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Swimming Upstream Tour 2000

Friday, December 8, 2000

V/O:  In conjunction with the CSWA, U-62 is proud to present LIVE from Mobile, Alabama....CSWA PRIMETIME!

V/O:  People are fickle.  Heroes one day, villains the next.  It's not a change of character relegated to the world of wrestling.  It happens in everyday life.  A 'perfect' housewife who cheats on her husband.  A 'loving' son who robs his parents blind to support a drug habit.  It can all be told in the flick of a glance, the nod of a head, the crook of a finger.  Tonight, the deception is over.  Everything's out on the table when Hornet and Flair meet Love and Windham.  To say there's no love lost would be the understatement of the year.... 

(Fade-in to footage from SuperPRIMETIME POOLJAM in Trinidad, October 17, 1999.  Cuts from Eli Flair vs. Eddy Love for the CSWA World Championship begin to play.)

BB: Flair and Eddy are looking at each other... and there they go! They're trading right hands! Flair grabs Eddy's arm... irish whip into the guardrail! And Eddy Love is dumped over the railing into the crowd!

SB: This is bad.

BB: Flair's taken this match into his natural element... the outside! We haven't seen a new official come out yet... it's possible that nobody wants to risk it......

BB: ... Point taken. But the point should be, there's nobody there to either hear Love say "I Quit" or "I Don't Quit." Hasn't anyone noticed that there's no official in this match?

SB: This is the CSWA. Specifically, it's the CSWA under Thomas' direction.

BB: I'm not saying a word. But we're into the second minute of the Total Elimination, and there's no sign of Flair letting up, Love giving in, or an official to watch for either!

(CUE UP: "Song 2" - Blur).......

BB: Junior Hornet has retrieved the CSWA World Title belt and has presented it to Troy! Troy is strapping it on! That's not his belt!

SB: But it looks good on him, doesn't it?

BB: NO! It doesn't, Sammy! Troy is talking to Flair again! FLAIR BRACES HIMSELF ON BANDIT AND KICKS TROY IN THE STOMACH! Junior Hornet with a fist to Flair's face! Bandit sends Flair into the ropes... NO! Ivy limps from behind and catches Bandit in the ankle with her cane! He's in the corner, while Junior Hornet takes his place! NO! Flair with a flying clothesline! This has turned into three on one! This is a travesty! But Flair has done a good job of holding his own!


BB: Love catches Flair from behind! SIDE SUPLEX!

(CUTTO:  Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular 1999 Day Two, Eli Flair vs. Troy WIndham, Top Contenders Match)

BB: Flair has waited THREE long years for another shot at Troy Windham, and it looks like we're gonna see what he does to take advantage of it! Troy and Eli stare down.... and a slap to the face by Troy Windham! Troy doesn't respect Flair, it'll be interesting to see what-- FLAIR GRABS TROY'S FACE! He's biting him!

SB: Disqualify!

BB: Juarez is letting it go! Flair with a HARD right hand! And another! He's choking the King of the Slackers across the ropes! Now, Manny finally gets between them. Troy is bleeding already from that bite mark on his forehead!........

BB: Troy is hooking "The Eliminator" onto Flair! This was Eli's old finisher, and NOBODY ever found a way out! Troy has it locked on, and this match is all but over! Flair will either submit, or he will get hurt!

SB: Get Hurt Get Hurt Get Hurt....

BB: Sammy! That's a terrible thing to say! The look of agony on Flair's face is incredible.... He's fighting to keep from yelling out in pain, I think. Manny is asking him if he wants to give up.... but he's shaking his head!

(CUTTO:  FISH FUND 12, August 10, 1998)

LOVE: It's finally here, huh old timer. You finally get a chance to see how a real champ handles the big matches. (Hornet ignores Love, tries to push past him to the locker room)

RS: Look Love, I don't know why you try and make my job so....(Love knocks Seitzer to the pavement with a discus punch.)

LOVE: Don't turn your back on me old man!

(Hornet turns to see Seitzer on the ground. Love reaches for the back of his belt and produces a can of Raid.  He sprays the Raid in Hornet's eyes. Hornet falls to his knees grabbing at his face.  Kevin Powers and Randall Jaminson run in. Powers tosses Love what appears to be the same glove he used to beat Mark Windham. Powers and Jamison pull Hornet to his feet, Love pulls the glove on and begins wailing on the still blinded Hornet.)

