in Reno

March 4, 1999
Featuring:  Vizzack/Deacon and


(The scene is the offices of CSWA...President Chad Merritt is seated at his desk. Seated across from him is a blond woman dressed in a white jacket, red blouse, and red and white skirt...this is "British Bad Girl" Lisa Drake, who had shown up at previous CSWA cards with her brothers, Jacob and Edward Drake, collectively known as The Privateers. Speaking of which, Jacob and Edward are seated at either side of Lisa, both dressed in striped, button down shirts, khakis, and sneakers. The CSWA president looks a little frustrated.)

Chad: All right...Lisa, we have sat in these offices numerous times...you and your brothers have had contract demands that have been unreasonable. I'm always open to new talent in the CSWA...but just because you won belts in some extreme promotion recently doesn't justify the guaranteed contracts you want.

Lisa: (folding her arms) You do drive a hard bargain, Merritt...I am a little impressed...of course, I'd be a little more impressed if I actually saw one ounce of talent in this bloody league you run.

Chad: As I told your brothers...if you think you have what it takes to be the best team in the CSWA...then sign on the dotted line of these contracts...what I have before you is my final offer...take it or leave it.

(Jacob turns to Edward and Lisa and directs them over to him...the two get up and they are whispering something to each other. They then both sit down as Jacob rises from his chair.)

Jacob: Merritt...you want us to take your offer...then we'll do it...but we have one condition.

Chad: (shakes his head) All right...what now?

Edward: We want in your upcoming tournament for the Unified tag team titles.

Chad: You do, huh? You haven't wrestled one match in the CSWA, and you are already wanting in a tournament where the winners walk out with the most prestigious titles in wrestling...and with the finest teams to compete in CSWA?

Lisa: Don't make me laugh, Merritt...none of the team in this bloody place are fit to shine our shoes, much less wrestle a match against us! And we view your titles as nothing more than another conquest for us. Now...if all you can come up is the figures in these contracts...so be it...but my brothers WILL be in that tournament!

Chad: You three really think you are the best thing going...all right...then you can prove it...you want in the tag team tournament...you're in!

Lisa: That's more like it...but don't forget...I WILL be here in the CSWA, with my brothers, to make sure everything goes as planned...so be sure you have that managerial contract ready for me!

Chad: What?!

Lisa: You didn't hear...I manage my brothers over in what you call "that extreme promotion" along with my wrestling there...and I will manage them here! Now...you do your job of getting things finalized...I'll do my job of seeing my brothers to their bloody conquest! Good day, Merritt!

(She, Jacob, and Edward all get up and leave...CSWA head of security Gregg Gethard heard the argument and is entering the office, and the Drakes push past him. Gethard looks back, but then turns back to Merritt and approaches him.)

 (A ring attendant approaches Hornet...he has a cordless phone in his hand.)

Hornet: And what do you want?

Attendant: Sir...this call is for you.

Hornet: Who is it?

Attendant: He won't say...but he says it's important.

(Hornet pauses, but then shrugs and takes the phone.)

Hornet: Who is this?

(The voice on the other end is a little muffled.)

Voice: Hornet...long time no see, my old friend. You know, I just can't enough about your newest escapades...nothing personal, eh? You really topped yourself this time, pal.

Hornet: Who are you, and what do you want?

Voice: Now, hold on a second, Hornet...is it really important who I am? I'm talking about you...don't you want to keep talking about you? And how important you are these days? Come on, buddy...how's your new love interest these days?

Hornet: Listen...I don't know who you are, but you better have a good reason for bothering me.

Voice: But I do...you always enjoyed playing games in your career...we've seen it all the time. So let's play a game....figure out who I am...since you seem to be so interested in that...I'll leave you the first clue...a former CSWA champion.

Hornet: I don't have time for this "game" of yours...

Voice: (interrupting) Aw, I'm really disappointed in you, Hornet...but I think I'll let you go for now. Wouldn't want to distract you from your big title match tonight, would I? Remember...I'm watching you!

(The other person hangs up as Hornet pulls back the phone.)

