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CSWA SuperPRIMETIME in Nashville

May 13, 1998

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(Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt storms into the executive offices of the CSWA.   Co-Commish Stephen Thomas is eating a bowl of cereal.)

Merritt:  Have you seen this?
Thomas:  (chewing)  What is it?
Merritt:  The "Rocky Ford" something or other.  Meloneer's home paper or something.
Thomas:  Him again?  What's he got to say about you this time?
Merritt:  The usual.  Throwing bricks from a thousand miles away again.
Thomas:  Oh no...it's not time for the "Enforcer" is it?
Merritt:  Not at all...just looks like I have my ammo for my next "Bottom Line" column, though.
Thomas:  Oh Lord...
Merritt:  Shut up and eat your cereal.

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BB:  Wrestling fans, welcome to the CSWA-built Skydome here in Nashville, Tennessee for CSWA SuperPRIMETIME!  I'm joined by my co-host Teri Melton, and we've got an incredible lineup for you.

TM:  Still no sign of Sammy, thankfully.  Oh no...I spoke too soon.

(Sammy Benson comes jogging up in a sweatsuit, a towel draped around his neck, and a bottled water in hand.)

SB:  Hi folks, sorry I'm late...I was just out for my five-mile jog and lost track of time.

TM:  The day you run five miles is the day I get implants.

SB:  But I wasn't running five years ago...

BB:  Sammy!  Sit down and shut up...please.  If you've been running five miles, then why were you sighted at a concession stand begging a little while ago?

SB:  Um....uh....I needed the water, but I didn't have the cash on me.  Yeah, that's right.

BB:  Whatever you say, Sammy...we'll leave that between you and your AA group.   Sorry fans, where was I?  That's right...we've got an amazing lineup as the CSWA returns to the house that Mickey built here in Nashville.  Things started off heated already earlier today when a local paper in Colorado published a column by former CSWA Greensboro Champion Rocky Ford Meloneer that blasted CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt.  And the heat continues here tonight, where we'll crown a new CSWA World Heavyweight Champion....in a tag team Main Event!

TM:  Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it?  I don't think the wrestling world has ever seen a match quite like this, certainly not of this magnitude.

BB:  Between the four men involved:  GUNS, Hornet, Mark Windham and Troy Windham, you've got four Unified Championship reigns, four Enterprise World Titles, five CSWA World Championship reigns, and that's just for starters!

TM:  You've also got four men who intensely dislike each other.  The feud between GUNS and Hornet is well documented, and I don't think those two men cleared the air at ANNIVERSARY.

BB:  And Mark and Troy may just be truly getting started in their family feud...although the way they both jumped in the match between Hornet and GUNS at ANNIVERSARY...it's possible they could have planned this all along!

SB:  Well, all I know is that it's a good thing Julius Godreign is going to be the referee...anybody else would get trampled by those four.

BB:  True.  The newest CSWA head office member gets his first official duty, and former US Champ Julius Godreign has been warned that his job is on the line as well, in case there's any funny business.  But folks, the MAIN EVENT is backed up by some incredible matches:  Killer Instinct looks to get revenge on Unified Tag Team Champions SWAT Team from ANNIVERSARY; Godfather Vito Corleone and "Iceman" Steve Radder have a rematch; we'll be headed out to a disco nightclub for a match between former Unified Tag Champs Disco Express against Disco Supreme; we've got Degeneration Next and the Elimination Squad in various matchs, as well as much, much more!  As we get started, we once again want to welcome those of you viewing at home on U-62 along with the almost sold-out crowd of just over 23,000 here at the Skydome!  Without further adieu, let's get things started!

"Brutal" Bobby Watson vs. Carl Brigsby

Strangely enough, Brigsby seemed to have the fans behind in this one...probably because Watson spit on quite a few fans on his way down to the ring.   But the former US Tag Champ couldn't keep up with the sheer power and brutality of the larger man.  Watson started out dirty early with a rake to the eyes of Brigsby, and just as quickly threw Carl through the ropes.  Outside the ring, Watson nailed Brigsby with a steel chair right to the side of the head before rolling him back in.   The onslaught continued as Watson viciously slammed Brigsby into the turnbuckle and began using the top rope to choke the daylights out of him.  Finally, Watson slapped on the swinging full nelson and Brigsby gave it up, unable to power his way out.

WINNER:   "Brutal" Bobby Watson


Crash McLarson vs. God's Protege
No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere

These two men certainly represent a difference in styles.  The massive bleach-blonde Crash McLarson with a 100-pound weight advantage over the mysterious man known as God's Protege.  But size can certainly be matched...with the right tools.  For God's Protege, one of the right tools was a two-by-four, picked up after McLarson started the match by pressing Protege over his head and throwing him over the top rope to the floor.  God's Protege was ready for McLarson outside, catching him with the butt end of the two-by-four in the ribs, and following up with a 'batter up' right to the side of the head.  McLarson staggered, but somehow didn't go down....in fact, he was able to rush and takedown God's Protege, scattering the two-by-four into the crowd.   McLarson caught Protege with a piledriver to the concrete, but then it was the smaller man's turn to show stamina, getting to his feet.  The two men traded blows as they made their way down the aisle, but the turning point was when someone in the crowd tossed a baseball bat to God's Protege.  Protege quickly hit a pop-fly to the side of McLarson's head, and followed with a grounder to the right knee.  God's Protege quickly covered, getting the one-two-three from referee Patrick Young.

WINNER:   God's Protege


Crippler vs. Heartbreak Kid 2000

These two men wanted to settle their war of words with a roofed steel cage match, but CSWA officials wouldn't sanction it.  So they went to the next best thing, no disqualification.   Heartbreak Kid 2000 got the early lead, catching Crippler with a snap suplex and an elbow.  He followed with a piledriver, but as he went up top for a moonsault, Crippler got out of the way just in time.  Crippler quickly took over, slamming HK2000, following with a knee drop and a swinging neckbreaker.   In desperation, Heartbreak Kid 2000 pulled the front of Crippler's tights, sending him through the ropes and hard to the floor.  HK2000 quickly took advantage, diving outside and sending Crippler crashing back-first into the steel barricade.  The Kid made matters worse by taking a nearby extension cord and wrapping it around Crippler's throat, attempting to crush his windpipe.  With Crippler almost incapacitated, HK2000 pulled him to his feet and throttled him back inside the ring.  HK2000 played to the crowd while waiting for Crippler to slowly come-to and get to his feet.  Heartbreak Kid 2000 stood, measured Crippler for the sweet chin music as he got to his feet......and missed as Crippler ducked.  But Crippler was ready with an insiguire kick of his own, leveling Heartbreak Kid 2000 and getting the three-count.