LOVE: You told me to bring my protective glove and my Raid didn't you Legend? Doesn't sound like such a good idea now, huh?

BUCKLEY:  Hornet's on his way down, but look at his eyes.   The last time I saw eyes that red, Sammy was coming out of an alcohol-induced mini-coma.  Of course, Hornet's was caused by the attack by the CORPORATION just before the event started.  I don't think I've seen anything quite so diabolical...well, since the last Ray S. Cornette scheme.

MELTON:  I don't know that Cornette was behind this one...it may have been an Eddy Love-original.

BUCKLEY:  Maybe so!  Because as she distracts Worthington, the masked man rolls out from under the ring!  He rolls into the ring, and Hornet sees him coming...and lets go of the Scorpion on Love.  Hornet and the masked man face off....the masked man just through something into the eyes of Hornet!!!  Some kind of powder of spray or something, but Hornet is doubled over in pain again!   NECKBREAKER BY THE MASKED MAN!  The masked man rolls outside the ring....and now Eddy Love is slowly but surely getting to his feet!  Melissa jumps down off the apron, allowing the ref to turn back toward the action.  Hornet tries to get to one knee....but he's still clawing at his eyes!  Eddy Love inverts Hornet......HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!  Love hooks the leg!   ONE..................TWO.............................. THREE!!!!!!!!  This one is over!  We've got an all-CORPORATION final as Eddy Love moves on to meet Billy Starr!  Sweet Melissa runs into the ring and Eddy Love's arms.  Eddy Love has done the unthinkable...in just four months, he has defeated Mark Windham and Hornet, and now will have his shot at wrestling's crown jewel.


BB:  But Hornet's on his feet first...although Eddy's not far behind.  Hornet charges.....CLOTHESLINE!  Love almost did a 360 on that one.   But look at Eddy.....he's up almost as quickly as he went down!  But Hornet is ready.  He sends Love for the ride.....Love into the corner......HORNET SPLASH!!!!   Hornet backs away, pulling Love with him....he sends him across again...setting him up one more time.   HORNET......LOVE PULLS YOUNG IN THE WAY!   The Hornet Splash catches Young and Love......but I think Hornet cracked heads with Young.   He grabs his head...Young falls out of the way, and it looks like Love is trying to shake off that second-hand splash.  He does....and he rockets Hornet out of the way with a huge belly to belly suplex!  Love follows up...he's setting Hornet up......HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!!!! 


BB:  But there's no one to count the pin....Sweet Melissa is trying to wake Patrick Young, with little success.   But now Poison Ivy makes her move!!!  SINGAPORE CANE to the head of the former CSWA World Champion!  Love drops like a ton of bricks, as Ivy tries to help Hornet to his feet.  Hornet and Ivy retreat to a neutral corner, as Love begins to recover from that cane shot.  Young begins to recover as well, and Ivy quickly takes a powder back to the outside. 

BB:  Hornet's going back for the setup!  And Ivy's up on the apron....she's got that cane across Eddy's neck to keep him in the corner!  Here it comes......HORNET SPLASH!!!!

SB:  And a cane shot to the head for good measure.

BB:  Hornet pulls Eddy out of the corner and he hits the mat.   He pulls Patrick Young to the middle of the ring, and then hooks the leg on Love.   ONE...................TWO.....................THREE!  Hornet gets the win...he picks up his first twenty points with two matches to go.

(The patented CSWA light show in progress appears, highlighting a packed crowd inside the Mobile Coliseum.)

BB:  HELLOOOOOO WRESTLING FANS!  I'm Bill Buckley, along with Sammy Benson, welcoming you to CSWA PRIMETIME in Mobile.  As you just saw in the opening video package, tonight we've got four former CSWA World Champions facing off in a match between four men who can't stand each other!  Hornet and Flair want to "stake their claim" on the Playboys tonight.

SB:  But Eddy Love is gonna show 'em what being a Playboy is all about!

BB:  Not only is this a top-caliber match, but it's been announced as a "Marathon" match.  Whichever team gets the most pinfalls in a sixty-minute soon-to-be classic gets the bragging rights!

