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in El Paso

August 7, 1998

Main Event:  Hornet vs. Mark Vizzack


(Underneath UTEP Fieldhouse, Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt is in his makeshift office.  The phone rings.)

CM:  Merritt here.  Talk to me.

Voice:  Do I have to?

CM:  You again?  It can't be!  Who is this?   TELL ME!

Voice:  You know very well who this's your favorite murdered midget.

CM:  I don't believe you.....the Red Midget is dead!

Red:  Did you see the body?

CM:  Yes!

Red:  I mean, AFTER the murder.  (silence)  I didn't think so.  Listen up, Merritt.  I'm gonna settle this once and for all.   You may not have been smart enough to kill me off the first time...but you better believe that I'll be the one to make you pay.  I gave you a hint last time...this time I'll spell it out for you.  In Sweetwater, Texas, in two days, I'm gonna bring the newly re-built empire you think you've created down around your ears....that is, just before I take you down with it.  Oh, and Merritt, make sure Benson's there.  I want him around to see what happens too.

CM: listen to me....I'm gonna find you.  And then I'm going to finish what I should have started...what I spent six months in that hellhole for.

Red:  Big talk, Merritt.  You didn't have the guts to do it the first time...but I do.

CM:  I'll find you, midget!!!  (phone clicks)  I'LL FIND YOU!!!

(Timmy Windham is in his locker room, as Hornet barges in.)

H:  I heard, Timmy.  I heard about you and Troy.  You can't do this!  You can't gang up with him to try and hurt Mark.

TW:  Why not, Hornet?  You won't help me bring him to his senses....YOU won't help me do what's got to be done.  WHY NOT!?

H:  That's not the way to do it, Timmy.  There's got to be another way.

TW:  Really?  Then tell me what it is?  Me getting piledriven into the concrete and sent to the hospital one more time!?  Me chasing after him from airport to airport?  Me staying on the phone for hours trying to get through to him!?  There is NO other way.  And if you won't help me....then I'll find someone who will.

H:  You can't mean know what he's done to all of us.   You can't trust him!

TW:  Then give me a reason to trust you!  HELP me.

H:  I can't do what you want me to do.  Not to Mark, not yet.

TW:  Then I've got no other choice.  (Timmy stalks away as Hornet sits down on a nearby locker room bench, head in hands)

H:  Do any of us?

BUCKLEY:  Wrestling fans, welcome to the grounds of the University of Texas-El Paso for CSWA PRIMETIME!  As always, I'm your host Bill Buckley, here along with Stan Parsons.  Welcome to El Paso, Stan!

PARSONS:  Thanks, Bill.  Unfortunately for us tonight, we will not be joined by the lovely Teri Melton.

BUCKLEY:  That's right, Stan.  And also unfortunately for us, we've been told that the suspension of my regular co-host, Sammy Benson, will be lifted after tonight, allowing him to be with us for FISH FUND XII:  Fire It Up! in just two days' time.

PARSONS:  Back to the interview circuit for me.  Whoo hoo!

BUCKLEY:  I want to thank you for all your help, Stan.   It's been a joy working with someone who's only moderately corrupt.


BUCKLEY:  Well...there was that ugly incident with the fire at the Sizzler...

PARSONS:  Let's not bring that up again.

BUCKLEY:  Fans, tonight we've got a great lineup heading into FISH FUND XII.  Two members of the CSWA World Tournament FINAL FOUR will put their championship aspirations on the line, as they elect to compete just two days before their huge matches.  In the MAIN EVENT, Hornet will take on Mark Vizzack, who is tuning up for the tournament to crown a new United States Champion.

PARSONS:  And Eddy Love takes on Nemesis, the man that Hornet renamed.

BUCKLEY:  We've got other members of that US Tournament field involved tonight, along with some other CSWA superstars!  The Unified Tag Team Titles are on the line again tonight, as the Disco Express continues taking on all comers...tonight, the Elimination Squad gets their shot.  The winners take the titles on to FISH FUND to face former three-time champions ARROGANCE.  But without any further adieu, let's get on with the action!

