CSWA: ON TIME goes to the Florida panhandle for the first time!


An interview with US Champ Shane Southern

Eli Flair v. "Luscious" Lance Liezure

Steve Radder v. Aelieas Fierte

"Fearless" Jones v. Nathan Cross

"Big Time" Michael Gettis v. JJ DeVille

Kin Hiroshi v. Nathan Storm

"Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe v. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

Evan Aho v. Lawrence Stanley


Mark Windham

Shane Southern

Tom Adler


The Professionals


(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth
CUT TO:  The ON TIME logo at the top of the ramp from the show’s debut
CUT TO:  The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth
CUT TO:  Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Triple X flying to the outside with a senton splash at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Tom Adler holding the Presidential title
CUT TO:  Dan Ryan and Chris Lehew before a flame-filled backdrop
CUT TO:  Apocalypse at the top of the ramp from ELVIS LIVES
CUT TO:  Kin Hiroshi coming from the top with a Hiroshima Bomb
CUT TO:  Mark Windham and Evan Aho going toe-to-toe from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Mike Plett turning on Triple X and Shane Southern at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The Men Of Adventure standing victorious in the center of the ring
CUT TO:  Hornet hitting the Hornet Splash against Lawrence Stanley
CUT TO:  The “New PLR” standing in the ring at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The New Suicide Squad at the top of the ramp
CUT TO:  Cameron Cruise looking over the side of the stage at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags
CUT TO:  Shane Southern holding the United States
title in the air, over Dan Ryan’s body from FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  Lance Liezure clobbering Nate Logan with a chair at FISH FUND XIII
CUT TO:  The Intruders standing in the center of the ring at FISH FUND XIII, their gold laying on the ground and their hands in the air.
CUT TO:  "Fearless" Jones in the center of the ring, ready for action
CUT TO:  Kevin Powers flipping off the skybox at ANNIVERSARY 2001
CUT TO:  JJ Deville doing the Fargo Strut
CUT TO:  Mike Randalls in the Mojave Desert
CUT TO:  “Pitbull” Pete Hardy gearing up backstage.
CUT TO:  Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa standing before a CSWA backdrop
CUT TO:  GUNS with the Greensboro title inside out
CUT TO:  Hip Hop Express “rolling” backstage
CUT TO:  A montage image of the New PLR, Intruders, GXW, Shane Southern, Hornet, Triple X, Mark Windham, Evan Aho, Lawrence Stanley, Eli Flair and The Deacon.)

(CUT TO:  A huge pyro display, followed by the camera panning around the arena catching glimpses of various CSWA related signs from its eager fans before parking on Rudy Seitzer and Billy Buckley.)

RS:  Welcome to ON TIME, right off the heels of an explosive night of FISH FUND action, this night is set to be one of the biggest On Time’s in history, we saw GUNS come together with Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles to become The Intruders, and it looks like the CSWA is in for a wild ride in that…

ByB:  And don’t you forget, Seitzer… your precious Mike Plett turned GXW after all! 

RS:  Well, you’re right, he did, and hopefully we’ll get more insight on why he turned… the GXW seemed to be dominating until The Intruders interrupted them – we saw the return of Kendall Codine, BLADE… he, Plett, Dan Ryan and Chris Lehew destroyed the guys on the CSWA’s front lines, but rest assured those men will be back…

ByB:  And more!  PLR has reformed!

RS:  It’s certainly far from the original, though… Kevin Powers, Nate Logan and Rob Sampson, they’re the new PLR, and it looks as though the CSWA is going to be a warzone now more than ever before… And the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship is resting around the waist of “The Living Legend” Mark Windham!

(CUE UP: "Ain't Goin' Down - Garth Brooks.)


ByB:  Yee… haw…

(The crowd stands to their feet as the curtain parts and SHANE SOUTHERN comes out dressed in street clothes and carrying the US Title over his shoulder. Southern walks to the ring slapping hands with as many fans as he can, then enters the ring and goes to all four turnbuckles holding the title high above his head. Southern then asks for a mic as he lays the US Title on the mat in front of him)

SOUTHERN: How YA'LL DOIN' GAINESVILLLLLLE! (loud crowd pop) I just wanna' say ta' CHAD MERRITT that before ya' go off half COCKED n' strip me of this title, I AM FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! (crowd roars) ... so I guess that qualifies me ta' be tha' CHAMPION! Right? (smiles a crooked smile) Now, I've gotta' few things ta' say to ALOTTA' differ'nt people, so you guys be patient if I go downa' few side roads on mah' way to tha' destination.

Now, then… MIKE PLETT (crowd boos) I'm gonna' save YOU for last, 'cause you're tha' ultimate destination here. But before I get ta' you, lemme' just reiterate mah' sentiments from FISH FUND. Hornet, Trip ... one helluva match guys. N' yeah ... I could come out here n' tell tha' WHOLE WORLD that I told 'em so...but that's not mah' STYLE. What I wanna' say is ... well, I know you two've got some "issues" that need ta' be settled. But ya' know ... right now there are BIGGER fish ta' fry. RIGHT NOW tha' attention needs ta' be focused on fightin' off tha' guys that are tryin' ta' destroy this place. I CAN'T DO IT ALONE. I need you guys ta' let it slide fer NOW. Tha' GXW n' tha' INTRUDERS are just too damn many people for me ta' take out alone.

