July 14, 1999

US:   Randy Harders vs. Hornet
Main Event:  Powers of Love vs. Vizzack/Deacon


(A rumble of thunder gives prelude to the storm hitting the area in a few hours. The driver lets them off on the side of the road. A huge road sign reads "Atlanta: Ten Miles. His odd collection of hitchikers, including a man more than seven feet tall, a woman at least six feet... as well as a young girl, step out of the huge mac truck...)

Driver: This is as far as I go. You want I should radio for a cab or something?

Sunshine Del Payne (Looking at the sky - clear day of about 1 PM): No, I think we're okay.

Driver: Well... allright. Godspeed. I'll be watching tonight.

(With a wink, and a twinkle in his eye, he drives off, leaving Sunshine, Deacon, and Lilith standing on the side of the road...)

Lilith: So now where do we go?

SDP: The arena. We've got some business to take care of. And Deacon needs to get in there against Mr. Love and Mr. Powers, finally.

L: Do you have a plan?

SDP: I just might... and it looks like we've got the time.

("The English Gentleman" Lawrence Stanley is entering the arena through the "Staff" door, until he sees Helen, wife/manager of Michael Gettis. She is dressed rather... liberally, in a black silk robe...)

HG: Hey there.

LS: Good afternoon.

HG: I've got a surprise for you.   Follow me.

(She begins to walk into the arena, and Stanley follows, ending up in an unoccupied dressing room...)

HG: Are you ready?

(She takes off the robe, revealing cutoff jeans and a T-Shirt that reads "Got You, Sucker!")

LS: What the...

(He's cut off by a blow from behind. "Big Time" Michael Gettis is standing there holding a chair. Stanley attempts to get up, but is knocked back down by another chairshot.)

MG: You want my wife? huh? Huh? You want to cost me my match? This is only the beginning for you! You will be dealt with in the near future, so watch your back. You never know where i will be. I could be in a trash can , I could be in a tree. You will never know until i strike you where you stand. You have been warned and believe me...I do keep my word!

(Helen and Gettis leave, as Stanley pulls himself, slowly, back to his feet...)

(The Atlanta Police Department... waiting room. Mark Vizzack is pacing the floor. He's wearing faded blue jeans, Airwalks, a "We've Been Banned" MWC T-Shirt, and carries his leather jacket in his hands. A bulge is seen through his shirt where his shoulder has been taped up and bandaged, the extent to which his injury runs is not yet known... A door opens, and out walks Chris Shepard, in civilian clothes...)

CS: Mark! I... didn't expect to see you here.

MV: Hey, what are friends for? Listen, the cops still don't know where Sunshine and Deacon are. They've been scanning the camcorder footage since last night, and still no clues. Still no warrant for Damien Xeno's arrest. I don't know what's going on.

CS: So what's the plan for tonight? You can't possibly wrestle Eddy Love and Kevin Powers alone... at least, not with all this on your mind. I want to help any way I can.

(Vizzack smiles, and claps Shepherd on the back.)

MV: What's that phrase, Chris? "Have faith."

This program is presented by CS Enterprises, in association with U-62 Television.

(Fade to black...)

BB(V/O): There comes a time in every wrestling career, that things get intense. That things get too difficult to deal with, and you have to go straight to the source of your problems, no matter what the cost.

(CUT TO: Footage of Hornet/Randalls, Windham/GUNS, Windham/Benedict, and others...)

There are times that you feel trapped by the machinations of others.

(CUT TO: Flair/Nemesis from Lincoln)

But... to even the score... there is always a little thing... called PAYBACK.

(The word "PAYBACK" appears on the screen, and the image shatters from behind as it's replaced with the CSWA Showtime logo. FADE TO: Buckley and Benson, at the commentator's table.)

BB: HELLO ATLANTA! My name is Bill Buckley, joining me as always is Sammy Benson, and the storm outside is NOTHING compared to the NIGHT OF MAYHEM for you here tonight!

SB: What my overly-caffenated partner means to say, is that we've got three, count 'em, THREE showdowns. Randy Harders defends the US Title against the Bugbrain, and Aaron Douglas defends the Greensboro Title against the Dull Blade. But the Main Event proves to make up for ALL of it... as Eddy gets the chance to pay Vizzack back for the loss at Elvis Lives!

BB: A loss that was completely earned by Mr. Love, thank you.

SB: You're welcome. But the big news, of course, is that Eddy's Tag Strap is NOT on the line... but Vizzack's IOC slot may be!

BB: Indeed. Deacon has not been seen since Primetime in Tampa, and if he doesn't show up, we could see a handicap match, one that will be further hampered by the injury to his shoulder. Coming at ya first, loud and proud, will be the DEBUT of...

(Buckley holds a finger over his ear...)

