CSWA’s new guard in Triple X at ON TIME, but tonight, he faces a man he’s known… and disliked… for years, the former “Mr. Magnificent,” Tom Adler.

ByB: Adler’s been making his case that his Presidential Championship should be recognized as the premier belt in the CSWA.

RS: And tonight he’s got a chance to prove it, by becoming, I believe, the first man to win the World Title while holding the Presidential Championship. It’s not the first match between these two, and it’s not the first scheduled match between the two for a major title.

ByB: Oh no, this cutaway is gonna have a midget in it, isn’t it? I thought we finally got rid of all of those!

(CUTTO: CSWA PRIMETIME in Boston: June 2, 1996)

BB: Fans, we're back from commercial. We've been told that Tom Adler has apparently been detained by a late incoming flight and is en route to the arena. He should be arriving in five minutes or less. In the meantime, apparently Mike Randalls is destroying the locker room area and is hunting for Hornet. But we've just received word that Hornet is leaving the building. Marvin tells me we've got a camera on standby out in the parking lot. Let's head out there.

(The door to the arena opens, and Hornet emerges, now in a suit and tie with a duffel bag in hand. A limo pulls up, and the driver steps out.)

Driver: Your car, sir.

Hornet: What? You're a midget! Are you sure you can drive a limo?

Driver: Where to, sir?

Hornet: I've got a dinner date at a place over on Continental and Fifth. Let's go.

(Hornet gets in the limo, as does the driver. Just as the driver starts up the limo, a Mercedes pulls up, with a police car flashing its lights behind him. Two policemen step out of the car.)

Hornet: What's taking so long?

Driver: We've been blocked in, sir. Should be able to get out in about five minutes or less.

Hornet: Oh great, just what I need. Have you got a paper up there?

Driver: Here's the Times, sir.

Hornet: Have you got the Journal? What's going on out there? I can't see anything through these windows.

Driver: Should be clear in a minute, sir. Here's your Journal.

(The policemen motion for the driver of the Mercedes to step out....it's Tom Adler.)

Adler: What's the problem, sirs?

Policeman #1: Do you know how fast you were going, sir?

Adler: Yes, I do. I'm in a bit of a hurry, officers, I've got a match for the World Championship waiting for me as we speak.

Policeman #2: World Championship? Yeah, and I'm Mark Windham. What do you think, Bob? I think we've got ourselves a DUI here.

Policeman #1: Sir, we're gonna have to ask you step against that limo and put your hands on the roof of the car please.

Adler: I can't believe this.

(In the limo)

Hornet: Well, nothing good in there. Have you got the GOOK?

Driver: I sure do, sir. I got the last copy the newsstand had. Apparently they're selling like hotcakes. Can you handle it?

Hornet: How about less talk, more driving? Or how about ANY driving? What's going on?

Driver: The police have someone pulled over, sir, right behind us.

Hornet: Great, because of some leadfoot, I'm gonna be late for dinner.

(Outside the limo)

Adler: Officers, if you'll just go inside and ask for Vince Bailey or Maxwell Diamond...

Policeman #1: We've gotta call this in...cuff him, Al.

Policeman #2: Will do. Sir, put your hands out in front of you please.

Adler: I don't have the time...

Policeman #1: I don't think we asked.

(Outside the arena)

(The two officers cuff Adler's hands together)

Policeman #1: We've gotta go call this in. Sir, we're gonna leave you here, we'll be right back.

Policeman #2: Here, use my set of cuffs. We'll cuff him to this limo. It's not going anywhere.

Policeman #1: Sounds good.

Adler: Wait just a second here.

Policeman #1: Sir, it'll take just a moment.

(The policemen cuff Adler's hands to the door handle of the limousine and walk to their car, laughing their heads off. As they start the car and leave, one of the policemen waves at Adler.)

(Inside the limo)

Midget: It looks like things are clearing up, sir. We're ready to roll.

Hornet: Finally! What's that noise? (There's a banging on the door)

Midget: Uh, it's the radiator, sir.

Hornet: Great, a limo that barely works. Just my luck. Let's go.

(The limo pulls off, out of the parking lot and onto the street. At first, it's slow enough that Adler can run along side.)

Hornet: What are you trying to do, starve me to death?

Midget: Sir, I'm on three phone books here, I can't reach the pedals real well.

Hornet: Oh my dear Lord. Listen, you just push the pedals, I'll tell ya which way to steer, got it? I'm not gonna be late just because some midget can't reach the freakin' pedals.