Hornet: (flips the phone back to the attendant) Gotta love stalkers, don’tcha?

Announcer: The following program is presented by CS Enterprises in association with U-62 Television.

(Fade to black)

BB(V/O): There are two men in the CSWA... Two men with different looks,

(Cut to: Deacon standing tall in the ring, fade to Vizzack sitting on the top turnbuckle)

Two men with different styles,

(Cut to: Deacon hitting the Altar Call, Vizzack hitting the Daredevil Flyer)

But two men, who know each other well.

(Cut to: Vizzack pinning Deacon for the three count during the World Title Tournament)

These two men have had their run-ins in the past, but tonight is a different story...

(Cut to: Translucent scenes of both men, superimposed over the CSWA World Title belt)

Tonight, Deacon's quest for Heaven could lead him to Earthly Treasures. But is the winner of this match truly at the top?

(Same scene as before... with a figure growing steadily larger from the middle of the title belt.... closer.... closer.... and the figure is Eddy Love, with an arrogant, "devil-may-care" look on his face...)

Tonight, one man will leave the ring with CSWA gold, only to move on to the one thing they have in common with each other.... Their own worst enemy.

(Scene explodes to a tri-sectioned screen, with Vizzack, Deacon, and Love each occupying a third...)

Tonight, one man leaves bearing the mark of the Champion.... and in Santa Fe, against the former champion, "Hurricane" Eddy Love... they will EARN it...

(Scene EXPLODES and fades to black, as the cheers of the fans are heard grow louder... louder... louder... The camera pans the scene, to see signs such as "FAITH IS THE EVIDENCE" and "HORNET IS GONNA GET SCORCHED"... finally settling on Bill Buckley and Richard Dawson...)

BB: HELLO, RENO!!!! My name is Bill Buckley, and you all know my co-host, (under his breath) Richard Dawson.

RD: SURVEY SEZ... We're gonna have ourselves TWO title matches tonight!

BB: Already.... That's right, folks, we're gonna see HORNET get a shot at the FIRST title he ever won, the United States Title, as he takes on the new champion, NEMESIS, of The UnHoly! THEN THE BIG ONE!

(Cue Up: Led Zepp "Whole Lotta Love")

RD: Speaking of the Big One, Bill...

(Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa make their way out of the curtain... Eddy is wearing his "What's not to LOVE about legend killa" T-shirt, and they're both doing the usual bit - too much hairspray. Eddy has a mic in his hand...)

LOVE: Hey I haven't seen this many imbeciles in one building since rain forced the Vizzack Family reunion inside.(Laughs) Right here in this ring tonight, Mark Vizzack vs. The Freakin' Deacon...

(huge face pop)

Where is Ted Kazinski when ya need him. Then next week in Sante Fe the moment all you Eddy Love Lovers have been waiting for as I right the wrestling universe and put the twenty pounds of gold around my waist....But tonight I come with other news.... The Buttholy Alliance has been taking every opportunity to jump Steve Radder and I've had enough. Nemesis, Patsy Black, Slade, Hypocolypse and even that big giant jerk Dante Inferno, if you can dig his scared ass from under that rock Steve Radder ran him under... all you boys strap it on for the card after I take my belt, cause instead of defending my belt, Hurricane Eddy is gonna run the Gauntlet on the Unholy and if it takes all night that's all right by Hurricane Eddy. You boys think you're on the level with The Powers of Love... well I don't think so. You losers can go straight to hell and come one at a time cause Eddy Love is gonna show the world that the only thing to fear about any member of the Buttholy Alliance is their breath.

( Love and Melissa exit the ring area...)

BB: Well, that was... brief.

RD: You loved it. And I LOVE Hurricane Eddy.

BB: Oh, please.... Ladies and gentlemen... let's get to our first match.


"THE HARD ONE" Randy Harders vs. "HARD BODY" Bobby Jackson

(Cue Up: Hard Body Rock)

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring, weighing in at 285 pounds... "Hard Body" BOBBY JACKSON!!!!

(Jackson comes to ringside wearing a "HARD BODY" T-Shirt, and has a look of determination on his face...)

