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September 3, 1998

Featuring:   Eddy Love vs. Joey Melton

(The scene opens up to a local Seattle pub. It’s late at night and the crowd has thinned out considerably. We can see a familiar face at the bar, CSWA veteran Billy Starr. Sort of familiar because he’s not quite looking normal.. he’s not shaven, his hair is unkempt and his eyes have a distance glaze to them. As the picture closes in, we can see an empty beer bottle in front of him… and a rock glass that’s also empty. The bartender comes over and fills it up with a clear liquid… )

STARR: <To Himself> I can’t believe I lost the tournament final, and the championship. The one belt I’ve always wanted.. The thing I worked so hard for. To have it in my grasps and be that close, only to fail.

(Billy drains the rock glass again and places it at the end of the bar. The bartender pours another. )

STARR: <To Himself> I can’t believe I lost the Corporation. That stupid old timer was able to beat me. Even if he did cheat, I’m too smart for that.. I should have realized what he was going to do. What SHE was going to do..

(Billy tilts his head back and empties the glass again. He holds it out for the bartender who reluctantly fills it again. )

STARR: <To Himself> I can’t believe that Teri turned on me like that. I’ll get that bitch if it’s the last thing I do.

(Billy drains another one and looks unsteady on the seat. )

BARTENDER: Hey, aren’t you one of those CSWA wrestlers who’s in town for the big show tomorrow ?

STARR: No you’ve got me confused with someone else..

BARTENDER: I’m sure that I’ve seen you before..

STARR: Forget about it..

(Billy throws a hundred on the bar and gets to his feet. He sways a little and stumbles out the door. )

(Scene changes to an outside shot, where we watch Billy uneasily make his way up the street. He stops for a moment at a light post. )

VOICE: Don’t do this to yourself..

STARR: Who’s there..

VOICE: Trust in me, do not destroy everything which you have built. Success might not have been yours, but the road is long and your destiny has still yet to be fulfilled. I can take you to the promise land.

(Starr turns towards the alley from which the voice is coming, the camera also pans in that direction.. but nothing but shadows can be seen. )

STARR: Who are you.. Where are you..

VOICE: Come to me and all will be well.

(A hand comes out of the alley, but nothing more can be seen. Starr seems to back up a step, but the person is persistent. They reach out a little further and grab Starr by the arm. As Starr is being pulled towards the man in the shadow, the look on his face changes from that of an intoxicated man to that of someone in very surprised. )

(Hours before Labor Day Layout... Fade in on a hospital room, very large, very well furnished. It almost looks like a personal bedroom as opposed to a hospital room. CUTTO: Hornet, lying in bed, looking pale. He has no face makeup on, and he seems to have lost a little bit of weight. CUT TO:The television. Hornet is watching a documentary on U-62, "The Life of Timmy Windham." A knock is heard on the door....)

HORNET: Go away.

(The knocking continues, more insistent.)

I said GO AWAY! I told you, Rudy, I'm not going to give you an interview! I get back when I get back!

(The door begins to open, and Hornet picks up his food tray.)


(He heaves the tray at the door, narrowly missing his visitor....Sunshine Del Payne.)

Sunshine: (Looking scared and upset at Hornet's actions)I... I---

HORNET: Sunshine....I'm sorry...come in.  What are you doing here, don't you need to be in Mark's corner for tonight's tag match?

Sunshine:  It's not for a few more hours. Actually, Mark sent me to ask you for some help.

HORNET:  My help? What do you expect me to do from here? (Hornet laughs)

Sunshine:  I talked to your doctor outside. He said you could walk with the crutches now... but you don't want to?

HORNET:  (He appears uncomfortable by this conversation)  Never mind that.   You said you needed my help.

Sunshine:  Mark asked me to come... I need you to tell me everything you know about the Corporation. What their resources are. who they have working "behind the scenes" for them, strengths, weaknesses....

HORNET:  Why do you need to know that?

Sunshine:  This is a strange situation. We've got other help, someone who knows the CORPORATION inside and out, but it might not be good enough.

HORNET:  Who is that?

Sunshine:You'd know it.... it's really wierd... It's about Mark's

(Hours pass, and Sunshine leaves the room.)

Sunshine:I hope he agrees to this plan... it might be Mark's only shot.  And I don't know that he can trust that guy....

(She begins to walk down the hall toward the elevators. Inside the room, Hornet seems in shock)

HORNET:  HE is Mark's partner? Against Eddy Love.....  (Reaching for a   pair of crutches leaning against the wall) I've GOT to be there...

(Fade to black)

(Cut To: an inside arena shot. The fans are all inside and ready to go. The CSWA world famous light show is on display. The camera pans around the arena and then turns to the announcing booth. )

BUCKLEY: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back for another Primetime, tonight we are live tonight in Seattle, Washington and we have an action packed night ahead of us. As you saw last week, The Corporation has a new leader in Joey Melton and he also gained a shot at the CSWA World Championship in the encounter with Billy Starr.

BENSON: And tonight Joey gets to face off with the coolest world champion that we’ve had in a long, long time. "Hurricane" Eddy Love. The true legend killer.

BUCKLEY: That’s right, and it was an unexpected ending between Corporation members as Teri Melton gave Joey Melton a loaded weapon, which was used to knock out Billy Starr. One must wonder where this is all going to lead.

BENSON: It’s leading to the Corporation being at it’s strongest. Cornette and Melton back in control.. the World and US Championships.. plus don’t forget that ARROGANCE is far from finished with The Disco Express. We could possibly see the Corporation in control of ALL the titles.

BUCKLEY: Fans in addition to the big World Title match, we have some great action in store for you tonight. United States Champion, Kevin Powers will be in action tonight against the Preacher. Additionally we will have a top contenders match between Mark Vizzack and Steve Radder.