Steve Hotbody vs. Carl Brigsby

BUCKLEY:  Carl Brigsby who disappointed the fans in Vancouver was looking to avenge himself tonight as he challenged Steve Hotbody.  Brigsby said that since Hotbody was so filled with confidence, he'd have no problems accepting an interesting sort of challenge.  The special rules for this match included the following.  If the match lasted 10 minutes, Brigsby would be declared the winner and Hotbody would be responsible for refunding all ticket prices for the fans in El Paso.  Furthermore if Brigsby was able to score a two count, that would be deemed a fall and again Hotbody would have to pay the fans.   'Sexy' Steve Hotbody seemed up to the challenge and charged the ring while Brigsby still had the microphone.

(Cut To Steve Hotbody in the ring. )

HOTBODY: Brigsby you are getting the picture now... see I'm handicapping this match because we ALL know that I'll whip your ass.... I'm just too good.. and your provisions seem to be getting close to fair.... but I'm going to add ONE MORE PROVISION....    after I beat you... the clock keeps running... and the CSWA sends out the second sacrificial lamb.... and I beat him TOO, before the ten minute mark.

(Cut back to the booth)

BUCKLEY: The match was set and Hotbody immediately began destroying Carl Brigsby.  He wasted NO time.  Within two minutes he had nailed him with an Inverted DDT, Powerslam, and his famed Spinning Cut.  The three count was academic and Hotbody awaited the second person in his challenge.

PARSONS: But Ricky Worthington was trying to play the waiting game...he refused to come down to ringside and was letting the clock run a little...

BUCKLEY: But when the referee began to count him out, he had no choice but to get in the ring and face off against Steve Hotbody. This match Steve wrestled very technically, wearing down Ricky with a series of arm locks, head locks and the like.  The fans were really getting excited as the match crossed the nine minute mark and a chant of "Ricky" could be heard through the crowd.

PARSONS: First for everything.

BUCKLEY: Ricky even seemed to be on the verge of pulling something big when he reversed an Irish Whip and nailed Hotbody with a running clothesline.  With about twenty seconds left, it looked like the fans might get the refund, but  Hotbody body slam attempt... and nailed Worthington with a diamond cutter. With five seconds left he covered Ricky and scored the three count...

PARSONS: By TWO seconds.    But Hotbody remains impressive picking up his third and fourth pinfall here in the CSWA and increasing his lifetime record I'm told to 14-0. 

BUCKLEY: But look at the four pinfalls he has here in the CSWA, not exactly the top notched opposition.  He needs to stop bothering with these gimmick matches and take on some of the better wrestlers here in the CSWA.


Enforcer vs. Preacher

BUCKLEY: This fans was an interesting match between two men who were anxious to get back on a roll here in the CSWA.  Preacher has had a bit of bad luck in the past few weeks as had the Enforcer and tonight each was on a mission.  They fought a tremendous battle, tooth and nail looking to get the upper hand.  The Preacher and his power proved to be too much though for the Enforcer. Preacher took control of the match after about five minutes and used his power and brawling abilities to start wearing down the Enforcer.

The Enforcer almost surprised the Preacher with a small package, but only was able to score a two count. Enforcer continued to dominate the match, at least until the masked man came out.  Still dressed in tights with 'EL' etched on the side, the masked man was confronted by Hot Scott at ringside.  Hot Scott was quickly thrown into the ringside rail, as an unknown fan jumped the rail and distracted the referee.  The masked man seemed to want to go after the Preacher, but Enforcer charged him....and thus it was Enforcer who got a metal chair to the head.  Preacher rolled Enforcer up as security carried away the fan....and referee Patrick Young gave the three count.

PARSONS: A disappointing loss for the Enforcer who has his first Greensboro Tournament match coming up this Monday night. 

BUCKLEY: Against a very tough opponent in Page Michaels, so he could have really used the confidence boost of a win here tonight.


ARROGANCE vs. Destruction Crew

BUCKLEY:  This match pitted the last team to get a shot at the world champions against the team that will get the Unified Title shot at Fish Fund.  Ray S. Cornette came down to ringside before his team, and introduced them as the EEI Ultimate Tag-Team Champions.  He then proceeded to say that tonight's battle was a non-title affair.

PARSONS: It's no wonder... that belt has been retired anyway... just like Cornette should.