BB: Jackson came off a tough loss in Lincoln against newcomer Gilly Nevenrose. I hope he's put it out of his mind so he can get down to business.

RD: He's angry about that, and rightfully so. Nevenrose had his costume hooked, and Troutman simply missed it. SURVEY SEZ... they'll meet again.


(Cue Up: "Turn the Page" - Metallica)

Coming to the ring... weighing in at 315 pounds... This is "THE HARD ONE" RANDY HARDERS!!!!

(Harders enters the arena to a huge ovation. He's got his "Everyone likes a HARD One" T-Shirt on, as well as his black duster. He slaps hands with the fans all the way to the ring, but stops where Mrs. Beyer is sitting, and shares a rather LARGE kiss with her... Getting into the ring, he's all business looking at Jackson...)

BB: Okay, there's the bell, and I think we're ready to go for this one.

RD: Why wasn't Mrs. Beyer at ringside?

BB: She's pregnant. I think Harders wants to keep her out of harm's way. They lock up... and neither man is budging! This may be the first time that Harders has not been the overwhelmingly stronger man, between himself and his opponent!

RD: There's a first for everything, isn't there?

BB: I suppose... there is. Harders and Jackson break, and they're circling each other... They lock up again, and Harders snaps him over with a side headlock! He's got the upper hand already!

RD: I hardly call a side headlock the upper hand.

BB: There's a first for everything, isn't there?

RD: Touche.

BB: Jackson with an elbow to the side! He whips Harders into the ropes, clothesline, NO! Harders ducked it, and he comes off the other side with a shoulderblock! NO! Neither man went down! Richard, you've got to agree, if Jackson can somehow get the victory over Harders, he should be the one to get the next Greensboro shot, don't you agree?

RD: I suppose, but when you're a corrupt commisioner's golden boy, you get what you want.

BB: Harders has EARNED everything he's gotten so far, you can't argue with that. He's off the ropes again... FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK! Jackson finally goes down! Harders is right on top of him with a flurry of punches! Here we go!

RD: Is he gonna pull out a baseball bat again?

BB: He didn't bring one to ringside... and Mrs. Beyer doesn't seem to have one, so I'd say no. Pee Wee Troutman pulls Harders off of Jackson, and he's busted open already!

RD: Survey SEZ.... Blood!

BB: Harders right back in there! He's choking Jackson across the ropes! Troutman is telling him to let go!

RD: Why isn't he DOING anything? Not even a count! I didn't realize the CSWA was THAT corrupt.

BB: Keep it up, Dawson, and you'll be out of here faster then Sammy was. Berating the Commisioner is bad business.

RD: I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

BB: Harders sends Jackson into the ropes.... CRUCIFIX! Jackson countered! The count, 1...............2......NO! Harders is a lot tougher then that! This is a man who has yet to suffer a loss in the CSWA!

RD: That's impressive... what's HIS number one answer for not being the Champion?

BB: Jackson not wasting any time, he throughs Harders through the ropes to the outside! Oh, my! Right in front of Mrs. Beyer! He's down there, and he CRACKS Harders' head across the guardrail! Oh my god! Harders is still recovering from a concussion, he could have another one right here!

RD: He's jawing with the flesh, that's gonna cost him!

BB: Jackson apparently has a few choice words for Mrs. Beyer, but she stands up and slaps him! He only laughs, and continues to punish Harders on the outside! Uh-oh, they're coming around by us!

RD: Here, Buckley, give him your chair.


(Dawson shoves Buckley out of his seat, as Jackson brings Harders' head down on it.)

RD: Good show, Jackson, now get back into the ring so you can win the match.

(Buckley gets up and sits down again, stunned.)

Back with us, Bill?

BB: I... I can't believe you just did that.

RD: Hey, if Mrs. Beyer can attack Jackson.... I was just evening the odds. There we go, THAT'S the Number One Answer.... Jackson with a sleeper on Harders! He's in the middle of the ring, he's not going to get out of this one.

(Co-Commisioner Merritt begins to walk to the broadcasters...)