WINNER:   Crippler


Rap Man vs. Page Michaels

Degeneration Next went up against Elimination Squad in this one, in the first of three matchups between the two groups.  The young martial artist caught Michaels early with a judo takedown followed by a thrust kick.  But Page Michaels was able to dodge a jumping spin kick, leaving Rap Man to connect with nothing but air.   Michaels quickly took the advantage with a power slam, quickly following with a 'Code Red' armbar.  Rap Man grabbed the ropes, and Patrick Young called for the quick break, that Michaels finally gave, grudgingly.  Michaels continued his domination with a chokeslam, but only got a one count on the young man. 

Hannibal the Cannibal made his way down to ringside with a steel chair, apparently intent on taking out the Rap Man, but halfway down the aisle, "The Enforcer" of the Elimination Squad stepped over the guardrail to confront him.  The two began jawing, with Hannibal finally nailing The Enforcer with a chair.  But during the confrontation, Deacon and Preacher made it down the aisle as well, tackling Hannibal and dragging him back up the ramp.  The Shepherd stood at the entryway with a handheld microphone and made a statement to DN:  "You've been throwing around reporters for the past few days, let's see you do it to this man!"

Back in the ring, Michaels set up for an attempt at a pedigree-type piledriver, but Rap Man dumped the big man over his back, onto the mat, and nailed Michaels with a spinning heel kick.  Rap Man pulled Page to his feet with a headlock...Michaels tried to force his way out, but Rap Man walked up the turnbuckle and dropped Page with a running bulldog from the headlock.  Rap Man hooked the leg with a grapevine, and got the one...two...three on the DN member.

WINNER:  Rap Man


Eliminator vs. Da Crack Baby

With almost everyone and their mother from DN and ES having made their way into the ring or around it, this match promised some fireworks.  Hot Scott and The Enforcer accompanied the Eliminator to the ring.  Da Crack Baby tried to get things off on the right foot, catching Eliminator with a dropkick...but it didn't phase the big man.  DCB tried once again, jumping on Eliminator's back for a sleeper...but the big man simply backed into the turnbuckle, crushing the 5'6, 125 pound man.   Eliminator continued to use his 12-inch, 250 pounds advantage, cementing Da Crack Baby in the corner with a spinning backfist, and then catapulting him out and back into the corner with a shortarm clothesline that left DCB slumped in the corner like a rag doll.  Eliminator scooped up the smaller man, poised him on his shoulder...and then almost made a hole in the mat as he powerbombed Da Crack Baby....and got the three-count.   Power...power...and more power won this match for the Eliminator and his Elimination Squad.

WINNER:  Eliminator


"The X-Man" Michael Sparks vs. "Enterprise" Michael Smith

A battle of two young superstars.  Sparks, the almost-winner of the 20-man battle royal at CSWA PRIMETIME in Puerto Rico, has already held the ASWF North American and AFWC Cruiserweight titles this year.  Smith, the man formerly known in the CSWA as the Heartbreaker, former AAWC US Champion, former ASWF World Champion.   Both men similar in size...and both men looking for their big break here in the main event of the professional circuit, the CSWA.

These two men have very different styles, which they both demonstrated.  Michael Smith started early with technical prowess, catching Sparks with a textbook dropkick and following with a belly-to-belly.   Sparks countered with a quick snap suplex, but Smith regained the advantage with a leg sweep and spinning toe hold.  Sparks grabbed the ropes to break the hold...and as Smith acknowledged the referee's call to break....Sparks pulled Smith through the ropes to the outside.

Sparks quickly followed with a suicide dive through the ropes, tackling the dazed Smith.  Sparks then set up a table outside, pulled Smith to his feet and snap suplexed him on top of the table!  The table bent, but didn't break.  Sparks climbed on top of the table, attempting to piledrive Smith through the table...but Smith blocked it, and both men ended up following off the table and into the crowd!  Both men climbed back over the rail and started railing at each other with closed fists....but it's amazing what power the referee's count has when it gets to about 7...both men scrambled to get back in the ring. 

Smith once again took the edge, catching Sparks with an inverted atomic drop and clothesline combination, following up with a sleeper hold that took Sparks to his knees.   But Sparks found the perfect exit from the sleeper, hooking his hands around the back of Smith's head and dropping down with a jawbreaker to the top of the head.   Sparks laid dazed, Smith laid hurting...and there was almost a double count-out, until Sparks got to his feet and caught Smith with a low blow.  Referee Patrick Young cautioned Sparks...to no avail.  Sparks followed up with a DDT and hooked the leg for the one.....two....but not the three.  Smith kicked out, and Sparks followed with a snap suplex.  This time, Sparks headed up top....but missed with the missile dropkick as Smith dove out of the way.  Smith went for a cover of his own, but only got a two-count.

Smith attempted to take over the match once more, again hooking in the sleeper.   Quick thinking by Sparks got him to grab the ropes....but the leg sweep and elbow drop followthrough by Smith led to a one-count.  The two men both got to their feet, apparently with second winds, and began trading closed fists like it was a streetfight!   Before anyone could take over the match again....the bell rang.  The twenty-minute time limit expired on this incredible match.

WINNER:  Time-Limit Draw

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BB: Hello everyone, we’re back. Sammy, we’ve been coming to the SkyDome for almost ten years now. Any match that sticks out in your mind? Fondest memory?

SB: I’m always fond of leaving each year. Nashville, SkyDome in particular, always looks better on the way out. Sorry, if that’s inappropriate but I really can’t stand these people here. As we came in, there was an old man with a chimp. The chimp had his own single out. Yes that’s right, another version of "How Can I Live Without You". As if, we haven’t heard it enough already. So please, Buckley no teary goodbyes, or tributes. Let’s just do our job, and then hightail it out of here.

BB: So what’s the next step for you? Filling America in on senior citzens 100th birthdays?

SB: You don’t want me to answer that one. I’m on thin ice around here as it is.

BB: Good point. Teri how about you….

JM: I better not answer it either.

BB: Not what I meant. At any rate, it’s time for our next matchup. This one is a bit different. It’s a Nightclub Street fight! CSWA officials have actually sent up a ring in a local Nightclub. I understand that Rudy Seizter is on location for this match. Rudy, are we ready?