But ya' know ... I'm not JUST callin' on you two guys. I'm callin' on LAWRENCE STANLEY (big crowd pop), I'm callin' on EVAN AHO (another huge crowd pop), I'm callin' on ANYBODY else back in tha' back that wants IT. 'Cause you see boys, if we don't FIGHT, if we just lay back n' let those (BLEEP)holes WIN, then it'll be all over sooner than YOU KNOW. I don't see mah'self as a LEADER, I don't see mah'self as somebody that you guys should follow ... all I'm tryin' ta' do is light a fire ... hell, I'm tryin' ta' light a damn RED HOT BLAZE under yer ASSES n' get this thing movin'!

(CUE UP: ’’Till I Collapse” – Eminem.)

RS:  Here we go… let’s see what Triple X has to say in return to Shane Southern…

(The Gainesville crowd gives a fairly loud ovation, as the curtain slowly opens, and Sean “Triple X” Stevens steps through, wearing a 100% cotton “Blue- Eyed Badass” sleeveless t- shirt, tight blue jeans, and cowboy boots. His hair is tied into a sloppy ponytail, with several wisps of hair loose in the front, and his face is in the beginning stages of growing a light beard.   Shane Southern is standing in the center of the ring steps aside, allowing Stevens to enter, and Sean does. Once inside the ring, he signals for a microphone, and gets it from a nearby announcer. After waiting a moment to allow the crowd to settle, he turns to face Southern, and raises it to his mouth.)

STEVENS: Shane Southern, a couple of days ago and even tonight, for that matter, you said something that made a LOT of sense. With the “Intruders” threatening to stomp on CSWA’s legacy and tradition, and GXW’s “Invasion”, the CSWA would stand a MUCH better chance if its competitors could see eye- to- eye. Put our differences aside for a greater good. And, you’re right, Southern. You’re absolutely, positively, one hundred and ten percent correct.

(The crowd cheered.)

STEVENS: …It’s just too damned bad I don’t give a flying (bleep) about doing what’s right. Don’t get me wrong, Shane… I’m all for defending the CSWA. If you can recall, I jumped at the opportunity to slap Dan Ryan’s (bleep bleep) around when he first appeared. But, that was then, Southern… this is now.

(Triple X turns away from Southern and turns his attention toward the backstage area, still facing the crowd a bit.)

STEVENS:  Now, I’ve gotta worry about my “friends” and fixing whatever it is, that went wrong. Kendall , I don’t know why you did what you did at FISH FUND. I’ve been calling you, paging you, and you haven’t returned any of my messages, so I’m kinda glad that you’re here tonight, I saw the GXW limo back there… I won’t lie, I wish you were in this ring so I could say it to your face, but I’ll take YOU anyway I can GET you.   Kendall , I’m not fighting you.

I don’t have any intentions of fighting you, no matter WHO you’re affiliated with. Say whatever you want about me… If you think you’re the one who made me step up and become a man? Fine. Take responsibility for everything I’ve become. But, take THIS into consideration… in a crazy, cruel business, you’ve got one of two things… Friends or Enemies. There’s no in between, Kendall . Wicked Sight doesn’t give a damn about you, and I’m sure Dan Ryan feels the EXACT same way. You’ll need friends or this business will swallow you whole… I’ve been your friend for the past four years… and, I’ll be your friend until we’re both in our graves, whether you WANT me to be or NOT.

(The crowd offers up a mild applause, as Sean continues.)

STEVENS: But, as important as you are to me, Kendall … you’re NOT the reason I’m out here. (turns to Southern) I’m not out here for YOU, and I sure as hell don’t have any intentions to address that lying, backstabbing, sellout, Plett.

I’m here to issue a warning to a certain “Greatest American Hero”. The same hero who cost me the United States Title you’re holding now, Shane. The same “Hero” who disrespected my life, not because he got aroused in the middle of our match, but because he WANTED to. Hornet, I’m not gonna make this long, because what I’ve gotta say won’t take but a minute.  

Hornet, I swear to God, I’m not out here just blowing off steam. I’m not gonna calm down in a day or two.  I’m trying to pre- warn you… Because when I see you, I’m SWINGING on you. It’s no longer about respect… You threw respect out of the window at FISH FUND. It’s not about who the better man is, I proved it on the grandest scale of them all, when I laid your punk (bleep) out at FISH FUND, and wiped my knuckles with your face. I want you out of my life. And, not only MY life in terms of my profession… I want you out of my life ALL TOGETHER. I’ve given you opportunities to step aside, Hornet. To be the man that you told me I’d never be… and, you spit in my face. So now, I’m gonna HURT you and hurt you bad. And, there’s not a damned thing you OR anybody else can do about it.

(Trip tosses the microphone and exits the ring, as his theme blares over the loudspeaker once more. He makes his way up the ramp, turning around to face the fans, and Shane Southern once more, before stepping through.)

SOUTHERN:  Trip… I’m hopin’ ya’ change yer’ mind… Hornet’s a small fish ta’ fry… but let me keep movin’ on, TV time don’t come cheap… Intruders ... as far as I'm concerned, yer all a buncha' over-rated (bleep).... n' in REALITY, I don't think ya' got much uva' chance ta' succeed in yer little quest. Too many EGOs, not enough headroom. But I've been put on yer little "HIT LIST" of sorts, 'cause I'm holding ... (picks up the US Title) ... this belt. Well boys, I ain't exactly a hard man ta' find, so if ya' want a peicea' me ... if ya' want THIS TITLE, come on down, I'll be happy ta' send ya' back to tha' arcade witha' few quaters so you can be with people yer own mental age.