BB: I think you've been fired.

RD: Nope, won't happen. Commisioner Thomas signed me to an IRON CLAD contract. Can't be fired by Merritt.

CM: Bill, you allright?

BB: Uhm... yes, yessir.

CM: Dawson, it's true. I can't fire you. What I am going to do is tell you that you can't see the action too well from here.

RD: I... don't understand.

CM: Come on, Richard. Let me give you a MUCH better view of the CSWA action... On a television monitor backstage. You're out.


CM: I just did. Buckley, I'll have someone from the CSWA front office out here in five minutes to keep you company.

BB: Front office? Why? Where's Stan?

CM: Louisiana, covering the Midget Olympics. You're gonna get one of the executives, and you're gonna like it.

(Merritt and Dawson both leave...)

BB: Well... maybe I can get to the match at hand now. Jackson still working on that sleeper hold, and Harders may be out! If his arm falls twice more, he's officially submitted! NO! That arm stayed up! He's powering out of it.... ELBOW to the gut! And again! Another! The hold is broken! Jackson with a thumb to the eyes! He whips Harders into the ropes... backdrop... NO! He telegraphed that one, and Harders dropped him with a DDT! He's not wasting any more time... WHIRLWIND! He's got Jackson hooked into the Whirlwind! Wait... he's not going for the submission... He presses Jackson... MILITARY FACESLAM! He turns him over, and there's the cover! 1.............2....................3! Harders wins! Let's get the official decision!

RJ: The winner of this match.... and UNDISPUTED "Hard One" of the CSWA.... RANDY HARDERS!

BB: Amazing combination there, and Harders shows that he is gaining even more versatility in this sport, as he transposes his finisher into a perfect pinning combination!

(HUGE Fan POP... as Sunshine Del Payne begins to walk to ringside, wearing a short black dress, black stockings, dark sunglasses, and combat boots... She takes a seat next to Buckley, after shaking his hand and thanking him for coming...)

BB: Um... It's a pleasure as aleays, Sunshine, but why are you here?

SDP: Well, Mr. Merritt asked me to come and keep you company. Said it was the least I could do, being a major CS Enterprises shareholder now and all.

BB: Well... I'm glad to have you here. Let's get to Rhubarb in the ring for our next match.

United States Heavyweight Championship

defends against

RJ: Ladies and Gentlemen.... The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CSWA UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Cue Up: "User Friendly" - Marilyn Manson)

Introducing first... from Greensboro, North Carolina... is the challenger. Accompanied to the ring by Poison Ivy and weighing in at 263 pounds... former CSWA World Champion and THREE TIME former UNIFIED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... HORNET!!!

(Heel Pop, though mostly boos, as Hornet and Ivy emerge from the shadows. They share a BIG kiss, and head toward the ring.)

SDP: Miss Ivy looks happy here.

BB: She's certainly had her share of ups and downs in the CSWA, but it looks like she'll be happy when Hornet has some gold around his waist again.


(Cue Up: "Breathe" - Prodigy)

The NEWEST member of The UnHoly.... Weighing in at 237 pounds... the CSWA United States Champion.... NEMESIS!!!!

(Nemesis gets approximately the same fan reaction as Hornet... though the 'dark and evil' people give him a rousing cheer...)

BB: There's the bell, and this one starts strong! Hornet drops Nemesis with a dropkick! Nemesis is back to his feet, and there's another!

SDP: That was the hardest part of wrestling Hornet, Mark told me. Those dropkicks are so fast and strong, you don't get a chance to think about the last one when the next one has hit. Nemesis needs to back off and strategize his attack.

BB(Stunned): Sunshine...

SDP: I AM a manager, you know. : )

BB: Nemesis to his feet, and Hornet tries another dropkick! NO! Nemesis caught his ankle and tossed him aside! He goes right to work with a reverse chinlock! That could easily be a choke!

SDP: It's mean to say... but he'd deserve it.

BB: Hornet to his knees... to his feet... and he drops Nemesis neck first across the top rope! OH MY! Poison Ivy with a shot from that cane to the face of Nemesis! This is two on one already!