I'm being told that there's some sort of commotion in the back, let's see if we can get a camera back there to take a look around.

(CUT TO: The backstage. K-9 has cornered Silky Rose against the wall of a hallway, with a lighter and a paper- like substance in his hands. Dante Inferno is about two feet away, on his knees but getting up, with a steel chair broken in half on the ground near him. K-9 has Silky backed up against a wall, getting ready to light the paper like material. Dante grabs him from behind, flinging him to the other side of the walkway. K-9 hits a table and knocks over a coffee machine. Dante follows him over, picks up the coffee pot, and gives K-9 an 90 degree bath! K-9 scratchs at his eyes were he has raw burn tissue still healing, and the hot coffee just creating more agony. A slight smile is seen on his face, as Dante throws him once agian into the wall. He bounces off and falls to the ground. Silky Rose,with K-9s "materials" walks over to them both. Dante lifting K-9 up high, hold him by his shoulders.)

BB: NO! NO! Not again!

(Silky Rose lights it as the fire ball is heaved towards K-9, he tries to slip out of the hands of the giant, with a quick 'trick leg' low blow. Dante is caught partially in the forehead with the fire ball, but K-9 catches a good deal of it as well. Most of it lands on a table covered in papers beside them, with engulfs in flames. Grabbing his face he drops to the ground, and K-9 snatchs Silky by the throat, you can hear his inchoherent screaming.)


(Inferno grabs K-9 from behind and picks him up for a chokeslam, but K-9 twists, breaking the hold and leaping on the large mans back. He locks on the Cobra Clutch, then wraps his legs around Dante to complete the TAP OUT! Staggering backwards.....)

K-9: TAP OUT!!

(Dante backs into the wall several times, but K-9's grip does not falter. Seeking an alternative, Dante falls backwards on to the flaming table. Crashing threw the table, both men end up on the ground as security rushs in with fire extinguishers and such, trying to put the fire out. Both men are trying to be pulled from the ashes. CUT TO: The commentating area.)

BB: Well, those two may need medical attention, and both may stay a night in the Atlanta General Hosptial Burn Unit. Well, try to clean up back there, but first....We have a great match...

SB: What was that??? K-9 put his hands on that sweet little piece of sugar? He'll pay for this!

BB: Sammy?

SB: What?

BB: We've got a match.

SB: So what?

BB: *groan*

SB: Ah, shaddup...

"THE MAIN EVENT" Rob Sampson vs. Henderson Bramble

BB: This one was over before it began. Rob Sampson was flawless, and Henderson Bramble didn't have a prayer. Sampson opened with a European Uppercut, followed by a waistlock takedown and several vicious kicks to the back. Picking Bramble up, he hit a Hangman's Neckbreaker, followed by his finisher, The Show Stopper, getting the three count in under five minutes. No doubt, he was sending a message to the rest of the Battle Royal participants, that he was a force to be reckoned with.

WINNER: Rob Sampson

SB: So he beat Bramble. Who hasn't?

BB: You.

SB: Yeah, but he's no Space God. I could take him.

BB: Right.

SB: Don't make me come over there.

BB: The smell is bad enough from here. Up next, folks, we've got the Rookie Battle Royal, featuring some of the newer talent in the CSWA. However, there are a few modifications that need to be made. It has come to our attention that earlier, Michael Gettis viciously attacked Lawrence Stanley. As a result, CSWA Co-Commisioner Thomas has barred Gettis from the building for the remainder of the event. There is no word on Stanley's condition, but he IS expected to compete.

SB: Gettis is just jealous because Stanley was getting his swerve on with Helen.

BB: Sammy!

SB: What can I say? Stanley's the man. And All the Girlies Say, he's Pretty Fly for a White Guy.

BB: Oh lord...

(CUE UP: "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath)

What is...

(CUT TO: The entryway. The fans come to their feet as HaVÝC stridesdown the aisle, dressed to wrestle in Black and Gold. He steps throughthe ropes to a decent pop from the crowd. The ring announcer hands him amicrophone.)

H: This battle royal isn't about money... it isn't about fame... This war is all about violence. wearing down the otherguy to the point whereyou can toss his carcass over the top rope. Violence, pure and simple.No high risk rope moves... no room for lucha libre garbage. Just ahandful of wrestlers pounding it out to get to the next level. Tampa... I set the House on FIRE!!

(Fans cheer...)

H: "But here, in Atlanta, Georgia... I'm gonna tear this place down!! No one is safe from HaVÝC, so bring what you have down to this ring, ready to get tossed out!!"

(CUT TO: The table.)

BB: Havoc's called out the rest of the competitors... you can bet he's going to be a target.

"Rookie" Battle Royal
Winner gets a shot at the Greensboro Title

Lawrence Stanley
Alex Wylde
Matt Dexter
Michael Hardy
Duke Williams
Simon Wilcox
Rob Sampson
Wicked Sight
Jesse Solomon

SB: Here they come! The ring is filling up!