Nightclub Street Fight

Disco Supreme vs. Disco Express
Disco Ball On A Pole

RS: Are we on? Yeah Bill.....okay we're on. This is Rudy Seizter live from Uncle Jesse's! As you can see folks, there's a ring right in the middle of this fine establishment!! In just a few minutes, Disco Supreme and the Disco Express will wrestle in a Street fight! Where Nightclub rules apply! I'm not sure what that means, but I think that means that everything but the Village People are 'in play'.

There's a DiscoBall on a pole next to the ring. To win the match, one of the members of the two teams must get the Disco ball down. I've never heard of a match like this before, but hey when you need ratings...you make up stuff. I'm sure you all have noticed by now that Uncle Jesse's is packed with people here to see this match. With me right now is Ryan Cooper. Ryan why are you here tonight?

RYAN: Yeah baby yeah!!

RS: Ryan...are you here to see the Nightclub Street fight?

RYAN: Come on dude, play some Donna Summers!! yeah!!

RS: Ryan do you have a high school dipolma?

RYAN: Donna Summers rules yeah!!

RS: Bill, maybe we should let the local color do whatever it is they do. Both teams are in the ring, and we're ready for this one! I tell you though, outside of my father's cow pature this is the most leather I've ever seen in my life. (laughs) Disco Stu will start off against Disco Inferno! Inferno goes right to work with a knee into Stu's gut! He boucnes off the ropes, and drops a hammerlock on the back of Stu! A little jig for his fellow freaks here in Jesse's! Inferno, standing drop kick that sends Stu up and over the rope!! Inferno with a plancha onto the outside! He really pulled that one out of his bag of tricks!! Boogie Man drops to the floor..and it's two on one!! They just threw Stu into a group of people!! Bill, there's a man dressed like Patsy from Ab Fab. I'm a little concerned! Here comes the 6'6 400 lbs Judd Jennrich! Judd, picks up Inferno and slams him to the ground! Ohmy he just droppd all of his weight onto Disco! Stu hits the ring, and makes an attempt to go for the Discoball!! He's halfway up!! But, Boogie Man is there and stops his climb! Boogie Man fires Stu's head into the pole! Side Russian Leg Sweep from the top rope!! What a move! On the outside, Jennrich just rammend Inferno into the men's bathroom! They're getting wild out there! Boogie Man with a DDT on Disco Stu inside of the ring!! I can't believe it, Disco Inferno just crushed Judd's head with a CD player! They're using everything they can find in this place!

(a drunken Disco Midget walks through the men's bathroom with a case of Old Milwaulkee)

What's Disco Midget doing out here?? Look at him, he's dancing around like a fool..what a drunken display of idiocy. Now he and Disco Inferno get into it!! They're yelling back and forth at each other!! Inferno takes a swing at him but misses!! Disco Midget kicks him in the nuts!! Pardon my language but that's what happened! Jennrich is helping the midget now, both guys stomping away at Inferno! Look at this, they've shook hands and are now throwing down a cold one!! Unbelieveable! Midget signals for something..I'm not sure what--oh now someone has brought they a bucket of KFC chicken! This is crazy!

Inside the ring, Stu and Boogie man are both trying to get the discoball! Back outside, Judd is eating the chicken like there's no tomorrow. (Disco Midget reaches into his a bucket and pulls out a rag soaked in ether) Disco Midget has  something on a rag and he's got it wrapped around the mouth of Judd Jennrich!! Judd is out cold!! Inferno to his feet, and he's inside the ring! Boogie Man is holding Stu down, as Inferno gets the Disco Ball down from the pole to win the match!! The Disco Express have won this match! It's over now, but the Express are still going to town on both members of the Sumpreme!! The whole Inferno/Midget split was a work!!! Get a load of Disco Inferno pointing to his head like he's the greatest thing since slice bread.. this was crazy. Bill, I'm sending it back to you!

BB:  Sammy, I'm just gonna warn you right now...

SB:  What!?  I didn't say a word!

BB:  And you better not.  Folks, we'll be back right after this break.

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Elimination Squad vs. Page Michaels/Da Crack Baby

In another Elimination Squad/Degeneration Next confrontation, this one started with Page Michaels against Mysterious.  The huge masked man started things off early, nailing the already-weary Page with a back brain kick, followed with roundhouse.  But the older man quickly took control, dropping Mysterious with a big power slam and following with an angle.  Mysterious made the quick tag, bringing the even bigger Eliminator in.  Eliminator speared Michaels, taking him to the mat and keeping him there with a leg drop.  He made an even quicker tag to Mysterious, who came off the top with a flying headbutt!  A quick suplex kept Michaels off his feet, but also got him closer to his corner.  He rolled and made the tag to the Rap Man.    The smaller man came in, catching Mysterious with a dropkick that sent the big man into the ropes.  But it also gave the 350 pound masked man additional momentum, coming off the ropes and sending the Rap Man head over heels with a flying clothesline.  Mysterious followed up with tombstone piledriver, and once again tagged in Eliminator.  As Mysterious hooked Rap Man in the piledriver position, Eliminator went to the second rope, adding leverage to the already-awesome spiked piledriver.   Eliminator got his second pin of the night on the unconscious Rap Man.

WINNER:  Eliminator


Soldier vs. Moral Majority

The team of Cloud Strife and Cid Highwind took on the newly-formed team of the Preacher and Deacon.  The Moral Majority had already made their presence known against DN earlier in the night, stopping Hannibal the Cannibal's interference.   Moral Majority took control of this one early, with the Preacher running roughshod over Cloud Strife.  Preacher went for the early cover after a belly to belly suplex, but only secured a one-count.  He tagged in Deacon, who dragged Cloud back toward the corner and started working him over.  As the end seemed to be near, a masked man skulked down toward ringside, picking up a chair.  The masked man, seeming awfully familiar in tights with "EL" emblazoned on the side, hopped up on the apron as Deacon sent Cloud into the Majority corner and set up to follow in with a shoulder block.   The masked man swung the chair at the Preacher, who ducked....but unfortunately for Deacon, he came into the corner just as the chair came full around.  The chair slammed full force into Deacon's head, sending him out of the corner to the mat.   Cloud might have had a chance for the cover, but made his way to the corner, tagging in a fresh and ready Cid Highwind.  Cid barreled into the ring, keeping Deacon down with a knee drop, as the masked man ran back toward the dressing rooms.   A furious Preacher could do nothing but watch as Highwind caught the big man with a spinebuster and a DDT.  A grapevine cover by Highwind got a two-count as Deacon kicked out.  The Shepherd made his way to ringside and began chanting something from the apron.  The chant seemed to bring Deacon to his senses, allowing him to block a vertical suplex attempt by Cid, and then send Highwind over with a suplex of his own.   Deacon dove for the corner, catching the still-angry Preacher.  Preacher charged into the ring, hooking on a step-over-toe hold/reverse chinlock combination that sent Cid screaming.  Highwind was able to grab the ropes, but Preacher wouldn't release the hold until referee Patrick Young practically pryed Preacher's hands away.   The Preacher then pulled the hurting Highwind to his feet, setting him up and dropping him with a standing neckbreaker.  Rather than going for the pin, Preacher again stood Highwind up, again dropping him with a standing neckbreaker...and again eschewing the pin.  Preacher tried to do the same thing again...but Highwind couldn't stay on his feet.  The referee argued with Preacher, telling him to go for the pin or get out of the ring.  Finally, Preacher covered Cid for the 1-2-3.

