CSWA: ON TIME  goes to the home of the 'shot heard 'round the world.'

Hornet vs. Deacon

Lance Leizure vs. 
Nathan Cross

Aelieas Fierte vs. 
Gabriel Poe

Lawrence Stanley vs.
Kendall Codine

Nate Logan vs. Wesley Paige

Chris Lehew/Mike Plett
vs. Shane Southern/Troy Windham

GUNS vs. Michael Gettis

Unified Tag:
The Professionals vs. 
The New Suicide Squad

CSWA World:
Mark Windham vs. 
"Triple X" Sean Stevens


 CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Shane Southern

Tom Adler


Unified Tag:
The Professionals

(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth
CUT TO:  The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut
CUT TO:  The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth
CUT TO:  Eli and Troy
“playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Triple X flying outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Tom Adler holding the Presidential title
CUT TO:  Dan Ryan and Chris Lehew before a flame-filled backdrop
CUT TO:  Apocalypse at the top of the ramp from ELVIS LIVES
CUT TO:  Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb
CUT TO:  Mark Windham and Evan Aho going toe-to-toe from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Mike Plett turning on Triple X and Shane Southern at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The Men Of Adventure standing victorious in the center of the ring
CUT TO:  Hornet hitting the Hornet Splash against Lawrence Stanley
CUT TO:  The “New PLR” standing in the ring at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp
CUT TO:  Cameron Cruise looking over the stage at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Lawrence
Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags
CUT TO:  Shane Southern holding the United States
title in the air, over Dan Ryan’s body from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Lance Liezure clobbering Nate Logan with a chair at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The Intruders standing in the center of the ring at FISH FUND XIII, their gold laying on the ground and their hands in the air.
CUT TO:  JJ Deville doing the Fargo Strut
CUT TO:  Mike Randalls in the
Mojave Desert
CUT TO:  Nathan Cross on the middle turnbuckle with a hand raised in the air
CUT TO:  “Pitbull” Pete Hardy gearing up backstage.
CUT TO:  Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa standing before a CSWA backdrop
CUT TO:  GUNS with the
Greensboro title inside out
CUT TO:  Hip Hop Express “rolling” backstage
CUT TO:  A montage image of the New PLR, Intruders, GXW, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho, Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and  Deacon.)

(CUT TO:  A huge pyro display, followed by the camera panning around the arena catching glimpses of various CSWA related signs from its eager fans before parking on Rudy Seitzer and Billy Buckley.)

RS:  Welcome to CSWA ON TIME… we’ve got THREE hours of explosive action tonight, and this might as well be a P-P-V…

ByB:  I’m your host, Billy Buckley… this quack is Rudy Seitzer… we’re starting this off with a match that could HEADLINE any pay-per-view… and it is CERTAINLY a Pay-Per-View atmosphere here tonight, the CSWA delivers like no other, and our last three PPV’s in a row have showed that… and that feeling is around this card, what a show is lined up for our final card of this television season…

(CUE UP:  “Hero” by Chad Kroeger and Josie Scott – massive roar as the crowd begins to anticipate Hornet versus Deacon.)

RS:  The CSWA’s grandest stars have come out tonight, without a doubt…

ByB:  Buggy takes on the Mute Freak… this is insane!

(The lights go out, and the crowd pops HUGE.  You can almost hear the Gregorian Chant building underneath the crowd’s response.  Thunder strikes while simultaneously on CSWAvision:


(Complete darkness again, with only the crowd and the Gregorian chant being heard.)


“IS” on the CSWAvision


(The crowd reaches a frenzied level.)


“FAITH IS?” on the CSWAvision


(Everything goes silent.  No Chant.  No sound outside of the crowd.  After 30 seconds of darkness, the confused crowd begins to become more silent, with only a few loud screams.)

(Over the loudspeaker, Deacon’s voice can be heard.)

DEACON:  I have your evidence…

(The crowd goes ballistic)

DEACON:  Right here!

(Spotlights from all around the stadium hit the ring where Deacon is standing in the middle of it, wearing the same outfit he wore at Fish Fund.)

Hornet vs. Deacon

RS:  Deacon does it again.  This crowd is ALREADY worked into a frenzy.  He is certainly a part of the CSWA that we’ve missed.  Deacon and Hornet are standing in the center of the ring facing one another.  The bell has rung, and neither man moves.

ByB:  I can see Deacon’s heart beating out of his chest from out here.  He’s obviously nervous about this encounter.  His first REAL match back, and he steps in there with Bugbrain… even if we don’t like the guy, he’s a franchise player…

RS:  Well, if he’s lost a step, this should show it.