Which brings me to tha' GXW ... n' ever'body's favorite TRAITOR, MIKE PLETT!

(CUE UP:  “Know Your Enemies” – Rage Against the Machine.  The crowd makes obligatory noise, as they attempt to see what’s going on… and when the video screen shows Mike Plett and “Blade” Kendall Codine sitting in folding chairs backstage, each clad in GXW t-shirts, they begin to boo heavily.  Plett’s head is bandaged, but other than that he appears to be in great shape.)

MP:  What’s up, CSWA?  We’d meet you in the arena… but we’d rather hang out backstage, try and not cause TOO many problems… now then…  Shane-O, Shane-O, Shane-O… man, you were singing the praises of Wicked Sight for months on end, weren’t you?  I was singing your praises, too, make no bones about it… we were tight.  All of us… we were a class.  An ORDER.  Southern, Plett, Stanley… and even to an extent Aho and to a lesser extent… even Triple X.  We were to reign supreme.  But it’s just like I said at the FISH FUND, you turned your back on me!  You believed whoever claimed I was GXW.  For all I know, that was YOUR voice calling me out, you coward! 

And real quick, Shane, (in mockingly “southern” accent) ‘if ya don’t mind’… let me talk about another set of cowards… Intruders… ring your bells and whistles all you want, you came out after we finished all the dirty work… you came out to take us down when we’d already disposed of the CSWA’s “finest front lines”… you came out to do what we just did, and that’s what you call MUST SEE TV?  PI, stands for (bleep)-itis, fellas… GUNS, I took you to the limits, and yeah… you beat me.  But the war is far from over… all you guys are is a Merritt-created side show.  Who planted the seeds for this?  You guys act like you want to destroy the CSWA, but you know this is the only place that’ll pay you what you’re used to living.  I’m not an idiot… I’m not after the CSWA’s destruction… I’m all for its DISGRACE.  You guys came out when Merritt sent you, a big angle, getting paid the big bucks, to try and distract the system… and these fans are LOVING it.  These fans, who didn’t give a DAMN when I gave them my body night in and night out… these fans quit getting off on great in-ring action and my sincere love of the crowd, and they started getting off on a bunch of queer catchphrases and bells and whistles, and the nostalgia tour that is GUNS… what they don’t see is, the only reason you guys are here, is to distract the GXW from pissing on the CSWA, and the bad news for you is… you can’t stop us.  The Hornets, Southerns, Triple Xs of the world… they are what we’re after.

CODINE:  There were so many things that I needed to get off of my chest at FISH FUND.  Two years of seclusion is more than enough time for a man to reflect upon his career and contemplate where he may have gone wrong.  For example, Sean, I have sat back and listened to how you say that you will always be my friend, despite me “abandoning” you, however, I have to question the sincerity of that statement.  Think back for a moment, lets say October of just last year, when we both signed on the dotted line with the GXW.  As we both prepared to embark upon a newfound start with the GXW, you found yourself consumed by another organization….CSWA….

To make a long story short, you abandoned me and I was left to fend for myself in the GXW.  Do I blame you for concentrating on the CSWA?  No, as nearly every single man in the world aside from myself would have done the same.  However, during that time that I spent in the GXW, I met several young men who were hungry for the opportunity to prove that they were better than any other wrestler that is currently on the CSWA roster.  From Dan Ryan to John Miller….from Rob Sampson to Chris Lehew….from Kevin Powers to Zero….and now to Mike Plett.  They all did something that most people in the wrestling world don’t….they accepted me.  Therefore, think before you question as to whether or not these men are my friends.  Perhaps they are or perhaps there not, but either way we all have something in common….


Just think to yourself for a moment Sean and look around.  Who stands by your side?  Will you look to the pre-occupied Shane Southern to stand by your side?  Or maybe you’ll turn to GUNS, a man who continuously reminds us of how large his arms are.  Obviously GUNS is more concerned with himself, while at the same time trying to compensate for short-comings in other areas, such as ability, talent, and intelligence.  Hell, he’s probably got a headache right now trying to remember how to tie his shoes for his match tonight.  Who will you turn to Sean?

Maybe the almighty and heroic HORNET….

He certainly showed how true of a friend he could be at FISH FUND did he not? 

Overall, Sean, my words are always true and although we may not currently see eye to eye, I’m sure that it will only be a matter of time before you will see the same light that I did.  And when I say that I will always be by your side, I mean it….

(Codine ends his words as Plett continues)  

MP:  You know as well as I do, Shane, I’m as good as you are.  And what you did by alienating me, what you did to me RUINED our shot of breaking the glass ceiling, it broke our shot of destroying the Franchises.  And now, you’re begging Hornet for his HELP to stop us, the GXW, and to stop The Intruders… and your world is falling down, and what are you going to do?  What everyone else does, blame Mike Plett… blame Wicked Sight for their problems.  I carried us, Shane!  Who was the leader, who was the man that took the charge against the Hornets and Loves and whoever… I’ve been doing it for four (bleep) years now!  And for that, Shane…

Southern:  Sight, that's the biggest bunch of bull <BLEEP> I've EVER HEARD IN MAH' LIFE!