WINNER:  Moral Majority


No Disqualification Rematch
"Godfather" Vito Corleone vs. "Iceman" Steve Radder

BB: Right now we're scheduled to have a return match from PRIMETIME in Puerto Rico! The Godfather Vito Corleone and the "Iceman" Steve Radder will do battle in a No-Disqualification Rematch! These two men put on a brutal display of wrestling at PRIMETIME, so we should expect the same tonight!

SB: There's nothing I like more than watching two jobbers kill each other. Buckley, these two are so bad..I could get in the ring and knock'em both out.

TM: That's something we'd all buy to see Sammy. Just because neither man would talk to you in the lockerrooms is no reason to get snotty. Well..let me rephrase that...don't be yourself...act like a professional for once.

SB: Cute, sweetums..cute.

BB: Both men are in the ring, let's get the NO DQ rematch underway! Looks like it already is, as Steve Radder wastes no time in going right after the Godfather! The IceMan buries a knee into the gut of the Vito Corleone! Iceman throws Vito across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle where he hits hard!! Vito is shaken up a bit. Radder comes charging in, but Corleone catches him with a boot to the chops! The Godfather takes Steve down with a clothesline!! He's into the match now!

SB: Teri..I wanna make you an offer you can't refuse...

TM: Believe me, I can...and I will.

BB: Vito sends Radder across the ring, scoops him up Powerslam!! Quick cover, one..two...no! Corleone again going back to work. Side-slam! He rolls out of the ring...reaches back in and is pulling Iceman by the leg...over to the corner! He's got his legs wrapped around the iron post! Look out guys, he's about to make a wish!

SB: AHHHH....any plans he had of using that later tonight..and been put on ice!

BB: The Godfather pulls Radder outside with him. Picks him up and rams him into the ring apron! That'll knock the breath out of an opponent in a hurry. Vito slings him into the security railing! He's having his way with the IceMan right now! He's looking for something....Teri can you tell what it is?

TM: It's a chair....l'm guessing here, but that's a good bet.

BB: It's a chair, Teri. And he just gave the Iceman a proper greeting with it! Radder with a savat kick..that stops Corleone in his tracks. Iceman with a DDT! Fancy Moses..there's no padding out there either. Iceman's got the chair now, as the Godfather is to his knees! Chair to the head! Another shot! It's getting brutal in a hurry! Iceman, picks up the Godfather and throws him into the entrance steps! Did you hear that?!

SB: I was hoping that was a gunshot....was that his head?

BB: Sounded like it. Radder reaches under the ring, and he's got a table pulled out! It's No DQ they can use whatever they want! He's setting up the table...meanwhile, Corleone is up and he pops Radder with the chair! Now he rolls him on the table...what's he gonna do here....he's on the ring apron...good gosh he's going to bounce off the rops with an elbow! He misses and breaks the table in half!!! High risk move, and he took the a nasty spill!

SB: You don't go for something like that unless you're sure you can hit it...and like an idiot..he missed.

BB: The Iceman sets up the chair...and he looks to get a running start...he runs...jumps on and then off the chair..and dropkicks the Godfather! How more can the Godfather take. Iceman rolls him into the ring..he could be going for the kill right here.

SB: Smart move kid, you've nearly killed your opponent get him in the ring now, and cover him. Come on, show Sammy you're not as dumb as you look!

BB: Radder is indeed doing that!! He's going for his finisher....the FROSTBITE and he hit it!! That's gotta be it, ONE.....TWO.......NO!!!!!! Can you believe it, he kicked out!!

TM: Look at the Iceman Bill...he's shocked!!! He can't believe the Godfather kicked out!

BB: Radder looks stunned...but he's gathered himself enough to go to the top rope....not a smart move though...as Corleone is there!! The Godfather...TR DDT!! He got all of that one, could this be it.................... ONE.....TWO....THREE!! YES! the Godfather somehow pulls out a win!!!

SB: Mercifully this one is over....for me that is...I was bored to death.

BB: Oh shut up Sammy. Look at these two in the ring. Both of them are just staring at each other... call me crazy but I think in some ways they admire each other...respect maybe is a better word. I'm sure we haven't heard the last one this one. We've got to take a break, but we'll be back with more.


Eddy Love vs. Mike Randalls

BB: Fans we're back and ready for our next matchup. One that pits a legend in this sport, against a newcomer to the CSWA Eddy Love! Over the past week both have had a few choice words for one another. As you know Sammy, Randalls likes to known as the Wolf this day in age. A year ago this time he went away for a while, and his return shocked a few people.

SB: The man's crazy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.....

TM: Nooooo..

SB: But, he's a loon. He's always been one of the best, some people think the best. However, when you liken yourself to a wolf and your opponents prey... somebody isn't home upstairs if you know what I mean. Bottom line is this, Buckley...state of mind isn't important to him. He's still the same old Randalls. He can wrestle with anyone, and he can physically break his opponents down like no man alive today!

BB: Which brings us to the question: Why would Eddy Love want to sign his name on the dotted line?

SB: Ignorance? No...i like his style. He's brash, he's cocky, he's cocky, and Baby Doll he's got Sweet Melissa.I know what Merritt had in mind when he signed little miss thing. "Honey, time to work for your raise!"

TM: Stop it Sammy. We all know you don't understand the meaning of work. Eddy might be cocky, but he was one of the best independent wrestlers in the world. I've seen video of the guy. He picked a heck of a debut opponent, but I think we just might all be surprised by Eddy.