BENSON: Ironic isn’t it that the man who lost in the finals and the two semi-final losers aren’t even considered for the top contender. Didn’t Starr beat Vizzack ??? This match makes perfect sense..

BUCKLEY: Well those two men were chosen on their abilities and one of them will be deemed the top contender tonight. Let’s not forget that one of those semi-finalists Hornet remains injured after the horrible events that occurred at Fish Fund, and no one is quite sure when he’ll be back in action. In addition, The first two brackets of the Greensboro Title are back in action as the second of three round robin matches occur.

BENSON: Sounds like oodles of fun.

BUCKLEY: Sarcasm doesn’t become you Sammy..

BENSON: What are you talking about, I made a career out of it. <Laughs>

BUCKLEY: Fans we need to take a quick commercial break, but when we return we will see one of the rising stars of the CSWA.. STEVE HOTBODY in action against possibly his toughest CSWA opponent to date, Corporation member.. Peyton Wright.

(Commercial for the Fish Fund XII: Fire It Up Video.. followed by a second commercial for the "Hurricane" Eddy Love "LEGEND KILLER" T-shirt. )

BUCKLEY: Fans we are back and as promised we are going to see Steve Hotbody in action again tonight. Hotbody has been on a tear here in the CSWA so far, with five consecutive wins and from what we are told a career record which is now 18-0.

BENSON: Well tonight he’ll finally be tested.. No more Watson’s, no more Brigsby’s, he’s facing the top of the line tonight when he steps into the ring with Peyton Wright.

BUCKLEY: He will be tested tonight, that’s for sure.. let’s head down to Rhubarb for the introductions.

(Cue Up: "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd)

JONES: This next bout is a one fall contest with a thirty minute time limit.. introducing first from RENO, Nevada.. he’s the undefeated rising star of the CSWA.. "SEXY" STEVE HOTBODY !!!

(Hotbody comes out to a mixed reaction, which is mostly based on sex. Males hate him, and the ladies are cheering. He’s wearing a pair of black pants and a bow tie. He comes down to ringside, takes off the tie and wraps it around a pretty young woman in the first row, kissing her in the process. He then climbs into the ring and tears off the pants, revealing a paint splatter short outfit. )

JONES: And his opponent.. one half of the legendary tag-team ARROGANCE.. here is.. PEYTON WRIGHT.

(Wright comes down to little fanfare and climbs into the ring. He takes off his silk ring jacket and stares at Hotbody. )

BUCKLEY: Peyton with some rare singles competition tonight, but I guess with Joey being involved in so many solo encounters himself, Peyton is just trying to keep busy.

BENSON: Well he certainly picked a tough man to take on, he better not be rusty.

(Bell rings and the two men collar and elbow lock up. Both struggle for control and Peyton finally gets it. He wraps up Hotbody in a side headlock, which Hotbody quickly shurgs him out of.. Peyton goes to the ropes and is met by a clothesline on the return. He gets right back up but is nailed again by a running clothesline. A third time up and he’s scooped up high for a Press Slam. Peyton rolls out of the ring and consults Ray S. Cornette who’s at ringside.)

BUCKLEY: This guy might just be for real. He’s come out here in a hurry, looking to do some serious damage.

BENSON: This is just a bit of ring rust for Peyton. He’s been concentrating on tag-team wrestling for so long that it’ll just take him a few seconds to get back into the swing of things. Trust me, he’s gonna pull it off over the pretty boy.

(Peyton rolls back into the ring and is met again by Hotbody.. he scoops him right up and Body Slams him hard to the canvas. Peyton gets back up and Hotbody is their for an irish whip.. on the return Peyton is met with a devastating spinebuster slam. )

BUCKLEY: Quick cover by Hotbody.. ONE..TWO.. No kickout by Peyton Wright. Wright slow to his feet and Hotbody is waiting for him.. DROP KICK sends him right down to the canvas again.. Once again Peyton is going to head back to the outside.

BENSON: Pacing things out, taking it on his terms. Peyton is a big tag-team superstar, he’s used to working things at the pace he wants to.

BUCKLEY: Hotbody not going to let him take the time though.. the big man just did a suicide dive over the top rope. Peyton is down.

BENSON: WOW.. There aren’t many men who would be willing to do that when they are his size. He’s not one of those Mexican Jumping Bean guys, mind you..

BUCKLEY: Well he has said, he’ll do ‘anything’ to win. And he just flattened Peyton with that one. Hotbody slides back under the bottom rope and Referee Patrick Young is making the count..

(Referee counts up to twenty.. Peyton is slow to his feet, does get up but on the advice of Ray S. Cornette he doesn’t get back into the ring.. the two just walk towards the dressing room. Ray calls to the back and the massive three hundred pound Randall Jaminson walks out towards the ring. )

BUCKLEY: Young has called for the bell, this match is officially a count out, but I think that Steve Hotbody has more to worry about then another win. He’s got the big man heading down to ringside and this could be something out of his league.

(Randall Steps up on to the ring apron and when he does Steve Hotbody slides out the bottom rope on the other side and holds his finger up to his head, as if pointing towards his brain. )

(Steve then climbs over the ring barrier and makes his exit through the crowd. )

BUCKLEY: Another win for Steve Hotbody, this time by count out.. Will this man ever be stopped ?

BENSON: Well people are now backing out from facing him. Contracts are being negated. No one wants to be the next loss for Steve Hotbody.

BUCKLEY: Fans we need to take a commercial break, we’ll be right back.

(Commercial for the Remembering Timmy Card and the new "Good God" I’m the US Champ T-shirt. )

BUCKLEY: Fans we are back and as promised we have a great night of action planned for you.. Before we went on the air tonight their were a couple of matches that had already taken place.