ByB:  Hornet and Deacon move forward.  Hornet is outsized in this matchup, but he’s trying to stand toe to toe with the big man.  HORNET’S RIGHT HAND!

RS:  Not what you had in mind?

ByB:  Hardly.  Hornet is offering to shake hands.  The crowd is behind this decision.

RS:  Maybe, but Deacon isn’t asking their opinion.  His eyes are fixed on Hornet.

(Deacon slowly shakes his head ‘no’.)

RS:  And Hornet has his answer.

(They continue to lock eyes for a few more seconds and then Hornet shrugs his shoulders and says something to Deacon that you can hear picked up by the camera.)

HORNET:  Your choice, big man.

(Deacon stands in the middle of the ring while Hornet bounces into the ropes a few times in warm up and then…)

RS:  Hornet with a drop down, grabbing for Deacon’s leg.  Deacon out of there.  Hornet back up with a smile on his face.

ByB:  And he’s continuing to talk to Deacon.  You think he’s trying to distract the big man?

RS:  If he is, Deacon’s not returning the favor.  The Silent Giant appears to be back in full performance tonight.

ByB:  He wasn’t exactly ‘silent’ with Mark Windham’s comments the other day.

RS:   That’s true, but now isn’t the time to talk.

ByB:  They tie up.  At one time, Deacon would’ve won any basic power tie up in this contest, but though he’s impressive, he’s not the man he was when he left.

RS:  Say what you will, but he just shoved Hornet to the mat.

ByB:  I don’t mean he’s not impressive, I simply mean that he doesn’t have the size that he once did.  And even if he DOES talk a lot… he’s still a Mute Freak.

RS:  But, as he would say, he has faith.  Hornet is up and smiling.  A QUICK LOCK UP and HORNET forces Deacon into the corner.  Hornet surprised Deacon with that one.

ByB:  Unless, as I’m saying, Deacon isn’t as powerful as he once was.

RS:  I guess we’ll find out, because Deac’s got a baptism of fire tonight.  The ref is calling for a break.  Will Hornet give a clean break?

ByB:  Don’t forget the ‘ClaimStakers’.

RS:  I’m sure Deacon hasn’t either.  Ref counting for the 5 count and… Hornet lets go.  Deacon walks out of the corner and, HORNET RACES AT HIM.  Deacon side steps and sends Hornet to the rope.  Hornet back and both men throw a shoulder.

ByB:  And Hornet didn’t go down.  I’m telling you, Deacon isn’t the man he was.

RS:  Hornet back into the ropes and he slides under Deacon’s legs.  Stands up… BACK ELBOW from Deacon.

ByB:  NO!  Hornet ducks, grabs the arm and Belly to Back Suplex.  Hornet quick to grab that arm and wrap it up with an armbar.  It appears he’s working on the shoulder early.

RS:  It appears Hornet is going with history considering that was Deacon’s problem when last he wrestled.

ByB:  Rudy, keep talking, but we’ve got to take a break…

RS:  Fans, if anything happens during the…


RS:  Welcome back, guys...  Hornet has continued to work over Deacon’s shoulder during the break.  Right now, he’s got that shoulder bent in a way it’s not supposed to go, that much is for sure, and Deacon is face down on the mat.

ByB:  Welcome back to the CSWA, Deacon.

RS:  He’s certainly being reintroduced in true fashion.  Deacon raises up with his free hand, Hornet trying to hold him down.  Now how’s THAT for strength?

ByB:  It’s – Deacon grabs Hornet’s head and … HE’S STANDING UP!  Hornet is wrenching on that shoulder, but Deacon is NOT giving up.  Deacon has him in a Standing Fireman’s carry position… Death Valley Driver!

RS:  But Deacon can’t capitalize.  He’s grabbing that shoulder, trying to work the kinks out of it.  Hornet’s trying to clear his head and- -

ByB:  Deacon with a running knee.  NO!  Hornet grabs him and delivers a STIRRING Spinebuster.  Deacon may not be as big as before, but he’s still around that 300 pounds mark!

RS:  And Hornet is back on that shoulder.  He wraps it around the ropes and is wrenching up on that, the ref calling for the break.

ByB:  And he breaks.

RS:  Hornet picks up Deacon… SHOULDERBREAKER!  Hornet hefts him back up and INTO THE CORNER SHOULDERFIRST!

ByB:  Is it just me, or does the word “ring rust” probably have a picture of Deacon next to its definition?