BUCKLEY: Melton and Wright came down to the ring and they looked sharp. They used crisp solid tags to keep the Destruction Crew off guard, and showed a work ethic which we haven't seen in a while.   They really showcased their technical abilities and wore down the Crew over the course of ten minutes.   Melton finally got the figure four locked on to Sledgehammer and it was all over.   Melton got the submission and ARROGANCE wins the tuneup, moving on to FISH FUND XII with a big win.


Shawn Diamond vs. 'Brutal' Bobby Watson

BUCKLEY:  Bobby Watson was nowhere to be found as the bell rang in this one, with Shawn Diamond waiting in the ring.

PARSONS:  After the fit that Watson and his lady manager pitched to try and get a match at FISH FUND, Watson's not gonna show?

BUCKLEY:  The referee began the standard standing ten-count as Shawn Diamond played to the crowd...standing on the turnbuckles and posing for the crowd.   But as the referee reached eight, Watson climbed over the rail from the crowd, sliding in and nailing Diamond with a hard closed fist to the back of the head that took the youngster down.  It happened so quickly that Watson had to yell to the referee to count the pin...which referee Patrick Young quickly did.  It became obvious as Watson slid out of the ring and threw a roll of quarters into the crowd that the sucker punch was loaded.

PARSONS:  Watson once again surprising us with a quick non-conventional win.


Page Michaels vs. Aaron Douglas

BUCKLEY:  Two men looking to continue their move up the rankings, both Michaels and Douglas are scheduled for the Greensboro "World Cup" Tournament, resuming after FISH FUND.  Douglas lived up to his "Hot Stuff" nickname, taking control of the match early, and then taking it to the outside.  But Michaels returned the favor, pulling Douglas off the ring apron, causing him to smack his forehead hard before hitting the concrete.

PARSONS:  Douglas was split open, but he still managed to duck a big clotheline by Michaels, who got tangled up in the ropes.  With a quick fireman's carry, the bloodied Douglas managed to drop Michaels throat first onto the metal railing.   While fans scurried to help Michaels to his feet, Douglas climbed back in the ring, avoiding the ten-count.  Michaels was unable to escape his fate, however, and was counted out.

BUCKLEY:  Afterwards, Douglas was treated with several stitches to the forehead, while Michaels was treated for lacerations on the throat and chest.


'Good God' Kevin Powers vs. Eli Flair

BUCKLEY:  Fans, up next we've got a match that is made up of, shall we say, bad blood?  Powers and Eli, as well as Ivy, of course, have had quite a few words over the past couple of weeks.

PARSONS:   Yeah, but now it comes down to action.

BUCKLEY:  Eli is already in the ring, but Poison Ivy is nowhere to be found.  Kevin Powers is on his way down with....are Gina and Susan their names?

PARSONS:  You better believe it, Bill.  And what lovely...(coughs)...names they are.

BUCKLEY:  Powers sends the ladies out of the ring....and now Eli is all over the ladies' man!  This one breaks down into a brawl early!  Eli grabs Powers by the hair and flings him into the corner, and now the big man is all over Powers with shots to the gut and torso.

PARSONS:  But Powers forces his way out, sending Flair back with a big boot to the knee, and then a swinging neckbreaker.  Powers tries to capitalize, but Flair grabs to the boot as it comes down toward his head, and then pulls Powers to the mat.  Now it's Eli on his feet...he sends Powers into the ropes....CLOTHESLINE sends Powers over the top and almost takes his head off!!!

BUCKLEY:  The ref is going to rule that one as part of incidental contact, but I think it's obvious Eli wanted to take this one outside.  He jumps off the apron with a knee to the head of Powers!  And now Powers gets slammed into the ring post!  Eli follows him in, but Powers drops to his behind, leaving Eli to slam his shoulder into the post.

PARSONS:  He only caught Powers with a glancing knee shot to the head.  Smart move by Kevin Powers.  He rolls back into the ring, but he's still got his eyes on Eli, who is still trying to shake off that stinger to the shoulder.

BUCKLEY:  And while Powers only has eyes for Flair....what is Poison Ivy doing!!!  She's just now making her way to ringside, and she's got two men with her dragging a table!  What in the world!?  At ringside, Eli rolls in, and he's locked up with Powers again.

PARSONS:  Poison Ivy has the two men set up the table a few feet away from the ring apron, and she centers it like she's decorating or something!