BB: Right now we're ready for the match, what's not to LOVE about Rhubarb Jones!


BB: There's the bell and this one is underway. Eddy says something to Randalls and then turns around to give Sweet Melissa a goodluck kiss... look out from behind though as Randalls is not amused!! He dropped Love with a big right hand!!

TM: Good gosh Buckley! Melissa just slapped the tar out of Randalls' face! Uh oh...I've been there before, that's not a smart move honey.

BB: No it's not! Randalls drags Melissa up and over the ropes..she's in the ring! Randalls, sets up for a piledriver!! Oh no he just drove a woman into the mat!!! She's out cold!! The Wolf is hungry!.....Love to his feet and he delivers a lariat that takes Randalls off his feet!

SB: If there's one thing I hate to see it's a women built like that take punishment...well punishment that I don't deal out...haha..

BB: Yuck. Eddy rolls Melissa out of the ring...geez atleast make sure she's alright first. Randalls is up, and Love goes to work with a right hand of his own! Bounces Randalls off the ropes, and there's a flying elbow! Love off the ropes, and he drops an elbow down! Love again off the ropes and down with an elbow!

SB: That's what you have to do against Randalls wear the man down..and hope for the best.

BB: Love again shoots Mike off the ropes, and there's a shoulderblock! He's certainly done his homework. If there's one thing than works against Randalls it's aggression and he's showing that tonight! Love to the middle rope...he gives the crowd a salute...and flies off with a frog splash!! Here's the cover, 1.....2....no! Randalls powers out!

TM: Nice try by Eddy, but you're not going to get Randalls without killing him first...

SB: Just say it sweetie you have to hook the tights on that one.

BB: Eddy doesn't seem the bit discouraged the pin was successful..instead he steps outside..and throws a chair back in the ring... oh my, as he rolled back in the ring Randalls popped up grabbed the chair and drove it into Love's head! Randalls is going to town with that chair folks! Love can't get to his feet! Randalls helps Eddy to his feet, fires him across the ring and rocks him with a flying chair shot!

SB: Oh dear....he's made the man mad now.....beg for forgiveness Eddy it's your best shot right now, do what you must!

BB: Randalls lays the chair over Love's body...he's coming up top!! Randalls climbs up to the top rope...if he hits this..good grief the man could die!! Sweet Melissa is on the ring apron...oh lord she just superkicked Randalls! Randalls drops to his knees! Love is up...and hammers Randalls with the chair! He's going for a Superplex now! If hits this, it could be it!

TM: But if he misses...

BB: That could be deadly as well! Randalls blocks the attempt! The Wolf with a forearm shiver that sends Love crashing back to the mat! Randalls, my gosh, he just dove off the ropes and clotheslined Melissa! He's lost it!! He's lost it tonight!

SB: The man never had it Buckley!

BB: Love is furious! He dives over the ropes and onto Randalls! Both men, going at it on the floor! Randalls fires Love into the security railing!! Now he flips him into the front row!! The fans who paid top dollar for those seats are getting more than they bargained for right now! Randalls fires Eddy's head into an empty seat!! Randalls now scoops him up, and body slams him on the steps!

SB: Somebody better tell those fans to get out of the way...the man's not above taking them out as well!

BB: Love slips in a shot to the groin area! That's your favorite Sammy..the trick elbow! Eddy takes a second the regroup and then goes to work! He's not backing down from Randalls one bit! I don't think either man will make back in the ring in time! Referee Ben Worthington tried to keep order but he's in the ring counting.. he's at 7....8...9.....10! That's it!

TM: The bell sounds, but I doubt either man heard it.

BB: This match will be a double count-out. Love and Randalls don't care though, they're both fighting it out in the stands! What a brutal match... fans we have to take a break, we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes!


Unified World Tag Team Championships
SWAT Team vs. Killer Instinct

BB: We're not wasting any time, so let's head to the ring for another return match. The UNIFIED World Tag Team Title match!

SB: Killer Instinct put up a fuss about Joey Melton. Even those goofs the Swat Team had a few choice words to say. Melton was out there trying to bring a little class to the match up. We all know that Troy and Joe Joe don't have any, and the Swat Team...please....I'd like to know how they keep getting title matches anyway.

TM: Um..Sammy they're the champions.

SB: That explains it.

BB: Troy Martinez will start things off for Killer Instinct....Colt will do the same for the Swat Team. Collar and elbow tie up to start the match!! Troy backs Colt into the corner...elbow to the mush. Martinez lowers and drops the shoulder...he's ramming his shoulder right into the mid-section of Colt. Troy whips Colt across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle....Colt fires out of the corner with a lariat!! What a move!

TM: Nice counter by Colt....he was the key to their last victory over these guys.

BB: Colt drags Troy to Martinez's corner, and throws him in there..he's asking for the tag..he wants a piece of Joe Massacre! And he's going to get it! A tag is made! Here goes Joe!! Dropkick by Colt...a rude greeting for Massacre! Colt throws him into his corner, makes the tag to Beretta! Beretta is in, and there's a double arm powerbomb! Colt goes on the outside... he's got a chair...I don't think Martinez sees him, but he just leveled Troy with that chair!! Martinez is out!!

SB: Good thinking kids!!

BB: Colt's in the ring....the ref tries to usher him to his corner.... look at Beretta Sammy he reached his tights..he's got a pair of brass knuckles... he just nailed Massacre in the head! I think he's out too... Colt out of the ring, a tag is made and he's back in... they're going for their finisher...the Peacemaker....they got it!!! They hit the Peacemaker! Here's the cover, ONE...TWO.....THREE!!! The Swat Team win, and retain their titles!

SB: That's the way I like to see things done....see people can learn.

BB: We'll be back with more right after this!


For the CSWA World Championship
First Man To Pin Wins Title

Hornet/GUNS vs. Troy and Mark Windham

BB:  Folks, we're back and ready for the MAIN EVENT here in Boston.  This crowd is already on its feet..they know that there's never been another match like this one in the CSWA...and probably not in the world of professional wrestling.  Four wrestling superstars, all former World Champions, and all four men who really, really don't like each other.  Let's go to Rhubarb Jones for the introductions.

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is tonight's MAIN EVENT.  This tag team event is for the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship.  The man who garners the first and only three-count pinfall of the match will win the gold.   Now coming to the ring, tonight's special referee is the CSWA's new front office employee and a former CSWA United States Champion.....this is JULIUS GODREIGN!   (Godreign comes to the ring in a sleeveless referee's outfit to a mixed crowd reaction).

