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July 8, 1998

Featuring the first round of the CSWA World Championship Tournament

The screen opens with the CSWA World Championship spinning slowly with the camera looking slightly down to it. The lights off the camera cause the metallic belt to glitter when the front is facing the camera, its jewels sending little stars twinkling into the lens.


The screen thrusts quickly through every champion that has held the belt, from Joey Melton to Troy Windham. Each snippet of wrestling history is shown just as the wrestler hefts the belt above his head for the first time after winning it. Sweat and blood sometimes flies with their arms raising in the air as they show the work that must go into this moment of ecstasy that every athlete dreams of.


The 32 wrestlers participating in this tournament are shown in succession,each with a special moment in their career from Da Crack Baby to Hornet.


The title is being shown closeup after one of the former champs have won it. The scene is such a closeup that who the wrestler is can not be seen, nor is it important. Only the title being held aloft in the hands of a champion is visible.


BB:  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CSWA SuperPRIMETIME in Dallas, here live on U-62!  It's been three weeks since this card was originally scheduled here in Reunion Arena.  I'm not going to go into the reasons behind the postponement any further....but be sure to catch the commentary in the CS TRIBUNE, available on the Internet.  Tonight, we've got the long-awaited first round of the CSWA World Championship Tournament!!!   32 men begin the journey, but only one can walk home with the title.  Tonight, sixteen men will keep their dreams alive.  Without any further adieu...

SB:  Who does Merritt think he is anyway?

BB:  I guess there *will* be further adieu...

SB:  I mean....how can he just put off tens of thousands of people like that....his entire staff....every employee here in the CSWA...and me for goodness' sakes..  It cost tens of thousands just to re-book the arena.  I'm amazed all these people still came out tonight after the way they've been treated.

BB:  Sammy, you know what we were told...

SB:  I don't care what "Mr. Merritt" had his cronies come out here and tell us.  I think it's absurd that he can postpone a show for 21 days so that he can run across the ends of the earth looking for....(Sammy continues talking, but his microphone has been cut off)

(CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt quickly runs down the aisle, to a chorus of boos from the majority of fans.  Merritt reaches the commentator's table, has a few words with Buckley and Benson....and then, Benson leaves.)

CM:  Good evening, folks, it's my pleasure to join you here on color for the rest of the evening.

BB:  Rest of the evening?

CM:  Roll with the punches, Bill.  If Sammy can't abide by the orders he's given, then he's suspended until I say differently.  Oh, and to somebody in the back, be sure that Sammy knows it's *without* pay...and that the ban on alcohol is still in effect in the arena for him.

BB:  Folks, let's get to the first match of the evening...






Da Crack Baby

Much has been made of this first-round matchup, centering around the former three-time CSWA World Champ and the up-and-coming member of Elite Domination.  If Da Crack Baby could pull this one off, Hornet had agreed to become of member of ED.  If Hornet could take the match, Da Crack Baby agreed to change his name to whatever Hornet chooses.

Da Crack Baby had made his game plan known early, and he started executing it from the bell.   DCB went after the infamous back of Hornet, but Hornet quickly powered out of an early assault on his back, sending DCB hard into the corner.  An early Hornet splash missed its target, as the smaller man dove out of the way of certain defeat.

DCB went on the offense quickly, keeping Hornet on the mat, attempting to wear him down.  Hornet quickly got to the ropes, only to be dragged away by Da Crack Baby.  DCB laid in with a step-over-toe hold in the middle of the ring, and appeared to have the upper hand.  Hornet seemed to be favoring that back, only to suddenly use his legs to power out of the hold.  Hornet bounded to his feet, catching Da Crack Baby with a flying forearm, leveling the young superstar.  Hornet hooked in the Scorpion, getting the win by submission and moving on to the second round.

After the final bell, Hornet lent a hand to the wrestler formerly known as Da Crack Baby, helping him out of the ring, and speaking to the young man as the two made their way back to the dressing room area.