Midget: Yes, sir.

(The limo speeds up for the last five minutes of its drive to the restaurant. Adler is only able to keep himself from being drug along the street by pulling himself up by the door handle, allowing only his feet to drag. The limo arrives at the restaurant.)

Midget: I'll get your door, sir.

Hornet: Forget it, I got it.

Midget: But, sir.

(Hornet opens the door and steps out, finding Adler kneeling beside the limo door, barely conscious.)

Hornet: What in the world? Tom, if you had wanted to join me for dinner, you could've at least taken your own limo. Driver, take care of this mess, would ya?

(Hornet heads into the restaurant, laughing his head off)

BB: I don't think I can believe what we just saw.

RM: Marvin and that van-cam can really move, can't they?

BB: This is horrendous. This is appalling.

RJ: .....here is the EN World Heavyweight Champion, THE LIVING LEGEND...MARK WINDHAM!!!!

BB: Obviously, Adler didn't come out when he was introduced, for the reasons you just saw part of. A limo drags Adler down the street and then Hornet steps out!? This is just too much. Did Hornet know about what was going on?

RM: It's obvious those cops were paid by somebody.

BB: Inside the ring, Mark Windham is bouncing off the ropes like a schoolboy. The referee has begun a ten-count, but we know that Tom Adler is not going to appear. The crowd is counting along with the ref.

Crowd: SEVEN....

BB: I just can't believe this.

Crowd: EIGHT....

RM: Was that smoke coming from Adler's boots?

Crowd: NINE.....

BB: This is a travesty. Wait a second, Mark Windham has just stopped the ten-count! He's got the mic from Rhubarb!

MW: Well, fans, it looks like "Mr. Magnificent" is a no-show. I've had my fun....but just like I told him at Thanksgiving, when I take my match over him, I'll do it clean. I don't want some cheap count-out win because Adler couldn't catch a plane or fuel up his own. He couldn't handle Hornet without Maxwell Diamond, and I'm just glad I was there to even the score. Adler! Our time is coming very soon, and I'll be ready. I just hope you are.

RS: It’s hard to believe it’s been almost seven years since that match. Well…wasn’t really a match.

ByB: No, it’s hard to believe that Mark Windham still isn’t here at the building!

RS: Fans, that’s one of the dangers of this special LIVE broadcast of ON TIME. We’ve been told that the CSWA World Champion is stuck in traffic after being delayed at the airport, but while we were viewing that clip I’m told that Windham is pulling into the parking area and will wrestle in street clothes if he has to! Let’s cut to our camera downstairs along with Stan Parsons.

(A black limousine pulls into the underground parking deck and toward the door that says “Stage Entrance.” A blue Camry pulls up beside it, apparently Mark Windham’s rental car. Windham grabs a bag from the passenger seat and flies out of the car, not even bothering to shut the driver’s side door. As he passes the limousine, Stan Parsons runs up with a microphone.)

SP: Mark, are you ready to wrestle?

MW: I’m here, aren’t I, Rudy? I guess there are some things in life you just can’t control, and the idiot who’s driving the limo is one of them.

(Mark slams his fist down on the hood of the black limo, leaving a dent.)

SP: The World Champion is here, and he looks more fired up than I’ve seen him in a while. I guess that’s what traffic jams will…. WHOA!

(As Windham pulls open the stage door, Nathan Storm and Bishop come flying out from the arena. They grab hold of Windham and throw him onto the hood of the limousine. Stan Parsons, meanwhile, takes the chance to dive back through the stage door, escaping the melee. As Bishop works over Windham on the hood, Storm open the passenger door and comes away with a tire iron. He begins hammering Windham, opening up a laceration on his forehead. A lone CSWA security guard comes out of the stage door, but he’s dispatched quickly by Bishop, who slams into the door, then through it. Storm pulls Windham off the hood, and the driver pulls the limo in front of the door, blocking any further help.)

RS: What in the world is this!? If Adler wanted to skip out on the match why not say so himself? Or at least go after Windham man-to-man?

ByB: Apparently Adler carries grudges a very long time. As far as what this is… I think you called it earlier, Rudy. Look at the monitor.

(The camera shows Bishop holding Windham against the driver’s side door as Storm pulls out a set of handcuffs, locking him to the door handle. Behind them, the rear door opens, showing first a foot, then a diamond-studded cane, and finally, the whole of Maxwell Diamond, now with his head shaved and sporting a goatee. Diamond uses his cane to knock away Windham’s attempt at a kick.)