The first team, both men hailing from Sweetwater, Texas.  These two men are related by blood and by CSWA gold.  Between them, they have held the Unified World Title, the CSWA World Title, and more than 8 other CSWA straps....they are "The Living Psycho" MARK WINDHAM and "King of All Media" TROY WINDHAM!

Their opponents, hailing from San Antonio and Greensboro, respectively, have possibly held more gold than any two other wrestlers in the sport.  Between them, they represent three Unified World title reigns, four CSWA World titles, three Enterprise World Titles, and well over 30 other championships between them.  These two former tag team partners turned blood enemies have been thrown together for their shot at the gold.  Here are....the "Strongest Arms In The World" GUNS and "The Greatest American Hero" HORNET!!!!!!!!!

BB:  All four came down separately rather than with their partners...and none of them seem anything but intense.

TM:  But who knows if they've been plotting backstage.  Hornet and Mark Windham were famous for it...they hatched a plot that took over two years to come about!

SB:  It probably took those two that long to think of it.

BB:  Both these would-be 'tag teams' that Commissioner Chad Merritt ordered together are coming off major matches at ANNIVERSARY.  Troy maced his cousing Mark to get a win in Greensboro...Hornet and GUNS had split two falls and were well into the third fall of their "One More Time" match before the Windhams got involved.

TM:  And let's not forget the match between Hornet and Troy Windham in Puerto Rico, when Mark interfered....and then GUNS got involved.  We still haven't gotten a real answer as to what's going on between Hornet and Mark.

BB:  I don't think we have a real answer as to what's going on between either of these teams...all I know is that at some time before this match is over, somebody's gonna turn and screw somebody else out of the World Title.

SB:  What a prophet you are.

BB:  Referee Julius Godreign has finished checking all four men for illegal weapons.  In order to determine which member of both teams would start off the match, he has held a coin toss for both teams.  It looks like GUNS and Troy Windham are the winners...and they'll start off against each other.  Remember fans, the first man who gets the successful pinfall in the ring on a member of the other team wins the title.  Godreign is finishing up his pre-match instructions to all four men, and is motioning for Hornet and Mark to leave the ring.

TM:  GUNS turns towards Hornet in the corner....but neither man speaks.

BB:  It did look like both men nodded though.  Both Hornet and GUNS have said that they'll watch each other's back in this one...

SB:  Yeah, isn't that what they said before Hornet came out two years ago and screwed GUNS out of the EN World Title?  Or the same thing they said three years ago when GUNS beat the snot out of Hornet in the AAWC after they were supposed to be 'partners?'

BB:  Point made, Sammy.  Folks, there's the bell...this one is underway.  GUNS and Troy stand face-to-face in the middle of the ring...GUNS offers a test of strength, but Troy laughs and shakes his head...at the same time delivering a boot to GUNS's midsection.  GUNS delivers a huge ham-fisted blow to the side of Troy's head as he was about to move in for a manuever.  Troy staggers back and gets caught with a clothesline that sends him sprawling!  Troy quickly rolls outside for an early time-out.  Mark Windham jumps down from the apron, and he grabs Troy by the trunks and puts him back in the ring!

TM:  So much for the Windhams working together!

BB:  Troy gets pulled up to his feet by GUNS, who has a fistful of hair. GUNS sends Windham into the ropes and comes off with the GUNS-shot...that devastating polish hammer maneuver!  Windham goes down hard, and now GUNS goes for the Scorpion Deathlock!

TM:  A move he learned from Hornet...back when they were supposedly friends.

BB:  But Troy quickly grabs the ropes, and Godreign calls for the break.  GUNS tries to pull Windham out of the ropes, but Godreign gets between the two, face-to-face with GUNS, calling for the break.  It looks like GUNS is about to say something to Godreign...

SB:  He better watch it...

BB:  Instead, he backs away a step or two, still staring down Godreign who seems to say "I'm just doing my job."

TM:  Remember, Bill, there's no love lost between GUNS or Godreign either...at least not when Godreign was in active competition.

BB:  True.  Windham is on his feet, and GUNS irish whips him across the ring.  Troy ducks the clothesline and goes across, AND NAILS MARK WINDHAM with a hard right hand!!!  He just decked his cousin and partner in this match off the apron!

SB:  Ya know what they say about payback...

BB:  But Windham turns around and gets creamed by GUNS with a shoulderblock!  Wait a minute, Godreign is calling for a tag!  He's calling Troy's right hand to Mark's jaw a tag...and Troy is furious!  Godreign insisted that Mark Windham is the legal man...and Mark obliges the special referee by climbing into the ring and dropping the arguing Troy with an inverted neckbreaker!!!  The former CSWA World Champion goes down like a ton of bricks!  And now Mark Windham is left with the other most-recent CSWA World Champ across from him in the ring!  Godreign maneuvers Troy toward the ring apron with his foot!

TM:  This is wild.  I've never seen two family members who hate each other so much that they'd spray mace at each other, and basically beat the crap out of each other!

SB:  Um...you haven't seen Mark and Timmy go at it, have you?

BB:  Mark Windham charges GUNS like a man gone mad...

SB:  That's appropriate...

BB:  Windham bounces off GUNS with the attempted shoulder block....Windham looks as if he'll attempt another, GUNS sets himself...instead, Windham with the low blow!!!  GUNS drops like a ton of bricks, and Windham capitalizes with a belly to belly suplex.  GUNS still winded...Windham pulls him to his feet, and drops him with an Implant DDT!  Windham going for the cover!!!   ONE..........TWO.......NO!   Hornet came in and rolled Mark off GUNS!!!   Mark jumps to his feet, and he's furious!  But before the two men can get into it, Hornet is already slipping back through the ropes, and Godreign is warning Hornet about interfering. 

TM:  Look at Mark Windham!  If looks could kill...Hornet and the first three rows might be dead.

BB:  What does he expect?  This is for the World Championship...if the psycho can't take the heat...

SB:  Don't say it...you know how Windham is about 'heat.'