RS:  He’s certainly trying to work out the kinks.  I think he lacks some of that early skill that we remember so fondly.

ByB:  Well, Hornet is having his way with him.  I have to wonder if Deacon should return to the ring with this much going against him.

RS:  But remember his words in promoting this match – “It’s in my weakness that HE, in reference to his personal beliefs, is made strong”.  Maybe this is how Deacon wants to be?

BB:  Face down on the mat after receiving 2 clotheslines and a piledriver?

RS:  … Hornet gets him back up.  NECKBREAKER by Hornet.  He goes for the pin…1…2  KICKOUT WITH AUTHORITY.  More of that missing power you love to call, Billy.

ByB:  But he’s still not able to take advantage.  Hornet moves back in, whip to the corner and he’s coming in with a.

RS:  DEACON MOVES!  Hornet falls through the ropes and lands HARD outside the ring.  Deacon still holding that shoulder as he looks to the crowd.  They’re getting worked up here as Hornet starts to get back to his feet…What’s Deacon going to do?

(Deacon bounces off the far ropes, he’s heading back toward Hornet and…)


RS:  That certainly surprised everyone here.  Deacon stands up with a huge smile on his face.  You would think he enjoyed that risky situation.

ByB:  Hornet certainly didn’t.  Deacon picks him back up and rolls him inside.

RS:  DEACON HEADING UP TOP!  Hornet is standing up, Deacon poised to attack and CLOTHESLINE FROM THE TOP ROPE!  Deacon with the pin attempt… 1- 2… Not a 3 count after this one.  Deacon picks up Hornet and- -

ByB:  Hornet with a jawbreaker!

RS:  And that might as well be a heartbreaker for the big man.  Hornet grabs Deacon’s arm and - - DEACON WITH A BEAR HUG!  He’s cinched it in, and in this case, Deacon is ALSO going with history.  Hornet’s back problems are legendary.

ByB:  And so is Hornet’s resiliency.  No sooner does Deacon lock it in than Hornet starts pounding away at that shoulder.  Deacon HAS to let go.  Deacon holding his shoulder.  Hornet holding his back.

RS:  Not for long, Hornet grabs Deacon and MANHATTAN DROP by Deacon!  I hope Hornet didn’t forget his cup… OH!  Big boot to the face by Deacon.  No cup to protect you up there.

ByB:  And the Big Man is calling for it.

RS:  Listen to this crowd.  Hornet pulls himself up on all fours.  Deacon grabs his head, puts him in position.  We’re going to see the ALTAR CALL!

ByB:  NOPE!  Hornet grabs those legs, pulls Deacon’s legs out from under him, kick to the midsection and… SCORPION DEATHLOCK!  HORNET’S CINCHED IT IN!

RS:  Oh no, this can’t be happening.

ByB:  What?  Deacon losing?

RS:  NO!  Commercial break.

ByB:  You’ve GOT to be kidding me?

RS:  …nope.  We gotta pay the bills.  If anything, and I DO mean ANYTHING happens, we will show it to you on instant replay.


RS:  Welcome back.  As you can see, Deacon is still fighting for all his worth in this move, and with that weakened shoulder, he appears to be unable to gather the force to get out of the Scorpion DeathLock.  He’s been fighting this, but I’m not sure how much longer he can hold out.

ByB:  OH NO!

RS:  What?

ByB:  We’ve got visitors.

RS:  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  NOW?

ByB:  GXW is heading down this way!  Chris Lehew and Mike Plett are on their way down!  

RS:  Shouldn't they be a little more worried about their match against Troy Windham and Shane Southern later tonight?

ByB:  Maybe they're gonna take the clippers to Hornet or Deacon now!

RS:  Plett grabs a chair and slides into the ring.  WHAM!  He nails Hornet and breaks up the Scorpion.

ByB:  I bet Deacon forgets to send a thank you note for that one.

RS:  Hornet will win this match by disqualification, but he might lose to GXW in the short run!  Plett pastes Hornet with the chair again as Lehew lays into him with the boots.  Deacon is in the nearby corner recovering from the Scorpion.  Lehew and Plett pull Hornet to his feet.  Plett throws the chair to the mat as he sets up Hornet... Russian legsweep onto the chair!  The back of Hornet's head connected hard with that chair... and Lehew follows with that big guillotine leg drop.  These two are doing a number on Hornet.

ByB:  And here comes the Mute Freak to join in! 