SDP: I wish Miss Ivy would just let things be. Why is she so beligerrant?

BB: I wish I knew, Sunshine... Nonetheless, Hornet scoops up the smaller Nemesis... SIDE SLAM! There's the cover, already! 1........2........NO! Nemesis isn't done yet.

SDP: He'd better collect himself and keep away from Miss Ivy's side of the ring.

BB: Good idea. Hornet off the ropes... LEGDROP on Nemesis! He's just toying with him now! He goes again... NO! Nemesis got the knees up!

SDP: Who is toying with WHOM?

BB: Nemesis stopped Hornet's momentum there, but he didn't have anything to follow up with, and Hornet is to his feet first!

SDP: Why are they even doing this? It's MARK'S title that Hornet wants.... not Nemesis'.

BB: Hornet is in there to prove a point, I think. He's telling the CSWA front office that he's not going to settle for anything less then a title shot against Mark Vizzack.

SDP: Nemesis is in trouble now. Hornet hits a DDT and sends him into the opposite corner...

BB: Yes, you called it correctly, HORNET SPLASH! Nemesis slumps down in the corner! Wait, he's not done! He sets Nemesis up again.... he forgot, it was an unnnecessary Hornet Splash that cost him the match against GUNS at Fish Fund XI!

SDP: Nemesis looks beaten, though... What could he do?

BB: Hornet comes across.... NO! NO! NO! Nemesis got a boot up! Hornet staggers backwards! NEMESIS WITH A SUPERKICK! HORNET KNOCKED INTO PATRICK YOUNG!

SDP: I... think he's okay. He's still up.

BB: Be that as it may, Patrick Young is regaining his composure in the corner... and we've still got a match on! NO! Hornet hit Nemesis with a shot to the groin! THERE IT IS! There's the Scorpion Deathlock! But there's no referee to record a submission!

SDP: And there won't be. If you'll excuse me.

(Sunshine removes her headset)

BB: Now Sunshine has left me. Wait... she's over by Poison Ivy! They look like they're having some unkind words... is Sunshine starting to cry? NO! IVY WITH THAT CANE! WAIT A SECOND! Sunshine ducked, and caught Ivy by the shoulder! T-BONE SUPLEX! IVY hits HARD and drops the cane! SUNSHINE GETS INTO THE RING AND CANES HORNET! SUNSHINE CANES HORNET!

Wait a minute! Hornet just let up on the Scorpion Deathlock…and he’s walking towads Sunshine, who is quickly backing up towards the corner. She raises the cane….and he rips it out of her hand! He’s gonna hit her….don’t do it, Hornet! DON’T DO IT! (Hornet tosses the cane back to Ivy, and takes a step back from the corner, gesturing for Sunshine to leave) I’m…..not sure what’s happening here folks…all I know is that its better than I could have hoped.

(Sunshine returns to the table)

SDP: Well?

BB: You... OH my god, Sunshine... your pulse is RACING... are you okay? You're shaking...

SDP: I'm fine... I've got medication in the back to take care of anxiety.

BB: On the outside, Poison Ivy is getting up as Hornet goes over to help her up. She’s up quickly, and now she’s lighting into Nemesis, kicking him. I think she thinks Nemesis did that to her. Hornet tries to pull her away, but she continues to kick the prone Nemesis, until he rolls over and falls off the apron. It looks like Patrick Young is stirring in the ring. What were you doing in there, Sunshine????

SDP: I wasn't going to let them cheat Nemesis the way they cheated Mr. Flair.

BB: I’m still not sure what’s going on inside….Hornet and Ivy have left the ring, and they’re headed back up the aisle. It looks like Hornet is keeping Ivy from coming over here.

SDP: It's about time somebody showed up Miss Ivy.

BB: Patrick Young has started a standing ten-count…and there’s nobody in the ring. Nemesis is up one knee, but making no moves to go any further. There it is…Patrick Young has declared this match a double countout. Nemesis stands and heads over to announcer Rhubarb Jones, takes his title belt, and hightails it out of there! Hornet and Ivy have stopped at the top of the aisleway.