BB:  Before GUNS can get to his feet completely, Windham follows in with a kick to the midsection.  He pulls GUNS toward the center of the ring, and delivers a knee lift of his own.  Meanwhile, Troy Windham has recovered and is standing in his corner, itching to get in the ring.  Windham drops GUNS back down with a brainbuster and goes for the cover again.  Godreign doesn't quite get his arm down for the one-count before GUNS slams the shoulder up.  Windham pulls GUNS to his feet...collar-and-elbow tie up.  Windham goes to send GUNS into the ropes, but irish whip reversal by the former CSWA World Champ.  Windham goes for the ride, ducks one of the strongest arms in the world, but gets caught on the other side by a huge elbow.   Windham goes sprawling into his corner, and GUNS goes down to one knee.  Troy Windham takes the opportunity to slap Mark on the back.....and Godreign calls for the tag.   GUNS sees a fresh Troy Windham climbing through the ropes, and he decides to head to his corner, tagging in Hornet....who looks almost surprised.

TM:  Well, you can't win unless you're in there...but you can lose if you're in there and in bad shape.

BB:  Hornet climbs in, and Troy backs off for a moment.  He came in thinking he'd be going in for the kill on GUNS...but now he has to face the fresh man making his first appearance in the match.  Windham backs into a neutral corner for a moment, almost daring Hornet to come in after him.  Instead, Hornet backs into the other neutral corner and takes a seat for himself.  Referee Godreign will have none of it...ordering the two to head to the center.  They both do so, and they lock up in a test of strength.  Hornet quickly takes control, forcing Windham to his knees and delivering a boot to the chest.  Troy rolls away, dodging a kick to the midsection, quickly getting to his feet.  The two tie up in the middle of the ring again, Hornet maneuvers behind for an attempt at a full nelson, standing switch by Troy, who delivers a textbook belly-to-back suplex, putting Hornet on the mat.  Troy keeps the former three-time Unified Champ there settling in a reverse chinlock.

TM:  Anybody who thinks Troy is really the 'King of the Slackers' better watch how this man wrestles.  If you believe the act, then you deserve to get suckered in by it.

BB:  A grimacing Hornet grabs the bottom rope, and Julius Godreign calls for the break.  Troy refuses to do so, and Godreign begins his five-count.   He warns Windham one final time...and then he pries Windham's hands away from Hornet's jaw!  Godreign's getting into this role as physical enforcer in this one.

TM:  He's got to in order to keep these four guys in line.

BB:  Troy backs away as Hornet gets to his feet by the ropes, then follows in with a knee to the midsection, sending Hornet to his knees in the ropes.   Troy tries to follow in, but Godreign steps between the two.  Troy tries to move Julius out of the way, but gets shoved back towards his corner by the former US Champ.  And Mark Windham takes the advantage to tag himself in!!!  Godreign recognizes the tag, and again Troy can't believe it.  Mark climbs through the ropes, and Troy takes it to him.  We've got two 'partners' fighting between themselves now!   They're trading rights and lefts!  GUNS and Hornet look toward each other and can't believe it.  Hornet sits back in the neutral corner...he's content to let these two fight between themselves and take on whoever comes out on top.  But Godreign has other ideas...he pulls Troy Windham away from Mark by the arm.  Troy takes a swing at Godreign, misses, and gets pushes through the ropes to the outside!!!  And now...it's Hornet and Mark!!!

SB:  Uh oh....this could get ugly.

TM:  We haven't seen these two across the ring from each other in a while.

SB:  Godreign better do a better job then in other matches between these two.

BB:  Windham has that look in his eye, and as he did against GUNS, he charges Hornet....but Hornet's ready, and he charges back!!!  These two crash together like two freight trains...they collide and bounce back.  They go for again...double clothesline!!!  They nailed each other, and both men go down.   Hornet and Mark are back on their feet quickly...Mark goes for the low blow and misses, and Hornet sends him reeling with a right hand.  Hornet follows up, scooping the Texan up with a belly-to-belly suplex!  Hornet drops an elbow....drops another.....but misses on the third attempt.  He's not hurt too badly though....at least not until Windham catches him with a leg sweep and his own elbow drop!  Windham pulls Hornet up and goes for that Implant DDT, but Hornet maneuvers out, then pushes Windham across the ring to the ropes with a hand to the back.  Windham comes off the ropes and hops the diving Hornet, heads to the other side, and then kicks Hornet in the head!

TM:  Hornet telegraphed that attempted back drop, bowing his head too early.

BB:  And paid the price....he didn't go down, but he does now as Windham drops him with a swinging neckbreaker!!!  Mark Windham with the cover, but Hornet kicks out at one.  Windham sends Hornet into the ropes again, and he catches him with the Lariat, the move made famous by the Windham family.  Windham goes for the cover again....ONE........TWO...NO!  Hornet kicks out, but Windham's arguing with Godreign over the count...though it was obvious that the three-count wasn't even close to done.  Windham bends down to pull Hornet to his feet, and Hornet tucks him in an inside cradle!!!  ONE....no!  That was desperation by Hornet.....and you can tell because he rolls over toward his corner, gets to his feet, stops for a moment, and finally tags GUNS in.

TM: There's a flashback to three years ago...GUNS vs. Mark Windham, Hornet hanging around in the ring....

BB: Right...and then the huge doublecross by Hornet on GUNS. In the ring, GUNS catches Windham with a hard right hand, then knocks him to the mat with a short-arm clothesline. He follows with a knee drop to the chest, then pulls the former Unified Champ to his feet. Windham goes for the ride into the turnbuckle, and GUNS follows in with the high knee from that 'bionic' knee that was surgically replaced almost four years ago. GUNS pulls Windham out of the corner and again sends him across...hard into the other turnbuckle. Another follow-up with that knee to the chest and abdomen of Windham. GUNS snap suplexes Windham out of the corner, and he goes for the cover! ONE...........TWO....no! Windham kicks out.

SB: Did you see Hornet? He had one leg through the ropes, ready to come in!

BB: No...I didn't see that. But I don't think it would surprise anyone...Hornet has cost GUNS more World Titles than I can count. In the ring, Windham tries to mount a comeback with a couple of shots to the midsection of GUNS, but they have no effect. GUNS pulls "The Living Psycho" up by the hair and drops him with a tombstone piledriver! He hooks the leg for the cover again...but only a one-count. Mark Windham has been in this ring as long as anyone, and he doesn't look like he can go much longer.

TM: But you better believe that he won't tag Troy Windham!