BUCKLEY:  If she's decorating then it must be in *extreme* style....because she just took a bag from one of the men, and she's dumping its contents onto the table!  Oh my Lord, that's broken glass!

PARSONS:  And thumbtacks!  This is unreal!  Somebody get security down there!

BUCKLEY:  But security's not gonna be in time...because Eli has Powers set up, once again into the ropes....CLOTHESLINE...and BOTH men go over the top and onto that deathtrap of a table!!!

PARSONS:  They both hit hard, and Kevin Powers rolls off, writhing in pain!  You can see the glitter of glass shards on him!

BUCKLEY:  Not to mention rivulets of blood from both men.   But Eli Flair isn't letting the pain distract him....he pulls Powers up by the hair and bench presses him back into the ring over the second rope.  Flair follows him in......sets him up....TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!  There's the cover!  ONE...........
TWO...........THREE!!!!   Eli has won this one, and Poison Ivy is thrilled!

PARSONS:  You're telling me that Worthington didn't disqualify them for that table?

BUCKLEY:  I guess not, since it was outside the ring!

PARSONS:  This may be the wildest thing I've seen in a long time.  I think Ivy has finally lost it!


Eddy Love vs. Nemesis

BUCKLEY:  The would-be World Champion against the recent trainee of a former Champ.  The wrestler now known as Nemesis knows he's got his hands full against "Hurricane" Eddy Love.  Love seems a little distracted, having just seen his CORPORATION teammate Kevin Powers get sliced open in the last match.  Nemesis, on the other hand, seems ready to go, putting away any reservations he had about taking on Love.  Nemesis goes after Love with an early standing dropkick, that sends the CORP's newest member hard into the turnbuckle.   Love charges out, but gets surprised by a drop-toe hold from Nemesis, followed by a reverse chin lock.  Nemesis maneuvers from the reverse chin lock into an STF, forcing a yell from Love.  Eddy quickly gathers his wits and reaches out for the bottom rope, with referee Ben Worthington calling for the break.

PARSONS:   Love may head into the Final Four at FISH FUND against Hornet with a loss to the man trained by Hornet!

BUCKLEY:  Nemesis pulls Love to his feet and sends him into the ropes, setting him up for the flying dropkick...but Love has him scouted!  Love comes across with a baseball slide, and Nemesis finds nothing but thin air, and a hard mat as he hits on his back.  Love uses the ropes to pull himself back up, then delivers a vicious low blow kick to Nemesis, keeping him on his knees!  Love gouges the eyes, gets warned by the ref...but continues his assault, picking Nemesis up...slingshot suplex!!!!  Love yells something to Melissa, and she jumps up on the apron.   Worthington runs over to tell her to get down, and Love throws Nemesis over the top to the floor.  Love has Nemesis right where he wants him against the ring post on the outside....Nemesis sets him up...HURRICANE PILEDRIVER on the outside!!!  Nemesis is out!  Love throws him in the ring.....there's the cover....ONE......TWO....
THREE.  Eddy Love will go onto FISH FUND with another win under his belt.

PARSONS:  This guy is dangerous, Bill...and he's been made even more so as part of the CORPORATION.


Unified Tag Team Titles on the line
Disco Express vs. Elimination Squad

BUCKLEY:  Since winning the Unified Tag Team Titles from SWAT Team, Disco Express has made a point to appear on every event the CSWA has run.  Tonight, they take on one of the top young tag teams in the sport, the Elimination Squad.  At FISH FUND, ARROGANCE steps up to the challenge to try and begin their third title reign.  But first, it's Disco Express's change to defend, and a chance for Elimination Squad to step up to bat.

PARSONS:   Just think, Bill, if ES can win the titles, Eliminator will walk into FISH FUND not only as part of the United States Tournament, but also as part of the tag team champs against ARROGANCE.

BUCKLEY:  This one's just about ready to go, with Eliminator and Mysterious are already in the ring.  Hot Scott is also at ringside, although he still looks a little shaken from the earlier match with Enforcer.  But here comes Disco Express...

PARSONS:  I've been told that this new entrance music is their newest single, "Shake It, Don't Break It" from their newest CD.

BUCKLEY:  Well, it's obvious that these El Paso fans aren't enjoying the 70s flashback.