(Sunshine stands up... and grabs a microphone of her own...)

SDP: How did it feel, Hornet? Miss Ivy? For once, YOU were screwed. For once, YOU know what it feels like to have something in your grasp, only to lose hold of it because somebody else decided it was their RIGHT to disrupt things?

IVY: Sunshine, honey, get over here, or I'm coming out after you.

SDP: Not today, Ivy.

BB: OH MY GOD! Mark Vizzack is in the ring! He came out of the crowd!

MV: HORNET.... IVY.... Is it personal yet?

H: (laughs) Mark, you’re not in my league when it comes to playing this game. The next time you send out your little psychopathic sweetheart to do your business again…things may not turn out quite so nicely. See, I’m not Dante Inferno, and Ivy here isn’t Silky Rose….we’re not out to hurt anybody, so we won’t take the time playing silly little mind-games. (Hornet and Ivy turn and leave)

(Cue Up: "Celebrity Skin" - Hole, as Vizzack and Sunshine embrace in the middle of the ring, with a HUGE fan pop all around 'em.... )

(CUT TO: Commercial for BATTLE of the BELTS XVI: Personal Business)

BB: Allright, we're back, and we're ready for a World Title match! Looks like Mark Vizzack is going to play the role of announcer tonight!

CSWA World Heavyweight Title

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack

MV: Allright, Ladies and Gentlemen.... it's time for a World Title match! This contest is scheduled for one fall, and a one hour time limit! And like I said, it's for THIS BELT! (He holds up the World Title belt)


Currently in the ring is, well, ME. Weighing in at 227 pounds, and from the GREAT CITY of BALTIMORE.... and as you all know, standing in my corner is the INCOMPARABLE Sunshine Del Payne... C'mon, folks, give her a hand!

(Standing Ovation for Sunshine... who blushes and smiles...)

In any case, I stand before you, "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack... your humble World Champion. As for my opponent....

(Cue Up: The Gregorian Chant)

Being led to the ring by his manager, The Shepherd... standing at an amazing seven feet and one inch, weighing in at 325 pounds... is my worthy opponent, who is out to prove that FAITH is the EVIDENCE... I give you.... DEACON...

(The lights dim, with the exception of a single spotlight on the curtain... and Deacon and Shepherd emerge. Deacon's face is covered by his robes... but the reaction of the fans is spectacular... They get to the ring, and Deacon removes his robes...)

BB: It looks like we're ready to have a World Title match! Joining me once again, is Miss Sunshine Del Payne. Sunshine, why aren't you in Mark's corner?

SDP: It's not like I do much there... besides, Mark asked me to come back here where it was safe.

BB: I can understand that... Vizzack and Deacon lock up... Deacon SHOVES him into the corner!

SDP: He's okay...

BB: Vizzack staggers out of the corner, dazed! I can't believe he's still on his feet after that! Deacon comes out of the corner and catches him with a bulldog! Now Vizzack is down! Deacon turns him over for the cover! 1.........no! Vizzack kicked out before the count could even reach two. Deacon picks Vizzack up by the hair and whips him off the ropes! Back body drop...no! He telegraphed it and Vizzack dropped an elbow on the back of the neck! Now it's Deacon who goes down! Vizzack follows it up with a kneedrop on the back of Deacon's neck! Vizzack now in control of this one. He picks Deacon back up to his feet, and then brings him right back down with a DDT! Deacon rolls out of the ring to take a breather.

SDP: They both started off so fast, I think both of them need a breather. Considering the fact that Vizzack holds SEVERAL pinfalls over Deacon, I think he's fighting against some incredible odds. Deacon now climbs back on the ring apron, and he's met there by Mark Vizzack! Vizzack catches him with a hard right hand, grabs Deacon by the hair, and then drops down, bringing Deacon down throat first on the top rope and sending him back down to the arena floor! Vizzack with a bit of brutality there!

SDP: It's nothing against Deacon... but this match is for the World Title... Mark LOVES that belt... and he's willing to fight to keep it.