MD: Careful there, Mark. I know it’s been a long time, but let’s not ruin the suit, alright?

(Diamond laughs and slaps the roof of the car. He steps toward the stage door as the limo begins to back up and pull away, with Windham still attached. The limo speeds up as the parking garage door begins to lower, apparently in an attempt to block the limo in. The camera heads back inside, where Tom Adler is on his way to the ring.)

RS: These fans are showing their disrespect of Adler, and with good reason.

ByB: Good reason? What about the clip of Hornet and Windham we showed earlier!?

RS: I didn’t condone it then, and I don’t condone it now.

ByB: And yet some around here wonder why people get concerned about Hornet’s ‘change of heart’ and the fact that he likes to hang around World Title matches? It’s just another America’s Team ‘swerve’ waiting to happen.

RS: Then why would Merritt pair them against each other at BATTLE OF THE BELTS?

ByB: Who knows what goes on in Mr. Merritt’s head?

RS: “Mister” Merritt?

ByB: I have respect for my boss. Enough to know that I don’t know everything he’s thinking or to presume to think I know more.

RS: Well that’s a first. This is ridiculous.

(Inside the ring, Adler grabs the referee by the front of the shirt and yells at him to count. Ben Worthington objects at first, but finally begins the count. The boos get louder as Worthington gets closer.. and finally counts, ten. Adler commands the referee to raise his hand as Maxwell Diamond makes his way to the ring steps and onto the apron. Diamond looks fit for a man in his late 50s as he pauses for a moment to soak in the negative response from the crowd. He smiles cunningly then steps into the ring. He looks around the jam-packed arena, pausing momentarily to nod at a fan in the front row holding up a makeshift sign saying Diamonds Are Forever. He motions to Rhubarb for a microphone and takes a position near the middle of the ropes... flanked to his rear by Storm and Bishop, with Eric Wright sitting on the far top turnbuckle. Adler in the corner to his right.)

Diamond: Ya know, I was flipping through the channels a few months back and happened upon one of the syndicated shows here in the CSWA. And, I listened to the comments from groups like the Intruders... the PLR... guys from the GXW. And, I gotta tell ya. The first thing that popped into my mind was somebody call my lawyers because somebody just stole our gig.

Oh, don't get me wrong... it's always entertaining to watch people make an ass out of themselves doing something you did long before 'em. But, let's be realistic. You guys are bringing NOTHING to the table that we didn't write the recipe for. Must See TV may be funny. But, let's face it, the Nick at Night crowd did it first... did it better... and walked away on their own terms, not somebody else's. And this is no different.

But then, I have to admit... just because it's unoriginal, doesn't mean it's ineffective. And, make no mistake, you guys are definitely effective. And I have no doubt in my mind that most of 'em are capable of doing exactly what they say they will... bring this federation to its knees. Which brings us to the matter at hand. Who here in the CSWA is best equipped to weather the (BLEEP) storm that's about to hit this place. Merritt... who within the CSWA locker room is going to be left standing when the dust settles? Let's face facts. It's not like the roll call is all that long. And it looks to be getting shorter by the second.

Oh, I know, there are people tossing comments around. I'm sure if you begged and pleaded to Randalls that he might climb down off of whatever mountain he's living on at the moment. Maybe Joey Melton can interrupt his hectic schedule of dry humping dwarfs to give a care. And, maybe if you're really lucky, Hornet will surpass his endless quest to find some EPA approved face paint and draw himself a smile long enough to lend you a hand. But, is that really where you wanna go? Then, of course, we have guys like Lawrence Stanley. Who, don't get me wrong, is a great wrestler. But, is he really the type to get down and dirty with the best of 'em?

And, what of our illustrious United States Champion, Shane Southern and his new best bud, Troy. Last I checked, Southern was the NFW World Champion. A company co-run by the same guy that this man (pointing to Eric Wright) exposed as a cutthroat and a back stabber when he was VP of the AAWC. Tell me... if those guys say jump, do you REALLY think Southern isn't gonna ask how high? Look who's writing him the bigger checks right now and ask yourself that question again. Then again, maybe we just have a bug up our asses about the NFW. Or, maybe we're right. And Troy? Well, as good as he is, he's already admitted he needs a lot of help.