BUCKLEY: The Enforcer showed tonight why he got that name as he laid down the law in his match against Henderson Bramble. The Enforcer who had to be disappointed that his Greensboro Tournament match in Norfolk turned into a battle royal, made sure that tonight he didn’t have the same problem. He finished off Bramble before anyone could have made it down to ringside if they tried. Before the opening bell had even rung, the Enforcer was on the offensive. He landed a few powerful right hands to daze Bramble and nailed him with a crushing DDT. From their the match was all but over. Enforcer dropped an elbow and covered up the prone Bramble for the three count and the win.

BENSON: The Enforcer is a man with some talent. He could wind up going far in the CSWA and could be the Greensboro Champion.

BUCKLEY: Well the draw did put him and Page Michaels in a bad situation though..

BENSON: I disagree. It helped one of them. Because one of them is now still 0-0 instead of having a loss. Which one got the benefit only time will tell.

BUCKLEY: Well anything can happen in these upcoming Greensboro matches and their are very few men I’d count out of being able to win this tournament.

************** ELIMINATION SQUAD v. DESTRUCTION CREW ***********

BUCKLEY: In our other dark match this evening we saw the former MHW Champion Destruction Crew back in action. This team has been on an awful slide lately and it’s a wonder how they were able to become champions in the MHW at all.

BENSON: Lack of competition ?

BUCKLEY: Tonight they had some serious problems facing off against the Elimination Squad. Sledgehammer and Chainsaw were really having difficulties communicating as a tag-team. Poor tags, bad timing, they were off their game and the Elimination Squad took advantage of that and scored the victory.

BENSON: The Elimination Squad did look good tonight though.

BUCKLEY: That’s for sure Sammy. Their timing and tag-team ability seem to be on the rise and they are growing into a force on the tag-team scene.

************ MICHAEL SPARKS v. RAP MAN ********************

BUCKLEY: The man who made it into the semi-finals of the World Tournament was back in action tonight and he faced a man in the hunt for the CSWA Greensboro Tournament. It was "The X-Man" Michael Sparks facing off against Rap Man and it was certainly an interesting encounter.

BENSON: Well Speaks needs to get back in the ring and get back on the fans good side. After all he lied to them. He promised to them that he’d beat Billy Starr and he LIED.

BUCKLEY: This man gave it everything he had and should be quite proud of his efforts both at Fish Fund and overall in the CSWA World Championship Tournament. But Anyway back to tonight’s action. This was Sparks first appearance since the Fish Fund loss and he was back here tonight looking to get back on his winning ways.

BENSON: Which he didn’t find as easy as he’d have liked.

BUCKLEY: That’s right Sammy. Rap Man and his manager Rap Master made this match look like a tag-team encounter for several minutes. Every time the referee had his back turned, The Rap Master was getting himself involved and really was wearing down Sparks. Rap Man had several near falls, but Sparks would not give in. He rallied with a strong series of offense.. and scored a near pinfall of his own. This had turned the tides for good though and Michael Sparks pinned Rap Man following a hard hitting Piledriver.

BENSON: Too bad he couldn’t cut it when it really mattered.

BUCKLEY: Fans tonight some of the Greensboro Action has already taken place too. These matches were going to be shown live tonight, but given the circumstances it couldn’t be.

****************DISCO STU v. EGO BUSTER ***********************

BUCKLEY: The Ego Buster again left people wondering just why is this man in professional wrestling and how in the world does he ever win ?

BENSON: Back pocket politics Buckley. He’s got the officials eating out of his hands. His corruption led to the downfall of one promotion and from what my sources tell me, he’s getting that influence in other places now.

BUCKLEY: Well whatever the case may be, he was in action again tonight and was pretty much inept. He was defeated quickly and swiftly by Disco Stu, who took advantage of his opponent and was quite impressive. Although Ego had a considerable size advantage he was outmatched here tonight.

BENSON: Maybe if President Merritt had been replaced by someone named President Brunk, we’d have seen very different results.. hell Ego would be our champion then.

BUCKLEY: Now come on, there is no need for that. I’m sure that President Brunk was very fair in his positions.

BENSON: <LAUGHS> Oh that’s rich.

BUCKLEY: Anyway.

*******************RANDALL JAMINSON v. HBK 2000 *******************

BUCKLEY: In another Greensboro Match, we saw again why the Corporation’s enforcer is one dangerous character. Jaminson attacked HBK2000 before the bell and was unmerciful. He took the attack outside the ring and used everything he could on HBK2000 to inflict more pain.

BENSON: It cost him the match though.

BUCKLEY: That’s true. Patrick Young had no choice but to disqualify Jaminson for his actions and award the victory to HBK2000. A man who I’m sure would have rather seen the match go differently. He gets the win but might also wind up with a few stitches from the attack.

BENSON: That’s the Corporate enforcer and people better be careful not to mess with him. You know, I want to know who’s side does he fall on in this battle. Billy Starr recruited him, just like he did Powers and Love.. Melton and Wright though have been the ones seen in his presence.

BUCKLEY: Only time will tell how everything here in the CSWA will turn out. Fans we need to take another quick commercial break. But when we return we’ve still got the World Title Match, The US Title Match, The Top Contenders match and two more Greensboro matches. Stay tuned.

********************Apocalypse v. God’s Protégé ***********************

BUCKLEY: Apocalypse who has been doing well in both singles and tag-team action as of late was back in action in the Greensboro Tournament. His opponent is someone he’s had a past with, God’s Protégé. From the opening bell these two men were in each other’s faced and very anxious to cause serious pain. Toe to toe they battled throughout the contest. The power of Apocalypse though became more and more of a burden to God’s Protégé and harder for him to overcome. Apocalypse won the match at the eleven minute mark following a pair of inverted DDT’s that left God’s Protégé unable to fight back anymore. Following the three count, Apocalypse’s partner Pat Black who had been at ringside came into the ring and looked almost sorry for God’s Protégé He left without action, but gave rise to the question of whether God’s Protégé could be a possible recruit into Black’s Army.