Steve Radder


Vito Corleone

The series between these two men stood at one win apiece.  But as is often the case, the rubber match is the one that counts.   The plot thickened in this one, as it looked like the new-found respect between these two would be tested.

Corleone went on the early attack, taking Radder to the mat and keeping him there with a series of punches and kicks that could have taken down an elephant.  The Iceman extracted himself from the situation. grabbing the ropes and rolling outside for the self-imposed time-out.   The Iceman took his time getting back in the ring, almost using the full ten-count.   And it appeared that Radder's 'icing' the momentum of Corleone had the desired effect.  He took a few punches from the Godfather, but then began delivering responses.  The man from Calgary dodged a hard right in the corner from the Godfather, then powered out with an elbow.  Following with a neckbreaker, then a DDT, Radder took his tag partner up top and delivered his closer, the Frostbite powerbomb to get the win.


Rap Man


God's Protege

The man with more black belts than you can count on your hands took on the mysterious tag partner of the Crippler in this one.  God's Protege took the early lead, using speed to counter the size of the young rising star.  Protege used his height to take Rap Man down with an early body slam, followed with a snap suplex.  But with the Rapmaster yelling instructions, the Rap Man defended against the early pin with a quick leg sweep, following up with a spinning heel kick that must have knocked the taste out of God's Protege's mouth.   Rap Man took control of the match, letting God's Protege to his feet only to catch him with a spinning backfist, then jumping spin kick, and finally a back brain insiguri kick.

But as he waited for God's Protege to get up yet again from taking all this punishment, Rap Man made one fatal mistake, giving Protege enough time to dodge a thrust kick and use Rap Man's momentum against him, with a shortarm clothesline.  GP followed with snap suplex, and finally an elbow smash from the top that put the more experienced man on top of the winded young gun for the 1-2-3. 


Mike Randalls


Pat Black

"The Wolf" against the newcomer....Mike Randalls looking to take his first step toward another major championship; Black looking to take his first step in the CSWA at all.

The commentators made note of Black being similar in appearance to the 'Devastator' incarnation of Randalls' career as both men made their ways to the ring.   Black's similarities were also pointed out as he took the match to the former three-time Unified World Champion early, dropping Randalls

But "The Wolf" is not known for lying down...and he chose his time to pounce.  Right after a spinebuster by Black, Randalls struck with an elbow to the gut followed by a swinging neckbreaker.  Black fought back, but was thrown into the corner by Randalls, taking referee Ben Worthington with him, squashing him in the corner.

With Worthington down and out, Randalls viciously attacked Black, taking after him with a chair from outside the ring.  Black tried to take the chair away from The Wolf, but Randalls delivered a shot to the gut that brought the newcomer to his knees.  A shot to the back of the head, put Black on the mat, and brought his valet, Lady Death, into the ring and onto the back of Randalls.  Randalls shrugged her off and threw her through the ropes to the floor.

As Randalls began driving the top of the chair into the throat of Black, Hornet came running down for the save.  He gave Mike a taste of his own medicine, catching Mike in the back of the head repeatedly with a chair, before taking a powder out of the ring.  Lady Death helped get Black on top of Randalls and wake up Worthington for the biggest upset so far in the tournament!




Page Michaels

Another upset in the making was apparent early in this one, as Page Michaels knocked GUNS into the corner, attempting to make the big man his whipping boy.  Michaels got three early pin attempts, but the closest he got early was a short two-count, before the powerful biceps of the "Strongest Arms In The World" forced their way free.

GUNS began his takeover after the GUNSShot, Polish Hammer, that leveled Michaels; setting him up for the crossface chicken wing.  But Michaels wouldn't give up...and finally edged his foot to the ropes.  It took a final bionic kneelift for GUNS to get the win; but the true story in this one was the emergence of Page Michaels as a force to be reckoned with.




