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in Norfolk

August 26, 1998

Main Event:  Eli Flair vs. Eliminator


(The scene opens up with video footage of Sweetwater, Texas and the Fish Fund Arena. We see all the emergency personel on site, the fire still raging out of control...... )

VOICEOVER: It was supposed to be the crowning moment.... the return to greatness.....

(The scene changes to after everything has settled down... all we see is the rubble... )

VOICEOVER: The CSWA was back and on top of the world.... but tragedy struck.... luckily... few were hurt... but the scars remain.... )

(The screen goes black.... and a picture of Timmy Windham is placed on their... with the dates of his life... ending August 10th, 1998. )

VOICEOVER: One man gave his life for his family... a true loss in this great tragedy... Our hearts grief the loss...

(Scene changes to Norfolk, Virginia where thousands of fans are jammed packed in the arena waiting for the show. )

VOICEOVER: The CSWA shall go on... despite this tragedy... despite our loss... the fans demand it....

(Full screen shot of the CSWA laser light show.... Rhubarb Jones is in the ring.. )

JONES: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Primetime from Norfolk, Virginia...

(Huge Fan reaction. )

JONES: Tonight we mourn the loss of a great man, and long time member of the CSWA... Timmy Windham.... and to honor him... a moment of silence...

(Arena goes dead silent for a minute.... followed by the ceromonial ringing of the ring bell. )

(Cut to the announcing booth. )

BUCKLEY: Fans tonight we have a solemn occasion.... the events that occured at the Fish Fund Arena were tragic, but we are compelled to continue bringing quality wrestling broadcasting... I'm joined tonight as usual by Sammy Benson...

BENSON: I don't know Bill... I have a few reasons to be satisfied at Fish Fund's ... "End Results"...

BUCKLEY: Please Sammy.....

BENSON: I mean, Eddy Love did win the World Title....

BUCKLEY: Speaking of the World Champion, we have been told that the Corporation has planned on coming out here... so let's take it to the ring...

(Cue Up: Queen's "We Are The Champions" The arena darkens. The video wall has the words CORPORATION appear in green with a black background. From behind the curtain, the two luscious ladies of Kevin Powers <Gina and Susan> begin to walk down to ringside. They are wearing short and very revealing outfits. Out next walks out Randall Jaminson, wearing dark sunglasses and a black suit that has the sleeves cut out of it. He's followed by "Good God" Kevin Powers who has that US belt strapped firmly around his waist. The last people to come out from the back are Billy Starr, Sweet Melissa and the new CSWA World Champion "Hurricane" Eddy Love, Sweet Melissa and the CSWA, Love has the belt strapped around his waist. Gina grabs the mic as she steps into the ring.Jaminson who was directly behind the girls, seems to be keeping guard outside the ring. )

GINA: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.. I'd like to introduce to you, the MOST powerful force in professional wrestling. Introducing first, the CSWA United States Champion, the man full of US Steel and Sex Appeal.. "GOOD GOD" KEVIN POWERS.

(Powers steps between the ropes to a big heel pop, and proceeds to shake his fists and act all excited. He stops to plant a huge kiss on Susan. )

GINA: Next up we have the leader of the Corporation, Billy Starr.

(Billy steps into the ring and stands in the far corner. )

GINA: The next introduction is for the Queen of the Corporation... SWEET MELISSA.

(Melissa demurely steps between the ropes. )

GINA: Let's not forget her man, the one and only CSWA WORLD CHAMPION... THE "LEGEND KILLER", "HURRICANE" EDDY LOVE.

(Huge Heel Pop as Love enters the ring, high five's Powers and wraps his arms around Sweet Melissa. )

(Starr who's still just leaning in the corner, is handed the microphone. )

BILLY STARR: Sit down, shut up and listen up. Billy Starr is talking to you now, so you should take notes.