BENSON: Black’s Army needs a lot of help right now. Those two men may be good, but the CSWA has become the centerpiece for organizations as of late and with all the groups running around, it takes more then two to tango.

BUCKLEY: Even though, the two have been quite successful. For Apocalypse that’s two victories now and what appears to be a likelihood of reaching the semi-finals of the tournament.

********************* Nemesis v. Mysterious ****************************

BUCKLEY: Our final Greensboro match of the night is ready to start as both Nemesis and Mysterious are in the ring and ready to go. Nemesis has done quite well for himself since Hornet got involved in the young man’s career and after a victory over Randall Jaminson in his first Greensboro match he looks like he could be the sleeper pick to go all the way.

BENSON: Speaking of sleep, you’re putting me there.

BUCKLEY: There’s the bell.

<Nemesis attacks right at the bell, with a football tackle. He unloads with a series of punches on Mysterious. >

BUCKLEY: Nemesis grounding the Man of Mystery right from the opening bell.

<Mysterious struggles to his feet, but he’s met by a belly to belly suplex. Nemesis continues on the offensive with a second suplex and a one count. Mysterious slower to his feet this time is met by a Body Slam. >

BUCKLEY: Nemesis really strong on the attack so far tonight.

<Mysterious slips to the outside to take a breather, and Nemesis chases him out of the ring. Mysterious, nails him with a spinning heel kick on the outside of the ring that staggers Nemesis. Mysterious follows it up with a super kick that lays out Nemesis. Mysterious climbs back into the ring and to the far side. >

BUCKLEY: What’s going on here, this looks dangerous.

<Mysterious with a running start, springboards off the top rope and does a suicide dive down onto Nemesis. >

BENSON: I give him a 9.9 !!!

BUCKLEY: What do you mean ?

BENSON: That was the Mexican Gymnastic team, wasn’t it ?

BUCKLEY: No it wasn’t but it certainly was one impressive move. Mysterious slides back into the ring to break the count and now right back outside.

<Mysterious lifts up Nemesis and rolls him into the ring. Then Mysterious goes towards the corner and climbs up the ropes to the top. While he’s getting to the top rope though, Nemesis makes it back to his feet. >

BUCKLEY: This could spell serious trouble for Mysterious.

<Nemesis sees the situation and shakes the top rope, sending Mysterious groin first into the top of the ring post where he remains. >

BUCKLEY: That had to hurt.

BENSON: <In Falsetto voice> You’re telling me.

<Nemesis climbs up to the top rope wraps up Mysterious and Belly to Belly Superplexes him down to the canvas. >

BUCKLEY: That should be all.

<Referee counts.. One.. Two.. THREE. >

BUCKLEY: Nemesis with the big win here tonight. He’s looking more and more impressive since Hornet intervened in his life and he looks almost to be a lock to make it to the semi-finals of the Greensboro Tournament.

BENSON: Where he’ll get murdered by Apocalypse no doubt.

BUCKLEY: I wouldn’t be so sure of that, he’s making quite an impression here in the CSWA.

BENSON: He’ll make a bigger impression in the mat when Apocalypse drives his skull through the canvas.

BUCKLEY: A bit bias Benson ?

BENSON: Say that three times quick.


BUCKLEY: Our next scheduled bout is a match to determine the top contender to the CSWA World Championship.

BENSON: What a load of bull.

BUCKLEY: What do you mean Sammy ?

BENSON: Take a look at this match up. Where is the man who made it into the finals of the CSWA World Tournament ? Who by the way is the same man that eliminated Mark Vizzack. Where are the two men who made it to the semi-finals ?

BUCKLEY: Well Sammy those people are either busy, as with Hornet who is nursing injuries after the terrible fire during the conclusion of Fish Fund XII. Others like Starr are missing in action. So President Merritt did what he had to do and named these two men as candidates.

BENSON: I still say it’s bull.

BUCKLEY: Nevertheless, it will be the "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack meeting up with "Iceman" Steve Radder, and the status of top contender is at stake.

<Rhubarb Jones is in the ring doing the introductions. The two men make their way down to the ring and are just about set for the match. >

BUCKLEY: Both men in the ring and it looks like we’re just about set for the opening bell.

<The opening bell sounds and both men circle each other cautiously. Finally they lock up, and struggle back and forth. Neither is able to get the upper hand so they break and regroup. >

BUCKLEY: This has the potential to be a great match Sammy. These two are both great competitors who isn’t willing to give an inch.

BENSON: Ho-Hum. It doesn’t matter, my main man Eddy Love is on top of the world and he’s not going to lose to either one of these two.. so it doesn’t matter who the top contender is.

<The two men collar and elbow lock up a second time, and Radder is able to get the upper hand and get Vizzack into a side headlock. >

BUCKLEY: Don’t forget Sammy that Mark Vizzack does hold a win over Eddy Love in another promotion..

BENSON: Count out.. BLAH. Doesn’t mean a thing.

<Radder continues to apply pressure with the headlock and Vizzack is trying to reach the ropes. He finally is able to shove Radder off and send him for the ride.. on the return both men collide but neither falls. Radder goes to the ropes a second time and once again they meet in the middle of the ring.. neither budging. >

BUCKLEY: It should be a moral victory though, which could help to turn the tide in Vizzack’s favor if the two should meet again.

<Radder goes to the ropes a third time, but on his return he’s nailed with a standing drop kick by Vizzack. Radder is quick back to his feet, but is met again by a drop kick. The third time he gets up, he’s met by an arm drag, which Vizzack immediately locks into an arm bar. >

BUCKLEY: Some good fast action by Mark Vizzack here, controlling the pace. He might be making a mental mistake however in slowing down the match here. He’s the type of man who works well when things are going at a fast rate.