BB: Mark Vizzack now rolls to the outside and grabs Deacon by the hair, and... OH MY! He picks him up for a vertical suplex that knocks Deacon back down to the concrete floor! Vizzack rolls into the ring and he is being admonished by Ben Worthington, but he just brushes him off! This is for all the marbles, and I think Worthington is going to let these men go at it!

SDP: Mark needs to concentrate on his strengths though... he needs to get to the top rope.

BB: Deacon is back on his feet, but he is really hurting. Once again he climbs back onto the apron and once again he is met with a hard right hand from Mark Vizzack! Now Vizzack sets him up! He's going to suplex Deacon into the ring...no! Deacon goes over Vizzack's shoulder and rolls him up from behind! 1...............2...............NO! AMAZING dexterity by the over seven-foot tall Deacon! He almost got the surprise pin on Vizzack, but Vizzack kicked out and he goes right back to work on Deacon! He catches Deacon with a knee to the head that drops him right back down to the canvas, and Vizzack goes back to work on the neck, dropping a few more knees on it! Now he sets Deacon up with a chinlock!

SDP: Deacon started off pretty well, but he doesn't seem focused. I hope he gets into this match before it's too late.

BB: Vizzack is putting all of his wait into this chinlock, pushing down on Deacon's head. This can't be good for Deacon's neck, which Vizzack has been working on since the beginning of the match. Deacon is going to have to get out of this hold somehow, and he starts by getting back to his feet. Mark Vizzack wisely steps directly behind Deacon to avoid any chance of getting elbowed in the gut, and he has changed it into a sleeper hold.

SDP: A lot of people in the back don't like the way Mark wrestles... like Hornet, like Mr. Love... Do you think they could be jealous of Mark's title?

BB: I don't think Hornet is jealous of Mark Vizzack, Sunshine... He's upset because Vizzack has the gold, and HE wants it.

SDP: Mark will give him a shot after Mr. Love... IF he still has the belt after Mr. Love. I hope he can handle him.

BB: Speaking of handling things, I don't know how much longer Deacon can last in this sleeper hold of Mark Vizzack!  Deacon is starting to fade, as he has dropped to a knee! Worthington over to check the arm! It drops once! He checks it again...it drops twice! Will it drop for a third time? NO! Deacon holds that arm up high! He's got to be running on pure adrenaline right now! Deacon is back up to his feet! He grabs Flair's head and drops down, ramming Flair's jaw right into the top of his head! Vizzack releases the hold! and now he spits out some blood! Mark Vizzack is in a lot of pain, but Deacon is back to his feet! He nails Vizzack with another hard right hand to the jaw!

SDP: Deacon isn't done yet... Mark wanted a fight and he's getting it... Both men wanted it like this.

BB: Deacon whips Vizzack off the ropes and catches him with a stun gun! Vizzack still on his feet, but he is staggering and dazed.

SDP: Oh... more blood! Mark, please be okay!

BB: Deacon catches Mark Vizzack in a side headlock and brings him down hard to the mat! Mark Vizzack responds by rolling Deacon over onto his shoulders! 1...............2..................NO! Deacon recovers and maintains that side headlock on the mat. Vizzack once again and rolls Deacon over! 1................2.................NO! Deacon again recovers and maintains the side headlock! Mark Vizzack now gets up to his feet, and oh my! He catches Deacon with a belly to back suplex, and now both men are down flat on their backs! Worthington begins a count! If his count reaches ten, we'll have a draw!

SDP: Get up, Mark!

BB: You're supposed to be impartial, you know.

SDP: I'm sorry...

BB: It's okay. You're new at this. Vizzack is the first to his feet, and now he goes to pull Deacon up...no!  Deacon grabbed Vizzack by the tights and hurled him through the ropes, and oh my! Vizzack's head hit the side of our announcers’ table, and he is busted wide open!

SDP: No! Mark!

(Sunshine takes off the headset and checks on Mark...)

BB: Okay... Vizzack is back to his feet... Worthington realizes that Vizzack hitting the table was an accident, so he's going to let this match continue.