(Big Heel Pop. )

BILLY STARR: Go ahead you ignorant Virginia inbreeds. Keep up with the hollering and the booing. We've got all damn night and we're not leaving till we're good and ready.

(Crowd keeps booing for a while as Billy just stares at his watch and waits till they finally calm down.)

BILLY STARR: All right inbreeds now that you've have your thirty seconds of thinking you are important.. LISTEN UP. I'm going to give you all the opportunity of a lifetime, allow me to introduce to you, the UNITED STATES CHAMPION. "GOOD GOD" KEVIN POWERS.

[Billy Starr hands the mic over to Kevin Powers. ]

POWERS: NORFOLK, VA!!! The Corporation is in Da HOUSE!!! People kept coming up to me saying "Good God. Can you win the title after the destruction you took from Flair and Ivy?" And I just looked at them and said, "Please! I'm Good God!" After putting the smack down on The Eliminator in the finals, I just proved to everyone that I am in fact the baddest man on the planet today!

GINA: So Kevin. Being the US Champ of CSWA. What are your plans next?

POWERS: Funny you should ask Gina. I think we all know what I'm about to say so let's make sure that two people in particular are paying attention. Flair and Ivy. I signed an open contract for a wrestling match and you decided to bring out the table and the garbage. Well Flair, if that's your real name. How about we do the dance one more time. Since you beat me last time I'm sure that going at it once more should be nothing for you. Hell, I'm even willing to make it your type of match. Perhaps a falls count anywhere match? A Chi-Town Street fight match? Anything goes match? You name it and I'll bring it....along with the US strap. If your man enough, and we both know your manager is, then you'll accept my challenge. I mean, what do you have to lose? Feel free at anytime to step across the line and take the ride to Canvasland USA!

SUSAN: And Ivy. If you got the balls...

GINA: Which we know you do.

SUSAN: Then come on along too. We'll both be there waiting for ya.

(Starr gets the mic back from Susan. )

BILLY STARR: Powers said it well... we're on top... I did what I promised... Last night at Fish Fund, the Corporation gained the big gold. The World Championship, the United States Championship... these men did it all. My recruits got the job done, plain and simple. Now if only we had a tag-team who had a title shot at Fish Fund we could have swept up all three titles that are around. .. Oh wait.. We did have a tag-team. The problem was that it was a washed up old has been tag-team that couldn't get the job done. Figures, that's what I get when I send a Melton out to do an important job.

(At this point, Joey Melton comes from the back and heads down to the ring.)

BILLY STARR: Look here comes Grandpa now.

(Melton down at the ring apron with a mic of his own. )


BILLY STARR: Listen old man, you can't hack it anymore, so why don't you leave the important things to me.. THE TRUE LEADER OF THE CORPORATION. This is MY Corporation Joey.. and I DEMAND success.

JOEY MELTON: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT !!! YOU weren't able to achieve the success that you demand...

BILLY STARR: <Getting clearly upset. > Listen. I'm the leader of this group and if you don't like it, well TOO BAD. I may not have won last night, but see this man behind me... he did... a friend and teammate... you lost to disco fools. See this <points to Eddy Love's World title> that's what I've done for this group. <points to Kevin Powers> See him ? I brought him in, I recruited him and he's the United States Champion. YOU..YOU COULDN'T CUT IT. You couldn't beat a pair of polyester wearing, midget fondling Seventies wannabes. You know what, I may be making more Corporation roster moves tonight.... No better yet. I'm going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

JOEY MELTON: And what would that be.

BILLY STARR: ME !!!!! .... In this ring.. TONIGHT.

(Everyone in the ring looks sort of surprised. )

BILLY STARR: If by some miracle you win, you get the control of the CORPORATION back, you get the title shot and you can do whatever you want with the group. WHEN I win though, you become a nice loyal Corporate Lackey and you do, EXACTLY what I say. And that goes for your little cousin, and that pest Cornette.

JOEY MELTON: What if I turn down your challenge.