BB: WAIT! Who is that? Fans, there's a masked man entering the arena behind the competitors... and he... LEVELS LAWRENCE STANLEY! Sammy, he's been through a lot tonight, and now, he's busted open ALREADY!

SB: I guess he went after someone else's wife, too. No problem, he's getting up. What was that about?

BB: I'm not sure... but X-Rated just laid Alex Wylde out with ONE PUNCH on the outside! Apparently, he said something to Desire.

SB: Sounds like he said something to WYLDE... along the lines of "Don't Mess With Me." What's the story there?

BB: I guess they wanted to get into it. No waiting... just the bell! And it looks like Alex Wylde is up, and he makes a running leap at Lawrence Stanley! With his victory over Dante Inferno in Tampa, he is DEFINITELY a favorite to win this thing, and therefore, the first target. And with the multiple attacks on him tonight, he's also

SB: Did you figure that out on your own?

BB: You might be the comic relief, but I'm the COMMENTATOR. Leave the analysis to me, fat man.

SB (Shocked): Yes, sir.

BB: Wylde with the boots to Stanley, as HaVoC takes a piece out of Matt Dexter, and it looks like Jesse Solomon and Wicked Sight are picking up right where they left off! We've got an eleven man BRAWL, as everyone seems to have picked a dance partner!

SB: There goes one now! Was he a leader?

BB: Duke Williams has just been tossed by X-Rated... and we're down to ten. Sammy, this match could make the CSWA's next big superstar. Rob Sampson, suffering no ill effects of his match against Henderson Bramble, is laying into Michael Hardy.

SB: Who's your pick, Buckley?

BB: I gotta tell you, Sammy... I don't know. Alex Wylde is a favorite, but with the words he exchanged with everyone over the course of the past few days... He's definitely a target. Stanley is another, but the beatings he's taken so far tonight...

SB: Everyone is a favorite tonight. Admit it, I found the strength.

BB: Sampson with a back body drop on Hardy... and he's almost over! Alex Wylde tries to help Sampson send him, but Sampson levels him with a hard left and tries to send them BOTH over!

SB: It's gonna be Sampson.

BB: NO! Wylde hooks the bottom rope, and slides back in! Hardy follows... WAIT A SECOND! Jesse Solomon slingshots Wicked Sight over the top! He lands on Hardy, knocking the wind out of him, and knocking him to the floor!

SB: Is Sight out?

BB: NO! Wicked Sight used the impact to send himself between the top and middle ropes, and we're down to nine men!

SB: Nine is less than ten.

BB: Congratulations.

SB: Can it.

(All the lights in the arena flicker momentarily... and a HUGE rumble of thunder is heard.)

BB: That storm is getting worse as time passes. I hope we don't get struck by lightning.

SB: It would be par for the course this year, wouldn't you say?

BB: True. Jesse Solomon has Alex Wylde set up, and Matt Dexter is LAYING into him... NO! Dexter just gave Solomon a headbutt! Remember, it was Solomon who pinned Dexter, putting him out of the Ironman Battle Royal.

SB: A match that came down to Solomon and Eli Flair. Solomon showed the CSWA a lot that night.

BB: Indeed he did. And Dexter just keeps firing those right hands! He's got Solomon leaning on the ropes... but he can't get him over! Here comes HaVoC... but Solomon's grip is just TOO TIGHT!

SB: Tough son of a...

BB: Sammy! Alex Wylde is trying as well, and X-Rated lends a hand! Fans, we've got Lawrence Stanley locked up with Wicked Sight, and Simon Wilcox pounding on Rob Sampson in the corner... and near the middle of the top rope, Alex Wylde, X-Rated, Matt Dexter, AND HaVoC are ALL attempting to get Jesse Solomon eliminated from this match.

SB: He's like an orangutan! He's got those ropes HOOKED!

BB: NO HE DOESN'T! Solomon falls, and there are eight men left in this match!

SB: How long could he really hold on?

BB: Who knows... but there goes X-Rated to the floor. HaVoC muscled him up and dropped him! That's power. Who can eliminate HaVoC from this match?

SB: Eddy could...

BB: Eddy's got a match already tonight... and he'd better have his PARTNER on the brain.

SB: I know.

BB: Back to the match... I'm amazed that Stanley is still in there, considering the damage he's taken tonight. First at the hands of Michael Gettis, then at the hands of that masked man. And he's still in there, taking a shot at Alex Wylde.

SB: He's like that damn Energizer bunny. Keeps going and going and going...

BB: Matt Dexter sends Simon Wilcox into the corner, but Wilcox takes a running start and charges! NO! Dexter caught him with a belly- to belly suplex, and tosses him over the top rope! WAIT! Wicked Sight hits a dropkick from behind, and Dexter goes over as well!