RS:  I doubt that!  Deacon slams into Lehew from behind, sending him through the middle ropes.  Plett grabs the chair to go after him, but Deacon swats it and sends it flying across the ring.  A hard right hand staggers Mikey long enough for Deacon to pick him up.  He sets him for the crucifix powerbomb...but Lehew makes the save from behind, hitting Deacon in that worked-over shoulder.  But Hornet's on his feet as Plett hits the mat.  Reverse neckbreaker on Lehew... and now Hornet tosses him back outside.

ByB:  Come on... you know Deacon wants to grab that chair and pound him.

RS:  No, Deacon picks up Sight in a gorilla press... and throws him over the top rope right on top of Lehew!  The crowd is on its feet cheering now that Deacon and Hornet have cleared house.  Now the only question that remains...

ByB:  I'm gonna gag if we have a lovey-dovey hug and handshake here.

RS:  I don't think they'll be hugging anytime soon, but Deacon has his hand outstretched!  Hornet stares him down.....  then turns and rolls out of the ring.  Hornet offered his hand to Deacon early in the match, only to be refused, and now it looks like he's returning the favor.  We have to take a break, but Leizure/Cross is up next!

Lance Leizure vs. Nathan Cross

The crowd gave Liezure (accompanied to the ring by Jessie Phillips, who seems to look more and more like a massive loose cannon masked with blonde, Kurt Cobain-style hair, each and every show) a fairly decent pop, coming off his near victory over Kevin Powers at PrimeTime.   Nathan Cross came out to little fanfare,  but he quickly began to dazzle the crowd with high impact maneuvers, springing off the top ropes like they were his own personal playground.  His showboating between moves received mixed reaction, but he continued to woo the crowd after each one, making them forget feelings of jeering in favor of supporting him again.  Within five minutes of the bell, both men had shown more than they had ever shown before – Lance Liezure pulled off moves that he, perhaps, wasn’t able to get off in his matches with Eli Flair and Kevin Powers, including a variation on the hurricane DDT, almost piledriving Cross into the ground.  Cross was no slouch however, and this pseudo-cruiserweight bout turned into a mat game, but quickly degenerated into a fist fight.  Nathan Cross went for the schoolboy rollup he joked about within the promos he cut before showtime, but Liezure rolled out and reversed…

(Joined in progress at 6:10 )

ByB:  This is surprising…

RS:  Cross with a counter, one… two, no, Liezure back over with a rollup, he gets one but Cross is already out, rollup, AND ANOTHER reversal, but Liezure not going for the pin… he’s lifting Cross from the position… he’s got Nathan Cross in the air for a powerbomb…

ByB:  Cross flies back, Frank’N’Parsons, Liezure rolls through and holds on tight… one… two…

RS:  NO!  Nate back up and they’re back at reversing counters, this one has broke down into a bout of desperation, these kids are REALLY showing us something tonight, the crowd seems to be rooting for Lance Liezure but Nathan Cross is showing us he can get the job done, if he sticks with it… he’s rolling a Boston crab on Liezure… but Liezure already gets the ropes…

ByB:  Now I know why Benson drinks so much…

RS:  Cross stepping back… could be setting up a superkick or some sort of clothesline… BUT LIEZURE WITH A SHOT TO THE GUT, LIEZURE SUITE!  LEIZURE SUITE!  ONE… TWO… THREE!  Lance Liezure pulls it off, this crowd got HOT…

Winner:  Lance Liezure

RS:  What a night this is, don’t TOUCH that dial, we’ve got Mark Windham defending CSWA’s richest prize against TRIPLE X, we’ve got the Intruders - Pros and GUNS both defending, Plett and Lehew are taking on Shane Southern and… WHO?

ByB:  Hopefully not the Hooded Falcon…

RS:  Kid…

(CUT TO:  Commercial Break)

Aelieas Fierte vs. Gabriel Poe

Two big, strong guys come into the ring… Poe with a mind that seemed to be off somewhere else became the target of a lot of heavy-hitting moves by the young CSWA athlete, who takes a lot of PRIDE in his craft.  Apocalypse showed a lot of veteran reserve thought, coming back with whatever Fierte had to deal him out.  Fierte almost ended that with a STALLING SUPLEX on Poe… The fact that it only got two is simply a testament to Poe’s will, because the entire arena could feel Fierte slam Apocalypse.  The commentators discussed Fierte’s physical ability, but in the end it was a simple rookie mistake of telegraphing a back body drop that gave Poe a chance to hit the Seventh Seal for his second win in a row at the three and a half minute mark.