<Radder struggles but gets back to his feet. Vizzack has not let go of the arm bar though. Radder is able to reverse it. >

BUCKLEY: Steve Radder trying to regain control now, reverses that arm bar and now is trying to work the arm of Mark Vizzack. SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE. Man he caught him totally by surprise with that one. Vizzack right back to his feet though, BODY SLAM by Radder. Quick cover but only gets a one count. Both men back to their feet, Radder lifts him up, Over the Knee Backbreaker.

BENSON: This is what Steve Radder needs to do. Establish control early and take down Mark Vizzack.

<Radder bounces off the near ropes and drops an elbow, but Vizzack rolls off at the last second. >

BUCKLEY: No one home. Vizzack to his feet now.. DROP KICK. Radder right back up.. Irish Whip by Vizzack.. HURRACARANA. ONE.. Kickout by Radder.

BENSON: Vizzack turning up the pressure in this one. Sunshine looks about ready to start popping pills.

BUCKLEY: Stop that Sammy.

BENSON: Why stop now ? I’ve got a fan club now.

BUCKLEY: Rolling German Suplex by Mark Vizzack.. into a second one.. into a third one.. he’s just not letting go. A fourth and a pin attempt… ONE.. TWO.. KICKOUT by Steve Radder.

BENSON: Vizzack going to the top rope now..


BENSON: Vizzack eats boot.

<Radder gets back to his feet and waits for Vizzack to get back up.. lifts him up.. SIDEWALK SLAM. >

BUCKLEY: Radder with the cover.. ONE.. TWO.. KICKOUT by Vizzack. I thought he had him on that one.

BENSON: That’s your problem, you are trying to think again.

BUCKLEY: Radder back to his feet. He’s got Vizzack up.. POWERBOMB.. That’s got to do it. Radder with the cover. ONE..TWO..THRE- NOOOO. Kickout again by Mark Vizzack. He refuses to give in.

BENSON: If he wasn’t such a fruitcake with a druggie girlfriend, I’d say that was impressive of him to hang on.

BUCKLEY: That almost sounded like a compliment. Radder back up to his feet again, he’s about ready to finish this one off. He’s got Vizzack by the hair, bringing him to his feet.. SMALL PACKAGE.. ONE..TWO.. NO. Radder powers out of that one. He almost got caught.

<Vizzack catches him with a quick kick to the midsection and then lifts him up for a piledriver. >

BUCKLEY: Vizzack caught him off guard.. ONE..TWO.. THREEEEEEE Mark Vizzack got him.

BENSON: NO. Worthington saying that Radder got his hand up. He’s letting this match continue.

BUCKLEY: Vizzack back to his feet and he’s heading up to the top rope. MOONSAULT. HE NAILED IT. ONE.. TWO.. THREE. !!!! That time he got it. Mark Vizzack wins the match and is the new top contender for the CSWA World Championship.

<Mark Vizzack gets announced the winner and then grabs the house mic. >

VIZZACK: LOVE !!! You listening back there.. well you better be. It’s you and me big man. The first one didn’t end the way either of us wanted, but I did walk away the winner. This time.. I’ll walk away with a lot more.

<Cue Up: "All You Need Is Love" by the Fab Four, as Eddy Love comes out from behind the curtain. >

LOVE: Vizzack.. big deal.. top contender.. I’m so proud for you. Shame you couldn’t get the job done when it mattered.. like I did. You want some of me, you want this belt.. let’s do it RIGHT NOW.

<Big Fan Pop>

<Cut Back to the ring>

VIZZACK: Eddy, I’ll take you on, anytime, ANYPLACE.

<From behind Vizzack "The Masked Love" comes from the audience with his trusty steel chair. He slides into the ring and before Vizzack can defend himself, he gets nailed in the head by the chair. The Masked man then slides out the other side of the ring and heads up the ramp towards Eddy Love. >

LOVE: Vizzack.. you think you can handle Eddy Love.. You think you can handle the Powers of Love.. or the Corporation.. FORGET ABOUT IT. You’re outclassed.

<Love drops the mic and he and the masked man go backstage. >

<Cut To Commercial break.>

United States Title Match

BUCKLEY: Fans what a great night of action so far and we still have our two title matches left. The Corporation who has been quite dominant here in the CSWA with the World and US Championships will defend both of them tonight. First up will be the brash young rookie, "Good God" Kevin Powers defending his United States Championship against a tough opponent in The Preacher.

BENSON: With people like Gina and Susan in his corner, it’s no wonder he gets UP for every match. I know I’d have the stamina to go the extra mile.

BUCKLEY: Only you Sammy would look at it that way. Rhubarb is in the ring for the introductions so let’s get underway.

(Fade in the ring where the Preacher is already heading down to the ring, the Gregorian Chants are filling the arena. )

JONES: AND HIS OPPONENT.. he is currently the UNITED STATES CHAMPION.. led to the ring by Gina and Susan.. here is.. "GOOD GOD" KEVIN POWERS.

(Powers comes down to the ring to a huge heel pop, led by the beautiful ladies. Powers has a smug grin on his mouth and the belt draped over his shoulder. He climbs up into the ring and poses with the belt. The two ladies are by his sides. )

BUCKLEY: There is a very confident young man.

BENSON: And why wouldn’t he. The Powers of Love is the centerpiece of the CSWA right now. The World and US Champion, side by side. It doesn’t matter who beat who last week to be the figure head leader of the Corporation, this man and my good friend Eddy Love is the real power behind the Corporation.

BUCKLEY: Well tonight he faces a tough challenger in the Preacher. Both of these men are in the ring and it looks like we are just about set to begin.

BENSON: You know without Kevin by their side, those girls look a little lonely down their. Maybe I should go down and keep them company.

BUCKLEY: You’ll stay right here and do your job. Unless you want to feel the wraith of President Merritt.

BENSON: I’m not afraid of him.