YOU went over ta' those GXW IDIOTS 'cause you felt like you were overshadowed where ya' were. SHANE SOUTHERN was gettin' more attention that you, LAWRENCE STANLEY, Evan Aho were gettin' put at the TOP of cards while you still weren't able ta' get over tha' HUMP.  So you figured, why not go over n' hang witha' buncha' guys that I can outshine. You've got more talent than ANY of those numskulls, so, naturally, you'd be seen as tha' best one in tha' group. Well Sight, I got a word of advice for ya' ... bein' tha' KING of MORON LAND ain't exactly a goal ta' be proud of.

But JUST so ya' know I CARE, JUST so ya' know that I'm all for EQUAL opportunity in this business ... I'm gonna' KICK YER ASS just like yer were JOE SHMO from IDAHO ! I'm gonna' give you yer LONG sought after attention Plett by beatin' you so far inta' tha' ground they might as well throw dirt over ya' n' inscribe yer TOMBSTONE. You made yer GRAVE pal, NOW, yer gonna' have ta' LIE in it.

Party's OVER.

(Southern heads back up the ramp, as the GXW duo on the video screen cut out at the same time.)

(Cut to commercial:  FISH FUND recap package – if you missed a second of the action, you can catch the entire three-hour spectacular online at CSWAwrestling.com!)

(As the scene cuts to the backstage area, the shot shows 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe walking down the hallway towards his locker room.  Passing by several onlookers, Poe pays them no mind as he continues down the corridor.  But, as he turns the corner, he runs right into his long time companion 'The Dark Lotus' Miso who is startled to see him.)

GP:  Miso!  Where have you been?  I've been trying to get a hold of you for a long time now.

M:  (startled)  I have been doing things Gabriel.

GP:  Like what?

M:  I don't think that is any of your concern really.

(Surprised, Poe steps back and continues the conversation.)

GP:  What are you talking about ... none of my concern.  Aren't we ..

M:  ... look Gabriel I don't have the time right now okay?  I have to go ...

GP:  But Miso ...

(Brushing past Poe, Miso heads down the hallway and the camera catches a face shot of Poe trying to figure out what is going on.)

(CUT TO:  The announce table.)

ByB:  Y’know, Rudy… As much as I hate the GXW… it’s about time Mike Plett got his senses about him, no one here cared about him.

RS:  It makes me sick that you would say that, and it makes me sicker that he would believe that, I thought I knew Mike Plett… but I guess something finally snapped in that kid.  Right now though… let’s take you back to a segment from FISH FUND, just a quick highlight… some people say it was the greatest moment of FISH FUND… Eli Flair made his return to the CSWA, and he wasn’t the only one!

ELI: How ‘bout this? Because there’s not a single person in the locker rooms that’s proven they have what it takes to hang with me. Because you’ve got NOBODY who’s proven they can keep up with me, much less BEAT me.

VOICEOVER: You might need rephrase that statement

(A Mediterranean accent booms over the intercom.  A few from the crowd respond, those in the “know”, but many are confused by the hidden speaker.)

(Eli Flair smiles with the knowledge of this surprise.)

(CUT TO:  Seconds later, Deacon begins walking down the ramp toward the ring with crutches.)

DEACON:  I need to be in CSWA.  I need drive to keep going, and CSWA help give me that.  I not know if President Merritt need a man such as I, but I know I need to be here.

(Merritt puts the mic to his mouth.)

MERRITT:  The office is full, but maybe we could find you something to do around here.

DEACON:  Somet’ing?  I have … idea.  You know my thoughts on faith.  You know that ‘faith is the evidence of things unseen.’.  Well, I in rehab for months now and they tell me that I improving, but I not see enough evidence for me.  Well, I t’ink it’s time some evidence shows itself off.  I t’ink maybe we could…

(Deacon makes it down the ramp to the ring.  He stands beside it and looks out to the fans.  POP!)

DEACON:  I t’ink maybe we … Eli & I … could … tear house down

(Deacon tosses his crutches aside.  He stands upright.)



(Deacon tears his hospital gown off, revealing baggy white pants with gold crosses emblazoned down the length of the legs on either side.)



SB: …

(Deacon rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring.)


(Deacon gets into a smiling Eli Flair’s face.  He smirks as the crowd goes insane.)

DEACON:  (whispers) just for ol’ times sake.

(Eli and Deacon both glance toward Merritt.  He shrugs his shoulders and then steps out of the ring.)

ELI:  I guess that’s a yeah.

(Deacon nods his head.  He takes off his headset with the parting shot.)

DEACON:  Let’s see what I got.



BB:  Sammy?  You alright?  You’ve not said a thing since he walked out.

SB:  (quietly) shut up, Billy.

BB:  … I guess we have an impromptu match to call! Commissioner Merritt has left the ring, and Eli Flair and Deacon are staring each other down in the middle of the ring for the first time in almost three years! Deacon is in a wrestling ring for the first time in TWO years! Listen to these people, Sammy!

SB: I don’t hear what I don’t want to hear.

BB: Deacon looks as if he’s in incredibly good shape, Sammy, and Eli Flair has removed his shirt, showcasing an equally impressive physique. I suppose the only question mark is how Deacon’s wrestling skills have held up in the past two years.

SB: Y’see, Buckley… that’s where you come off as completely oblivious.

BB: Huh?

SB: Deacon might look like he’s in good shape, but the guy’s got MS. And Eli Flair is covered with tattoos and scars. Flair no more has an impressive physique than I do. And Deacon is more likely to stumble in pain than he is to win another World Title.

BB: Say what you will, Sammy, but I disagree.

SB: Well what do you say, Buckley?

BB: Just have a little faith.