BB: GUNS pulls Windham up...and again nails him into the mat with that tombstone. The cover....ONE..................... TWO...no! Windham kicks out, and now he's rolling toward the ropes to get to the outside. But Mark gets too close to his corner....and Troy Windham reaches down and slaps him on the back! Godreign calls it a tag, and we're back to where we started...Troy and GUNS! GUNS charges Troy and crushes him into the corner!! Troy follows with a couple of right hands, but gets pulled out of the corner and slammed back in with a shortarm clothesline! Mark Windham has rolled out to the floor, still trying to shake off that pair of piledrivers. Troy dodges a knee drop by GUNS, then makes it to his feet. GUNS grabs him and tries the irish whip, but Troy reverses it, sending GUNS in. LARIAT by Windham! GUNS goes down, but rolls out of the way of the elbow. Both men on their feet...and GUNS is awfully close to his corner...but Hornet doesn't make any effort to 'tag' his way in.

TM: So far, both Hornet and GUNS are keeping to their word.

BB: Troy dodges a clothesline, spins GUNS around and goes for a belly-to-back suplex...but it's blocked by GUNS. GUNS turns around and locks in a bear hug on the younger Windham! Troy is fighting in agony, but he's been caught by the Strongest Arms In The World! Hornet's making no move on the apron...Mark is just now getting to his feet on the outside....and GUNS may have this thing won if he can get Troy to give it up! Godreign keeps asking Troy...but the King of all Media keeps shaking his head no. Troy is still fighting...he claps his arms against the head of GUNS, but those huge biceps keep pumping the air and the life out of Windham. Slowly but surely, Troy Windham's fighting and the loss of oxygen is taking its toll......and we may have a new World Champion!

SB: I can't believe that neither Hornet or Mark have tried to break this up yet. A minute more, and GUNS may have the title strapped around his waist.

BB: Troy Windham may be out. GUNS realizes it as well, and drops the former CSWA World Champion to the mat. He hooks the leg! ONE..................................TWO......................................NO!!! Troy Windham gets the arm up, to our surprise and the surprise of this capacity crowd! Everyone thought it was over!

SB: And everyone thought Hornet was going to make his move as well!

BB: GUNS pulls Troy Windham to his feet....BIONIC KNEE LIFT! Count it folks...Troy Windham is out!!! GUNS goes down for the cover!

TM: And here comes Mark!!!

BB: Mark Windham crashes through the ropes....but so does HORNET!!! Mark kicks GUNS off Troy Windham... just as Hornet dives and catches Mark Windham with a flying forearm!!!! Mark Windham hits the ropes, and then gets decked with a clothesline that sends him over the top and down to the floor!!! GUNS sees what's going on, and now turns his attention back to Troy Windham! He drops the knee and goes for the cover, as Hornet heads outside to go after Mark! GUNS has the leg hooked......but Julius Godreign isn't counting the pinfall, and he hasn't been distracted by what's going on outside. He's looking around to the crowd...and now GUNS is yelling at him to do his job. GUNS jumps to his feet to confront Godreign.....JAWBREAKER by Godreign!!! Godreign is stomping a mudhole into GUNS, and now Troy Windham is slowly coming to his feet! Windham says something to Godreign, and now both of them are attacking GUNS! Hornet jumps up onto the apron from outside and yells something at the two attackers.....he springs off the middle of the top rope and catches Godreign and Windham with a double clothesline! GUNS gets to his feet just as Godreign and Windham recover, and now it's GUNS and Hornet facing off against Godreign and Troy Windham! But here comes "The Living Psycho!" Mark Windham is on the apron with a chair, and who knows who he's going after!!!

SB: Bedtime for Bonzo...cause here comes THE FRAT!

BB: Shawn Matthews and Bandit have come out of the crowd and slid into the ring from one side.....and Scotty Michaels just waffled Mark Windham from behind with a haliburton briefcase!!! Windham falls off the apron, and now it's four-on-two in the middle of the ring, with Michaels and the Red-Headed Stepbrother on the outside.

TM: I think I see Junior Hornet lurking in the aisle as well!

BB: Windham and Matthews charge GUNS, while Godreign and Bandit go after Hornet...and the FRAT is beating down the competition. This is outrageous!!! Godreign is supposed to be a CSWA front office employee for goodness' sakes! Michaels and the Red-Headed Stepbrother are stomping on Mark Windham outside....and the crowd roars again! HERE COME MIKE RANDALLS!!!!!! The former three-time Unified Champion charges down the aisle, and Michaels makes sure he gets out of the way quick! Randalls dives into the ring, and he gets a hold of Troy Windham just for a moment...long enough to drop the former CSWA World Champ with a neckbreaker! Bandit goes in to help the leader of the Frat, but Randalls catches him in the gut and then drops him to the mat with a DDT! Randalls hooks in an STF, and he's trying to break a bone, any bone, on Bandit!!! Matthews and Godreign turn to help out Bandit and Troy, but Hornet and GUNS use the opportunity to take the fight to them! Troy finally gets to his feet and catches Randalls with a blow to the back. Randalls simply lets go of the hold on Bandit and gets nose-to-nose with Windham!! Now those two men are going at it!!!! We've got Godreign and Hornet trading blows, GUNS with a bear hug on Matthews, and now Troy and Randalls going at it!!! And on the outside, Mark Windham is on his feet, and he just leveled Michaels with a steel chair!!! He climbs into the ring, and he's swinging that chair all over, not caring who he hits!!! The ring clears as the Frat pulls back and regroups.

TM: It looks like we just saw the newest 'brother' added to the Frat.

BB: Without a doubt. Julius Godreign saves Troy Windham from defeat, but I don't think the Frat counted on Randalls' interference. As the Frat heads down the aisle, Hornet and GUNS are inside the ring recovering, Mark Windham has abandoned his chair and headed out through the crowd, and Mike Randalls is nowhere to be seen! I don't know what to tell you, fans, except that this is one of the wildest things I've seen in a long, long time. Wait a minute, it may not be over!!! CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt is standing at the end of the aisleway as The Frat approaches...and it looks like he's got Godreign's contract in hand!!! He just ripped it up and through it on the floor!!! The Red-headed Stepbrother takes a step forward, but Bandit holds him back. Merritt just pulled another piece of paper out of his pocket...and he hands it to Godreign!!!

TM: It's got to be that other contract he offered him in Puerto Rico!!!

BB: You've gotta be kidding me!! In ten seconds...Merritt has fired Godreign as a front office employee, and given him a three-year deal worth more than seven million dollars!!! Fans, we're out of time....we'll see you Thursday night at CSWA SHOWTIME in Boston.

SB: You mean he makes a salary in the millions???? WHERE'S *MY* STUFF?

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