SB:  Sixty minutes?  I wonder if even Eddy's perfect hair can stand up to that test.

BB:  Great...from sarcastic bombastic freak, now I get a freakin' hairstylist as a partner.  Let's head down to the ring folks.


Jackson Thorne vs. Johnny Lang

Lang entered the match hoping to continue his winning ways in the CSWA, while Jackson Thorne stepped into his first CSWA match, if you exclude trying to reign in the Claimstakers in Pensacola. 

Thorne quickly showed why he had such success in the ICW, catching Lang with an early belly-to-belly and scoop body slam, before sending Lang through the ropes with a missile dropkick.  To Lang's credit, he quickly recovered, coming in and landing a huge snap suplex on Thorne.  Lang went for an early powerbomb, however, while Thorne rolled through and short clotheslined the Santa Monica native.  Thorne used his height advantage to lock in a Russian leg sweep, and follow with a pumphandle slam that garnered him a quick two-count.

Lang tried to go on the offensive, sending Thorne for the ride off the ropes, but the Charlotte native was able to drop Lang with a huge superkick.  He then headed up top for the move he calls The Bloodrush, a huge reverse senton bomb onto the prone Lang for the one-two-three.

BB:  That's a big debut win by the twenty-four year old as he starts making the CSWA his home!  The CSWA has added so much great talent over the last few months, and even years.... think about youngsters like Wicked Sight, Havoc, and others, who were just debuting a few... hold on!  Somebody just ran down from the entryway.....huge clothesline knocked down Thorne in the middle of the aisle!!!  

SB:  Who is that?

BB:  I think it's...it's Mason Meadows.  He just signed a CSWA contract recently and made his debut in a dark match here tonight.

SB:  And why's he going after this other punk?

BB:  I have no idea....I know that they're both from the Charlotte, North Carolina area...but other than, I don't know why Meadows would attack Thorne!  He's setting him up for that vertical spinning DDT he calls.....watch out!   GRASSY MEADOWS!  Good grief...he's laid Thorne out on the concrete with that huge move.  Somebody get a trainer...security...something.


Johnny Williams vs. Jean Rabesque

This match was a virtual non-event. Jean Rabesque was far too good for the plucky Johnny Williams and won the match at a canter.  Right from the bell Rabesque dominated and a series of right hands leveled the debuting youngster before Rabesque went to the power moves. A spinebuster followed by a piledriver could have ended the match, but Rabesque refused to pin his opponent.

After delivering a powerslam and a knee drop, he went to work on Williams' legs with vicious aplomb, smashing them into the ringposts and pounding away on them for several minutes before he applied his patented Figure Four Leglock. After around twenty seconds the courageous Williams could take no more punishment and tapped as Jean Rabesque earned one of the easiest victories in his career.

BB:  What a win by Rabesque.  Anyone seeing him for the first time shouldn't take him as a rookie...this guy has been around.  We're scheduled to take a commercial break....but I've been told the Unified Tag Team Champions have arrived for their interview tonight.  Let's head to the back.

(Teri Melton is followed by Tsunami and Wildstar as they make their way to their executive suite, Terri is in a black number which stops just off the floor while the Foreign Exchange are wearing sweaters and jeans with the tag titles over their shoulders. As they get to the door she stops and talks to the Foreign Exchange.)

TM: Here it is guys, we can watch our opposition from luxury, Lawrence, Alfred and Serf should be up soon.

SB: Can you hold the fort Buckley?!?!

BB: Stay here Sammy!

(Teri opens the door and they walk in.)


SB: The no good…….is Terri okay?


MH: There’s a little payback for last time punks……keep those titles nice and shiny ‘cos we’ll be back for them!

SW: And you, you little whore, keep out of our way next time or you’ll get the same thing…..(bleeped)!

(Simply Stunning leave as Teri walks over to see how Tsunami and Wildstar are doing.)

BB: Simply Stunning look hot! They’ve trashed the MNC suite, busted open the Foreign Exchange and verbally attacked Terri…..this feud is far from over!

SB: They went too far with what they said to Teri……Stanley will be pissed!

BB:  We'll be right back with more PRIMETIME!

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