BUCKLEY: Sure you aren’t.. SURE..

<In the ring both men are prepared to start. They are circling each other, looking for an opening. Kevin feigns a leg sweep and Preacher backs up. Finally the two collar and elbow lock up. Preacher uses his size advantage to grab him in an arm bar. Powers quickly reverses it and tugs hard on it. Preacher reaches for the ropes and the ref breaks the two. >

BUCKLEY: I don’t think that the Preacher should be trying to battle Kevin Powers technically. He should be using his advantage of size in order to overpower the United States Champion.

BENSON: Why don’t you become a manager, you think you know so much about what’s going on in that ring.

BUCKLEY: I’ll save that for people like you.

<Another collar and elbow lock up, Powers this time with a side headlock, Preacher backs him to the ropes and sends him for the ride.. on the return Powers brings him down with a drop toe hold and rolls over into a reverse chinlock. >

BUCKLEY: Powers showing some classic technical ability here in the early minutes.

<Preacher is trying to get back to his feet, struggling to get his knees under him. >

BUCKLEY: Powers with good pressure in the Chinlock, the Preacher is trying to think quick to get out of it.

BENSON: That’s the first time the words think quick and Preacher have been used in the same sentence.

BUCKLEY: Preacher reaches the ropes and again the referee has to call for a break. The Preacher looks like he’s getting a little frustrated here, and that just might be what Kevin Powers wants.

BENSON: If I was Kevin Powers, I know what I’d want. I’d want this dumb match over so that Gina and Susan can give him his post victory party, if you know what I mean.

<Powers grabs Preacher as he gets to his feet and body slams him. Preacher gets right back to his feet but is met again by another body slam. >

BUCKLEY: Your mind is constantly in the gutter.

BENSON: Guilty as charged.. where are the cocktail waitresses in this dump ?

BUCKLEY: Pay attention to the match for a change.

<Kevin Powers has to help Preacher to his feet this time, whips him to the ropes. Powers misses with a running clothesline and Preacher turns around and catches him with a clothesline of his own. Powers gets back to his feet to be met again by a shoulder tackle. Preacher grabs Powers by the hair and brings him back up to his feet.. only to Suplex him right back down to the canvas. >

BUCKLEY: Preacher showing why he got a title shot to begin with, as he’s turning the tide on Kevin Powers now. From the looks of Kevin Powers this turnaround by the Preacher is wearing him down just a little. Powers getting back up to his feet now.. Irish Whip by the Preacher.. BACK BODY DROP. Preacher lines it up.. DROPS AN ELBOW.. COVER.. Just a one count.

BENSON: It’s going to take more then that to beat the United States Champion. He should realize that the Corporation is just too good and give up now, turn his tail and start running.

BUCKLEY: I don’t think that’s in the Preachers capability. He’s going to fight this battle till the end. Powers back up to his feet again and he’s met by another lariat from the big Preacher.

BENSON: "The only man that could ever teach me, was a son of a Preacher Man".

BUCKLEY: You’ve been waiting for that for a VERY long time, haven’t you.

BENSON: Could be.

<Powers is struggling to get back to his feet, and Preacher is lining him up from behind. Powers gets to his feet and Preacher is right there.. Belly to Back Suplex. >

BUCKLEY: Another cover.. ONE..TWO.. KICKOUT by Powers. I thought we might have seen a new champion right there folks.

BENSON: Yeah, but you are senile.

BUCKLEY: Whatever Sammy.. Powers looks like he’s in trouble though, you can’t deny that. He’s going to head to the outside to take a breather.

BENSON: Preacher not going to allow that. He’s following him outside the ring. This could prove interesting.

<Preacher is following Powers around the outside of the ring, finally Powers grabs Gina and pulls her in front of him, trying to stop Preacher from attacking. >

BUCKLEY: What a cowardly move.

BENSON: Strategy my dear boy, pure strategy.

<Preacher pauses and Susan attacks Preacher from behind with her purse. Preacher looks amused and then turns towards Susan and walks towards her. Susan is backpedaling. >

BENSON: Preacher wouldn’t hit an innocent woman, would he ? Especially one with a rack like hers.

BUCKLEY: She was far from innocent.

<Gina starts arguing with the referee about what’s going on, as Kevin grabs the ring bell. He comes up from behind Preacher, but Preacher senses him and turns around. >

BUCKLEY: Powers caught red handed. He looks shocked.

<Susan kicks Preacher in the rear end and sends him forward a little, and Powers uses that momentum to lay him out with the ring bell. Which he then hands right to Susan, for her to return. >

BENSON: Perfect Strategy. He couldn’t have worked it better.

<The Preacher is laid out and Kevin Powers rolls him back into the ring and then follows him back in himself. >

BUCKLEY: Powers showboating now, posing for the crowd.

BENSON: He’s giving the good fans what they paid for.. "GOOD GOD" Kevin Powers. How can that be considered wrong.

BUCKLEY: He’s wasting too much time though.

BENSON: Nonsense things are fine.

BUCKLEY: He’s climbing up to the top rope.. GUILLOTINE LEG DROP.. NO ONE HOME !!! PREACHER ABLE TO ROLL AWAY. Powers hit hard and BOTH men are on the canvas.

<Both men are struggling to get to their feet. Neither seems to have the advantage as they rise at just about the same time. >

BUCKLEY: This is crucial right here. Roundhouse right by Powers.. BLOCKED. Preacher with a big closed fist of his own. Powers.. BLOCKED AGAIN.. and AGAIN Preacher replies with a big right hand of his own.. now a third.. fourth.. Powers goes down..

<Susan gets up on the ring apron to start arguing about the use of closed fists by Preacher>

BUCKLEY: She doesn’t like Powers getting a taste of his own medicine I guess.