SB: Two for the price of one!

BB: This is still anyone's match, but it's getting to the nitty gritty! Alex Wylde catches HaVoC from behind with a chokehold, and Rob Sampson begins to kick him in the midsection! Stanley and Wicked Sight start to fight off to the sides!

SB: This is it, sportsfans.

BB: Stanley sends Wicked Sight over the top... and a final headbutt sends him to the mat! HaVoC with a kick to Sampson's chest, and Wylde with a dragon suplex! He picks HaVoC up... Over the top... NO! HaVoC holds on! Sampson is on his feet... he's attempting to push him over!

SB: And he succeeds... kinda.

BB: Sampson did get HaVoC out of the ring... but HaVoC held onto his wrist, and Rob Sampson is eliminated!

SB: What to do now?

BB: These two men are circling... and they lock up! Wylde with a headlock, but Stanley sends him into the ropes! Shoulderblock... and both men go down! And they're back to their feet! Wylde off the ropes, but Stanley catches him with a quick drop toe hold!

SB: That's all she wrote!

BB: What is... Stanley is setting him up for a SUPERPLEX! What is he thinking?

SB: He's thinking, "This is risky, but if I hit it, I just have to send him over the top rope and it's over."

BB: Pretty good. Wylde is set up... and Stanley is climbing the turnbuckle... HERE IT-- NO! Wylde blocks the Superplex!

SB: Holy...

BB: These two men are perched precariously on the top turnbuckle, neither man giving an inch! Wait... OH MY GOD! ALEX WYLDE SUPERPLEXES LAWRENCE STANLEY TO THE FLOOR! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Stanley went through a TABLE while Wylde landed partially on the ring steps!

SB: So who won?

BB: That's not important right now, Sammy... EMT's are at ringside, and they're tending to these two men who could be very seriously hurt!

SB: Play with fire...

BB: Sammy!

(Bill holds his hand to his ear)

I'm being told we've got another disturbance backstage... do we... Yes, we have a camera back there.

(The camera shows K-9, still burnt and blackened, from which incident... who knows? He is refusing help from the EMTs, they keep trying to get him back in the ambulance to check him out.)

K-9: Inferno! I'll show you an INFERNO!!

EMT #1: Sir, please, just step into the ambulance, for we can see if you need to go to the hospital or not.

K-9 (walking away): Inferno!! Rose!!

EMT #2 (turning K-9 around by his shoulder): Sir!

(As K-9 turns he nails him. He drops then the other man starts to come K-9's way, he gets dropped as well. K-9 grabs up a chair as he walks off camera, screaming "Inferno! UnHoly! Rose!!")

BB: Well, Kevin Nine, the Innovator Of Insanity, who we saw at the top of the show go through a burning table, is refusing to take EMT help...

SB: Everyone's gone crazy tonight. There's something in the water, methinks.

BB: As you can see, the medical personnel are helping Alex Wylde and Lawrence Stanley out of the arena... Stanley's neck was braced as a precautionary measure, and Wylde's right leg may be damaged. We'll have word for you on the status of this match as soon as we're able. Coming up next, however, will see the Greensboro Title on the line.

SB: Bugbrain blew it.

BB: Hornet, who turned out to be Aaron Douglas' mystery man, did in fact lose by way of countout to Apocalypse, who in turn gave his title shot to fellow Unholy Brother, Blade. This will be Blade's first CSWA title shot, excluding the impressive run that he and Dante Inferno had at Battle of the Belts. Speaking of which, we have no information on the status of Dante Inferno after the attack by K-9, but, as always...

SB: You'll have information as soon as it's available. Thanks, buddy. You're a big help.

(CUE UP: "Sabotage" - Beastie Boys)

CSWA Greensboro Championship
"Hot Stuff" Aaron Douglas vs. Blade

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is for the CSWA GREENSBORO TITLE! Introducing first... from Calgary Alberta Canada and weighing in at 227 pounds... The Two-Time CSWA GREENSBORO CHAMPION.... "HOOOOT STUFFFF" AARON DOUGLAS!!!

BB: Douglas is hot, no doubt about it. He's not the Two Time Greensboro Champion for nothing. Hornet had a little to do with it, but...

SB: Them's the breaks, Buckley... tell it to GUNS because he's the only one who cares.

RJ: And his opponent...

(CUE UP: "Du Hast" - Rammestein)

Weighing in at 266 pounds... The master of the Guillotine Blade... The Unholy Brother... BLADE!!!

BB: Blade looks to be in tremendous shape... and he should be. He's got all the makings of a Champion... all he's been missing so far has been the opportunity. But look where we are.

SB: Hey, Douglas got several million dollars from Merritt... that's the important thing.