PARSONS:  And it appears that the Disco Midget is making his way over here to us...and, he appears to have a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand.

BUCKLEY:  I'm really glad Sammy's not here.  There's the bell, and this one's under way!

(Ten minutes into the match)

BUCKLEY:  Did the midget just pass out?

PARSONS:  I think least he shut up.

BUCKLEY:  Disco Express has this match under control as Disco Inferno keeps Mysterious locked up on his side of the ring.  Inferno catches Mysterious under the chin with his version of a European uppercut, knocking the ES member back into the corner where Boogie Man awaits.  Inferno fires a couple of shots to the midsection while Boogie Man holds Mysterious there, helpless.

PARSONS:  What is the Rap Master doing down at ringside?   I didn't even see him come down!

BUCKLEY:  Eliminator tries to climb into the ring to break up the double-team in the opposite corner, but referee Ben Worthington quickly intercepts him.  Disco Inferno heads to the ropes to continue the double-team....and he gets TRIPPED up by the Rap Master!!!!  Mysterious catches a stunned Boogie Man with an elbow, and he gets free!  He heads across the ring, stepping on the back of Inferno to launch himself for a tag to the big man!  Eliminator is in, and he is ready!!!   Inferno quickly dives to his corner, tagging in Boogie Man.  But Eliminator almost takes Boogie's head off with a forearm, and follows with a quick powerslam that keeps Boogie on the mat.  Eliminator's going for it all, he's got that Elimination Leglock hooked in; his version of the Scorpion is hooked on in the middle of the ring!

PARSONS:  The referee has gone over to see what commotion is going on at ringside.  Two men have come down to ringside...wait a minute, Poison Ivy is with them!  She slips through Hot Scott and Rap Master while they jaw with the two large men that were with here....and now Ivy is yelling something in the ring.

BUCKLEY:  She's yelling, "You've got it wrong!   That's all wrong!"  Apparently she's telling Eliminator that he's got the Elimination Leglock hooked incorrectly.  But you've got to give it to Eliminator, he's ignoring her, concentrating on keeping the pressure on Boogie Man.

PARSONS:  But Ivy doesn't take well to being ignored!!!   She jumps up on the apron and slams that Singapore cane into the back of Eliminator's head!  But he simply stands up, lets go of the leglock, and stares at her.  So she slams him with it again...right in the head!!!  She goes for it again...but he grabs the cane from her hands and snaps it in two on his leg!!!!  Ivy doesn't look like she quite knows what to do!  In the meantime, Boogie Man has crawled over to his corner, where he and Inferno are just watching on!

BUCKLEY:  But at Eliminator gets closer to comes ELI out of the crowd, and he's got a cane of his own!!!  He slams Eliminator in the back of the head....and uses it to knock Eliminator over the top and outside!  And now the two big men are down on the floor, wailing away at each other!  The referee is leaning over the ropes trying to get Hot Scott, Rap Master, and Ivy's two men separated at ringside...he's got no idea what's happening!  Mysterious charges in the ring, trying to keep on the offensive for his team, and he catches Boogie Man with a knee to the head.  Mysterious drags Boogie Man out of the corner...and drops him with a spinning backfist.  In the meantime, the two Eliminators are still on the floor....and that mysterious disco ball is making its way down as well, right into the hands of Disco Inferno!!!  Inferno unhooks the ball, but he may be too late, as Mysterious goes to put Boogie Man in a powerbomb.  But Boogie Man rolls through...and Inferno tosses him the ball!!!  Mysterious turns around....and gets NAILED with that disco ball!!!   Inferno's up top, and he comes off with that Saturday Night Fever forearm shot, dropping the huge Mysterious to the mat!!!  Boogie Man rolls over and pulls referee Ben Worthington away from the ropes to see the pin.  ONE......TWO.....THREE!!!!!!!!!   In maybe the most controversial match tonight, Disco Express retains the titles and heads to FISH FUND as champs.

PARSONS: are they gonna get Eli and Eliminator separated?


"Greatest American Hero" Hornet

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack

BILL BUCKLEY: Been quite a night so far, Stanley. And our Main Event promises to be worth the price of admission by itself. The old guard verus the new. HORNET and Vizzack will be going after the World and United States titles respectively at Fish Fund XII. Tremendous risk going in for the that fair to say Stan?