Disco Stu

Disco Stu has been known for his tag team prowess so far in the CSWA , but he was looking to change that tonight against the Eliminator.  Eliminator tried to take control early, but every effort was blocked or returned in kind by Disco Stu.  A bodyslam by Eliminator put Stu on the mat, but he was unable to follow-up, as Stu rolled away from the elbow drop...and then sent Eliminator reeling with a few stiff right hands of his own. 

But Eliminator was not about to be daunted...looking to turn his top five contender status into a serious run at the gold.  Eliminator finally seemed to outlast Stu, using his strength and bulk to run Stu around and outside the ring, and finally capturing the win with his patented leglock.


The Ego Buster


Michael Sparks

Ego against the X Factor.   Sparks was looking to begin his run here tonight, following a recent top contenders win over Michael Smith to boost his rating.  The Ego Buster was looking for his wrestling debut win in the CSWA. 

Things heated up as this one quickly fell into a brawl, much to the chagrin of the Ego Buster.  It seemed as if both men would get counted out early in this one, but referee Patrick Young jumped out of the ring, attempting to get both men back in and stop Sparks from using the ringside rail as a weapon against EB.  However, Young was too late, as Sparks dropped The Ego Buster right on his throat over the rail.  Sparks dragged EB back into the ring for the final few moments and the one-two-three. 


Judd Jennrich


Julius Godreign

Judd Jennrich, looking to prove himself as he still seeks to get a match with CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt, instead took on the man who gave up his CSWA front office position to be a part of the Frat...or maybe had it planned all along.

Jennrich used his bulk early to stand up against Godreign's flurry of activity.  Godreign couldn't put Judd on the mat, and eventually went down himself after a cuff behind the ear by the big man.  Jennrich continued his attack until a quick recovery by the agile Godreign allowed him to duck a clothesline, and then drop Jennrich with a modified DDT.  The former CSWA US Champion quickly hooked in his version of the figure four, the Reign of God leglock to get the win, and move ever closer to the big gold belt.

BB: We're halfway done, fans....and these matches continue to illustrate the point that along with the top established stars in the business, the CSWA has some of the best young talent.  Some of these men can win a match any night against any competition.

CM:  You said it, Bill.  Just proves that it's money well spent.  Guys like Disco Stu, the Godfather, the Ego Buster, even though they didn't win tonight....they showed that they can compete in the top level of this sport.

Eddy Love



First match of Bracket Two pitted Eddy Love against the relative unknown, Mysterious. Love outside of a brutal match with Mike Randalls, has been on a tear. It's rare in the CSWA, that a man who's been in the league less than two months can be such a threat so quickly. But, that's exactly what Love has done. Mysterious has adjusted to competition in the CSWA nicely as well. But, for tonight...if the Reunion Area hosted the fair, Love without question came away with the teddy bear. Love was able to ground the high flying Mysterious. It took him a few minutes to get mentally into the match, but once he was able to withstand the early onslaught from Mysterious, Love went to work. After eight minutes, Eddy ended the match with a piledriver!


Kevin Powers



Either Powers or the Crippler, whoever won this matchup, would go on to face Eddy Love. Which insured that a rookie would make it into the Quarter-Final round. As with the 1st match, both men were no doubt aware of the chance that presents itself. Given their state of mind, Powers and the Crippler left nothing out there. Neither could gain any distinct advantage. Crippler got Powers' attention with several devastating moves. A power slam in the first minute. Followed seconds later by a clothesline that sent Powers over the top rope. Kevin regained his composure, and went to work with a sleeper hold. The Crippler managed to regain the upper hand, and it seemed as though he was wearing Powers down. But, a missed headbutt off the top rope, gave Kevin all the edge he needed. A second sleeper put the Crippler out of the World Tournament.