BB: There's the bell, and Douglas hits a low blow to start things off! Manny Juarez gives Douglas a warning, but the match continues! Douglas with a kick to the head!

SB: See?

BB: Aaron Douglas picks Blade up... DDT! The cover, 1......NO! Blade kicks out before the two can register!

SB: Damn.

BB: Douglas sets Blade up... off the ropes, knee to the midsection! There's the cover again, 1..............2..NO! Blade kicks out with authority! And he stands up, unfazed!

SB: Is it too late to apologize?

BB: I think so. Douglas with a right hand, and Blade blocks it! He fires a punch of his own!

SB: Why isn't Juarez doing anything about those illegal punches?

BB: Ask a stupid question...

SB: ...get a stupid answer.

BB: Blade picks Douglas up... Bodyslam! He scoops him again... NO! Douglas rakes the eyes, and Blade drops him! Douglas off the ropes, and a dropkick to Blade's head!

SB: I'm so good.

BB: What did YOU do?

SB: Moral support.

BB: Douglas sends Blade through the ropes to the outside! He sends him face first into the steel!

SB: That's gotta hurt.

BB: Blade has been a tad on the receiving end of a lot of punishment tonight... but give him credit, he's still on his feet.

(The lights flicker again... and go out. The fans begin to cheer, though you can hear the match still taking place...)

SB: Don't touch me, Buckley!

(The lights come back on, to find Blade with a steel chair in his hand, and Douglas on the ground. Both men are bleeding profusely...)

BB: It would appear that the storm is playing a bit part in tonight's events, doesn't it?

SB: What happened?

BB: Fans, it would appear we lost power for a short time, and Blade was able to capitalize on Douglas' distraction. But it seemed almost contrived... like...

SB: Like Blade was waiting for it?

BB: Yes. The Unholy could very well have a part in it.

SB: Juarez finally started the count. We could've been here all day.

BB: Blade sends Douglas back into the ring... and sets him up... GUILLOTINE BLADE! There's the cover... 1...............2..............NO! That cameraman pulled Blade off of Douglas! He's laying the boots to him!

(The cameraman hauls off his jacket and hat, revealing himself to be Cool Moe D. He furiously pounds on Blade with kicks to the ribs.Moe D calls for a microphone, and a ring attendant throws him one.)

CMD: First off, I'm sick and tired of, is this STUPID name. Cool Moe D? That's an embarassmant. *I* am far superior to you Blade, and to everyone in the back. So from now on, I will go by the name, of "The Monarch" Matt Martin. My *real* name.

You know something Blade, I'm damn SICK AND TIRED with you, and your UnHoly. Time after Time, Card after Card, I'm getting jumped by you, or one of your cronies.

[MM spits on Blade]

Now, I'm THROUGH with you. I've beaten you once, I've proved my point. But what I just did to you ........ it wasn't to restart the fire, NO, that was a little message, for GENOCIDE.Genocide, you want to attack me from behind, with a weapon, while I'mtrapped in a CAGE. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but you made a mistake. [pause]

And that mistake was, LEAVING ME BREATHING. Now, Genocide. I know your hear within these walls, so If You have any GUTS, bring your (beep) out here right now, so I can kick it

(The lights go out as a rush runs through the crowd. As they re-appear, thefigure known as Genocide stands in the ring, behind "The Monarch" Matt Martin. Martin turns around, to be met with a big right than sends him down.The lights go out once more. As they re-appear, Martin is on top of Genocide, hammering away with lefts and rights. Both men get to their feet,and once more lock up to fight.

BB: I can't believe this... Tonight is truly the night for settling scores... or to be more accurate, increasing the fire. While Vice-President Gethard and his security team tear these two men apart... we'll be right back.

(CUT TO: Commercial for CSWA ANNIVERSARY '99: Revelation, as well as the CSWA Awards Show...)

BB: We're back... and it would officially stand that Blade and Aaron Douglas went to a no-contest.

SB: It's Bugbrain time!

United States Championship
Hornet vs. Randy Harders

(CUE UP: "I Don't Wanna Change the World" - Ozzy")

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen... this contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CSWA United States Championship! Introducing first, is the challenger. From Greensboro North Carolina, and accompanied to the ring by Poison Ivy... Weighing in at 266 pounds... HORNET!

SB: Listen to these boos... Never thought you'd hear the day, huh, Buckley?

BB: I have to agree, Sammy. This is a strange time for the CSWA. But it's been guys like Mark Vizzack, like Steve Radder, like Eli Flair, who have really stepped up and taken Hornet's place as men that the fans can look up to and admire.

(CUE UP: "Turn the Page" - Metallica")

RJ: His opponent... from Long Island, New York... weighing in at 315 pounds... The CSWA United States Heavyweight Champion... "The Hard One" Randy Harders!!!