Winner:  "Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe

RS:  Fans, we’re about to see the CSWA return of a man wearing the GXW colors on his chest, a man who had all the makings to be the CSWA’s greatest competitor… but things didn’t work out, and one-bad-break-after-another, Kendall Codine ended up heading for work outside the CSWA, but he claims to be back here to take care of some old business… and even though it makes me sick to my stomach that he’s one of the guys associated with Mike Plett and the entire GXW… Codine is here to continue a classic feud with Lawrence Stanley, who is definitely the crowd’s favorite here tonight…

Lawrence Stanley vs. Kendall Codine 

Kendall Codine came out to massive boos, but as always, he ignored the crowd and focused on the task at hand – the wildly popular Lawrence Stanley.  Rudy continued to discuss the history between the two men, dating back to the early part of 1999, and then went on to bad mouth Codine for “heading for higher ground”.  Codine’s methodical strategy in the ring is just the same as it was when the CSWA last saw him, as he picked apart the right leg of Stanley.  Stanley was certainly happy to return the favors, though, and both men gave each other a great fight… Codine with a giant neckbreaker kept the tide in his favor, and then hit the ropes and came off with a leg drop, nearly scoring the fall.  As the match progressed, Stanley came back and after nearly five minutes, the two hit a wild double clothesline that took them both to the mat.  Just seconds later, Codine managed to become the first man to his feet, and looked over toward the turnbuckles.

(Joined in progress, 5:15 )

RS:  He launches off with a HUGE SPLASH on Lawrence Stanley, hooks the leg...  One… Two… Thre….NO!  STANLEY KICKS OUT AND THIS CHARLESTON , SOUTH CAROLINA CROWD GOES INSANE!

ByB: Lawrence Stanley has a lot of guts here!  I can’t really stand the guy, but Larry is putting on a superb display. 

RS: The Blade throws Stanley into the ropes, bends over… telegraphed the move, Stanley ducks to a knee and slaps the taste out of Codine’s mouth!  Codine stumbles backward… Stanley chops him hard in the chest, two times, then rests him against the ropes and DOES IT AGAIN!  Throws him into the corner, tries to follow in.  Blade with a back body drop, Stanley lands on the apron, mounts the top rope like a light heavyweight!  These two men are acting like CRUISERS in the ring, we’ve seen the biggest guys pulling off the most death-defying moves tonight… Codine catches him up top, though!  Throws him off to the extreme dislike of the crowd… Stanley landed hard in the center of the ring

ByB:  Codine looks damn near possessed! 

RS:  His hatred of Lawrence Stanley most likely knows NO bounds, it’s one of the only things we REALLY know about the enigma that is Kendall Codine… his friendship with Triple X, and to an extent his new running buddy Plett… his hatred for Stanley… and here, Stanley stands up, runs into Blade, who scoops him up and hotshots him across the top rope!  Stanley is hung out to dry as Codine is having his way with our CSWA competitor… these fans are letting him have it, and like we’ve said tonight, he just doesn’t give a damn. 

ByB:  And while I normally would commend him for that… this GXW goon is…


ByB:  Codine… gets out!

RS:  GUILLOTINE BLADE!  This place is DEAFENING with jeers, what an emotional night in Charleston … one… two… three!  Codine comes back to the CSWA and his first match is a pinfall victory over Lawrence Stanley … I just wish he was on our side, damnit…

ByB:  People are THROWING things already, and we’re only just over an hour into it! 

RS:  We saw Deacon’s first official match in the CSWA, he and Hornet tore down the house like only they can… the GXW’s Kendall Codine just defeated CSWA favorite Lawrence Stanley but don’t think that their long time rivalry will just go away… and speaking of the GXW, we’ve got Mike Plett and …

ByB:  Captain No Name…

RS:  Well, he IS GXW… we’ve got Plett and Lehew taking on Shane Southern and a 'mystery partner.'  After PRIMETIME, you have to assume that SOMEONE is none other than "Mr. CSWA" Troy Windham!  That one’s coming up in just a few minutes, but for right now we’re going to take a look at the three factions that each formed their ranks at FISH FUND…

(CUT TO:  A mixtape of The Intruders, GXW’s faction and the New PLR)

ByB:  Well… one of the new PLR guys is out here in the ring right now!

Nate Logan vs. Wesley Paige 

This match was originally supposed to be Logan versus former champion Evan Aho.  However, before the card, it was announced that Evan Aho had been placed on the injured list.  Wearing his PLR t-shirt, Nate Logan played into the boos of the crowd all through this bout, working over Paige, as the commentators speculated about the severity of Aho's injury.  Logan worked a series of heavy hitting maneuvers, and took every shortcut he could… Logan continued to work over Paige, even pulling him up before three-counts in an attempt to embarrass the long-time CSWA jobber.  Finally, the ref threatened to disqualify Logan, so he hit the Zero Hour, his combination leaping kneelift/dropping DDT.