STAN PARSONS: You're right Bill. The risk for both men in this match is great. An injury, or if either were to over extend themselves here tonight that could have an effect heading into Fish Fund XII.

BILL BUCKLEY: Even in your old age Stan you still know what you're talking about. At least from time to time. (buckley grins) You make the point that most everyone in the business brought up when Vizzack threw the challenge at HORNET. Here's an up and coming star who in a couple of days will partake in the biggest wrestling event in this sport. It's his first Fish Fund, one that will shape the future of his wrestling life. Why then schedule HORNET for tonight?

STAN PARSONS: In one sense, you'd like to see all of his focus on Fish Fund and the US tourney. In another, the drive to push, to test himself is what you want to see in a professional. It's a risk though. The Daredevil name fits the man well.

BILL BUCKLEY: You have to question this move for HORNET too. He'll be in there in Sweetwater, battling his heart out to regain the World title. What will a loss do to his confidence?

STAN PARSONS: I don't mean to be rude, but we're about 3 hours past my bedtime. So, can we please get Rhubarb in the ring.

BILL BUCKLEY: I know it'll be hard but try and keep retirement at bay for atleast another 20 minutes. We're ready for our Main Event! Rhubarb Jones she's all yours!


BILL BUCKLEY: The bell sounds, and Vizzack/HORNET is underway! Vizzack ties up Hornet, and pushes him into the ropes...Referee Ben Worthington calls for the break...and Mark gives the 3-time Unified champion a clean break.

STAN PARSONS: If that were Eddy Love, you can bet your bottom dollar that Hornet would not have gotten a clean break there.

BILL BUCKLEY: And it'll be Love who Hornet will meet in the first semi-final match at Fish Fund. Again both men tie up, and this time it's Hornet who edges Vizzack into the ropes. Worthington again calls for the break, and Hornet makes it a clean one! (fans clap in approvement) Already you can see the respect each man has for the one another.

STAN PARSONS: It's a very interesting position for Hornet to be in. He's only 33 years old, but now he's dealing with the new wave of players. Many who grew up watching and admiring him for years. Vizzack has admitted he's one of them.

BILL BUCKLEY: How true Bill. Just gives Hornet one more thing to think about each time he gets in that ring. A sidehead lock by Vizzack has all of Hornet's thoughts at the moment I'm sure. Hornet scoops up Vizzack...Belly to back suplex! Hornet with a standing dropkick just as Mark climbs to his feet!

STAN PARSONS: Everyone knows about the Scorpion Deathlock, but ask some of the wrestlers in the back and they'll tell you it's the power he delivers with those dropkicks that wear down his opponents.

BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack now can attest to that. Hornet catches Mark coming off the ropes, side-slam! Quick cover,! The Daredevil won't go down on that one. Hornet hurries outside the ropes...vaults himself on the top of the ropes...and he comes off with a frog splash but misses! Vizzack was able to raise his legs up to block Hornet.

STAN PARSONS: Never seen Hornet try that move before, and after seeing the result maybe he shouldn't try it again.

BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack scoots to the top rope....FlogSplash off the top! Showing Hornet how it's done!! Almost  a 3count! Vizzack whips Hornet across the ring, ducks down.....but Hornet catches him with a savat kick..and a followup clothesline! Hornet scoops him up, and there's a belly to back suplex!

STAN PARSONS: Hornet to this point has the upper hand...both men really going all out.

BILL BUCKLEY; Vizzack staggers up to his feet...Hornet gets a running start and there's a clothesline that sends Mark up and over the ropes! Showing there's no intent on doing any damage on the outside, Hornet rolls him back in the ring.

STAN PARSONS: Every young wrestler in the back should be watching this match's sportsmanship at it's best.

BILL BUCKLEY: Hornet climbs to the  middle rope, and attempts a flying body press but he's caught by Vizzack...modified spinebuster! What a move! Vizzack back to the top rope....he comes off with a flying leg drop!

STAN PARSONS: It's well known that Eddy Love offered Vizzack $10,000 to take out Hornet before Fish Fund. To this point, he doesn't seem interested in collecting the bounty.