BB: Harders comes to ringside to a pretty divided crowd response. They understand the reasons he joined the Unholy... they only wish he had a better way to go.

SB: But a kiss for Mrs. Beyer over at ringside. She's getting chunky, but still a looker.

BB: And... Hello, Ivy.

(Poison Ivy sits down with them and puts on a headset...)

Ivy: Hello, boys.

SB: What do you want?

Ivy: I want you out of the CSWA again so I can get my column space back. But since miracles don't happen, I just came to lend my expertise as a commentator.

BB: They lock up, and Harders sends Hornet to the mat!

Ivy: Hornet needs to keep moving.

SB: Hornet needs you to hit Harders with your stick.

Ivy: I don't think so, fat man. Hornet doesn't need help to win matches. Especially not against Harders.

BB: Hornet with a reversal on that armbar, and he brings Harders around to a headlock!

Ivy: I mean... Hornet's a shoo- in for the Ironman. The CS Tribune Online poll is listing him as the favorite.

BB: Harders sends Hornet into the ropes... duck down... shoulderblock... NOBODY MOVES! And we've got a staredown!

SB: Harders can take out Bugbrain... just watch.

Ivy: Wrong, little man.

BB: HORNET WITH A THUMB TO THE EYES! Harders is stunned, and a DDT! The cover, 1...........2.........NO! Harders kicks out.

Ivy: Too soon. I told him, he needs to work on Harders for at LEAST ten or so minutes.

SB: Tell him again, he has the attention span of an insect.

Ivy: Funny... Very funny.

BB: Hornet picks Harders up by the hair... and Harders with a low blow! Patrick Young admonishing both men for their bending of the rules, but the match will continue!

SB: Do you really think Young wants to be the one to tell these guys they can't wrestle?

Ivy: He's an idiot, but he's got a point.

BB: Please... Harders with a Russian Legsweep, and Hornet rolls to the outside! Harders follows, and sends Hornet face first into the guardrail!

SB: Boom-shakalaka!

Ivy: Spare me...

BB: Harders folding up a chair... NO! Hornet blocked it, and sent a boot to Harders' stomach! He's got the chair, and he sends it into Harders' head!

Ivy: See? Hornet doesn't need me. If I took Anniversary night off, Hornet would still win the Ironman.

BB: You may be right... but I doubt we'll have the chance to see it.

SB: True.

BB: Hornet sends Harders into the guardrail again! NO! Harders reverses, and Hornet hits the steel!

(There's a commotion by the curtain...)

SB: Who's that?

BB: Vice-Commisioner Vizzachero is headed this way... what gives?

Ivy: Who cares? Harders mistimed a kick and Hornet got him with a set of brass knuckles. That's how ya win.

VCV: That's not how you win, Ivy.

Ivy: How would you know?

VCV: I'm not here to fight... I'm here to make an offer.

Ivy: What's up?

BB: Young threatening Hornet with disqualification...

VCV: I've got a contract in my hand, Ivy... You sign it, and you take the day off during Anniversary.

Ivy: What?

VCV: Well, you made the comment that Hornet could win the Ironman if you weren't there... prove it.

Ivy: You're crazy.

VCV: There's something in it for you too. Sign, and you'll get your old column space back. Sammy'll get shoved to Rudy's "Grapevine" page.

Ivy: Sold.

(Ivy signs the contract...)

SB: Hey!

(The bell rings)

Ivy: What?

BB: While you were wheeling and dealing, Hornet and Harders both got counted out.

Ivy: What?

BB: Hornet didn't win.

Ivy: NO!

SB: There goes feminazi.

BB: Ivy has left the table, and she's LAYING INTO HARDERS! Hornet pulls her off, and we've got yet another inconsequential finish to a match tonight.

SB: Bill... look at the Main Event. You're gonna get the EXACT same thing.

BB: True... let's get on with it.

The Powers of Love
Mark Vizzack and Deacon

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen... The following contest is a non- title match, scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first...

(CUE UP: "The Power of Love" - Huey Louis and the News)

Accompanied to the ring by Sweet Melissa... At a total combined weight of 565 pounds... The UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... "Hurricane" Eddy Love... "Good God" Kevin Powers... THE POWERS OF LOVE!

BB: Decent reaction from the fans... mostly, I think, for Powers' current plight.

SB: What are you babbling about? It's All About Eddy!

BB: Whatever, Sammy... Eddy Love should be ashamed of himself, with how he's acted through this whold ordeal.


(CUE UP: "The Show Must Go On" - Queen)

At a total combined weight of 572 pounds... "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack... AND DEACON!!!!

BB: Well... Here come Shepherd, along with Mark Vizzack, but no Sunshine and no Deacon.

SB: They're still MIA, aren't they?