Winner:  Nate Logan

BB:  Fans, we've got to take a break, but up next is a huge one.  The GXW contingent meets the US Champion and "Mister CSWA"... NEXT!

Chris Lehew and "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett
Shane Southern
and Troy Windham

(Joined in progress at the six minute mark)

RS:  Billy, even you can’t deny the will being displayed right here by Shane Southern, our United States champion… he’s trying his best to get to his partner, Troy Windham, but these GXW-aligned grapplers have used every underhanded method in the book of keeping him out of that corner…

ByB:  I don’t have to admit anything, Rude-man.

RS:  Mike Plett, a man I really thought I knew, has been on a furious streak of built up anger.  Sure, he may not have always gotten the treatment he thought he deserved, but the CSWA and the fans appreciated everything he did, I don’t know who or what got into his head…

ByB:  Then you’re deaf.  He said Zieba and Codine talked to him!

RS:  I guess that’s about right… but he’s turned his back on us now, and even though he hasn’t been allowed to make an appearance on GXW television yet, he’s certainly been a big part of their organization, most especially over here on our territory… and look at Shane Southern begin to power his way out of this sleeper hold that Plett has on him, he’s got the crowd fired up and you know, you KNOW Billy, Troy Windham is itching to get a hold of Wicked Sight and for that matter anybody with the GXW colors on! 

ByB:  I can’t really blame him…

RS:  Shane is coming out with a set of elbows to the ribs, and he sends Plett to the far side, this crowd is going nuts but NO!  Mike Plett with a big time 360-degree clothesline, and the crowd just died right back down.  I remember a day not very long ago when that move would bring this crowd to a deafening roar, but Mike Plett had to turn his back on that!  And he’s reapplied that sleeper, or rather a rear chinlock now, on his former running buddy, the United States champion, who has fought almost two-on-one here, since he hasn’t been able to make a tag to his partner, Mr. CSWA…

ByB:  Take a breath dude!  And if I hear you babble about Plett's 'deafening roars' anymore... good grief, the man was a mid-carder, a jobber!

RS:  Look at that!  Plett released the hold and slapped Troy!  He’s taunting  Windham; Troy has to keep his composure.  But he’s not and referee Benny Worthington is holding him back, giving Mike Plett and Chris Lehew the chance to double team Southern once again.  This “Career Killer” is a serious player.  Jjust as I said with Kendall Codine earlier, I really wish this kid was on our side but he isn’t.  I tell you what, at least I know Kendall Codine has some sort of reason for fighting us… but Lehew, it seems like pure jealousy in my book…

ByB:  But it’s getting the job done here, is it not?  Worthington turns around and he doesn’t even notice that Lehew and Plett have switched positions.

RS:  And we all know how frustrating this has to be for Troy Windham … Lehew has his feet on the ropes!  Shane Southern is starting to lose this one, folks, he’s doing all he can do…

ByB:  Worthington just assaulted Lehew!

RS:  No, he merely got his legs off the ropes, and now Southern is to his knees… and now to one knee, another set of elbows is getting him out, he shoots Lehew off into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog… GIANT FRANK’N’PARSONS BY THE BIG MAN, AND SHANE SOUTHERN IS POUNDING AWAY AT THE FOREHEAD OF THE CAREER KILLER!  CHRIS LEHEW IS GETTING POUNDED ON, AND NOW BOTH MEN ARE ON THEIR FEET, SOUTHERN SENDS THE GXW STAR INTO THE ROPES AND HITS A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER!

ByB:  He could make the tag here… both men are down.

RS:  Lehew is slowly crawling to his corner, Mike Plett wants desperately to get in and keep his former friend from making the tag to a very fresh Troy Windham, if Southern makes this tag, then he has done his job and Mike Plett may just get a small bit of what is coming to him…

ByB:  Lehew makes the tag!