BILLY STARR: Well besides proving what we all knew about you being a man who just couldn't cut it anymore.. you'd be fired.

JOEY MELTON: STARR, I'll see you in this ring TONIGHT.

(Joey leaves the ring as the Corporation stick around for a few more seconds and the scene cuts to commercial. )

BUCKLEY: Fans we are back from commercial break, and let me tell you I'm shocked at the turn of events here so far. Corporation member versus Corporation member AGAIN. It was odd enough when it we saw friends take on each other in the tournament, but this was a direct challenge and we'll see arguably the two strongest forces in the Corporation face off tonight, with the Corporate power hanging in the background. Plus we still have our four Greensboro Title Matches tonight. So it figures on being an exciting night of action.


******BOBBY WATSON v. STEVE HOTBODY ************

BUCKLEY: After some intense words from these two men, they were finally ready to step foot into the ring tonight.

BENSON: Intense ? Down right hysterical. Drag Queen Sonya. <Sammy starts laughing> Oh that one hurt when I heard it.. but have you seen her throat, that certainly looks like an Adam's apple.

BUCKLEY: Anyway, when the bell rang they were all business. Both men looked to gain the early advantage and the match was very fast paced. Hotbody has been on a tear in the CSWA and tonight looked no different. He started to establish control of the match after a few minutes and was really sharp. Watson had his moments throughout, including nailing a Superplex that looked like it was the end, but Hotbody managed to fight back, with an impressive offensive. Watson wasn't in the mood to give in lightly though, and Watson was able to kick out of a Power Bomb, Power Slam, and almost kicked out of the Spinning Cut which is Hotbody's finishing maneuver.

BENSON: A light night for Hotbody, as he chose NOT to fight a second opponent.

BUCKLEY: That's because Bobby Watson was tougher then both of his last two opponents and Hotbody would have been in trouble if forced to continue.


******Pat Black/Apocalypse v. Shawn Diamond/Hannibal ************

BUCKLEY: Tonight we saw the debut of a new tag-team here in the CSWA that has the potential to go far. Apocalypse and Pat Black recently alligned themselves together and tonight teammed for the first time. Apocalypse, whose only blemish in the CSWA comes at the hands of Billy Starr, and his partner Pat Black has been most impressive with a win over Mike Randalls and a near upset of CSWA Legend Hornet. As a team tonight they were equally as impressive. They had remarkable timing for a new team and were really on top of their game. It was all that Shawn Diamond and Hannibal could do to stay in this one. They tried to work on Black, the smaller of the two men, but Black seems to enjoy the pain. He returned the favor, nailing Hannibal with two implant DDT's before covering him for the three count.

BENSON: These two men could be the next tag-team to make it to the top and topple the disco.


***************ELI FLAIR v. THE CRIPPLER **************

BUCKLEY: The Greensboro Round Robin matches got back on track tonight and we saw someone with the potential to wear gold again in the CSWA. Eli Flair who looked lost a while back has really gotten himself back together and is on his way back to the top. In El Paso before Fish Fund he beat the man who now owns the CSWA United States Championship and now he's trying to win the Greensboro Tournament. His first opponent The Crippler was a tough match, but I don't know if anyone can stop Eli Flair right now. Eli with Ivy by his side was a man possessed. He did everything and anything to hurt the Crippler Eli won the match at about the seven minute mark, and after scoring the three count he proceeded to have Ivy set up a table and drove the Crippler through it with a Suplex from the ring apron.

BENSON: You know I may not like Ivy much, but you've got to respect what Eli is doing right now... I wouldn't be surprised to see him with the Greensboro or maybe even a higher title in the future. He just needs to dump big mouth.

BUCKLEY: Well he certainly looks to have his focus... maybe a little too much for his own good... Fans we have more great Greensboro action, coming right up.