SB: You’re a riot.

BB: There’s no referee, I don’t think we even HAVE any left, but we’ve got Eli Flair and Deacon circling each other, both appear wary of making the first move.

SB: So Flair’s gonna beat up the gimp?

BB: The two men lock up--- WHOA! Deacon just muscled Flair backwards into the ropes!

SB: And that man wants a title shot?

BB: I think Deacon caught Flair off- guard with that display of power. Listen to these fans chanting for Deacon!

SB: Isn’t that what caused all the problems last time?

BB: Point taken, Sammy. Eli looks like he’s having a good time, however – he’s got a smile on his face. And Deacon looks like he’s trying to SUPRESS a smile. This is what it’s all about, Sammy. The two lock up again, but Eli lowers his balance and gets the leverage!

SB: What’s it all about? Your ADD must’ve kicked in again.

BB: What?

SB: You started to say something and then stopped. I hate when you do that.

BB: Did I? Oh well, you’ll have to live with it. Eli backs Deacon into the corner, and will we? Yes, a clean break from Flair.

SB: I bet that woman made him soft – he’s just not a fighter anymore.

BB: I don’t even have a chance of saying something, do I?

SB: Nope.

BB: Deacon lunges forward to lock up with Flair again – NO! Drop toe hold from the former Champion, and he locks on an anklelock! Deacon reverses it, and kicks Flair off! Flair off the ropes, but Deacon nips up!

SB: Interesting.

BB: Eli and Deacon just look at each other… THERE IT IS, SAMMY! ELI AND DEACON SHAKE HANDS!

(CUE UP: “Alone I Break” – Korn)

Lance Liezure vs. Eli Flair

As Lance Liezure made his way to ringside, his ‘friend’, Jessie Phillips, tagged along, a large insurance policy designed to ward off the possible interference of the new PLR.  Although the young gun came out to a huge pop, it paled in comparison to the crowd response of Eli Flair.  Flair got a standing ovation, and the two started off in a technical display.  The two put on a wrestling clinic, not an extreme beating that you’d come to expect from Flair, or a high-flying hardcore onslaught from Lance Liezure, but a pure mat wrestling clinic.  Liezure kept up, but Flair obviously showed he was the more experienced athlete.  Lance saw this and began to go after a more high-impact attack, and began to pull Flair out of his “wrestling” mode… Flair kept his calm, not going all out on Liezure, but definitely trading blows.  In the end, Flair came off with a clean victory over Liezure with The Fallen One, to a huge pop and announcer marking .  Afterward, Eli raised Lance’s hand and both men left to huge crowd noise. 

Winner:  Eli Flair

RS:  What an outstanding display by these guys, Eli Flair definitely has the tools to go after the heavyweight title, and Lance Liezure is certainly an up-and-coming blue chipper here in the CSWA… and that huge guy that is watching his back looks like he could make an impact as well… I’m expecting HUGE things from these two… and speaking of impressive new talent, we’re going to see the debut tonight of Aelieas Fierte … and he’s taking on STEVE RADDER!  Also, the return of Michael Gettis, “Fearless” Jones is in action, Kin Hiroshi…

ByB:  RUDY!  I’ve got something in my earpiece, it sounds like… we’ve got cameras backstage, something’s going down between the GXW and the Intruders!

(CUT TO:  Backstage, where a locker room door has the word “Intruders” across it.  The camera steps in, and zooms down to see the newly crowned tag team champions, Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles – The Professionals – laid out on the ground, and standing over them is Mike Plett and GXW Heavyweight Champion Dan Ryan, each with a chair in hand.)

Ryan:  Oh… guys… I’m sorry.  We normally attack CSWA guys from the front, but you two are different… Merritt’s sent you to distract us; you’re just a bunch of commercial t-shirt selling machines.  So we took you out the way you stole our time at FISH FUND…

Plett:  Ryan… you hear that?  GUNS…

(Plett and Ryan hold their chairs back, ready to fire at GUNS, and GUNS does enter the room, plowing right into Mike Plett, and not giving either man a chance to strike.  GUNS slams an elbow into the gut of Dan Ryan, sending him backward… and then BAM!)

RS:  This is crazy!

ByB:  Faction warfare, Rudy, we’d better get used to it…

(Kendall Codine and “The Career Ender” Chris Lehew reveal themselves as having been hidden behind the door, and Lehew rapped a chair across GUNS’ back… GUNS staggers forward, and into a well place Plett chair shot.  GUNS spins around, still on his feet, and takes a third shot, again from Lehew.  GUNS finally goes down, as the four-on-one attack was too much even for a man of GUNS’ size and will.)

Lehew:  CAPTAIN NO-NAME?  Captain No-Name just kicked your ASS, GUNS…

Plett:  Where’s PI? 

Lehew:  We left him behind the door…

(Camera cuts to behind the door, where Lehew/Codine had been hidden… PI is wrapped in duct tape, kicking and trying to get free.)

Plett:  Now then… we’re not “Must See TV”, so we don’t know how to cluster(bleep) this TV time, but I do know how to stay consistent… I told the entire world, that the reason I joined the GXW was to PISS on the CSWA.  Next time we meet guys, I’ll be sure to drink a LOT of water…

RS:  I can’t believe what we just witnessed backstage, and I don’t know what to make of it!  All these guys want to take out the CSWA, or so they say, but they’re fighting each other right off the bat.  They’ve got the “next class” group of guys hot at them, the Southerns and Stanleys and Trips of the world… and let’s not forget, the PLR… this place is going to hell in a handbasket…

ByB:  It IS must-see-TV!!!