ByB:  That’s not good for ol’ Chalupa…

RS:  The Mike Plett I once knew never backed down from a man on this planet, he stood toe-to-toe with Troy in Paducah but right now he’s trying to run for his life, and Troy won’t have any part of that!  Troy with a right hand to the side of the head, and another, and now another, he sends Plett to the ropes and comes off with a big clothesline, and now he knocks down Chris Lehew for good measure.  Back body drop to Wicked Sight and he goes for the pinfall, one… two… gets a two, and now with a hip toss and an elbow drop, he goes for another cover but Chris Lehew makes the save, but here’s Shane Southern and both Southern and Lehew topple over the top rope…

ByB:  That gave Plett a little chance to recover, and there’s a big boot to the midsection, you know… Plett’s been all over the map since his turn… he ran in on Deacon and Hornet earlier in the evening with the GXW’s top dog, Dan Ryan, and he’s calling out Evan Aho a lot.  That chip on his shoulder is very, very big.

RS:  And anyone in the CSWA that he feels wronged him is in his way, this is true, and right now he’s showing why I can’t believe he feels that way… the talent Mike Plett possesses in the ring is undeniable.  There’s a big splash from the middle turnbuckle, but Troy Windham kicks right out and he comes in with a three point stance block, Plett hits the ground, and Troy comes back after him with a … MIKE PLETT PULLS BENNY WORTHINGTON IN THE WAY AND THE REFEREE HITS THE GROUND! 

ByB:  What… a…veteran maneuver…

RS:  AND A LOW BLOW BY MICHAEL PLETT ON TROY WINDHAM !  Chris Lehew just slid Shane Southern’s United States Heavyweight strap into the ring, Plett sees it and he’s reaching for it.  Lehew in the ring, too, now, and PLETT SWINGS THE BELT AT TROY, TROY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND PLETT HITS LEHEW!  SLACKKNIFE!  SLACKKNIFE BY TROY WINDHAM ON THE BELT, AND THERE’S NO REFEREE TO COUNT!

ByB:  Troy Windham is trying to revive the referee, but to no avail, and he’s the only one able to stand right now, Chris Lehew landed a devastating blow with the US belt on Shane Southern!  Hee’s busted wide open out here, and Lehew got clocked by his own man in the ring… Troy is still trying to get Worthington to his feet…

RS:  Plett … what’s he doing?  He’s rolling Chris Lehew out of the ring… Worthington is up now and Troy spins around… Plett and Lehew are walking off!  They’re getting out of Dodge!

ByB:  Dodge?  We’re in Charleston.

RS:  Whatever, Billy… Mike Plett and Chris Lehew are walking off, and Troy Windham is holding the ropes open, begging Mike to get back in the ring… It looks like he and a bloodied up Shane Southern, who’s back to his feet now and in the ring… it looks like these two came out on top here, but I can tell that these four have more fights ahead of them.

ByB:  How profound, Rudy.

RS:  Shut up, you Benson wannabe reject.  Up next, it's time for the Greensboro Championship match!

Greensboro Championship
GUNS vs. "Big Time" Michael Gettis

“Big Time” wanted to come into this match proving a lot, and “GUNning” for the Greensboro title, but he didn’t get to do much of that.  His skills are unquestionable, but a nasty, condescending GUNS by far got the better of him with an overpowering array of the largest arms in wrestling and finally, the Bionic Knee.  Gettis had got in several one-ups on GUNS, including a drop toe hold into the corner turnbuckles followed by a nice dropkick to the back of the head, but after sending Gettis on a trip to Third Row, GUNS won the bout via countout, when he decided not to “waste his time” anymore.

Winner:  GUNS

Unified Tag Team Championships
The Professionals vs. The New Suicide Squad

Tsunami has been a Unified Tag Team Champion before, but never with his current partner, "Warhorse" Johnny Lang.  The Professionals were looking to concrete their status as defending champions.  They paved the way early, jumping on Tsunami with a doubleteam and sending him over the top rope to the floor.  Miles went outside to make sure Tsunami wouldn't get back to his corner, while Mayfield laid into the young Warhorse.  It looked like Mayfield might send Lang to the outside as well, but instead, he hotshotted Lang neck-first into the ropes.  Mayfield quickly took advantage and nailed Lang with the Screwjob spinning tombstone.  Tsunami tried to get back in the ring to break up the pin, but got pulled off the apron by Miles, leaving Lang to take the three-count.

Winners:  The Professionals

CSWA World Heavyweight Championship
"The Living Legend" Mark Windham
"Triple X" Sean Stevens

RS:  Welcome back to ON TIME!  We're gearing up for our MAIN EVENT for the CSWA World Championship between champion Mark Windham and first-time challenger Triple X.  Both men are in the center of the ring, circling each other, sizing the other up… collar- and- elbow… Mark Windham’s definitely the stronger of the two, he has Triple X in the corner and he looks like he’s about to break as the referee’s count has gotten up to four.