****************RAP MAN v. Vito Corleone ***************

BUCKLEY: Two very different men faced off each with the same goal, which was gaining a valuable win in the Greensboro Tournament. Corleone representing the family was quick to the offensive from the opening bell, but the Rap Man was up to the challange and the two exchanged the uppper hand several times in the early minutes. One difficulty for Vito was The Rap Master, who was very involved in his man's match. Each time that Corleone would gain an advantage, the Rap Master would make sure that it didn't last. He was so convincing in his role that he allowed the Rap Man to gain control of the match and finish off Vito for the win. Rap Man was indeed impressive as he hoisted the big man up and nailed him with a spinning spinebuster. He followed that up with an elbow drop from the second rope that got a near pinfall. Rap Man continued on with the offensive assault... and wore down Corleone enough to pin him in the middle of the ring.

BENSON: Speaking of offensive, have you heard this guy trying to rap? It's horrible.

BUCKLEY: Don't you ever have anything nice to say....

BENSON: Sure bring out Sweet Melissa or the Hooters Queen and I'll have plenty of nice things to say.

BUCKLEY: Whatever.


************ PAGE MICHAELS v. ENFORCER *************

BUCKLEY: This match had a bad feeling about it from the get go. With all the groups forming in the CSWA and all the attacks, each man brought with him an army. At or around ringside from the opening bell were.... Hot Scott, Rap Man, Eliminator, Mysterious, Shawn Diamond and Hannibal. It was a miracle that either man could concentrate on the matter at hand. Early on both men looked impressive, with a high paced action packed match up. But they weren't able to keep that momentum....

BENSON: Because there was more action outside the ring then inside of it.

BUCKLEY: That's true Sammy. The action outside the ring heated up as each side objected to the other being there.... no one trusted one another not to get involved, so they started a little melee. A full brawl outside the ring ensued and Page Michaels and the Enforcer both wound up involved.

BENSON: It was a mini-battle royal.

BUCKLEY: You could say that. The action spilled inside and outside of the ring, as all eight wrestlers were involved. The referee had no choice but to declare this match a no contest.

BENSON: It's ironic that this is being called a "World Cup format" because this match looked like an England soccer contest.

BUCKLEY: As much as it pains me, I have to agree. It took security several minutes to finally seperate both sides and get all eight men away from the ringside area. This is a shame, because it hurts both men's chances. With Aaron Douglas getting the bye, he moves ahead of both of them and in the sole lead after one of three matches.

BENSON: He still needs to beat both of these competitors to win the bracket though... anything can happen.


****************ELIMINATOR v. ELI FLAIR************************

BUCKLEY: This was supposed to be our main event, but with the announcement of an impromptu CORPORATION Top Contenders match, it's been moved up as part of a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT. This is the second encounter of the night for Eli and it has some unusual circumstances associated with it. These two men have a strong hatred for each other and want to settle matters one on one... So no one will be permitted to be at ringside whatsoever. If they did, it would result in a disqualification.

BENSON: Even Poison Ivy agreed to this and although she walked her man half way down to the ring, turned around and left... I've heard rumors that she wanted to be cuffed to me for the match... I knew she digged me....

BUCKLEY: Whatever Sammy... Eliminator agreed to the stipulation and he was at ringside by himself also. The two were vicious, attacking each other with everything they could find as the match spread to the outside rather quickly. The referee had given up controling the two and was content to let them go at it. Both men were bleeding and Eli Flair, although he had already wrestled once in the evening appeared to be getting the better of the Eliminator.

BENSON: That's when all hell broke loose...

BUCKLEY: That's right... the ES broke the agreement of the match and stormed the ring. They tore into Eli Flair ... really working him over, till security could get them seperated.... Eli Flair won the match by disqualification, but the Eliminator really accomplished a lot.

BENSON: They probably didn't care at all about a stupid disqualification...look at the damage they did tonight....

BUCKLEY: That is very true, Eli Flair needed assistance in leaving the ring. He did walk out on his own power, after almost attacking those who were trying to help him...