RS:  And now we’re going to see even more action, right after this break, Aelieas Fierte makes his debut against THE ICEMAN, don’t touch that dial!

(Cut to commercial:  a quick promo for BATTLE OF THE BELTS airs before the network commercials)

(The Hip Hop Express is shown walking down a hallway in the backstage area of the building. They come across a door that reads "Triple X". Both men look at each other and nod. Inferno Ice knocks on the door, to no response.  Just a moment later, Sean Stevens walks up from off-camera, coming back from the front area of backstage. He looks at Inferno Ice and Boogie Smallz as if he has no clue why they are at his door.)

STEVENS: What do you guys want?

BOOGIE: Triple X...you are the futhamuckin' man! I saw you rip (BLEEP) up at FISH FUND...and I wanna give you props.

INFERNO: Yeah homey...great showing out there.

STEVENS: Uhh...thanks, I guess.

BOOGIE: Look dawg, maybe you know this...maybe not. But lately we've been rollin' wit' 2Pocalypse. Now I know you got a match with him tonight...but we're here to give you our support. (Triple X looks confused.) Man, with the way he ruined our match against Men of Adventure at the pay per view and runnin' interference constantly in our matches...we are fed up. We now have a new focus and it sure as hell don't include him.

INFERNO: I don't understand Gabe sometimes. I try to hit him up on the two-way all the time...he don't return my pages. I leave him voice messages, emails...and neither of us hear nothin' back. He's been goin' crazy ever since Miso has been gone. He's sprung on that chickenhead for some reason.

BOOGIE: Let me put it this way. XXXtasy and Hip Hop...they go hand in hand and with GXW here, Instructors there, PTO over there...well I think we need to hook up and handle some of these fools.

STEVENS: No thanks.  I've got my own things if you don't mind, and I’m looking toward Hornet, not the GXW, not The Intruders, not PLR…

INFERNO:  Hey no problem homey.  You know we're here for ya!

STEVENS:  Yeah ... right.

(With Stevens walking away, The Hip Hop Express watch as he makes his way down the hallway.)

BOOGIE:  Go get 'em champ!

INFERNO:  Yeah!  Win the big one!

Aelieas Fierte vs. Steve Radder

With an impressive hype surrounding the young foreigner, Fierte was determined not to be outshined within the match, hitting some crowd-pleasing high spots, but the fans went back to the favor of his opponent.  The young veteran Radder certainly showed off his technique, too, however, and kept the young “Pride” down within a technical display.  Fierte showed every bit of strength, speed and tenacity that was shown off in the video packages leading up to his arrival, getting several near falls with a top rope arsenal, but in the end, the former CSWA Heavyweight Champion won with a reversal of a Fierte rollup, to a massive crowd pop.

Winner:  Steve Radder

RS:  What an impressive debut for Aelieas Fierte, and quite a back-and-forth match these two put on…

ByB:  What’s with the boos for that guy, they popped as he flew, then they went back to booing him?

RS:  These fans simply express what’s on their mind, I can’t tell you why… I’m getting word now in my headset that the GXW contingent of stars…

ByB:  Stars?  Ha…

RS:  Dan Ryan, Chris Lehew, Kendall Codine and Mike Plett have left the building, folks, and you can guarantee that the Intruders are going to find them and hunt them down after what happened backstage…

ByB:  Must See TV, all around… the Intruders are awesome.  If they really want to destroy the company, damn them… but they’re fun to watch.

Nathan Cross vs. "Fearless" Jones

“Fearless” Jones came out to a surprisingly warm face pop, and Seitzer put over his attitude toward wrestling, as he also put over Nathan Cross’ impressive action within the ring.  Cross and Jones took it to each other from the start, each knowing they had something important to prove, and Cross began to dominate.  His work ethic in the ring showed, but he had a bit of a heel tendency, and the fans continued to rally behind “Fearless” Jones, who came back with a big piledriver to turn the tide.  Within moments, the two were back to where they’d started, in the center of the ring sharing right hands, and before much longer, Nathan Cross had wrapped “Fearless” Jones up with a schoolboy.  He left to a mild, neutral reception and both men won the support of Rudy Seitzer.

Winner:  Nathan Cross

"Big Time" Michael Gettis vs. JJ DeVille

“Big Time” made his return to CSWA action with a bout against JJ DeVille, who Fargo Strutted his way into the ring to promptly get hit with a superkick.  Gettis followed through with a fabulous display of aggressive tactics, playing the cocky heel even when destroying JJ.  JJ’s screams for help were never catered to by “Big Time” as he continued the onslaught.  Gettis finally finished him off with a huge brainbuster for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner:  “Big Time” Michael Gettis

(CUT TO:  Backstage again, the shot shows 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe looking for 'The Dark Lotus' Miso.  As he continues to search for her he runs across The Hip Hop Express who are taking a 'relaxing moment' in the back.)

POE:  What's goin' on?

BOOGIE:  You know ... chillin' ... smokin' ... chillin'

POE:  I don't remember seeing you two on the card tonight.  What's up?  What are you two doin' here?

INFERNO:  Man what's up with you?  Since when did you become our watcher?  We can go as we please.

BOOGIE:  Relax man.  Can't you see the man has a match later on?

INFERNO:  Oh yeah ... against Trips.  Hey Poe shouldn't you be getting ready for that?  Word says he's gonna punk you out and make ya his hizzo tonight.