SDP (replacing her headset): I wish he'd listen to me and ask for the match to end.

BB: You know better then any of us that Vizzack won't EVER leave a match if he can still walk.

SDP: I know... but it doesn't change how I feel.

BB: I know.... Deacon helps Vizzack back into the ring... He has Mark Vizzack up now...and oh my! He's got him up in a vertical suplex!

SDP: Oh.... Oh my god....

BB: Fans, Mark Vizzack is laying in the center of the ring, and he is a bloody mess. Deacon now with the cover, 1............2....................3! NO! NO! Mark Vizzack just barely got the shoulder up! Now a full lateral press by Deacon! 1..............2..................NO! Vizzack kicked out again! Deacon now hooks the leg! 1............2..................NO! Mark Vizzack showing some determination, as he continues to kick out! Deacon picks Vizzack up and tries for the suplex. NO! Vizzack reverses! BRAINBUSTER! What a move by Mark Vizzack! Vizzack with the cover! 1..............2..............NO!

SDP: If Mark had hooked the leg... he might have had him.

BB: Vizzack picks Deacon up and shoves him into the corner, and now he's chopping away at the chest! I believe Deacon's chest has been lacerated by the impact of those Mark Vizzack chops, though it could just be blood from Vizzack himself! The man is bleeding like a stuck pig in there! Vizzack continues to chop, but Deacon fires back with a chop of his own! Vizzack chops him back, and Deacon returns the favor! Mark Vizzack and Deacon are now trading chops! Deacon rakes the eyes and now he pushes Vizzack into the corner and he's just chopping away now! Vizzack can't even respond! He's slumped in the corner, just taking those chops from Deacon! Now Deacon whips him across to the opposite corner, and Vizzack goes head over heels over the top rope, but he managed to stay on the apron! He slingshots himself... FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Fans, this match has passed the 45 minute mark, and it's still going strong!

SDP: Oh.... My.... God....

BB: Oh no... It seems that 45 minutes is enough for some people, because here comes The Unholy! Apocalypse, Pat Black, Nemesis, and BLADE all hit the ring! They go after Deacon and Vizzack with equal force!

SDP: Please no....

BB: WAIT A MINUTE!!! HERE COMES PLR! Kevin Powers, Eddy Love, and Steve Radder are coming down to even the odds! PLR and the Unholy are going at it in the aisleway, before either side can get to Vizzack!

SDP: Thank you...

BB: Deacon and Vizzack can do little more then just watch! Wait a minute, out of the crowd, HERE COMES HORNET!

SDP: And Ivy... excuse me.

BB: Sunshine has left again, and she confronts Poison Ivy! Hornet hits the ring….facing Vizzack, but he turns and nails Deacon with a hard right hand!!! Deacon just went down like a sack of potatoes!!! Hornet’s got a mic!

H: Judas, is it? Here’s your thirty pieces of silver.

BB: Hornet just through a roll of quarters down on Deacon…that’s how he was able to send him down with one sucker punch! Now it’s just Vizzack and…..WAIT A MINUTE! EDDY LOVE has broken through the standoff in the aisle, and now he hits the ring. It’s Love, Vizzack and Hornet standing toe-to-toe, each one not sure which way the other is going to go!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?

(Cut to: The crowd, near Mrs. Beyer... as a dirty man with unlaced boots and a black trenchcoat enters the ringside area and hits the ring...)

BB: MARK WINDHAM! MARK WINDHAM IS IN THE BUILDING! He rushes in and goes after Hornet!!!!!!!! HORNET AND WINDHAM ARE BATTLING IT OUT AGAIN! And now Love goes after Vizzack! Oh no, here comes Timmy Windham! He and Mark have no love lost for each other, either! Fans, we're just about out of time, but I'll try to get this all sorted out for you in time for the next issue of the TRIBUNE.... For Richard Dawson and Sunshine Del Payne... my name is Bill Buckley... Goodnight, folks!

(Fade out... on the carnage in the ring... and Vizzack getting back into it to watch Mark Windham and Deacon's backs....)


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