BILL BUCKLEY: The Daredevil heads outside the ropes...he tries to vault himself over the ropes but before he can Hornet gets there! Hornet hooks the tights and suplexes him back into the ring! Hornet slings Vizzack into the corner! He might be going for the Hornet Splash!

STAN PARSONS: The end of the day might be right here for Vizzack!

BILL BUCKLEY: Hornet dives into the corner.....Vizzack moves out of the way as Hornet belts the turnbuckle with his face! The Daredevil seizes the moment...DRAGONFLY SUPLEX! He's going to beat Hornet!!! Worthington counts the pin! 1........2.....(Hornet lifts shoulder up)...3!!! (mixed reaction from the crowd)

STAN PARSONS: Bill can you believe this?! Vizzack has defeated the #1 wrestler in the world, he's just pinned Hornet! I'm in shock! So is Hornet! He's beside himself!

BILL BUCKLEY: Stan, I'm not so sure that he didn't get the right shoulder up! He's telling that to Worthington right now, but Ben won't have any of it! Vizzack comes over to shake Hornet's hand. The former Unified champ may be upset but he extends his hand and gives Vizzack a slap on the back!

STAN PARSONS: Sunshine makes her way into the ring (fans cheer). She looks bothered by something. Vizzack talking with her, Bill it's as if she got in the ring to say something then forgot what  it was.

BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack seems a tad shaken by her news. I'm not quite sure what's going on. He's asked for the mic..

Mark Vizzack: (on the house mic) Hornet, first off great match. I have to think you were a little off your game tonight, but nonetheless it was if anything an experience. After speaking with Sunshine, I can't in good faith accept this victory. (crowd is stunned) I know her, better than i know myself...and I believe that she'd never lie to me. Sunshine says your shoulder was up. That I got a 2 instead of the winning 3 count. I wanted this victory more than any other in my career....but not in this way. Sorry.

Hornet:(taking the mic) There are very few honest men left in this sport...and for that matter women. (Hornet turns his attention to Sunshine) Sunshine thank you. (she seems to blush) Mark, I imagine you'd like one, and I do as well. You name the time and place and we'll go for a rematch.

(Hornet turns and walks out of the ring)

BILL BUCKLEY: What else can happen tonight! Sunshine and Vizzack overturn the decision themselves! Is that a CSWA first?

(Eddy Love enters the ring with Sweet Melissa. Eddy is wearing a shirt that reads "Fish Fair XXII, fire EDDY up" on the front and "Free Sammy Benson" on the back. Melissa is holding a microphone and Eddy is carrying the metal brief case full of money. Eddy extends his hand to shake with Vizzack.)

LOVE: You know kid you fought hard and even though you didn't put him out for Fish Fair, I still feel like you deserve something.

(Love appears to be trying to open the brief case, then blasts Vizzack with it leaving him out. Love screams into microphone)

BUT I DON'T THINK THIS FRIENDSHIP THING BETWEEN ME AND YOU IS GONNA WORK. (Love picks Vizzack up for a Hurricane Piledriver but suddenly Hornet slides through the ropes. As soon as he spots Hornet Love shoves Melissa at him, hurdles the ropes and high tails it to the dressing room.)

BILL BUCKLEY: Eddy Love runs for his life, and what kind of a man throws his woman in the life of fire!! Oh good grief, Sweet Melissa just slapped the fire out of Hornet's face and she heads for the hills! Hornet gathers himself and checks on Vizzack...look at Sunshine Stan she's in tears!

STAN PARSONS: You had to ask what else could happen didn't you.

BILL BUCKLEY: We're out of time, for Stan Parsons I'm Bill Buckley...we'll see you at Fish Fund XII: Fire It Up!

(Bill Buckley returns on U-62, just thirty minutes after the close of the card.)

BUCKLEY:  Fans, things have broken loose here....just a minute, fans.  I'm receiving something in my ear.... oh my dear Lord.   No...that can't be.  Folks, I've been told that Mark Vizzack and Julius Kessler have just left the arena for a nearby hospital.  Apparently....Sunshine has been taken away in an ambulance.  I've been told that it may have been a suicide attempt.  We're out of time...we'll keep you updated with additional information on her condition in CSWA UPDATE.  Fans, we'll see you at FISH FUND.  (takes off headphones)  Oh my Lord.....


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