POE:  I wouldn't bet on that if I was you.

(Poe is about to turn and walk away, but Inferno interupts.)

INFERNO:  By the way Poe (with a sly smirk on his face) how's Miso?

(Stopping in his tracks Poe turns around and looks Inferno right in the face.)

POE:  What are you talking about?

INFERNO:  Just wanna know if she's okay.  Feelin' good.  Able to walk.  You know ... just makin' sure.

POE:  (angered) You Son-of-a ...

(Poe tries to go towards Inferno, but Boogie breaks it up.)

BOOGIE:  Alright chill man.  You two need to pump yo’ brakes!  Poe you go do your thang and I'll take care of this alright?

POE:  But ...

BOOGIE:  Poe I GOT this alright?

(Hesitant for a moment Poe complies.)

POE:  Yeah ... (looking right at Inferno) you better have this under control.

(As Poe is walking away Boogie turns towards Inferno.)

BOOGIE:  Did you have to do that?

INFERNO:  (another smirk) Yeah ... I had to.

Kin Hiroshi vs. Nathan Storm

The Muffin Man came into this bout with a strong fan base, although the commentators took some time to discuss which ‘side’ he might be on, sense he wrestles in GXW.  Nathan Storm took a technical offense to Kin Hiroshi, attacking his legs and trying to keep him grounded, playing a serious heel the entire time.  Hiroshi came back with a springboard elbow, and then followed up with a continued high-flying attack.  Several reversals of tide later, Kin came up with the Hiroshima Bomb for a bit time pinfall victory on ON TIME.

Winner:  Kin Hiroshi

Triple X vs. "Apocalypse" Gabriel Poe

joined in progress, at the 4:05 mark.)

ByB:  Well, this “next class” doesn’t matter to Triple X, and apparently Hornet does… but right now, he needs to worry about the right hand that keeps hitting his head!

RS:  Gabriel Poe is certainly the aggressor at the moment, what a large man he is.  Triple X is throwing shots from his knee, but they aren’t doing much to stop Gabriel Poe, who comes with a big elbow to Trip’s forehead, and Sean Stevens has went down again.  This match started out with X all over the place, but Apocalypse has definitely slowed this one down to favor his own strategy…

ByB:  You know… so… much… Rudy…

RS:  Cork it, kid, before I send you to your daddy. 

ByB:  Listen up, feather-face, I’m not…

RS:  Wait a minute, Billy… what’s the Hip Hop Express doing out here?

ByB:  Well, you mental giant… they were playing some two-sided games back there… judging by the fact that Miso is on Inferno’s arm, I’d say they’re here to rub something in Apocalypse’ face! 

RS:  Apocalypse looks a little distracted…

ByB:  Like I said, mental giant…


ByB:  That distraction worked, Rudy!

RS:  Like I said, cork it kid.  Triple X flies over the top!  PLANCHA OVER THE TOP, he took Apoc back down, and now a series of right hands to the head of Apocalypse, that little distraction may have been the only break Sean Stevens needed to take down the mighty Apocalypse, no one can doubt that he’s one of the best we have to offer in the CSWA, and if all these groups really have been formed to destroy the CSWA, he may be one of our only hopes…

ByB:  If he even cares…

RS:  That’s a valid point, grasshopper, and with that Trip rolls his larger opponent back into the ring, and now with a leap over the top rope, somersault leg drop and the cover!  One, two… no, no he doesn’t… Apocalypse kicks out, and he leans on the middle rope immediately, he’s saying something to Inferno… TRIPLE X TAKES ADVANTAGE AGAIN, DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD, AND TRIPLE X FLIES INTO THE FAR SIDE, COMES OFF WITH A SPLASH AND APOCALYPSE’ HEAD MIGHT JUST COME OFF, WHAT IMPACT BY TRIPLE X! 

ByB:  Women.  THAT’S what women will do to ya.  For all you 14-year-old guys that are at home playing pocket pool, let me remind you, that the longer you’re doing that, the longer …

RS:  BILLY!  Didn’t you hear Merritt at FISH FUND?  No more FCC fines!

ByB:  Fine… fine… fine…

RS:  Apocalypse back to his feet, he shoves Triple X… STEVENS BUMPED THE REF, Worthington goes down, the back of his head hit the turnbuckle… how many refs are going to go down this month? 

ByB:  They drop like flies around here, I say we by them some headgear and pads… they’re blind as bats and keep getting in the way.

RS:  Poe tosses Triple X out to the floor, and he’s following him out there, but look… he’s way more focused on talking to the Hip Hop Express than he is doing anything to Triple X.   That’s a strange place for Apocalypse, he’s always been focused on breaking people, but this deal with Miso…

ByB:  Miso’s saying something to him, and look at Inferno and Boogie… they’re helping Triple X up! 

RS:  They seem to have something against… “2Pocalypse” as they’ve been calling him…

ByB:  SUCKER!  Man, I don’t think Trip wanted their help… and I KNOW he didn’t want that shot to the head!  We’ve got a blind ref down, a woman in the way and the rappers beating on a guy named Triple X, this is the CSWA folks…

RS:  The Hip Hop Express, doing a number on Sean Stevens!  Pounding away at the ribs and back of a man that went through HELL and back at FISH FUND, and now Apocalypse is helping, all three of these men are taking turns tagging the smallest man out there, and now… OH right into the steps… the referee starting to get up, but it’s not going to do much good now, the damage has been done… Apocalypse rolls Triple X into the ring, and it still looks like he’s confused about the scene outside, but he goes for a pinfall… referee slow to count… there he goes now though… one…… two…… NO!  Triple X gets a shoulder up!  Triple X gets his shoulder up, and Apocalypse doesn’t believe it! 