BB: You've got such a nose for the obvious, don't you?

SB: Quiet, monkey boy.

BB: Vizzack's shoulder is still supported... he's got a microphone.

MV: As you all may know... my manager Sunshine, and my partner Deacon... (HUGE pop at the mention of the two names)

... Well, they've gone missing. And while the Atlanta Police are doing everything they can to find them, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! So, introducing my NEW PARTNER...

(CUE UP: "The Perfect Drug" - nine inch nails)

BB: MARK WINDHAM! Vizzack is tagging with Mark Windham!

SB: Why not just grab a bum from outside? Wait... he's got Windham. That's what he did.

BB: Cute, Sammy... but Windham actually looks READY to wrestle. He's less unkempt than usual... but you never know.

SB: I know. That's all that matters.

BB: Vizzack starts things off... CLOTHESLINE out of nowhere! Powers is knocked backward, but he's still on his feet!

SB: Tag in Eddy! He knows what to do!

BB: Vizzack off the ropes and he nails another CLOTHESINE! Powers rolls to his corner, and tags Love.Vizzack and Love lock up, and Vizzack gets a headlock on, but Love counters with a Belly to Back SUPLEX! NO!Vizzack HOLDS ONTO THE SIDE HEADLOCK! Love rolls him over, WITH TIGHTS! 1.............2.............NO! Love rolls him over again, 1..........2........NO! Love gets to his feet, and pushes Vizzack off the ropes, and goes for a BACK BODY DROP, but Vizzack counters with a LEAP FROG,and runs off the ropes, and catches Love with a FLYING BODYPRESS!

SB: Do they serve liquor here? I need it...bad.

BB: Will you stop it, just tonight? Vizzack runs off the ropes, but Powers PULLS THEM DOWN... Mark Vizzack FALLS OUT OF THE RING! Love is distracting the ref, and Powers picks up Vizzack, and holds him up for Melissai! She takes off one of her heels, and runs... NO! Vizzack ducked, and Melissa nailed Powers OVER THE HEAD WITH HER HEEL! SHE BUSTED HIM OPEN! Vizzack rolls back in the ring. Love with a Side Headlock, but Vizzack pushes him off the ropes. CLOTHESLINE BY Vizzack...NO! Love OFF THE ROPES....FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK! Vizzack is down, he gets up, and is caught WITH A FRANK-N-PARSONS!

SB: Eddy is THE MAN!

BB: Love tags in Powers, who comes in and delivers a BOOT TO THE GUT of Vizzack, followed by a DDT! Mark Windham has not really been a factor in this match... He's looking to get in, however!

SB: That may be hard since Powers just hooked in a ABDOMINAL STRETCH on Mark Vizzack! BREAK HIS RIBS! Powers's face is almost covered in blood from Melissa's heel! That could affect his vision.

BB: That's the first intelligent thing you've said all night. Are you feeling okay.

SB: It must be that pep talk Damien Xeno gave me.

BB: Okay... Anyhow, Mark Vizzack is still locked in that ABDOMINAL STRETCH of Powers. I don't think he can hold out much longer. He's been in the majority of this now 10 minute old match. Mark Windham is trying to get the fans behind Mark Vizzack right now. I believe it's working, because Mark Vizzack is starting to shake his arm.

SB: Please that could never work!

BB: Time to get a drink, Sammy, because Mark Vizzack gives Powers A HIP TOSS TO BREAK THE HOLD! Mark Vizzack runs off the ropes, but Powers catches him OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SUPERKICK! HE BLASTED HIM WITH THAT!

SB: If he kicked him any harder, Mark Vizzack's head would be in the sixth row by now.

BB: Powers is going up to the top rope, Mark Vizzack gets up, and Powers goes for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS.....NOBODY HOME! Mark Vizzack ducked out of the way!Powers rolls to his corner and makes the tag. Mark Vizzack is trying to make a tag, but Love pulls him away just in time! Love picks up Mark Vizzack, and swings a right hand, but Mark Vizzack ducks, and counters with an ATOMIC DROP! Mark Vizzack somersaults to his corner and makes the tag! Here comes Mark!

SB: And he doesn't look like a BASKETCASE now! He's nailing lefts and rights on Love! And nails a CLOTHESLINE to send him down! Here comes Powers, and he gets caught by the same fate! Mark with an Irish Whip on Love.....POWERSLAM! 1...............2............Powers BREAKS IT UP!

(Fans start to boo)

BB: MISO! It's Miso up at the curtain... AND SUSAN! Miso still has Susan on that leash...

SB: Oh no... No. Powers... don't you DARE abandon Eddy.

BB: Too late, Powers breaks for it! NO! Apocalypse charges through, and tackles him! In the ring, Vizzack has tagged out to Windham... LARIAT ON LOVE! There's the cover, 1........2........NO! Melissa broke up the pin! Miso and Apocalypse leave the ringside area, and Powers is beginning to recover!