So, Chad, I ask you again. WHO are you gonna go to when the Intruders or the GXW are inches away from shutting this place down?

The fact of the matter is, Chad, that you really only have... ONE option. And, you're lookin' at it. And, I know you're sitting back there right now pitching a fit because you know I'm right. Now, I'm not stupid. I know you've got an awful lot of people whispering in your ear as of late that the one man you need is the man you can trust the least (pointing a thumb toward Adler). I mean, here's a guy who's walked out on you... with belt in tow... on more than one occasion. It would be suicide to trust any one of us. The Diamond X came within an EYELASH of OWNING this place not long ago. And you and I both know it.

I'm sure you've even got a lot of people back there pointing to what's happened out here tonight, including several thousand people out here right now (the crowd roars). And, that's fine, because you know what, Chad? They're RIGHT! (the crowd gets quiet for a moment) I could lie to you and tell you that we've all changed. Say we're all devoted to the CSWA and we were oh so wrong all those times. But, it'd be just that... a lie. I can only give you one reason why you should look our way right now. And the (BLEEP) of it for you, Chad, is that it's as good a reason as you're gonna get, and it's the only one you really need.

You either go along and HOPE it doesn't come back to bite you in the ass, or you don't and create your own self fulfilling prophecy and insure that it WILL. It's as simple as that. Call it blackmail. Call it a protection racket. Call it whatever you want. But, the fact of the matter it's the best offer you're gonna get. And it won't be offered again.

Fortunately for you, we're not asking for that much. We don't want endless title shots. We don't want referees to pull their count. And, if you're lucky, I may even forget that I once had notions of owning this place. No... Merritt... I'm not so heartless as to force you to give us anything but what we earn. Nor do I intend to be stuck up in your face every time you turn around. We want to be recognized for what we have been and what we intend to continue being... the most dominant unit that this industry has ever seen. Some of the names may change, but the results will be the same.

Now, I know that we aren't exactly the most popular guys on the block right about now. And that's fine. We've never been welcomed by the fans of this federation before. It's not a priority now. But, Merritt, I want you to think about what actually went on here tonight. Ask yourself... does Tsunami really have a gripe about this when HIS former best friend is the man responsible for Bishop having to wrestle under a mask? Windham? Chad, I doubt even your memory is selective enough to have forgotten that it was he himself who perpetrated the same exact act on Adler, at least until your production crew re-ran it. No, all that happened here tonight was settling some scores. So, you and everybody else might want to keep that in mind before you go assessing labels.

ByB: Is he done yet? Cause this is getting as long as that speech Hornet did on GUNS years ago.

MD: But for you, Chad... you need to ask yourself how much worse tonight COULD have been. Do you really think that had it been GUNS... or Mayfield... or Ryan out here, that Windham would still be World Champion? You can bet your butt that he wouldn't. And the mantle piece of the CSWA would now be in enemy hands. Tonight wasn't about titles. You can be grateful it was us and not one of them. But, make no mistake. We can and will compete on whatever level necessary to deal with the situation at hand. We play for keeps. And we deliver.

But, as I said, this is where the generosity ends. From this point on, we can either benefit together, or we will benefit alone. The choice is yours, Merritt. But, don't take too long to make it. This offer has a definite expiration date, and it's a short one.

Now, just to make sure this whole thing ends on a positive note, we're gonna do the CSWA a favor. We're gonna revive the sorriest tag team division on the face of the planet. And we're gonna give both the fans and ourselves what they want in the process. You've got a couple of guys on your roster that USED to dominate the tag team scene in this federation. Now, I know I've been away for a little bit, but rumor has it that these guys aren't ALLOWED to wrestle as a team any more. We want that changed. (the crowd pops huge) Because, quite frankly, a little beatdown just doesn't quite make up for permanent disfigurement.

We want Wildstar and Tsunami in the ring... together. You shouldn't have a big problem arranging that. Lord knows that loopholes have been found in SIMILAR provisions before (Adler just smiles). You give us them, and we'll give you a tag team feud that TRULY earns the label of... FIVE STARS. Don't? Look up the last few May Maelstroms and consider your options again.

(All five men stand with their arms crossed over their heads in an X fashion then proceed to leave the ring)

RS: Folks, I apologize for this, but as I said, sometimes things change on a live broadcast. We hope to see you at the next ON TIME, as well as the CSWA’s next event, CSWA PRIMETIME in Richmond.

ByB: Is he done yet?

RS: Let it go…