BENSON: Now let's get ready... the showdown...

BUCKLEY: Let's take it down to ringside for our main event, the battle for the leadership of the Corporation between Billy Starr and Joey Melton.

(Cut to Rhubarb)

JONES: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a one fall contest with TV time remaining. Introducing first, the challenger... he is one of the most successful wrestlers to ever step foot in the CSWA, The man who's won almost every CSWA Championship to be offered...being led to the ring by Ray S. Cornette.. here is.. "ARROGANCE" JOEY MELTON....

(Cue Up: Jesus Christ Superstar as Joey makes his way down to the ring... to a mixed response... probably more support then negative... )

(Gina at this point also comes down towards ringside with her own mic. )

GINA: And his opponent, Billy Starr!

(Billy walks out with no ring music, no manager, no ring attire other then his wrestling tights, which are a plain black as opposed to his usual colorful attire. )

BUCKLEY: Something seems different with Billy, he hasn't been himself... it looks like that loss last night has hit him pretty hard.

BENSON: Yeah, yeah... who cares... I'm happy... I wanted Eddy to win, and he did. Now if maybe that Sweet Melissa would come on up here and sit in my lap...

BUCKLEY: Sammy !!!! You can't talk like that...


BUCKLEY: Both men are in the ring now, and Billy just slapped Joey right in the face...

BENSON: Speaking of slapping things in my face... where was Teri tonight?

BUCKLEY: You are despicable...

(The bell rings and both men circle each other a little bit... they collar and elbow lock up and Billy quickly wins and grabs him in a side head lock... Irish whip by Melton... running clothesline by Starr on the return.... Starr grabs Melton as he's getting right back to his feet and whips him to the ropes.. on the return he gives him a tilt-a-whirl suplex..... Melton a little slower to get to his feet, but Starr is there to help.. Vertical Suplex...)

BUCKLEY: Billy looking rather impressive, he's looking like a man possesed.

BENSON: He's looking to establish his authority.

(Starr and Melton exchange the advantage a few times as we progress, both looking real sharp and determined.... They are putting on an exhibit and for a while it looks like we may go the thirty minute time limit and have a draw... <Cut ahead to the 22 minute mark. >

BUCKLEY: Both men giving it everything they have, and both look a little run down now. Starr with the upper hand in this one and it looks like the champion is going to keep control of the Corporation AND get a new lackey.

(Starr nails Melton with a huge vertical suplex and looks like he's going to lock the STF on him in the middle of the ring. )

BENSON: What is Ray S. Cornette doing up on the ring apron...

BUCKLEY: He's arguing about something to the referee.

(Starr gets up and looks towards Cornette, looking like he's getting a bit upset. )

BENSON: Or setting someone up.... HOOTERS IS COMING TO RINGSIDE !!!! Look at that jiggle !!!!!!!! Jumblies AHOY!

BUCKLEY: Teri Melton is on her way to the ring.. what's she doing down there....

(Teri throws something into the ring to Joey, who turns around and just lays out Billy Starr with it. )

BUCKLEY: What's going on.... Teri just gave something to Joey... she's turning her back on Billy. Ray is estatic... Joey with the cover...ONE...TWO... THREEEEEEEE. Joey Melton has done it... he's pulled it off. The Corporation is back in his control....

BENSON: Although Melons did cheat for him.

BUCKLEY: Seems so fitting for leadership of the CORP doesn't it.  Although it's shocking to see Teri just turn on Billy like that... I know they've been having some problems... but this goes beyond anything we knew about...

BENSON: Very true... Joey and Ray must be real happy though... they got the new recruits they wanted... who now have World and US.... plus they get back the power.

BUCKLEY: Joey, Ray and Teri are heading to the back... fans we don't know exactly what we just saw here... but we are painfully out of time....

(Fade out as Billy Starr is laid out in the middle of the ring. )

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