SB: Get back in there!

BB: Love ducks a clothesline, and rolls to the outside! He and Powers are arguing in the middle of the aisle! Wait...

SB: What is THAT?

BB: There's a commotion of some sort... this time, from the crowd! What is that?

SB: It doesn't matter... Powers is turning his back on Eddy!

BB: They've still got a match on, don't they realize it?



SB: Powers, you go after him!

BB: He can't! Vizzack with a slingshot on Powers! HERE COMES HORNET! He goes right after Windham!

SB: See? Told ya so.

BB: Alright, you were right. But Hornet and Windham are standing toe- to- toe... TIMMY! TIMMY WINDHAM IS BEHIND MARK! He nailed him with a Kermy Kick! Mark Windham is down! Eddy Love and Steve Radder are brawling, and Kevin Powers is laying into Vizzack's shoulder!

SB: NOW the gang is all here!

BB: ELI FLAIR! ELI FLAIR RUNS TO RINGSIDE! He catches Powers off balance and knocks him away from Vizzack! We've got a mini- Ironman preview right here!

(The lights flicker again, and go off. A second later the power returns... and a sight to behold...)

DEACON! Deacon and Sunshine Del Payne are making their way to ringside! DEACON WITH A CHOKESLAM ON EDDY LOVE! CHOKESLAM ON HORNET! He picks Vizzack up and sends him back into the ring!

SB: Why does everyone help The Worm?

BB: Vizzack hasn't seen Sunshine yet... There we go! Happy reunion for Mark Vizzack and Sunshine Del Payne, and she gives Mark Windham a hug as well! Fans, we're just about out of time here... for Sammy Benson and others, my name is Bill Buckley... we'll see you at ANNIVERSARY!

(FADE OUT... as Hornet and Eli Flair fight in the crowd... as Timmy Windham somehow began to trade blows with Kevin Powers... as Eddy Love and Steve Radder duke it out... and in the middle of the ring... Deacon... Mark Vizzack... Mark Windham... and Sunshine Del Payne... Standing tall.....)



We see a lonely street in Greensboro. The Darkness that’s fallen tells a story for many Lost Souls that still continue to forsake light, at the current hour. They seek pity. They search for the ones that have what they once had. A life. One man, a Lost Soul, has strayed.

Upon a time he too, sought sorrow from those around him. As he makes his way across the empty street, his steps kick up water that had previously fallen the last hour. He made the choice to step out from under the rain. To defeat the darkness that engulfed his life by reaching for the light. The truth. The truth as it pertains to Mark Windham’s past. The answers that he hoped would open the glorious gates to his future. Upon a time he had no future. Now, the truth as it often does will set him free.

Free. Never has he truly been without constraints. Now, his search has ended. With it, the key to the mystery of the fire. The fire that bought his parents down, and introduced hell to two young lives.

Free. The Awakening is so very close. He glides across the pavement with a sense of peace. Nothing can stop the lies from falling. In a matter of days the Lost Soul will Awaken those who stand in sin, and one who knows only of the lie.

(Mark reaches the front door of a run down motel. He looks at for a second, takes a deep breath then heads in)

Mark Windham knows there are others who must awake. He’s been chosen to light that path. His business plans are set for the night. He goes now to meet the other. The other part of the equation that woke him.

Sunshine lies on a bed in a room. She’s wearing a short black skirt, and a white shirt. Her feet hang over the end of the bed as she starts to dry her wet hair with a towel. She hardly begins before her mind drifts. Not surprising, that it would. The dark places she’s let it go before, are a distant memory. For once, she can dream about her affairs and not be afraid. Afraid of change, of completely giving all she has to the other. The other part of her equation. The one that fell back in love.

That had been the problem with change in the past. Change always delivers a new proposition. An unexpected fork in the road. She believes now in power. The power of hope. With it, she’ll handle any twist of fate. She didn’t to expect to meet him. Fate opened the door, Sunshine had to enter. How could she not? Sometimes you can look past the darkness and see light. At the doorsteps of a crossroad, she looked deep into her own past. Deep into another.

(Mark Windham enters the room. He throws his body onto the second bed next to hers.)

SUNSHINE (smiling): Did you call?

MARK WINDHAM: We’re set.

(He pauses to gaze into her eyes)

MARK WINDHAM: I need to tell you about..

SUNSHINE(Finishing his thought): That night.

MARK WINDHAM: And the truth. I’m going to need your help---

SUNSHINE: You have it.

Windham readies himself and then begins from the start. The start of his end. A new beginning, for the Lost Souls. They’ve struggled to find who they are, what really makes the man, and woman. The Awakening is near. The truth will set others free, as it’s done for the two who sought hope.)

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