These two wrestlers in the bottom half of Bracket Two, have the displeasure of seeing Mark Windham's name in their draw. Whoever was to win tonight, needed to do so without too much trouble. The Preacher's tag team partner, Deacon, to this point has grabbed more of the headlines, but the Preacher himself is a load. Enforcer, however proved he's a force. Whether he simply dismissed his opponent, or not...The Preacher didn't seem to have his game face on so to speak. A couple of sloppy moves, lead to Enforcer's momentum swing. A dropkick, side-slam, and spinebuster had the fans at Reunion Arena going wild. It also had a victory around the corner. An errant clothesline sidelined the Ref for a minute. During that a masked man, with the initials "E.L" on his tights hit the ring with a chair in hand. Aiming, apparently for the Preacher he missed and blasted the Enforcer instead. The Preacher finished the job from there.


Mark Windham


Michael Smith

Windham's problems in the past have been well documented. Tonight he took a break from his feud with Troy Windham, and turned his attention to Michael Smith. Windham didn't look any better tonight than he has in the past year, but in ring he demolished Smith. Most of the match was spent outside of the ring, as it appeared he literally trying to kill the young man. An implant DDT after 6 minutes put an end to the carnage and put Windham in the 2nd round.




Eli Flair

There were many interesting match ups in the 1st round. Deacon/Eli Flair had to be the most interesting of them all. Deacon a rookie, who coming in was a pre tournament favorite to win it. He's taken the league by storm. A bit unlucky then to draw a returning Eli to the CSWA. Flair left the CSWA over a year ago, before leaving he was one of the more successful wrestlers in recent memory. In fact he was never beaten for the IC title, a championship he held longer than any other man. The match itself lived up to it's billing. Deacon was taken in the early going, as it appeared he was shaken a bit by the new level of competition he was facing. For being gone so long, Eli looked in great shape. A top rope dropkick seemed to signal the end for Deacon. The big man kicked out at the count of 2, however. 20 minutes later both men were still battling it out. Then it looked as if Eli's lack of match toughness played a hand in the end. He had Deacon dead to rights, but couldn't quite finish him off. His strategy coming in was to keep Deacon off the mat. It worked up to that point. He hesitated a bit on hitting his power moves.. Deacon, recovered in enough time to hit his finisher and move on to the 2nd round.

BB: Fans, before our next match, we've been told that roving reporter M. Harry Smilek is in the locker room, where Aaron Douglas is preparing to make his in-ring CSWA debut.

(Douglas is in the locker room with M.Harry Smilek.)

M. HARRY SMILEK: I'm here with Aaron Douglas. Now you've got a huge match tonight with a great competitor in Mark Vizzack.

AARON DOUGLAS: Great? The guy beats the rap man, and you try to place him side by side with Aaron Douglas! Smilek, I oughta smack you right now! (Holds up a fist to Smilek, then drops it, smiles and fixes his hair.) But cooler heads will prevail. Vizzack, I know you've gone off the deep end lately, and I somewhat feel responsible, but buddy...the ultimate blame is on you! I tried to be your friend, and you wouldn't have it. I
called you my idol, and you mocked me. So how do you repay my gracious hospitality, you threat to kill me and get thrown in jail. (Shakes his head.) Vizzack, I though better of you. I thought that you were actually a man of high intellect, but instead it turns out you're as dumb as a horse. Vizzack, you wanna know about your woman, Sunshine? Well after you got arrested, the cops said that if she let them have their way with her, that they would release you, and like the stupid (bleep) that she is, she went off and polished their knobs, so to speak. Then they dropped her off on some street corner and left her there.

M. HARRY SMILEK: You are so full of it.

AARON DOUGLAS: Damnit Smilek, you're pushing it! Let me finish! So then I get a call to my house, it's that dog, Sunshine. She beggin' to take a ride on the HOT STUFF EXPRESS, but I had to tell her like it is, you gonna have to get a ticket to take a ride on THIS (does a crotch shop) train, and Sunshine just doesn't have what it takes to get one! And now I hear that the Boogie Man, from the Disco Express now has her as one of his hoes.