ByB:  Worthington’s still shaking cobwebs out…


ByB:  And the ref… is back on the mat…

RS:  One…… two…… three… three!  Apocalypse gets the crooked win, chalk up the assist to the Hip Hop Express, but look at that look on Apocalypse’ face!  He looks like a satisfied man right there, with a pinfall victory, but let’s not take anything from Triple X, he had a war at FISH FUND and had it not been for the Hip Hop Express, who’s to say he wouldn’t have defeated Gabriel Poe?

ByB:  It doesn’t matter, one, two, three, he got beat… I’m so sick of excuses around this place. 

RS:  We’ll be right back after this commercial with our main event… Lawrence Stanley is taking on Evan Aho, right here in Gainesville!

(Cut to commercial break.  Before the network promos cut in, the CSWA airs its own commercial hyping the new Mark Windham:  "Legend? Psycho? X-File?  CHAMPION" shirt)

(CUT TO:  As Gabriel Poe and Boogie are elsewhere, Miso and Inferno are shown near one of the soda machines talking after the events before the break.)

MISO:  Do you think he really suspects anything?

INFERNO:  Man I hope not, but if he does I really don't care.

MISO:  Inferno don't talk like that ...

(Before Inferno can say anything Poe and Boogie show up.)

BOOGIE:  Hey you two ready?  Let's roll!

(Unsuspecting of anything ... the four leave the arena.)

RS:  Fans, we’ve got to rewind the tape and show you what just went down while we went to commercial.  As “Triple X” Sean Stevens headed up the rampway, HORNET came out.  Roll that footage, Marvin!

(The crowd pops as “Hero” begins to play and Hornet steps out onto the rampway, wearing jeans and a polo shirt.  Triple X stops at the bottom of the ramp… it looks like his bad night has gotten worse.)

RS:  He’s not scheduled to be here, tonight!

ByB:  Apparently he was in the area…

Hornet:  Sean, Sean, Sean…. (shakes head)  A little bird in the back told me you saw fit to issue me a ‘warning.’  I didn’t realize you were the cop on the CSWA beat now, kid.  But I figured since you wanted to give me a ‘warning,’ I better be here to sign it.  (crowd pops) 

(Stevens starts to walk up the rampway.)

Hornet:  Whoa there, Trips.  I didn’t cut in on your time, you can at least give me a chance to respond.  Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time for hugs later.  You’ve got every right to be mad about me ‘costing’ you the US Title, Sean.  But as for ‘disrespecting’ you and your life… as Nell Carter would say, “Gimme a Break.” 

I reached out a hand to you after ANNIVERSARY and you slapped it away, because you were more interested in making a name for yourself by taking out your childhood hero, and more interested in throwing my personal life at me so you could somehow prove you’re a better man than I am.  That may very well be true, Sean, but you’ve still got a few years before we’re on even ground on that score.

Ivy and I had several talks a long, long time ago about how to handle our personal lives and our business lives.  And one of the rules was, they don’t mix, as much as we can help it.  Obviously, both of us broke that rule on more than one occasion.  But that ‘kiss’ at FISH FUND wasn’t about us, it was about you, Sean.  It was about distracting you from the title, and it worked.

You wanna hurt me, Sean?  Great.  Go for it.  I’ve been hurt more times than I can count.  But I’m still here, aren’t I?

If you were a smart man, you'd understand that we've got more pressing matters to attend to, like Shane tried to tell you.  But you're more interested in 'proving' yourself against me.

Just remember, whenever all this is over, that is was YOU that slapped the hand away.  YOU that decided to make it personal.

But I won't make ya wait any longer, Sean.  Let's go ahead and give the fans what they wanna see.  (Crowd pop.)

RS:  And Stevens doesn't waste any time!  He charges up the rampway, and we've got a melee in front of the entryway.  Stevens barrels into Hornet and both men go down hard!  Stevens on top fires off several rights, but quickly gets turned over by the larger man.  Hornet with some hard punches of his own.  And here comes security!

ByB:  Security?  Let 'em go at it!

(The footage ends and we head back live to Seitzer.)

RS:  I don't think any of us expected THAT confrontation between those two tonight.  I didn't even know Hornet was in the arena!

ByB:  I think they have him packed away in a little trunk somewhere at all times, just in case.

RS:  Let's head down as Rhubarb Jones announces our final match of the night between two men who have to be considered contenders to the World Title!

Evan Aho vs. Lawrence Stanley

The main event featured two men both coming off FISH FUND losses.  The former World Champion took early control of the match over his larger opponent, using his skill and technical expertise to eliminate the size differential.  Stanley, a former US Champion himself, and the almost-Presidential Champ at FISH FUND, quickly found a way to capitalize, going after Aho's injured shoulder.  Aho was obviously in pain, but after a shoulderbreaker and three-count pin by Stanley, Aho's pain turned into frustration.  After the match, Aho pounded the mat with his good arm, avoiding a post-match handshake offered by Stanley.

Winner:  "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley

RS:  Folks, thanks for joining us here for CSWA: ON TIME!  We'll see you at PRIMETIME as we continue the march to BATTLE OF THE BELTS!