ByB: It looks like he’s just teasing him, I don’t think he’ll hit him… I think it’s more along the lines of Windham showing Stevens who the stronger of the two is…

RS: Overhand right by Mark Windham!

ByB: Then again…

RS: Stevens has doubled over, Windham moves in… lifts him up… chop! (SFX: Wooooooooh echoes throughout the arena.) And, listen to these people that brings back memories. Triple X’s chest has to be red… Windham whips him to the turnbuckle, and Stevens hits hard. He’s on his mat, holding his back in pain.

ByB: Think he may have gotten more than he bargained for?

RS: Maybe… the champ moves in, raises Stevens off the mat and lifts him up… sidewalk slam! He drops down for the cover, One, Two, Kickout by Triple X. Windham pounds the mat, but he had to know this one couldn’t have been over that fast, right?

ByB: Wrong. Windham wasn’t around throughout much of the Triple X era, if you want to call it that. To him, Stevens is just a snot-nosed punk, who talks to much. And, in a lot of cases, he is, but he can back it up. I’m not so sure Mark Windham knows that.

RS: Windham lifts Triple X to his feet again… sends him to the ropes… Trip reverses… Windham bounces off, hip toss! Windham ’s back up fast, Dropkick, Windham ’s up again… Superkic—No, Mark ducks it… Triple X turns around, Face-Buster by our champion! Wow, what was a pretty interesting sequence.

ByB: Yeah, I think Stevens caught him off guard there… I’m sure he’ll do a better job of keeping the young man down.

RS: Windham with a leg drop. Cover… One, Two, Thr—Kickout by Stevens. Windham with a handful of hair, lifts Stevens to his feet… Pulling Piledriver! That looked like it hurt! One, Two, Kickout!

ByB: I thought that that one quite possibly could’ve done the trick. Windham did, too, I’m sure.

RS: Windham appears to be thinking of what to do next… Stevens has rolled over on his stomach, trying to make it to his feet. This is his first CSWA World Title shot, and it can’t be going exactly how he imagined it would. He has to be exhausted mentally and physically, though… especially after that war he had in Orlando with Eli Flair. What a great contest that was by the way, with both men refusing to lose.

ByB: Yeah, it was… they both put on a show for Trip’s hometown.

RS: But, that was then, this is now, and right now, the World Champion is on the prowl… he lifts Triple X up to his feet… he appears to be setting him up for a rude awakening type neck breaker, he has Sean hooked up nicely, Windham drops down, but Stevens latched on to the top rope, so Mark went down without him! That was clever… Stevens heads to the outside, he leaps up to the top turnbuckle, Windham ’s up on his feet, though… he turns around… Flying forearm from the top… Trip with the cover… One, Two, Thre—Wow! Half a second away from the CSWA title! His heart has to be racing.

ByB: Yeah, that was a close one… almost too close. Mark had better wake up, Triple X is fully capable of beating any CSWA superstar on any given day. Mark Windham’s no exception.

RS: Stevens heads back up to the top… Windham ’s already down… Swan Dive! He connects! It’s academic… One, Two, Thr—Shoulder up! Oh my! These fans are starting to believe! Listen to them get behind Triple X!

ByB: It’s not that the crowd’s starting to believe, that should worry Mark… look at Triple X… he’s starting to believe, too!

RS: He’s pounding the mat with his leg, signaling for Mark to get up to his feet… I think he’s gonna try and end this with his patented Superkick. Windham ’s up on his feet… he turns around… Trip nails it—No! Windham caught it, spins him around… stops him midway and nails him with a German suplex! But, he’s not letting go… ONE MORE! He still has him hooked… ONE MORE! He bridges… One, Two, Thre-- Shoulder up! (SFX: Ding, Ding, Ding)

ByB: What in the hell just happened? *You* said Stevens had his shoulder up… the referee’s signaling for the bell… Mark Windham is up on his feet confused as to whether he should raise his hands in victory, or continue to pounce on Triple X, who is slowly struggling to his feet.

RS: Let’s take it down to Rhubarb Jones for the official call.

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, and STILL CSWA World Heavyweight Champion… Mark Windham!!

RS: I guess that answers our question. Good showing by both men, though. Triple X came to fight and fight he did.

ByB:  But...as usual for the Trips... it's not enough.

RS:  I don't think there are many here that would agree with you, Billy.  But there's one thing even you can't disagree with...and that's that we're out of time!  Folks, we'll see you soon.  For Billy Buckley and the rest of the ON TIME crew, this is Rudy Seitzer signing off!