<Behind the referee’s back, Powers nails Preacher with a HUGE low blow which leaves Preacher just standing still like a deer in the headlights. >

BENSON: OH MY !!! Someone get a doctor.

BUCKLEY: Powers with a dirty cheap shot. I don’t believe it.

<Powers gets back to his feet and gives Preacher a "Stunner" and then falls on him for the cover. Susan stopped arguing after the low blow and all the referee saw was the Stunner.>

BUCKLEY: Powers with the pin.. ONE..TWO..THREEE. He’s got the win, but in a disgusting manner.

BENSON: A victory is a victory and for the Corporation that’s been occurring a lot lately. Powers retains the U.S. Title and the Corporation is still on top of the world.

BUCKLEY: Fans we need to take a commercial break. We’ll be right back.

(Commercial for the Midget Wrestling School of Greensboro, North Carolina. )

BUCKLEY: Fans we are back here in Seattle and just about set for our main event. Last week we all sat in shock as Joey Melton defeated Billy Starr in a manor you wouldn’t have expected between two stablemates.

(Video Clip of the Norfolk Main Event, showing Teri Melton coming down to ringside and tossing that foreign object to Joey Melton, who then used it on Billy Starr. )

BUCKLEY: Teri Melton turned her back on the man she manages and showed the world that she’s not going to sit by idle while the balance of power in the corporation is up for stake. For one man, things may never be the same..

(Video Clip of Starr laying unconscious while the Norfolk card ended. )

BUCKLEY: Our attempts at contacting Billy Starr were unsuccessful this past week, but we will continue to try and get some words from him. But tonight we will see his recruit, the CSWA World Champion, Eddy Love, take on the man who beat Starr last week, the leader of the Corporation, and CSWA legend, Joey Melton.

(The camera switches to some sort of commotion that’s occurring around the ringside area. The view zooms in to see Kevin Powers, Gina and Susan all heading down to ringside. They stop in the first row and grab three empty seats. )

BUCKLEY: Fans, the United States Champion is down at ringside and we’re sending Rudy Seitzer over their to find out why…

(Seitzer walks to the ring railing where Powers is sitting. )

SEITZER: Champ, if I could have a quick question or two ?

POWERS: Better make it quick, ‘cause I’m a busy man if ya’ know what I mean.

SEITZER: Well we’re trying to figure out what you’re doing here at ringside for this match ?

POWERS: My main man is defending his world championship in that ring and I’m going to be here to make sure nothing funny happens.. we all saw what the two bit ho’ did last week, and tonight.. the Legend Killer will get a fair shake and not have to worry about going down like Billy.

SEITZER: Speaking of Billy, have you spoken to him since Norfolk, Virginia ?


SEITZER: Does anyone know where he is ?


SEITZER: Are you disappointed at his disappearance ?

POWERS: No more questions…

SEITZER: OK.. Back to you Bill.

(Cut back to the announcing booth. )

BUCKLEY: An equalizer perhaps.. but also a sign that their is mistrust in the Corporation. These two men are stablemates. Members of what is right now the most powerful organization in professional wrestling and they have to be worried about foul play in the match. It’s disturbing.

BENSON: They should show more respect for the leader of the Corporation. Powers and Love are starting to overstep the boundaries.

BUCKLEY: Plus the situation with Billy Starr continues to grow. His own allies have not spoken to him since Norfolk. A man who was poised for greatness, beaten by his friend Eddy Love.. betrayed by his manager and some say fiancee and now missing in action.

BENSON: Cry me a river.

BUCKLEY: As usual you have no class. Fans let’s take it down to Rhubarb Jones for the introductions on our main event.

(Scene changes to the ring where Rhubarb has the house mic. )

JONES: Ladies and Gentlemen this is the MAIN EVENT. A one fall contest with a one hour time limit.. it’s for the CSWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Introducing first from New York City, being led to the ring by his manager Ray S. Cornette.. he is the leader of the Corporation.. "ARROGANCE" JOEY MELTON !!!!

(Cue Up: Jesus Christ Superstar as Melton makes his way down to ringside wearing his jewel studded ring robe. The response from the crowd is mixed, with the majority being anti-Melton. )


(Cue Up: "All You Need Is Love" By the Beetles as Eddy makes his way from behind the ring ropes. He’s got the CSWA World Championship title strapped around his waste and a "Legend Killer" T-shirt on. Melissa is looking rather nice walking behind him to the ring. )

BUCKLEY: Both men now in the ring and we are just about set to start ANOTHER in-house Corporation match. This will be the main event now in three consecutive shows that the Corporation was on both sides of the ring.

BENSON: The one thing they have in common is that they both beat Billy Starr. <LAUGHS> Maybe he should have stayed a cripple.

BUCKLEY: Sammy stop it. Both men in the ring now and it doesn’t look like they are really all that friendly. You’d think that the World Champion who’s a member of the Corporation would be getting along better with the man that’s leading the Corporation.

BENSON: And let’s not forget the Corporate US Champion down there at ringside too. I think that the problems are deeper in this group then anyone is aware of right now.

BUCKLEY: They could very well be, but they hope to settle some of them tonight with this match I would believe. The referee has called for the bell and this match is underway.

<Collar and elbow lock up is one by Melton who brings Love into a side headlock. Love reverses out of it, but Melton is quick to gain the upperhand again by using an arm bar. Love tries to reverse out of this, but is blocked by Melton who reapplies the pressure and brings Love down to one knee. >

BUCKLEY: If Melton has any advantage in this match it would be his vast technical knowledge. Eddy Love is on fire right now and it’s going to take a very big match for someone to take him down.

BENSON: Joey Melton is just the man to do that. Although with a sweet thing like Sweet Melissa by his side.. Eddy Love is just too powerful for anyone in the CSWA.