M. HARRY SMILEK: Will you just stop? Back to you, Bill!

BB: Well, there you have it folks, another classy interview by Aaron Douglas.

CM: Ya gotta love him, though, don'tcha?

BB: Not really.....and it looks like Douglas is ready to make his way down the aisle...

(CUEUP: "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. Douglas walks out to a chorus of boos, wearing a t-shirt that reads "Conspiracy Victim".)

AARON DOUGLAS (with a handheld mic): I am going to solve the mystery. Here is my new bodyguard.... SUNSHINE!

(A drunken Disco Midget comes out wearing high heels, a wig, and guzzling a bottle of Vodka. Douglas walks over to him, pulls out a wad of money, hiding it from the camera, and give it to the Midget.)

BB: That's.....not right...

Aaron Douglas


Mark Vizzack

Another great first round match, as both men were equally matched. Vizzack, continued to impress but never could quite get anything going for any length of time. Douglas, had his chances as well, but seemed more intent on 'getting at' Sunshine. Near the end of the match, the ref took a nasty bump and couldn't contiune.

Co-commissioner Stephen Thomas rushed in to restore order and call the rest of the match. Soon after that 3 guys in suits walked to the ring, and one got on the apron. Thomas walked over to him, and the guy handed him a piece of paper. He stepped off and walked over to Merritt, & handed him a piece of paper. Merritt and Thomas looked at each other and Merritt signaled to Thomas that he's going to the back; he had a mad look on his face. Douglas nodded his head and winked at the guys in the suits...apparently lawyers. As the camera zoomed in on the paper as Merritt walks to the back, we find out it is a summons to appear in court...apparently Douglas filed a lawsuit on Merritt and Thomas.

Vizzack has Douglas pinned, but Thomas is too late to count the pin. As Vizzack gets thrown to the outside, the Disco Midget set his Vodka bottle on the apron and walked to the other side to argue with Thomas. Douglas spots the bottle, and gets ready to crack it over Sunshine's head. However, she backs away for a second, and then surprises Douglas by knocking him upside the head with a right hand. Dazed, Vizzack was able to roll him up for the pin.


Billy Starr



The third match of Bracket Four pitted a veteran against a CSWA rookie. Starr has toured the league before, and done quite well. Apocalypse made his debut tonight...though in a tough way to do it, in the World Tournament against a former IC champion. Apocalypse, however, more than held his own. In fact, he may have even won the match if if hadn't been for the Ego Buster. After a great 10 minutes by both wrestlers, Apocalypse gained the upper hand. Just as he was about to finish Starr off, the Ego Buster rushed in and put a dent in Starr's back with a chair. The result was an automatic DQ. Starr moves on.


Joey Melton


Troy Windham

The last match of the night was one of the best. Two former champions fought for a right to move on in the tournament. Joey Melton, the first CSWA World champion was looking to becoming the next as well. Troy, the most recent, wanted the same. Melton, who is one of the oldest wrestlers in the draw, surprised everyone by the phsyical shape he was in tonight. Looking like he did in his earlier title reigns, Melton had Windham on the ropes early and often. It's easy to see that Troy put all of his eggs in other baskets, and that caught up with him tonight. If you're not going to give the CSWA your complete attention you're going to pay the price. He did that for most of the night.

Melton set him up for the figure 4, but he never got the chance to force Windham to submit. Julius Godreign hit the ring attempting to make the ref leave. Best guess is, he thought he still had 'official' power. Ben Worthington didn't bite, and the two went outside to argue about it. Bandit, a Windham yes man, took out Melton with a trash can! Melton couldn't regroup, and no sooner than when Bandit hit the home run with the trash can, did Godreign finally see Worhtington's point. Ben reentered the ring to count the pin. Windham gets a win he didn't deserve.

BB: Fans, what a night! Randalls is out....Deacon is in....and we could see Hornet/GUNS part eighty-nine. We'll see you in Chicago for more of the CSWA World Championship Tournament as we get closer to FISH FUND XII!

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