BUCKLEY: Love back up to his feet now and he’s able to drag Joey to the ropes and call for the bell. Clean break by Joey Melton.. NO.. he kicked Love in the midsection.. follows it up with a big European Uppercut and Love is down. Melton right back up on the offensive.. BODY SLAM.

BENSON: Don’t count out Eddy yet. But Joey is certainly a great competitor.. if anyone can beat Eddy it would be him.

BUCKLEY: Melton continuing to stay on the attack.. SNAP SUPLEX. A quick cover only gets a one count.

BENSON: I told ya that Melton had what it took. He’s controlling things pretty well so far.

BUCKLEY: Melton certainly does look focused so far, but it’ll take a lot more to defeat the CSWA World Champion. He proved that he has what it takes.

BENSON: That’s true, and if he makes a mistake against the Legend Killer.. well we’ve already seen what happens then. HURRICANE SEASON.

<In the ring Eddy has gotten back to his feet and Joey is waiting behind him. Melissa yells for her man to turn around but when he does, he’s leveled by a running clothesline by Joey.

BUCKLEY: Melissa just set him up for that one.

BENSON: Come on, she’s too fine to be that cruel. It was an obvious accident.

< Eddy gets back up to his feet with help from Joey and is chopped right across the chest. Irish Whips him into the ropes and nails him with a big elbow. As Eddy is coming out of the corner he’s met by an Inverted Atomic Drop which stuns Eddy and a Belly to Belly Suplex that sends him down for another count.. this one a two count. >

BENSON: OH Poor Melissa.

BUCKLEY: Don’t you mean poor Eddy..

BENSON: No Poor Melissa ain’t getting any tonight. Maybe I can volunteer.

BUCKLEY: You are sad Sammy.

BENSON: And proud.

BUCKLEY: Melton in control here so far. He’s really looked impressive here in the CSWA as of late. His matches have been marred with interference lately, but he’s been sharp. He would have probably beaten Troy Windham if not for Godreign’s interference, and he did beat Starr with the help of interference. Tonight however it’s been a one on one encounter and Joey Melton has clearly taken control of the match.

BENSON: Melton as World Champion again.. talk about old school. <LAUGHS>

BUCKLEY: Melton waiting on Love to get back to his feet again. Grabs Love as he gets up.. IRISH WHIP.. MELTON BACK BODY DROP.. NO.. LOVE SAW IT.. He caught him with his head down.. DDT. BOTH MEN GO DOWN.

BENSON: I told you that Eddy Love was one crafty wrestler. He saw his opportunity and he made the most of it.

BUCKLEY: To make the most of it, he better get back to his feet and stay on the offensive. Right now both men are down on the canvas. Love is getting back to his feet first.. he’s got Melton.. PILEDRIVER. This one could be over.. ONE..TWO.. NO KICKOUT by Melton. Eddy Love starting to get his second wind here tonight and that’s a dangerous thing for Joey Melton.

<Love drags Melton back up to his feet again and brings him back crashing down with a Sidewalk Slam. Melton looks to be in considerable pain. )

BUCKLEY: Another bone crushing move by Eddy Love. He’s getting into his groove here, and when he does he really shows the world why he’s the World Champion.

<Love picks up Melton off the canvas again.. scoops him up for a Body slam.. but instead brings him down with a running powerslam. >

BUCKLEY: Another crushing move by Love and Melton is clearly in trouble. Love pulling out all the stops and Joey looks like he’s out of it.

BENSON: Eddy Love is going to finish things off right here. He’s taking care of business like only the World Champion can.

<Love drags Melton to his feet and places him up on the top turnbuckle. >

BUCKLEY: SUPERPLEX being set up by Love. This could definitely spell the end of Joey Melton’s title hopes.

<Love climbs the turnbuckle and wraps his arm around Melton. He tries to lift him, but Melton stops him. He tries a second time, but Melton again stops it. >

BUCKLEY: Blocked by Melton. Closed fist by Melton. And Another. Melton trying to fight his way down from the corner.. He hooks Love.. FRONT LAYOUT SUPERPLEX by JOEY MELTON. BOTH MEN ARE DOWN. IF Joey can get to Eddy and make the cover he could very well be the new World Champion.

<At this point Kevin Powers jumps over the ring barrier. Joey who has been getting to his feet notices this and turns his attention towards him. As does the referee who begins to order Powers to step back over the guardrail. Even Ray Cornette goes over near Powers telling him to leave. You can here Melton in the ring taunting Powers, saying how the US title is next. >

BUCKLEY: I don’t know what Kevin Powers is doing here, but he’s certainly causing a lot of attention.

<From the far side of the ring, away from Powers.. the Masked Man who has been associated with Eddy Love comes over the ring barrier with a steel chair. Melton sees him coming and tries to turn around to face him, but he’s too late. The masked man has him in his sights and he levels Melton with the steel chair and then slides out under the bottom rope and out of the ring. >

BUCKLEY: MELTON IS OUT COLD !! And only Kevin Powers and Eddy Love saw what happened.

BENSON: Well Melton saw it too, but will he remember it when he wakes up ?

BUCKLEY: Love to his feet now and he’s looking cocky.. Powers over the ring rail.. Everyone thinks that Eddy Love must have made an impressive comeback. Love with exaggerated movements makes the cover.. ONE..TWO..THREEEEEEE This one is over. Eddy Love with help from his masked friend has retained the CSWA World Championship and in the process might have caused more of a stir within the Corporation.

BENSON: Who cares, he’s the champ and that’s what matters.. just pay back from the Love, Starr, Powers contingency. You know, you think that was Billy Starr ?

BUCKLEY: I doubt it Sammy, I think that Billy Starr would have wanted Melton to see him face to face before he did anything as brutal as this. Fans thanks for joining us, we’re out of time. Remember Labor Day weekend, the remember Timmy special presentation. For Rudy Seitzer and Sammy Benson, I’m Bill Buckley.. GOODNIGHT.

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